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Sally and My Boss

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The story that follows is completely true.

When we were in our mid 20's (about 10 years ago) my wife and I had a very satisfying and active sex life. We were both very open about what turned us on, and my fantasies of Sally having sex with other guys turned her on, but it was always understood that it was just bedroom talk, and that things would never go any further. But obviously, in the back of my mind was the hope that one day I'd see her go further.

My boss at that time (and now, for that matter), Geoff, was a great friend of her father's and had known the family for years, and had helped her dad a lot when he was modernising his house. I got on with him really well and he admitted to me that he was really attracted to Sally. He also asked me if she was a tease.

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I asked him what he meant, and he wasn't too sure about telling me, but said that when she used to live at home with her parents he was quite often left alone to get on with stuff around the house, and sometimes Sally would be there. He said that sometimes she could be quite flirty when they were alone in the house together and that she'd walk around in her underwear, or leave her bedroom door open when she got changed. He was quite embarrassed when he admitted that she turned him on back then as she was only 16, and he would have been around 35. He was impressed by her tits, as even then she was a 38C (She's put weight on since - she's now a 44D!)

I was really turned on hearing this, and couldn't stop thinking about it. When Sally and I were in bed that night, I casually raised the subject of Geoff who she hadn't seen for a couple of years. Once the subject was broached, I told her that Geoff was attracted to her, and had told me about her teasing. She giggled and admitted it, saying she loved seeing him trying to hide his erection. Then (exaggerating) I told her that Geoff had really wanted to fuck her, and would have made a move if it hadn't been for her age. She giggled again, turned on. I asked her if she would have let him, and she just said "Maybe." Then, both feeling exceptionally horny, we had the best sex for a long time.

I found that I was enjoying this game, and it was pretty harmless. The next day at work I told Geoff that I'd spoken to Sally about her teasing. I exaggerated again and said that she'd done it on purpose because she wanted him to fuck her. He was really excited about this and said he'd really regretted not going for it, and that it was a shame she was married to me, otherwise he'd try his luck now.

I went back to Sally, still exaggerating, and said that he'd told me he used to jerk off after seeing her nearly naked, and that if I wasn't up to the job he'd be glad to come and fuck her anytime. This made Sally really horny and again we had a really steamy session, this time fantasising about Geoff fucking her. Afterwards she coyly suggested that I take some of our tamer polaroids topless with me, to show him what he'd missed.

Next day I talked to Geoff again, and told him (more lies and exaggeration) that she'd told me that if ever I wasn't up to it, she'd let him have a go. Then I showed him the polaroids, helling him that she'd told me to bring them in. I'd brought the topless ones, but also a set of her masturbating. I thought he was going to pop his load there and then, but he asked if he could hold onto them for a couple of hours, and took them to the bathroom.

When I got home I showed her which pictures I'd shown her, and she was horrified but turned on. I held out the one of her with her legs wide open, 2 fingers knuckle deep in her pussy, and told her that this was his favourite. Sex was, again, tremendous. Afterwards I told her that I wanted Geoff to fuck her, and quietly she agreed.

I told Geoff the next day that Sally was getting to hard to satisfy by myself, and that she wanted me to bring him home for the fuck she owed him from all those years ago. He didn't believe me but still turned up on the doorstep at 9pm with a bottle of wine. The next half hour was the most uncomfortable of my life, as Sally was too shy to do anything except make small talk and Geoff thought it was a prank to make him look stupid. They both avoided the couch and sat on armchairs about 6 feet apart.

Sally was wearing a full length hippy skirt, and a t-shirt, and I'd persuaded her to leave off her panties and bra.

We polished off the wine in no time and were still on small-talk. I was nervous myself, but said to Geoff "I've been telling Sally about how much you liked her pictures."

Geoff nodded and Sally went red. I threw caution to the wind and sat at her feet, then slid the hem of her skirt up her legs and kept going until it was around her waist. She made no move to stop me, even when I eased her knees apart. With a trembly voice I said "The real thing looks much better."

Sally shut her eyes, unable to bring herself to do anything. Geoff saw that as encouragement and was instantly at her side, pulling her t-shirt up to reveal her magnificent tits before roughly kneading them. I kissed her pussy and she sighed, then pulled Geoff down onto her and pushed her tongue deep into his mouth.

