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The Perils of Sandra Oxhorn
Chapter 4 " Going Down "

Another great wife turned slut story.

By Sandra Oxhorn

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When I was in High School I worked part-time at an office to make some extra money so I could move out of my parents house. I was getting tired of my Father and his "friends" (who in reality were actually total strangers) using me for sex whenever they felt like it. So I decided to get out of there. I was working late one night...very late. As I was leaving that night I thought to myself that the building was usually empty this late, so I figured I'd have the elevator to myself. Carrying files of work to take home, I entered the elevator on the top floor.

To my surprise, the elevator stopped one floor down and four men stepped on board. They were as different as day and night. All of them were over six feet tall with great physiques, but as fair-skinned and blond as one was, the other three were black as midnight.

My mind had been wandering, so they startled me when they entered the elevator and I dropped my paperwork. As I bent down to retrieve the files, I felt the men staring at me lustfully. I started to get nervous. "Blondie" was right behind me and, unbeknownst to me, he got a full view of what was under my short, black mini skirt. The Blacks were in front of me and seemed especially appreciative of my ample cleavage cradled inside my black lace bra.

By the time I realized all this (Dad always said I wasn't that smart) I was really getting scared. I was suddenly acutely aware of the view I was unwittingly providing them. As I continued to collect the files I noticed that my thigh-high stockings were well below the hem of my skirt, revealing much more of my pale, white skin than I cared to. I could tell that the men were exchanging glances with each other. Despite my fear, I began to get inexplicably excited.

As I finished gathering up the files on the elevator floor, I began to rise. I felt a strong, large hand on my shoulder holding me down. I could only rise to crotch level and one of the Negroes stepped forward so that my face came right against his crotch. He was huge and I could see from the bulge in his pants that he was rock hard. To my left I noticed a hand move. It was a black hand and it was pressing the elevator's stop button. Then, suddenly another black hand appeared in front of my face and began unzipping the zipper. He reached inside and pulled out his distressingly thick black cock. It brushed my right cheek as it flopped out of his pants. At that point, large unseen hands from behind me (I guessed it was "Blondie") grabbed a handful of my hair and the back of my neck at the same time. My head was now unable to move in any direction. The strange nigger in front of me put one hand on my chin and pushed down, opening my mouth. With his other hand he fisted his monkey cock and slowly slid it into my small mouth, stretching my jaw and lips. Tears were now flowing down my cheeks as he pumped in and out of my motionless head. Just then, I felt hands sliding under my panties and into my moist pussy.

Why the fuck does this shit keep happening to me?

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My ass was grabbed and lifted higher in the air as my face fuck continued. I heard "Blondie's" zipper and immediately felt his throbbing tool teasing my cunt. "At least he's White", I thought to myself. As he slid his big cock into me, he reached around in front of me and ran his fingers over my little clit. I could hear the other two taking off their pants. I could feel the two cocks throb at both ends of my body as I wept. This went on for about five minutes. Then they stopped using me, stood up, stood me up and slid off my panties. One Black guy pulled up my blouse and bra, causing my chubby boobs to flop out and hang down. I just stood there, resigned to my fate. It's not like I had anywhere to run. We were in a fucking elevator, high up in an empty office building!

The white guy lay down on the floor as the three niggers grabbed me and easily lifted my 100 lb. body. Then they lowered me down over "Blondie" until my tight little twat was impaled on his big cock. It was too big to be comfortable. I later estimated that it was over 10 inches long because it was hitting my cervix on the upstroke, causing me to wince in pain. Two of the niggers that had been stroking themselves took up positions on either side of my tear stained face and I was filled with dread once again. Then, as I expected, they grabbed me by the hair and began stuffing their gross black cocks into my mouth. They would pump into my poor mouth several times and then pull my head by my hair over to the next waiting monkey dick. My throat burned as they stretched it. I figured that the nigger I had sucked first was waiting for one of the men using me to cum so he could take their place.

I figured wrong!

Suddenly, my overloaded brain sensed something large and blunt at my tiny little asshole! Since there was only one other guy in the elevator, I instantly knew who it was and what he was doing. For some reason, the Black rapist slid his giant cock into my poor butt slowly. Thank goodness! It took a few minutes, but the anal rapist finally bottomed out in my asshole. I could feel his pendulous scrotum slapping against my ass cheeks as he pumped inside me.

The sight must have been grotesque! A petite 16 year-old white girl on her hands and knees, getting raped in an elevator, with 4 outrageously huge penises violating every single hole in her little body! The contrasts of the large adult men (each one weighing well over 200 pounds) using my small, white body must have been amazing. I was certainly amazed! Especially when my overloaded brain began to tell me that I was about to cum! I have no idea why, but every muscle in my poor body suddenly tensed and I shook with an orgasmic explosion that caused me to black out. For how long, I have no idea. I came to and I was still impaled in all three holes, so I figured the stars I saw were only momentary. As my consciousness slowly returned I became vaguely aware that one of the cocks fucking my mouth was white! I thought the white guy was fucking me! How long had I been out? It didn't really matter, I guess. All I cared about was getting this over with soon.

All four rapists started breathing heavier and started grunting like apes. Their thrusts began to get harder and sharper. Before they had been pumping in and out of my mouth, twat and ass leisurely with long, slow strokes. So I hoped that they were getting ready to cum and this ordeal would soon be over. Sure enough, the two in my cunt and ass simultaneously sank the full length of their pummeling cocks inside me and I could feel them twitch and spurt (and spurt) insanely large volumes of spunk inside my ass and cunt. The heat from the sperm inside me caused my whole body to flush like I had a fever or something. I had another involuntary mini orgasm right then. I was lost in the sensation when my ears picked up the sound of the two men at my face whacking their absurdly swollen puds wildly. I opened my eyes and they were aiming their cocks right at my surprised face like weapons! "Oh, shit!" I thought to myself. At that instant, the white cock started to spurt a long, rope of cum right at my face. He must have aimed high, because the strand landed on the left side of my forehead, adhering to my skin like hot tapioca. I desperately turned my head to avoid this disgusting ejaculation, but as I did the nigger cock on my right sprayed my face with his watery primate sperm with the force of water from a shower! It hit my face so hard it actually stung! I had nowhere to turn! They just kept spewing and spewing my face with cum! "Blondie's" incredibly thick cum would just stick to whatever part of my face it landed on. Then the nigger would squirt and it would spread the thicker cum all over. It fell onto my forehead and a lot went into my hair. The semen landed on my eyelashes and on my eyelids where it clotted. They came on my cheekbones, mingling cum with tears. A big glob dangled from the tip of my button nose. My eyes stung. I was more disgusted than ever.

The cocks in my ass and pussy pulled out and I slumped to the elevator floor, sore, depressed and exhausted. I lay there motionless as I could hear the four rapists getting dressed, the smelly sperm in my eyes still blinding me. I thought I would pass out.

Suddenly I felt the elevator begin to move!

I panicked and started to pull my crumpled bra and blouse back down over my bruised boobs. I opened my eyes and through the gel of sperm I looked for my panties. I couldn't find them! The four men were fully dressed and standing facing the door like nothing had happened. My eyes stung like hell from opening them and letting the cum ooze in. I was still on my knees when the elevator doors opened and the four assholes walked out casually without even looking back! I quickly stood up and tried to wipe the cum from my eyes. I smoothed my clothes back down.

Except for my "facial" it appeared as if nothing had happened.

The four men were gone and I quickly walked outside to my car. I sat in my car crying and looking at my poor cum-covered face in the rear-view mirror when I realized that none of the men had said one word the entire time.

I never worked late at that job again.

sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.

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sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.