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A private screening...

Missy's Final (?) Home Video

I had to leave town for a month because of a business deal that was going down in another city. Missy was bored and didn't have much to do. Tom kept calling, but she didn't want to have him over without me there. She asked me if I minded. I said that I didn't care, but since I had the camera with me she absolutely could not do anything with him. I added that if they did do anything they would need to tape it. She said she didn't want to do anything with him, so it didn't matter.

So one Sunday afternoon Tom and another older black gentleman stopped by to watch the five hour video I had mixed down from the master tapes (which I had locked away). Tom's friend was named John. Missy served them beers as they kicked back and watched. Missy told me that John kept suggesting she do a dance for them like she did at the party. Missy said she wasn't going to anymore pornos, at least for a while. Besides, I would only let her do anything if it was taped, and I had the camera. Tom said he had his camera in the trunk. She told him she would think about it, so he apparently took that as a yes, and got his camera. He gave her a valium, which she said she wanted because she was a bit nervous about doing a dance for them in our home while I was gone. They apparently continued watching the party video and drinking beers. John kept encouraging her to do a dance for him. She finally gave in to their pleas. John said he wanted to see her in the exact same outfit she was wearing at the party. Tom got out his camera to tape the dance...

This last video starts off with Missy standing in the living room with John and Tom sitting on the couch. They had put the camera on a tripod. Some dance music was playing on the stereo and Missy was in the chair wearing her little white sexy slut outfit. John was about 55, and a little balding on the top. His hair was white and he looked to about 190 pounds. They were both wearing shorts and t-shirts with just their socks on. John had a huge smile plastered on his semi-wrinkly face. Missy started dancing as they encouraged her on. She looked a bit drunk, and a bit shy and awkward. They kept telling her how hot she looked, and she started to get a little braver. She did little twirls that exposed the same little cotton panties she had worn at the party. (We kept all the pieces of that famous outfit together because I would have her wear it for me every now and then.)

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John growled at her, "Oh yeah, gimme a peek Missy. Take something off for ole Johnny. Oh please, yeah that's right." She turned around and bent over to give them a view of her butt as she hiked her skirt up over her ass and then go back to dancing. She was obviously beginning to enjoy John's lust for a look at her body. The video of her getting fucked was still on the tube, and she turned it off because they kept glancing at it. John said, "Don't worry baby, you got my attention." She kept dancing as John kept begging for her to remove something. She said, "Okay, but no funny stuff."

She went over to John and sat on his legs facing him and told him to unfasten her top, which fastened between her tits. He quickly did so and pulled it off behind and let it fall to the floor. He put both of his old hands on her tits and began to massage them. Tom brought the camera over close and Missy suddenly decided he was going too far and playfully slapped his hands and stood up to dance some more. "I want to see in just those panties like you were in that video," John told her. (Tom wasn't really saying much of anything.) She started to slowly twirl around in front of him and then stopped and showed him where the zipper was in the back. He unzipped it and it fell to the ground. He started to feel up her ass and she slapped him again. She stepped out of her skirt that was laying on the ground and kicked it away. She slipped out of her shoes and was dancing in just her panties and long stockings. John clapped and said, "My, my, my, you are a little hottie little girl. Look at you. Mmmm, I could have a lot fun with that, yeah." She kept up her dance right in front of him. He went on, "Mmm, you a naughty one, ain't you girl?" Missy said, "I can be naughty when I'm in the mood." He asked if she was, and she told him maybe.

"If you naughty, I might have to give you a little spankin." Missy said, "Maybe I need a little discipline, John." He started to touch her as she danced. He felt her legs and her thighs as kept up the dance. He told her, "I think it's time for that spankin. You are being very naughty, aren't you?" He got her to bend over and lightly slapped her butt a few times. Then he got her to lay over his legs as he continued to slap her butt. "Oh, yes," Missy moaned, "I've been naughty and I think I'm getting naughtier." He pulled her panties down a bit to expose her little white butt and rubbed and slapped her ass. "Let me see what you got down here," John said as he pulled her ass cheeks apart and stared at her cute little bottom. He slapped her a little more and pulled them off. He moved her over to the side so she was sitting next to him and he got down on his knees and buried his face in her crotch. He licked and ate her for about ten minutes as she layed back and moaned and groaned. "Mmmm, that's some fine pussy you got, girl. I sure do wish you'd let me in there." He stood up in front of her and pulled his dick out right in her face. He was also uncut, but nowhere near as huge as Tom's, who has the biggest cock I've ever seen. His balls were huge though, and swayed back and forth as Missy started to blow him. He put his hands on her head and worked his hips back and forth as Missy went to town on his enlarged chocolate tool.