When they parted we quickly undressed Sally and laid her out on the floor before undressing ourselves. Sally opened her arms and pulled him to the floor. He sucked her tits and squeezed them, enjoying their size. He was on his hands and knees and I could see his cock was hard and throbbing. It looked similar in size to mine, if a little thicker, and a part of me was disappointed. Then I saw her fist wrap around it and jerk it a few times before twisting her body around so she could suck it. A dream come true, seeing my wife hungrily taking another man's cock into her mouth, while I watched. I went down on her wet pussy and she spread her thighs wide for me. I lapped at her cunt for a few minutes while Geoff fucked her mouth. After a few minutes Geoff took my place while I sat back and watched.

He lapped greedily at her cunt while she reached down and held herself open for him. I saw him dip a finger in her pussy, making it good and wet, before probing her tight little anus. I knew it had to be tight, as it was a part of her body I had never explored. He pushed his finger in about an inch, and Sally let out a whimper and raised her hips, trying to pull off it. As she moved her hips he moved his hand forward, so that his finger stayed where it was without going deeper. Then Sally lowered her hips again, and Geoff kept his hand still so that she forced a little more of his finger into her ass.

They repeated this movement several times until his finger was in as far as it would go, then Geoff kept his hand still while Sally forced her ass up and down on his finger. He stopped licking her, and she continued to fuck her own ass but was now rubbing her swollen clitty hard as well. With a yelp she ground herself down on his finger and had her first shattering orgasm. Geoff sat back with a satisfied smirk on his face. Sally was smiling dreamily, laying in front of her Dad's best friend with her legs spread wide invitingly.

I was so horny I could wait no longer. I took up position between her legs and sank my cock into her. With the image of Geoff fingering her ass, her sucking his cock and now having him watch me fuck her in my mind, I must have lasted all of a minute before I groaned and empied my balls into her. I collapsed on top of her, but she whispered in my ear "Move, I want Geoff's cock in me."

I did as instructed and rolled aside. I watched with fascination as Geoff mounted her, and as she reached down to guide his cock into her. Seeing it now from only a foot away it seemed fatter, especially as I could see that her hand didn't close right around it as it does with mine. And as he sank his tool into her she let out a deep sigh. When it was all the way in, she said "Mmmm, that's lovely. Fuck me, Geoff, hard."

He obliged was soon pistoning in and out of her while she grunted and moaned under him, his belly slapping against hers, and kept up this pace for around five minutes until she had another orgasm, her hips involuntarily jerking against his groin.

"Shit, that was amazing," she panted, and put her hand down between them. "Jesus, you're still hard!"

She pushed him off her and rolled onto her hands and knees - doggy is her favorite position - then wiggled her ass provocatively and looked back at Geoff. "Fuck me again, spunk in me!"

He didn't need telling twice. I got in close and he grinned at me as he pushed his cock easily into her puffy cunt, which was now glistening with juice. "Oh yes," she groaned, "That's perfect, now fuck my cunt hard, you bastard!"

This was the perfect opportunity for me to see another of my fantasies fulfilled, and I knelt in front of her and offered her my cock, which was hard again. She looked at me in surprise, as if she'd forgotten I was there, then opened her mouth and let me feed my cock between her lips. Geoff was pounding into her cunt and I could see her ass wobble each time his belly slapped against her buttocks, which in turn forced her further onto my cock. Again the situation was too much for me and I spurted my seed into her mouth. She hardly seemed to notice when I pulled away, her eyes were squeezed tight shut and she was panting like a dog.

Then, to my amazement, she had another orgasm and her whole body started to tremble. I was amazed because Sally has always found it hard to orgasm during intercourse, which is why I have become so adept with my tongue - and now I had just witnessed Geoff giving my wife not one but three of the best orgasms she had ever had.

And just a few minutes later, her fourth, a long, drawn out earthquake of an orgasm that left her babbling incoherently about cunts and cocks and spunk.

"Please cum in me Geoff," she gasped, "I don't think I can take too much more." He duk his fingers into her hips and redoubled his efforts. Sally was gasping "Shit.shit.shit." in time with his thrusts, then her face went pink and she had another orgasm as he grunted and filled her cunt up with spunk.

Geoff had to go home to his wife then, but this was the first of many visits by him and several other adventures, which I hope to tell you about soon.

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