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And now it's an army cum to call...

Missy's Third Home Video - the Army Cums Over

Over the next few weeks I edited both tapes down into one incredible video, which we both watched several times alone and together. Even Missy agreed that it was pretty hot, besides the fact that it was her she was watching. I talked to both Tom and Paul on the phone, and they wanted to come over and watch the video. We knew what that would turn into, of course, but we got busy with our jobs and other plans and could never find the time. Tom kept suggesting to me that he would take Missy for a night and make me a professional video of her that only I would ever have a copy of. In return, all he would want to do is just be able to come over and watch it. Missy and I talked about it, and she wasn't sure if she would like that or not. It's one thing if I'm in the next room, but quite another if she's somewhere else alone.

Another few weeks went by and Tom called and told that said that Paul's 22nd birthday was in two weeks and that for his birthday he was thinking of asking us if Missy could make an appearance at his party with his buddies. I asked him just how many "buddies" he was talking about. "Just four other brothers, man. And I know these boys. They're clean and muscular. Missy will love 'em. They'll treat her good." He also said that this time he wouldn't participate. He would just concentrate on doing a good job with the video. Turns out, after talking with Tom for a while, that they are all in the army. Anyway, I told Tom that if we did go through with this that I would definitely have a few rules. 1. Everything is taped. Every conversation, every stroke, every interaction she would have. 2. All her limits would be respected. 3. The tapes would be carefully numbered, and guarded. In return, I promised Tom that he could come over sometime and watch the videos in their entirety.

The next evening Missy and I were making hot love, and talking dirty. I started talking about her doing another video without me there. She asked me if I really wanted her to make another hot video with some black guys. I told her that I thought it would be totally horny thing to do, but only if she wanted. She said she'd be willing to do it for me just one more time. I told her about Tom calling about Paul's surprise party. She said if I arrange it, she'll do it real nasty with Paul and his friends just once more. I got so hot thinking about that I came immediately. That night we fucked for hours.

I called Tom the next afternoon and we arranged a date (a little less than two weeks away). Missy said that the idea of having five guys at once was turning her on even more. Five black army guys having their way with her. Doing her like she's just a piece of white meat. It sounded so outrageous I didn't think that it would actually happen. But we stayed in touch and talked with them on the phone about it over the next two weeks like it was actually going to happen.

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The night before the party we made hot passionate love and talked about what might happen the next day. (The party was scheduled for 9:00 that night.) It was turning both of us on that she would make this video with all these guys without me there. Late the next morning I was horny again thinking about it, but Missy said we couldn't have sex if was going to do this because she didn't want to be to sore before she takes on all those huge cocks. Suddenly the thought of it gave me a rush of jealousy and my heart started racing. I realized that quite possibly the next man inside her would not be me. I got a monster erection that needed to be satisfied. I jacked off thinking about what might occur. We did some chores around the house and some shopping. When we got back (around 5:00), there was a message from Tom for Missy to call him. She called him and they talked for a while. They set it up. I couldn't believe it. She would take a cab over there around 8:00. Just Tom would be there and Paul and friends were due to show up around 9:00. He was going to make Missy Paul's surprise present. (His buddies were all in on it too.)

Missy said she wanted to take a nice long hot bath. I had a beer and fumbled with my cigarettes on the balcony. I decided that I would have to go out tonight too, because I'd go nuts staying home alone while this was going on. After a while Missy called me from her bath. I walked in and she was laying in the tub seductively. She said, "What are you going to do while I'm entertaining all of Paul's friends?" She was trying to make me nervous and jealous, which she knows is a turn on for me. I told her how horny I was, and she said again that I was going to have to wait. Then she asked me to wash her back. I was looking at her sexy slender body and her full, perky tits. Her soft curly brown hair bounced on the smooth skin of her shoulders. She was so young, sweet, and pure. In a few hours, five black men are going to violating her, fucking her wildly and lustfully for hours on end. I squeezed and caressed her tits, just like they were going to. I felt her tight little tummy and reached down to feel her soft wet pussy, just like they were all going to. I suddenly got so horny I stood up and started to jack off right in her face. She sucked me off, and sent me out.