"Oh Missy, just let me feel you inside for just a little. I won't do anymore than you say I can, John will promise you that." She said, "Just for a little." He got down on his knees in front of her as she slid her pelvis forward to allow him access. Her pussy lips were puffy and she was quite turned on. He stuck it in and slowly worked it back and forth inside until he was all the way in. He kept it up while he pulled her stockings off. "This is good, but we should get more comfortable in your bed. I'll make you feel good and relaxed. I want you enjoy John's lovin." She told him that we had reserved the bed for only us. "Oh baby, just once, it can't hurt. You'll have time to clean it before your man comes back." And without asking anymore he picked her up and carried into the bedroom with Tom following behind with the camera. John got her on all fours at the edge of the bed while he stood behind her and worked his penis back in her cunt. He began to fuck her a little harder keeping a firm hold on her hips. They started to slap together and they were both moaning.

Without a word, John stopped and stood her up and pulled back the covers. He laid her down on the bed on her back and wasted no time getting on top and back inside her. Keeping himself held up over her he gazed up and down at the sexy view of her naked body as he pumped her harder and harder. Every now and then he would bend down to kiss her and lick her tits. He brought one of legs over and turned her on her side as he stayed inside her. He sat back on his knees and pulled her right butt cheek up to expose the incredible sight of their mating. He kept staring at her pussy as he violated it and said, "Oh yeah, your getting my dick hot girl, Jesus that's some fuckin pussy. Oh yeah, I'm fuckin you good girl." She started to groan harder and said, "Oh John, don't stop, keep fucking me because I'm on the edge. Oh, I wanna cum." John started to pump her harder saying he was going to cum too. They both went at it like this for another two or three minutes, groaning and saying they were going to cum. Then John groaned out, "They it is, oh yeah, they it is. Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!" He violently slammed his throbbing cock up her tunnel as he shot several loads of cum up her pussy. She had a huge orgasm at the same time, groaning loudly in total ecstasy. John rolled off her on the bed, and Tom told him, "Come on, take the camera!"

As she was recovering from that onslaught, Tom was quickly on her in the same position working his cock into her sloppy pussy. John wasn't very good at the camera and this part of the video got a bit shaky and out of focus. Tom kept up the pace John had set, and soon Missy was moaning again. Tom told John how to use the camera and keep it still after a few minutes. Then her rolled on his back and took Missy with him like she was a rag doll. She was now on her knees on top of him facing the camera. Tom was observing her ass as she moved up and down on his giant member. John got in close on either side of her as she would pull and plop down on his cock. You can hear her pussy making squishy noises as they got into it. John had settled down with the camera in front of her between Tom's legs. His huge hands had a firm grip on her hips as she kept fucking him. Sex fluids were pooled under them and around his scrotum. Without much notice, Tom began to breathe hard and pulled her down and inseminated her with several huge explosions. They slowed down and she sat there with his expired cock still buried in her pussy. She moved off him, sending a flood of jizz streaming out of her pussy onto his stomach, rolling onto the sheets.

She said, "You guys, I wasn't planning on this." John laughed and said, "I was planning on it. You didn't think we could watch you fuck on video without getting a piece of yo ass, did you?" Missy said, "Mmmm, I guess you're right. I should have known." The camera was turned off at this point.

Missy said they cleaned up and wanted to watch more of her party video, but she told them that maybe they could stop by and watch the rest some other day. She told me what happened on the phone, and fortunately I had wrapped up my business deal sooner than I expected. Two days later I was back in town and couldn't believe I had another hot video to watch. We soon moved away to that town and never saw those guys again. We have since dabbled in a little swinging with some couples and made another video with a couple white guys, but there was no comparison to the hot video with her black lovers. Then she had to stop taking the pill, so I got a vasectomy. Of course, that meant no more unprotected sex. We now have a girl that Missy likes join us every now and then, but that's another story for another time.

Hope you all have enjoyed the story of Missy and her short lived porno career. It was fun, and we watch them every now and then. We've shown them to a few people, but we decided never to sell them or anything like that. I've enjoyed writing about our little escapades, and maybe I'll write a follow up on what we're doing now days. Take care, and stay hot!

Bob (and Missy)

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