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The Perils of Sandra Oxhorn
Volume 5

Another great wife turned slut story.

By Sandra Oxhorn

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My name is Sandra Oxhorn. I live in Orange County, California.

I am 21 years old and have been married a little over two years. I'm blonde (right now), blue-eyed, 5'6" tall, and my measurements are 36-22-34. My husband, Scott, is a "10" in any woman's book but he has a serious problem -- he can't handle drinking.

That's how I became involved in my current situation. .....

Every time Scott drinks, he gets into fights and because of this, he has been arrested on several occasions. The last time he went to court the judge placed him on a supervised probation, warning Scott that the next time he was arrested he would be facing serious jail time.

Well, Scott refuses to go anywhere for professional help with his problem and, sure enough, he got in trouble, again.

We went out to dinner and, of course, Scott couldn't stop with one beer. I couldn't stop him and, before I could get him out of the restaurant, he went over to a table where five guys were sitting and proceeded to punch two of them before he could be restrained. Someone called the police and they arrived shortly after the fighting stopped and questioned everybody involved.

I went up to one of the guys my husband had hit and begged him not to press charges against Scott, telling him he was already on probation and I didn't want him to go to jail.

The guy's name was Mark and he walked me off to the side a little and said the only way he wouldn't press charges was if I would put out for him and his friends.

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Now I should propably tell you that since a very young age, my father and his asshole friends had used me for sex. One at a time, in groups,etc. so it wasn't exactly the first time a man had talked to me like that.

Still, I made the expected appropriate outraged expression and feighnedshock by how blunt he was but, seeing little choice in the matter, and wanting to get Scott home before he punched somebody else, I agreed to Mark's blackmail. Also not the first time for me.

Mark talked to his four friends and they told the police that they wanted to talk the matter over with their lawyer before they proceeded. The police agreed and escorted Scott into our car with a warning.

So, now I knew I was going to have to put out for these strangers or else risk the possibility of Scott going to jail.

Before I left the restaurant Mark got my address and then pissed me off by saying that they would be by around nine the next morning." Whatever!", I sneered at him.

That next morning Scott finally left for work at 7:30 a.m. with a splitting headache. I was really worried that he was going to call in sick but he knew we couldn't afford him taking another day off and he was liable to get fired if he did.

Instead, I called in sick and found myself in a state of dread and digust.

Sexually, I was pretty experienced-thanks to Dad-but I was not looking forward to this at all. Lots of girls had fantasies about being "taken" and even about being gangbanged: Been there! Now that it was happening again I felt like that little girl, home alone with dad and my uncles, made to service them . Knowing what assholes like these expect, I decided to dress for the part in my see-through babydoll nightie and high heels. I couldn't quite believe it myself, when I looked in the mirror!

Slave to a group of strangers again!

How the fuck do I get myself into these positions?

Right at nine, Mark arrived and introduced me to his friends -- Tony, Ryan, Drew and Brent. They brought 2 friends with them! 2 large Black guys!-Tosh and Bull. I have always hated having sex with niggers!

Not again!

They were all home from college on semester break. Mark then led me to the center of the living room and told me to take off the nightie but leave the heels on and walk around for them, just like dad used to do!

From the way they ogled my body and commented on my breasts, pussy and buns, I knew it was going to be a long, long day. They all joked that, on the way over, they had bet if I was a "natural" blonde, and they weren't surprised to see that I'm not. Parading in front of these guys was getting me more excited than I had expected to be. I couldn't believe that I was already so wet, I could feel my own moisture between my thighs.

After a few minutes of this, Mark told me to stand behind one of the chairs, spread my legs and bend over. I obeyed. When I had done exactly what he ordered, I felt a tongue press between my pussylips and stroke my clit and I immediately had an orgasm.