I waited in the living room while she took another hour and a half getting ready. My jaw dropped when she came out with a new outfit on. She was wearing a short white skirt with white nylons that came up over her knees, but not quite to the bottom of the skirt. Her top was made of shear white see-through material with a criss cross pattern. You could see her tits and her small soft pink nipples if you looked real close. Her soft belly was fully exposed due to how low on her hips she wore that little pleated skirt. I kissed her and told her how hot she looked. We talked about a few last minute details. She promised she would be home by three in the morning. She also promised to leave a message on our answer line once in a while to keep me updated on how her night was going. She took the video camera that I had packed up for her. Then her cab showed up, and off into the early evening darkness she went for her erotic rendezvous. I went out to do some dancing and maybe go to some strip joints.

I went to the place where we met Devin and Paul. I noticed that none of those guys that Paul knew were here. I looked at my watch after I was there for a while. It was only 8:45. Around 9:15 I went to a nearby strip joint and watched the show for about 2 hours. I was getting so horny looking at the dancers and thinking about what Missy is doing with her body right now in some unknown place. Looking at their bodies I imagined they were Missy's and then imagined all those hands that must be groping her in orgasmic frenzy. I checked our answering service and heard a message that Missy had left at 8:37 saying that she had arrived and Tom was taking very good care of her. She said she was getting nervous so she took a relaxing pill and was getting horny thinking about being the center of attention when Paul arrives with his four buddies.

It was around midnight when I went back to another strip joint and watched more exotic dancers. I was getting a little tipsy and about 1:00 I took a cab home. There was another message from Missy that she left about 12:45. She said, "Oh, Bobby baby, you should see what I'm doing right now. Well, I guess you're going to.I'm upstairs in a bed with Anton." I could tell she was flying on something. "Sorry I haven't called you, but I've been busy with these lusty boys. Mmm, they're doing me good - I've been doing them good, yeaaahh. Oh, oh, ohI'm sitting on Anton's cock right now. He's inside me, moving in and out and all around, yeahhh." I could hear Anton making breathy sounds like "ahhh, yeeahh baaaby." She went on, "ouu yeah, Tom is getting another one of his famous close-ups. Yeah Tommy, can you see Anton inside me?" There were more sex groans and she quietly said, "I've been downstairs with all of them, but Anton wanted me to himself for a while. He wants to do me all night, but I'll be home on time." Her sweet little feminine voice got even more quiet and seductive sounding as she whispered, "Ahhh, it's sooo deep, yeahhh." And then the answering service voice came on to say "End of Message." Shit! That was too much and yet not enough! I listened to it over and over as I jacked off. I knew this video would be way too horny! It was 2:00 and I watched some regular television so I wouldn't be so worked up until Missy got home.

Around 3:20 she came in the door escorted by Tom. She was wasted so I thanked Tom for bringing her home and for all the tapes he gave me. I helped Missy clean up and get into bed. Her pussy was a gooey sloppy mess, so I helped her douche. There was so much cum up inside her, I realized that she must have really been busy over the past few hours. After she dozed off I checked the tapes. They were done too well. There was no way I could watch all of it because between the two cameras that were rolling the whole time there were 10 hours of recording to watch. I looked at a few parts and had to jack off one more time and sleep overcame me. I cuddled up with my little porn star and fell asleep.

Over the next few weeks I watched the tapes. They were truly incredible. I edited the 10 hours of total taping from the two cameras down to a steamy 5 hour movie. Even the footage I didn't put into the edited version is good stuff. Tom called and thanked us for letting him use Missy as his actress for his first video directing experience, for entertaining all the guys, and for being Paul's birthday present. He wanted to come over and watch it right away, as we had agreed he could, but I was so busy watching it myself, there was no time. With work and our social life keeping us busy too, it wasn't for two more months that Tom would be able to visit and watch the video.

