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Robin's Birthday Party

Another great wife turned slut story.


Linda had not had a strange cock inside her in almost seventeen years, and never meant for this to happen, but now that it was she was loving it. She was on vacation in California and had been talked into attending a party with her old girlfriend Tina. It had all started so innocently, they had gone to a Birthday Party for Tina's recently divorced friend, Robin. It was Robin's fortieth birthday and along with Tina, a couple of other friends had made sure to invite mostly men, including about thirty guys from the local gym, in Cerritos. The party had been a lot of fun from the start. Ten of the guys had spent a good bit of time working out a comical skit, in which one of the guys played Robin being sexed by all the rest of them and including her saying how much she was enjoying being single again so she could try out all the different sizes and shapes. It was about this time that Linda began to feel a little strange. She'd only had two drinks, that Randy, the night's bartender had made for her, but she felt almost drunk.

After getting a big laugh out of the second skit, in which four of the guys pretended to be female divorcees on "The Springer Show", Linda made her way upstairs in search of an unoccupied bathroom. The house was huge, and as she made her way around the bannister, Linda heard some intriguing moans from the first room she came to. The door was wide open and there on the bed was Robin's sister Gayle. Without making a sound, Linda just stood there as Gayle, on all fours, was sucking a guy off and being fucked from the rear at the same time. Linda watched for about fifteen minutes, as she fucked and sucked. The two guys both made eye contact with Linda several times, as they serviced Gayle. Then when the one who was doing the fucking, finally came in her and began removing his cock from her, Linda couldn't believe it. The young man in his twenties had the biggest, fattest, cock she'd ever seen, and when he took it out, he smiled at Linda while he stroked the last drops of semen from it. Linda was a little embarrassed at having watched for so long, and quickly resumed her search for the bathroom.

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When she returned to the party she found Tina, she was surprised to find Tina and Robin, both playing strip poker, along with guys. The music was loud, all the guys were drinking a lot, and Linda had an uncontrollable desire to have that big, fat, cock she'd seen up stairs earlier.

The next hour was a blur, but now Linda was beginning to realize what was going on. She was face down on a coffee table, with her hands tied to the corners and her legs restrained around her thighs, but inside she had the fullest, warmest feeling, as a man was riding her from behind. His big, hard cock was pumping her full of sperm. Linda felt the squirts, and the throbbing of the blood vessels inside her cunt, as some man, she didn't know who was unloading into her. Then she noticed she had the salty taste of cum in her mouth, and as she opened her eyes she saw on the table the cum of several men puddle on the table below her. "Oh God" Linda whispered as she felt the cock leave her hot cunt, "More, more, more," was all she could say. Then she felt another hot dick nudged it's way between her ass cheeks, and a voice. "Hey Randy, I could tell that she wanted it, when I was fucking Gayle upstairs." Then Linda felt what had to be twelve inches of thick cock, spread her cunt-lips and begin to invade the depths of her cunt. "OHHH, OHHH, YEEESSS !" Linda shouted as she this young blonde haired, blue eyed, stud stuffed himself inside her. Then as he let the weight of his body push his cock deeper and deeper, Linda began to scream uncontrollably, as her cunt stretched to the length his huge cock. "Oh, Oh, Oh, God YEEESSSS !" Then right in the middle of her screams she felt him grab her by the hair, then her head was jerked back as the stud behind her demanded, "Damn Randy, get over here and shut her the Hell up, shit man, stuff your dick in her mouth." and he did. The bartender had slid a chair to the edge of the table stuck his little short, fat, dick up to Linda's lips. Linda hadn't had such a small cock since she was a teenager, but the big one in her cunt was the one that counted. It even made it easier to suck that what she'd been used to with her husband, Steve. She took the entire cock into her mouth at once, and suddenly deep-throating a dick was easy. She still enjoyed the feeling of a strange man's dick in her mouth, and the way it was rock-hard. She really enjoyed the way that she take Randy's full cock into her mouth and still stick her tongue out and lick his balls.