Tosh moved in front of the chair, dropped his jeans and stood up on the seat cushion. He had the ugliest,uncircumcized,thick black cock I had ever seen. It was really a turn off and it was strangely curved. it looked more like an animals cock than a humans. It was about 9" long and way too thick looking to fit comfortably in my mouth.He grabbed my hair and I engulfed his warm meat with my frowning lips.

Behind me, I could feel Mark moving around, and then felt his cock at my cunt opening. He pushed himself into my slick tunnel and I felt like I had a torturous, hot pole running through my whole body. After about 25 minutes of being bent over my chair, Tosh had a powerful climax in my mouth and I almost choked being forced to swallow all of his cum- and there was alot! As soon as Tosh got down, Tony jumped up on the cushion, grabbed my blonde hair, and began to hump his prick in and out of my mouth. He was much rougher than Tosh had been and I felt very afraid, and it added to my own disgust and I began having flashbacks to my childhood: some of dad's rougher friends who used to come over when mom was out and force their obscenely huge cocks into whichever of my little girl orifices they felt like abusing.

After Mark came in my cunt, he was replaced by Ryan, and his cock felt like a big baseball bat! If I hadn't been as lubricated as I was, I don't think I could have accommodated him -- he was that big!

Just as I settled into a good rhythm with Ryan in my pussy, Tony exploded in my mouth, and this time, I couldn't swallow fast enough as blobs of his cum ran out of my mouth and on to the chair.How am I going to expain these big cum stains to Scott!

A big glob hit my bangs and just hung there in front of my left eye.

These guys must have been saving up their cum all semester!

The other three waited for Ryan to cum, which took a good while, and then they ordered me into the bedroom. Bull told me to lie on my back and he straddled my chest, squeezing my big boobs around his huge black cock. Tony climbed on the bed, behind Bull, knelt between my legs, pushed his cock into me and began fucking me. I hated all of it, but started cumming. Weird, I know, but Dad always said he kept doing those things because he knew I enjoyed it so much. Drew moved over my face and pushed his semi-hard dick in my mouth and Ryan took my hand and placed it on his cock. I was so digusted at being taken and used like that, I couldn't really concentrate on any one of them, and eventually, just let them do whatever they wanted to my body. As if I had a choice!

Tony came again and Drew moved to take his place. Mark finally came as he splurted his warm, sticky cum on my cheeks and nose and neck, and Ryan pushed as much cock as I could take into my mouth. At this point I saw a bright light go off and looked over just in time to see a flash bulb go off!

They were taking Polaroids! What assholes!!!

When Ryan came, he pulled out of my mouth and shot his really thick cum all over my eyes and face, and I began an orgasm that seemed to go on forever.

More flashes went off.

They seemed to take more pictures of me with the 2 niggers than of anything else. Possibly becaused they sensed my revulsion everytime they touched me. They took a break around noon and had some beers, making me serve them with dried cum crusted on my face and hanging off my now stiff hair. Taking pictures the whole time. Then they started in on me again.

I was allready exhausted from the morning's rape, but they didn't care.

As they left late that afternoon, they told me that they would be back the following morning.

How could I object now? They knew they had me blackmailed but good!

As it turned out, I had them over for the next four days, until they left for their college. Each day they would bring an extra guy or two, until there were 18 young college assholes in my apartment on the fourth morning!

Was I ever fucking pissed!!!!!

Six of them were big black football type jocks!

That was a very long, hard day, believe me! I had nothing to say about anything they did to me and they got ruder by the day. At one point on the last day my face was covered with at least a half inch of cum. They showed me pictures of my "facial" and I couldn't even recognize myself- my face was obscured by this gooey mask of cum.

They told me that they were going to post the polaroids of me on the web, so many of you reading this may have seen me and not even known it.

Scott and I are no longer what you would call happily married. He still refuses help with his drinking and has lost his job.

Who knows? I may be out on my own, in my own place, when Mark, Ryan, Drew and Tony (and whomever) all get home for Summer vacation!


Sandra Oxhorn

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sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.