And what a video it was. It started with Tom turning the camera on Missy as she was sitting alone in the living room of Anton's house. (Anton was out with Paul and their three other buddies while Tom got the surprise part ready. It turns out that Tom was their superior in the Army, which was stationed nearby.) Tom introduces her and says how sexy she looks in her "little new outfit," and asks her what she wants to do tonight. She said, "Oh, I guess I just wanna party with some guys and have fun." Tom asked her, "Mmmm, what kind of fun does a tiny sexy girl like you like to have?" She started blushing, "Oh, I dunno, maybe play some sexy games or get a little bit wild with some big boys, you know - now turn that off!" He said "Okay, but Bob said not to miss a thing." They laughed a little as He put the camera on the tripod, but left it recording. He left the room to go get her a drink. She was alone with the camera on. While Tom was out of the room, Missy reached down and played with herself for a few seconds. She was quite definitely horny and ready for some action. Tom went over to her and gave her a glass of wine, which with the relaxing pill she already had taken should really relax her.

Tom said, "My you are pretty tonight Melissa. Your dress is very sexy mmm, girl you look so delicious I think old Tom might want a little bite of your sweet love." Missy said, "Oh Tom, you don't have to say that." Tom quickly returned, "Missy baby, when I say you look delicious, I do mean that. After you play with these boys tonight, I just might have to show you what I'm talking about." She didn't have a come back for that because she told me that Tom has the biggest cock she's ever fucked. She knew what he was talking about. A car pulled up and there were some voices outside. Tom had Missy go to the other room. Soon Paul and his four friends barged in and Paul was surprised to see Tom there - he said, "Sir?" Tom laughed and gave him a big hug and said, "I came to give you and the men a little surprise present for your birthday party. Come on out here girl, there's some men here that would like to meet you." Missy shyly poked her head from around the corner and said, "Hi guys."

Paul exclaimed, "Missy! Yeah!" He walked over to her and took her hand and brought down to his butt as he leaned in for a short yet sensual kiss. "I've been thinking about you." Anton, the guy that danced with her briefly that one night, said, "Actually, we all been thinking about you Miss Missy girl." They all laughed and slapped their hands. They were all talking for while and got them all a round of drinks. They were smoking cigarettes and talking about sex. They tried to ignore the camera, but they all had been told the rules and so they didn't complain.

Finally Tom said, "I think I know how to get all of you aquainted with our little guest of honor, and I don't mean the birthday brother! We're gonna play some nice sexy music and Missy is gonna do a little dance." That statement was met with immediate and enthusiastic agreement. They all took their place in the small living room as Anton put on some music. This is where Tom started using the hand-held camera too. Missy started lightly dancing in her petite little white outfit with a cute little smile as she would tease each of them, one at a time. She kept going around in a circle visiting each one for a minute or so. As time goes on, each little dancing visit got more daring and risque than the one before. Soon enough she was letting them run their hands up her legs to her crotch and her ass and let them explore under her top to feel her small and erect nipples. Some of the guys start to feel their cocks through their pants.

Tom once again directed the action by telling Missy to take some of her clothing off. "Baby, you've been teasing long enough now, I think you should show these hungry men some of that soft white flesh. Yeah." Dancing in the center of the room she unsnapped the top in the middle, between her breasts. Arching backwards she let her arms fall behind her as the little top fell to the floor. She started to shake her hips to the music in that position and returned to an upright stance with a shy look on her face as the guys expressed their satisfaction. She kept dancing seductively, flashing her panties. Soon her shoes and her skirt were off, leaving only her white thigh high stockings and her white cotton panties with a little pink bow just above the crotch. They were taking turns fondling her ass and her tits. They were also smooching and licking her face too. They were soon gathered around her, touching and squeezing her more and more. A tall one was standing next to her kissing while another one grabbed her hips from behind and started dry humping while her sticks his hands in her panties. Another guy off on the side pulled her panties down to her knees and was massaging her thighs. Things were starting to get a little rough and out of control, and Tom finally stepped in.

"Okay, okay, let her breathe!" They pulled away as Missy pulled her panties back up. "I got another idea. You got to return the favor, men, if you expect this young thing to give it up. Here's what we do - each of you sex starved maniacs will get 2 minutes to dance alone for our little girl here, and convince Missy to give you some of that sexy lovin' you heard about. You gotta warm her up right and let her know you gonna treat her good." He went on to tell them to go slow so she lasts all night long.