Linda was stuffed in both ends now and loving it, she had not even notice the crowd of about ten other guys standing around her. Then she heard the stud in her from the rear ask someone. "You did her ass, tell me, do you think she can take mine?" Then she heard the voice of what was obviously a black guys, saying, "No problem man we left that ass used and full of sperm. "What? Linda thought, how could someone fuck my ass without me knowing it, I only had two drinks." Then suddenly Randy began pounding his little cock into her mouth, and the feel of hot, thick, sperm shot against Linda's tongue, as he tried to stuff even his balls in her. Then as she enjoyed the sweet taste of him, she felt it run from the corners of her lips. "Drink that cum, Whore! " he shouted as he got out of the chair and went around the room giving high five's.

"Ok Bobby, you and Jerome help me move her around." Linda could tell something was still not right about this whole night, she'd felt so good and horny with the hot cocks inside her, but when they untied her and began moving her, she had no balance. They moved her to the couch where a young black guy was setting. He was really dark black, with big lips, athletic body, and as her eyes looked down, she saw him holding a jet-black, hard cock that was just as big as the blonde stud who'd been fucking her before. The guys maneuvered her body around and sat her down on his big dick. She looked him in the eyes, and without saying a word, lust overcame her and Linda's mouth met his, tongues, hot and wet began exploring each other's mouths. Then Linda felt a warm sensation against her asshole. It was her big blonde stud, who'd started spreading her asshole. Without hesitation, her ass just opened up and took that huge cock all the way in. Linda couldn't believe it, she always has to start slowly whenever Steve fucks her ass, now this baseball-bat size cock slide right in? What was up she thought? She was horny as Hell, she had obviously been fuck by several men, was disoriented, and was now swapping the cum of one man's dick to the mouth of black man she'd never seen before. And what were all those black marks on her tits? she'd noticed some kind of marks on her tits as the guys had positioned her on this black guy, but couldn't focus her eyes enough to make out what it was. The only thing she could be sure of was that she had a big, hard, black cock in her horny cunt, and a huge white cock pumping her asshole as hard as he could. Then she kept feeling the pinches and grips of others as they would grab her big 38d size tits and make remarks about how good she was last night. Then she felt the two fuckers begin pounding hard and harder, as the black guy said to the blonde stud, "I'm ready to hose this cunt man, How about you?" "Yeah Jerome, I'm ready too, AAAGGHHHHHH, God she' got some good ass for a married woman especially good."Then the were grabbing tits and squeezing her hips as they pounded harder and harder, until they both jammed into her as deep as they could, and Linda felt the two big, hard, stud's cocks lodge deep inside herself, and begin to shoot hot spurts of cum against the walls of her cunt and ass. Throbbing and squirting, and throbbing, though Linda felt disoriented on the outside, she felt all the sensations inside herself, every little jerk and throb as the blood pumped through the cocks, that were stuffed deep inside her.

Then she drifted off again for a couple of minutes, only to wake up alone on the couch as she heard a couple of the guys making comments o their way out. "Yeah man, it was a good party, but then it always is when Randy makes the drinks." The first voice said, the second replied. "I think having all us write our names on her tits was a good idea too, just wait till she starts counting how many times she was fucked, I bet she freaks out." Then the door closed, Linda began to get up and look round. There was Tina, in the den lying on the couch with ankles and wrists tied together. Robin was laid over the kitchen table with a big puddle of cum dripping below her ass, and as she made her way upstairs she found Gayle, sleeping in the same bed she's seen her in earlier. The others seemed to be waking up also, as Linda notice the clock, it was nearly nine o'clock. Damn, she had to get going to fly home this afternoon. Then on her way around the room as she gathered her clothes, she went by a mirror. The site caught her by surprise, and she turned to star. In permanent marker, on her tits and stomach, was all the names of all the guys from last night. As she counted, she tried to remember, but though she counted 32 names, she could still only remember the two from the couch.

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sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.