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The Perils of Sandra Oxhorn
Volume 7 They Came with Tools

Another great wife turned slut story.

By Sandra Oxhorn

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My name is Sandra Oxhorn, I live in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles County. I want to share a secret that I have been carrying with me. I think I would die if my Husband ever found out. I know he would kick my ass. But he has never found out. This all happened about two years ago.

I was doing nothing more exceptional than buying groceries. Nothing could have been further from my mind than getting raped - epecially by four guys! But I'm getting ahead of myself. The car had been running poorly all week, and as I tried to leave the parking lot, it wouldn't start. I had perishables and frozen food in the trunk. I know absolutely nothing about cars and we don't have Auto Club membership. I saw four big Black men sitting in the vacant lot next to the Supermarket parking lot. They were really gross looking and they were drinking beer. They looked like the types that would know a car inside and out. I have always been disgusted by Black men, so I told myself I wasn't desperate enough to ask them for help. I am white, by the way, very white. So I put up the hood of my car and looked around the engine compartment for a loose wire or hose - anything.

Before I knew it, these four Black guys were clustered around me, offering help and advice.

It was a hot day and all four men were stripped to the waist... muscular guys, all of them. I was hardly overdressed either: a pair of short shorts that clung to my plump ass like plastic wrap and a T-shirt that was so thin my nipples must have shown through all too obviously. As one of them tinkered with the motor, the other three started talking to me. I wished they would all just go away, but I really was in a jam, with all the food spoiling in the trunk. They pointed out their van, parked across the street, going into great detail about the fact they had a mattress in the back where they would sleep from time to time. they were really emphasizing that damn mattress and that's when it clicked...they wanted to get me into the van and do God knows what to me!

Now, I should tell you that ever since I was very young I have been sexually abused by men. My Father, mostly, but men in general. I have always hated getting fucked and used by Black men above all others. But when they told me that my car was out of oil and they could fix it if I went back to their van to help pick out the kind of engine oil I used, I knew that if I wanted to get home before $200 in food spoiled, I would have to submit to them. The excuse that the oil was in the van was pretty lame, but no matter, we walked across the street to the van. They opened the side door and told me to get in. I sighed heavily and hung my head low. Here I go again! I climbed in the van and the four niggers piled in after me, blocking my exit.

I knew I was trapped now.

The second the door slid closed, there were big hands all over me. I just sat there and let them strip me completely. After they peeled of my clothes, they stripped themselves. One of the guys was monstrously hung, a good eleven inches of solid meat. He ordered me to suck him, and as I learned when I was a little girl, I obeyed. With considerable effort, I closed my lips around his cock head and tried to get as much of of him as I could in my mouth, which wasn't easy - especially when one of the other guys (I never did learn their names) put his toungue in my cunt and started to eat me.

I didn't expect that.

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It felt great.

I didn't want to feel great! All I wanted was to get this ordeal over with as soon as possible!

I was in the doggy position, sucking the huge Black cock in my mouth, as the guy licking my cunt replaced his toungue with his equally impressive cock. He gripped my hips tight and gave me every solid inch as I continued to slave over the giant weapon stretching my jaw and lips. They flipped me over on my back. Donkey dick started to fuck me while his buddies dangled their dicks in my face, ordering me to suck and lick.

It was then that, past the cocks in my face, I saw people looking in the window of the van!!! I could see others walking by and I could hear people talking outside of the van!

That's when the whole situation hit me. There I was on that filthy mattress, getting raped by four digusting niggers. I was only a few blocks from my house and anyone could walk by and peek through the window of the van to see me getting fucked, and sucking four ugly Black cocks like the cheapest White Trash whore in town. Someone I know might even recognize me!!!

I started to cry.

I was cumming over and over with that massive tool in my cunt. When he finally came, it was a huge load! A real gusher all over my stomach and big tits, but that wasn't the end of it. After that the other three took their turn. After about an hour, I told them I had to get home. They all just laughed and said, "Too bad, bitch!"

After that I lost track of how many times each one fucked me or how often I was sucking on a big ugly Black cock. I also lost track of how many times I came.

The whole thing lasted over four hours and by the end, I was a fuckin' mess!!!

I was soaking wet with sweat and cum! Some of their sperm had dried in my hair, but most was still wet and runny from the heat of the van's interior. I must have looked disgusting, because the four assholes barely allowed me to dress before they threw me out of the van and drove off without fixing my car. There I was, in my own neighborhood, looking like I just stepped out of the shower - except for the blobs of spooge in my hair, soaking through my clothes, and running down my face, arms and legs. My whole body was sore from the four hours of getting tossed around, bent into uncomfortable positions, and just plain raped. I felt like I had just gotten beat up after a particularly long aerobics class! My mouth, jaw and pussy were also in pain.

I walked home, getting leered at from people passing by in cars and on foot. When I got home, I realized that I had left my purse in the van! Those guys knew where I live!

But that's another story.

I showered and told my Husband that the car broke down when he got home.

He never found out.


Sandra Oxhorn

sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.

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sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.