So Missy sat herself down on an ottoman while the first sexual suitor began to dance. His name was Robert too, and was the tallest of the bunch. He was very black and muscular and had a broad face with a big smile. He started dancing in front of Missy and began to unzip his trousers. It was obvious that he had a huge erection. Missy reached over and started to rub his dick, which he then immediately pulled out. She started sucking it and soon Tom said she had to decide whether Robert could be in her stud stable and Missy said, "Yeah, he's a keeper." Tom told Missy that she had to take off all his clothes then. Piece by piece she stripped him down naked and they kissed and Tom made him go sit on the couch.

Next up was Anton. Anton is a solid guy. He was not all that tall, but rock solid with a thick neck and fat fingers. He started to dance with very jerky movements. His shirt was already unbuttoned as he shook his hips in Missy's face as she sat there. He had a lusty look on his face as he kept staring at Missy. She reached out for his hands and he pulled her up and they locked in a long kiss. She dropped to her knees and undid his pants and pulled out his thick cock. It was a good length, but super thick. She licked it and then went down to lick his balls. Tom finally intervened and with Missy's smiling approval, sent him over to the stud stable couch.

The next guy's name was Eugene, and he was the roughest one. He had a look on his like he thought he was hot. He had a very unique face with sharp features and large eyes. His shirt was already off and he had a couple major tattoos on his giant muscular arms. He was the one that was getting carried away with Missy earlier, so she eyed him with a little scowl. She didn't seem to care for him, and didn't seem interested when he danced. After he danced and she didn't respond, Tom told him he had to go to the end of the line and try again. Paul got up to dance next. By this time, Paul and Missy had already had coitus three times. She immediately was rubbing Paul's crotch as he slowly gyrated in her face. She was on her knees in no time sucking on his cock and caressing his balls. It looked like he was soon to cum when Tom called him off.

Then the only one who was a little out of shape stood up, obviously feeling a little shy. His name was just "Bear." She never heard his real name, but it fit him. When he danced, he kind of jiggled. He wasn't very sexy, but Missy encouraged him by staring at his crotch with his erection pointing out. She got up and stepped over to him and kissed him as his hands slid down to her butt which he gently squeezed and massaged with both of his large hands. She slid down and pulled out his fat cock, which was the shortest and the fattest one there. She sucked it and he started getting into it, moving his hips back and forth into Missy's sweet and eager mouth. Missy looked up to Tom and the camera and said, "Mmmm, I want this thick cock in my stable too." Tom instructed her to take all of Bear's clothes off and he stepped away. Then Missy asked Bear to help her remove her stockings, leaving her in only her little white panties.

It was time for Eugene to make a good impression, and he took his task to heart as he danced and flexed his muscles. He was making aggressive sexual facial expressions at Missy as he stared at her. She got up and started dancing with him. They got closer and closer until they were right up against each other. She started feeling his hard upper body all over as he was nibbling on her neck. So his hands her back down in her panties feeling her ass again. She took his hands away and got down on her knees like she did with the others and pulled out his cock that curved up and started sucking it as his pants slowly fell to the ground. Missy turned to the camera (and Tom) and said, "I guess I'll let him in to my stable too."

Tom spoke up after that announcement saying, "I think we owe little Missy here a nice rubdown, and I know just how we can do that." He got everyone into the dining room and the table was already outfitted with some heavy blankets and/or sleeping bags. He had Missy get up on the table and lay face down as the five naked horny black guys gathered around the table like they were about to partake in a feast. Tom gave them some oil to massage her with. They took turns rotating and massaging different parts of her body. She was moaning in total pleasure as all ten strong hands were rubbing and squeezing every part of her. Tom zoomed in on her shiny slender pink butt cheeks as each one of them took turns to explore her most private areas. This went one for ten minutes as they played with her ass and her pussy. They rolled her over on her back and continued with the massage. They were rubbing and sucking her tits and sticking their cocks in her mouth. Paul began to eat her pussy. Her legs were open wide as they rubbed her thighs. They all took turns tasting her sweet juices.

