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Reverse cuckold.

Another great wife turned slut story.

By w_ank

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I was still asleep when she entered the room and since it was morning, my cock was solid as a rock from all those wet dreams. She closed the door and undressed herself leaving only her panties on. I was beginning to stir and when her soft hand touched my hand I turned my head to see who it was (like I didn't know!).

"Morning sleepy head, time to get up."

She was smiling and looking at the tent my cock had made under the sheet.

"Looks like someone woke up before you."

"He always gets up before I do" I replied.

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I was looking in her eyes and I couldn't help noticing something wicked in her smile. Her cheeks were slightly red, but I thought that maybe she was still a bit shy about being naked around me. Little did I know at that moment.

"How come you are still wearing those panties?" I asked.

That smile on her face got even wider.

"Oh, I thought you might want to take them off for me" she giggled.

She moved closer and I put my fingers inside her panties and started pulling them down. She helped me by stepping out of them and I picked them up. I don't know why, but I lifted the panties close to my nose and took a deep breath. At the same moment I realized that they were soaked and when the familiar aroma hit me, my cock got even harder. It was cum, no doubt about it!

"See, my husband left you a present this morning"

I was stunned, even that we had talked about this fantasy before, I never really thought she would actually do it.

I kept savouring the smell of another mans semen and I was feeling so incredibly hot.

She looked at me and took her cum soaked panties away from me.

"I think I have something better for you"

She stepped closer and grabbed my hair, pulling me closer to her pussy.

"See anything you like?"

I could see cum dripping out from between her swollen pussylips.

All I could say was "uh, yes"

With that she moved my head even closer and lifted one of her legs on the bed.

"I want you to be a good boy and clean the mess my husband left there 15 minutes ago"

I could feel how she radiated heat from her groin.

I stuck out my tongue and started licking the insides of her thighs. It was that familiar taste of cum mixed with her pussy juices.

"Oooooh, now suck my pussy, stick that tongue in my cum filled pussy!"

I wasn't going to argue with that so I started wiggling my tongue around her pussylips and finally sticking my tongue inside her hot muffin. I can't believe how much it turned me on to lick her husbands cum from her pussy. She let go of my hair and told me to get in the middle of the bed.

With that she got up on the bed and squatted over my face.

"You better get it all before I let you add your load in there"

I don't know how much cum her hubby normally shot, but it just kept dripping in to my mouth and all over my face.

Soon she started moaning louder and rubbing her pussy all over my face. I stuck out my tongue as far as I could to let her fuck my tongue like a cock.

"I'm cummmmiiiinnggggg" she cried out and I could taste her pussy juice more strongly.

She collapsed on the bed, panting and still letting out soft moans.

"I hope you liked that present, my love?"

"How could I not to? The box it came in is so sweet"

She turned to face me and put her tongue in my mouth"

"I love the way your tongue tastes" and she kept sucking my tongue and kissing my face that was covered with her husbands cum and her own juices.

Her hand reached down to my aching cock, which had made a puddle on my stomach from all that pre-cum it had oozed out while I was eating her pussy.

She started kissing her way down towards that puddle and when she reached it, I could feel how she sucked all that salty pre-cum in her mouth. She got up on her knees and opened her lips showing how her tongue played with my juices.

"Want me to give you a kiss?" she giggled and before I even had the chance to say anything I tasted my own juices from her tongue, not that I would have refused anyway.

"Oooh, poor baby, you must be dying to shoot all that cum deep in my hot pussy"

With that she got on top of me and guided my pulsing cock in her pussy. I was so excited that I had to bite my lip not to cum right there. She kept kissing me and sucking my tongue while she moved her dripping pussy up and down my shaft.

I could feel our juices running down to my balls.

Then she got up, put her hands on my chest and started really pounding my cock with her pussy. I helped her by putting my hands on her ass.

I dipped one of my fingers in our juices and started rubbing her anus with it. That seemed like putting electricity through her and she started screaming and throwing her head from side to side. I stuck that finger in her ass and I could feel how hard it squeezed and pulsed around my finger when she started cumming. That did me in, my balls started pushing cum towards the head of my cock with awesome pressure.

"Here I cuuuummmmm" I shouted.

My cock spurted long streams of hot spunk deep in her cunt and I felt like I was in heaven. That hot semen just kept spewing out of my cock in her convulsing cunt.

She collapsed over me like a rag and stayed there catching her breath.

Her pussy drained the last drops of cum from my now softening cock and soon it slipped out of her.

I felt the jizz dripping all over my groin, down to my balls.

I was completely drained and relaxed.


he lifted her head and gave me a kiss.

"Oh baby, you were so good to me"

"I love you too" was all I could say.

sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.

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group sex gangbanging sex stories


sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.