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The Perils of Sandra Oxhorn
Volume 8 " I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair "

Another great wife turned slut story.

By Sandra Oxhorn

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I did a stupid thing. I bet my Husband that my team would win the SuperBowl. I should have known better. I was insistent, though, and kept bugging him. I was so excited to see my team there, I just knew they would win. Know I know why "fan" is from the word "fanatic". He didn't want to bet, but I kept after him. Finally he said OK.

"Tell ya what. If your team wins, I'll buy you that diamond necklace you saw over at Tiffany's in the mall the other day. All four grand of it."

"Yeah! Now we're talking - "

"But if they lose, you do anything I ask. ANYTHING. Once. Deal?"

I thought a second. What could he want..

""What is it you want?"

"I don't know yet. I'll think of something. Well, is it a bet or not?"

I agreed. I couldn't see what he could possibly want, besides I KNEW my team would win. I could already picture that gorgeous necklace on.

"Sure. No problem, sucker."

"We'll see who's the sucker...."

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I had no idea how prophetic those words turned out to be.

After the game, I was crushed. They lost! How could they! Arrrrrgh! He was nice, though, he didn't gloat or rub it in. He didn't really like either of the teams anyway. He didn't even mention the bet. Until the next morning.

"Well. You lost. Too bad."

"Yeah. Right."

"Now you owe me. I figured out what I want."

"What?" I snarled at him, still pissed that I lost the bet. I hate football!

"Remember, you said anything. Anything at all."

"Yeah, yeah. Out with it."

He answered very slowly and calmly. "I want you to let some guys cum on your face."

"What! What're you, nuts! -"

"Quiet! You lose, you owe." He was beginning to remind me of my Father!

"How many?" Notice how my concern changed. One thing I do is honor my bets.

He let several rather agonizing seconds elapse before he answered. I think he knew all along but he wanted me to squirm for a minute.

"A hundred. An even hundred. Ninety-nine, if you wish. I'll go first."

I just looked at him. "You're nuts. Where are you going to find that many clean, " (and I emphasized CLEAN ) "guys. It can't be anyone we know."

"You let me worry about that. NO insertion. No one else gets that pussy or ass but me. But you're gonna get wet. And I'm gonna tape it."

I looked at him darkly. But he was right. In the past, when he'd lost, I made him pay. I had a new Mercedes outside that was the result of one rather foolish (on his part) wager.

Don't get me wrong, though. I don't mind an occasional facial or two. He likes that. And I'm not crazy about the taste of cum, but I've swallowed worse. If you have read some of my other stories, you know what I mean.

Nothing more was said about it until about three weeks later. Friday night, my Hubby announced that we were going to a city about a hundred miles away for the weekend. He looked at me across the dinner table. "This is it. Payback time."

I gulped. He told me he'd made all the arrangements. He knew a guy who ran a club there, and they'd "spread the word", so to speak. Participants had to produce a clean bill of health, had to agree that there would be no oral, vaginal or anal penetration, and there would be no alcohol served that night. Oddly enough, everyone agreed. Apart from the fact that every one of the bastards would shoot his cum on my face, it sounded more like a Baptist prayer meeting.

This was all a first for me. Since a very young age, men have used me for sex: my Father, his friends, strangers, aquaintances, boyfriends, friends of boyfriends, fathers of boyfriends, brothers of boyfriends, bosses, co-workers, neighbors, dogs - even men I didn't like. But this would be the first time that there would be no sexual contact.

Well, to make a long story short, (too late) we arrived at the club the next evening about 8:30. It had ha sign on the front door announcing "Private Party - Closed to the public." That's when it really hit me. I was in for something now. Here we go again!

My Husband knocked four times and his friend let us in. I was introduced to the guy, Sam, was his name, he seemed OK. I also met the bouncers, Hank, Thomas, and Oswald (who the hell ever heard of a bouncer named Oswald?) who I was assured would see that nothing got out of hand. Out of hand? That's a laugh! A hundred guys jerking off on my face, but nothing gets out of hand.