Paul finally told Anton that he could have the first feel of her pussy, since it was his house and he was the host (actually, it was his Dad's house and he was out of town). He got between her legs as the others kept rubbing, sucking, and kissing as if nothing were about to happen. He pulled Missy down to edge of the table and lifted his cock over her tummy and let it flop down. Her legs were held wide open by a guy on each side. After rubbing his cock around, he positioned the tip at the entrance of her soft moist pussy. The tip easily slid in and in just few slow strokes he was all the way inside her. Soon everyone had stopped what they were doing as all eyes were on Anton's and Missy's copulation. Slowly he would gently guide himself inside her and slowly out as they both made soft moaning sounds. Everyone would occasionally make a comment like how hot it looked. Eugene would have the nastiest things to say like, "Yeah brother, fuck that little white girl, give her that black meat. Yeah girl, you a good little slut. I'm gonna fuck you hard and hot."

Anton started to shake a little as he was working up to an orgasm that looked like it may have been building up inside for quite some time. He bent over a little more to see her cute face as she could feel he was soon to explode. They were gazing at each other as Anton's face became totally distorted. The camera then zoomed down to their sex as his crotch suddenly slammed into her softness and he blasted one load after another into her belly. The guys all expressed their satisfaction for the wad Anton shot into Missy. As he pulled his swollen cock out a stream of clear liquid poured out from between her pussy lips and Paul got between her legs next and started humping. It wasn't long before he showed signs of another impending blast up into Missy's cum splattered womb. He soon started groaning, "oh, oh, oh you little fucker, I'm gonna explode bitch, ohhh fuck yeah, yeah, here it comes, aghhhhh, fuck!"

After those two blasts the massaging stopped and Eugene, Bear, and Robert were stroking their own bodies. Eugene took Paul's place between Missy's slender thighs and put Missy's legs up on his shoulders. He grabbed her hips and slid his cock in while the cum oozed out around his cock. With each of his large thumbs pressing into the sides of her tummy he started to pull her back and forth on his penis, squeezing all of it in with each stroke up to the base of it. His big eyes were opened wide as he glared at her with an evil look on his face. Little Missy began whimpering as she was sliding back and forth with the blankets on the table. Bear and Robert were standing on either side of her masturbating and playing their balls. Missy whose hands were at her sides reached out and played with their balls as Eugene started caressing her head and tall Robert began playing with her nipples. Eugene started saying mean and nasty things to her like, "Shit girl, yo little slutty pussy's so wet. Good thing you got a tight one, bitch. Fuck yeah, I'm gonna fuck yo nasty little hole but good, bitch. Shit, you think you all got some cum in that little fuck hole of yoz, but I got more than that, ho. Yeah baby, you little white slut, I got a fuckin bucket of jizz in my balls. Yeah, I love young white meat." Then he said a little poem in rap style, "Looky here little Missy, look at my cock ramming in that pussy." He said that a few times as the other guys were chuckling in the background. As ordered, Missy stopped playing with Bear and Robert and got up on her elbows to prop her head up to look at the spectacle that was going on between her legs. "Help her stay up, brother, I want her to see this." They got a big pillow to keep her upright. With her legs up on Eugene's shoulders she was folded in less than a 90 degree angle as her pelvis was slightly pointed up, still in the tight grip he had on her hips. He stopped talking finally and was getting intensely serious about fucking her. Missy's face was a combination of shock and total ecstasy. Her tummy stayed tight, but just under her belly button you could see Eugene's steel hard rod sliding in and out. Eugene brought his hands underneath her buttocks and raised her pelvis up to meet his thrust. He told her to hold on to his neck as he leaned into her. His groans were getting more intense. They were both keeping their eyes fixated on their crotches. Eugene's head suddenly went back as he loudly proclaimed he was about to cum. Missy's head went back as she started her first orgasm or the night. With several powerful thrusts into her crotch he shot load after load into her steamy vagina. Even after he came, he kept fucking her, slower and slower as she finally let go of his neck and laid back on the pillow. Tom got in VERY close as Eugene pulled out. The thin, light, brown hair around her muff was matted down and soaked in cum as another river of jizz flowed out of her in several trails running down her ass cheeks. A puddle of cum started forming under her butt and was soaking into the sheets.