There was a lone spotlight shining down onto the center of the stage with a couple of cushions and a chair nearby.

"You can sit or kneel." I knew my Hubby was getting off on this fantasy, so, even though I figured it would be more comfortable to be sitting, I told him I'd kneel on the cushions.

(Knowing that men like a nice prostrate woman).

They didn't waste any time. I looked around and could see that a bunch of guys were there already. My Husband took my coat off. I'd worn a knit top and a skirt over a bra and panties. "Take the rest of your clothes off and get on stage." He said. I obeyed. Once there, he pushed me down onto the cushions, produced a set of handcuffs from I don't know where, and cuffed my hands behind my back.

"What's that for?"

"Number one, so you don't try to cover your face. Number two, in case you wanted to give anyone a helping hand, so to speak. Remember, I said no contact."

"Do I get a towel or anything?" Starting to get scared.

"No. It all stays on until the end." I was gonna be a fright to look at by then, I guess. I looked around and noticed about half a dozen girls walking around talking to the guys. I guess they were "fluff girls" or whatever. Helping the guys out, getting them ready. My Hubby turned to the owner and said "We're ready. Door locked? Lights out?" It was, they were. Except for the spotlight shining down on me like a damn lighthouse beacon, of course.

My Husband came around to the front of me and unzipped. His cock was already halfway hard, He pushed it at my lips. "Me, you can suck." I gave it my best, which is quite,good, I might add. I deep throated him for a few minutes, sucking and licking, hearing the catcalls and hoot from the guys assembled around there, I must admit it turned me on a little to know I was doing this in front of so many complete strangers. I'd have been embarrassed to death in front of anybody I knew, but these were all unknowns, and I knew we'd never see them again. Richard didn't take long, I think he wanted to cum quickly and start taping the whole humiliating experience.

He pulled out and plastered me with six or seven good sized spurts, one went right into my mouth and the rest landed on my face and neck. I swallowed the one in my mouth. As he zipped up, he said "Oh yeah - after each one, give the number and say 'I'll never be on the Chargers again.' " I looked up at him, sperm dripping down my cheeks and sneered.

"One. I'll never bet on the Chargers again.

What an asshole he could be. Just like Daddy!

And so it began. I won't bore you with all the details, I mean, all it was was guy after guy stepping up to me, jerking his dick off in my face, and moving off. A lot of them bent down to kiss the top of my head when they were finished, and whisper "Thanks, Sandra.", or some such endearing words, but after a while even the top of my head got too spermy for most of them.

I do remember a couple of notable ones, though. Number 11 was this HUGE Black guy who had a cock that you could pole vault with. He blasted so much cream on me I thought I was gonna drown in the stuff. It went in my ears, across the top of my head, up my nose (cough,cough,snort, snort...) and in my mouth, A LOT went in my mouth, and it was really thick. I was glad that there was no actual contact, because he was only one of many Black men and I have never liked having sex with Niggers.

Number 23 was a little shrimp of a guy, with a cock that couldn't have been more than four inches long. But he shot a straight stream of cum right into my face. It was weird. Most guys shoot three or four spurts - this guy shot one big stream of it. It was hot and thick, and tasted like cinnamon. I swear it lasted three seconds.

After the first couple of dozen guys, my face was, naturally, a mess. Some guys only came a couple of small spurts, some came a bit more, and every now and then I got a gusher. But I swear every fuckin' single drop landed on my face somewhere. My hair got sopping wet, it was dripping down my back even. It was all across my forehead, dripping down over my eyebrows and down my cheeks, up my nose, in my mouth, my lips were covered in it and, it dripped from my chin like icicles. I swallowed as much as I could, or as much as was shot in my mouth anyway.

After each one, of course, I had to announce the number and say I wouldn't bet on the Chargers again. That was probably the worst part about it, actually. It was humiliating.

After the 50th guy dropped his load in my mouth, my Husband came up to me.

"How're you doing?"

I turned to him. Close up like that, he could see the covering of sperm on my face. It was everywhere, I don't think I had any dry skin from my shoulders up. "Just fine. We're not done yet, are we?" I said, thickly, the gooey sperm in my mouth making it hard to talk with any clarity.

"Oh, no, no, just half way there. You look beautiful."

"Right! I've got about six fuckin' gallons of cum on my face and I look like a drowned rat. Real beautiful!" I snarled back at him.

"I've got a present for you. Her name is Beth." A girl came up on stage and kissed me, licking some of the cum from my face. I'm not normally bi or anything, but she laid down behind me, scooted her head up between my thighs, and I rose up a bit. Hell, anything's better than nothing, right? Her tongue came up and started licking my slit and I closed my eyes and sighed. "That's nice. Thanks, dear."

So then we started on the rest. Beth stuck her tongue so far up my pussy I thought it'd come out my mouth. Now THAT was cool. I just knelt there and let the guys jerk off on my face. A couple of them came up real close with their dicks, just barely not touching my lips. At times I really wanted to open up and suck them a bit, but I knew if I did one, I'd have to do them all, and I don't think that was part of the plan.

Ever had a cock cum in your mouth from an inch away? Sometimes, you can actually hear the spooge hit the back of your throat. It's gross.

Looking back at the tape later, I could scarcely recognize myself. At one time I had at least eight big lines of cum dripping down my face in every direction. It dripped down off my boobs and onto the top of Beth's head, too. After a while, it was even drooling all down my chest and into my pubes, so I imagine Beth got to taste a bit of nut juice that night.

You know, after fifty or so guys have spermed you, the rest seem, well, anti-climatic. So to speak. After all, you can only get so much cum on your face. Once you're drenched, it's all the same. And I was drenched! I swear some of those guys hadn't cum in months, they pumped so much jizz on me. My Hubby was kind enough to lean in and wipe my eyes off when any of it got in them, but for some reason, getting it in my eyes never stung like I've heard other girls say it does. Maybe something about my body chemistry or something. Or maybe it was just decades of experience in taking "facials".

But it wasn't so bad.

At one point, there were fourteen Japanese guys in a row. Turned out they were in town for a convention. Each one had to take fucking pictures of the other thirteen guys spooging me. I guess I'll be a porno queen in Tokyo now.

Finally, after at least four long hours of getting my face sprayed, we were finished, The last three guys stood around me and jerked off together and all three sprayed me from the top of my head to my tits. I can't see how I could have looked very sexy, kneeling there with cum covering my face and my hair dripping wet and my eyeshadow and makeup ruined, but, hey, you guys are turned on by the strangest stuff.

I learned that lesson as a little girl.

When everyone was finished, they all stood and cheered and applauded and laughed at me. I cried then, as my Husband uncuffed me and helped me stand up. My legs were cramped like hell, and it took me a minute to straighten up. Beth was rubbing all the cum into my skin, even my face, wringing it out of my hair even. It felt good, actually, all the gooey creamy stuff, it was still warm from being under the lights all night. If you've never had a sperm massage, you might want to try it some time. My chest glistened from it all. Then my Hubby really suprised me. He reached into his back pocket and came out with a thin rectangular box. As my slimy hand grasped the box, a few thick dollops of cum dripped off my eyebrow and landed on it.

"Here. You earned it anyway." I opened it up and whooped - it was the diamond necklace I'd had my eyes on from before, the one I would have gotten if the goddam Chargers hadn't fucked up.

"I collected 50 bucks from all the guys. The other girls split a thousand, and here's the rest."

I looked down at the necklace, It glittered in the strong lights. It was exactly the one I had seen in the window at Tiffany. Then I noticed something dangling from the very bottom of it. I looked closer.

That asshole!!!

It was a tiny "100" in diamonds.


Sandra Oxhorn

sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.

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sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.