Bear wanted to be next, but Missy said she had to change position, so she got off the table and turned around. Bear got behind her and started rubbing his short fat dick in the sloppy mess between her thighs. He examined her ass, which was sloppy and covered with cum. He pulled her ass cheeks open and rubbed his cock around in the soup. He had no problem mounting her and began humping immediately. Tall Robert got up on the table and Missy put her head in his crotch and started licking and sucking while Bear went to town on her pussy. Bear's hands had a loose grip on her and he would move them around, feeling and rubbing Missy's body as he kept up his steady pace. His fat arms and gut were jiggling about as worked up a quick sweat pounding on Missy's little butt. Strands of gooey cum hung between his crotch and Missy's sweet white rear with every time he would pull his dick out. Bear didn't last very long and he started shouting, "Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh this is good, yeah, oh I gotta cum Missy, I gotta cum." His breathing got heavy and erratic and with a few short grunts, filled her with his love juices too. As he pulled out, a large wad of cum flowed out and fell to the floor with a long strand of jizz hanging from her sweet twat.

Robert wasted no time in getting off the table. He had obviously done this before (fuck a chick over a table) because he brought two couch cushions over and had Missy stand up as he placed them under the blankets on the table. He had to bend over as he lightly kissed her while he fondled Missy's ass cheeks. Tom would zoom in and go back and forth between their kissing and his ass fondling. Robert bent her over the cushions and it became obvious why he got them. His hips and groin had to be at least two feet higher than the rest of them (and three feet higher than Bear's). He scooted her up and began to probe her pussy and ass with his thumbs as his fingers massaged her butt. He got her high enough so her legs were off the floor as he had complete control of her body. Tom got some great close-ups of that. Her entire bottom was wet with the sexual juices of her last four black lovers, and Robert seemed to enjoy the sight of her overused genitalia. His dick was long, smooth, and fully black. It pointed off to the left and up. He took it in his hand and started to play around with the tip of it all around and between her soft thighs.

While spreading her ass cheeks he easily slipped his hard rod inside her in one slow insertion. He pulled on her ass burying his cock inside her right up to the base of it. At the same time Missy let out a soft, "ahhhh" and Robert said, "oh yeah, that's mighty fine girl." Robert reached down and grabbed a hold of her knees and started rocking her back and forth on the cushions while her pussy stroked his black probe. Eugene reached around and spread her ass cheeks so everyone could enjoy the horny sight of Missy's fifth sexual encounter of the evening. Slowly back and forth she rode as Robert guided his fuck stick in and out of her sweetness. He began to get a little rougher and would pull hard on her legs to cram his cock in deeper and deeper. Sometimes he would hold it in her buried to his balls with her ass pressed hard against his groin. Sometimes he would hold it all the way out with just the head inside showing his cock all shiny and slimy from the hot spunk the other four guys had just deposited. Eugene started to finger her ass and Missy making Missy moan a little more. It was an awesome ten minute fuck session which ended with Robert asking her, "Oh you little baby slut, I got a load in my dick for your white ass, yeah, yeah, are you ready?" Missy replied in a breathy voice, "Yeah, yeah, ahhh, do it, yeah, do it in me." Suddenly he shifted into a quicker tempo and they began to furiously slap together as he climaxed in her. He pulled out after staying inside her for another minute. The cum was once again exiting her steamy hole as Eugene said he wanted to fuck her right away. But Missy said she needed a break and Tom followed her to the bathroom and went inside with her.

She sat on the toilet and Tom sat in front of her and focused in on her pussy as the cum kept steadily dripping out. Tom got her to play with it and lick it off her fingers. Then Missy made him leave and out the door her went. The guys were all partying, smoking and cutting up. After about ten minutes Missy walked in, still naked, and joined them. They would take turns touching her and stroking her ass and her hair.

They were all hard again, and Eugene said, "I think we're all ready for another taste of yo sweet love." He picked her up and brought her over to the couch. I don't know if it was her horniness or the drugs they were giving her, but she was making out with the tattooed bad boy Eugene like it was her first time. She was laying on the couch with Eugene on top of her. Soon he raised his body up and his enormous cock hovered over her soft belly. He brought it to her pussy and once again nailed her. With his arms underneath and his hands holding her shoulders from behind he pumped her hard and relentlessly for about five minutes. He was whispering nasty things in her ear that the camera couldn't pick up, but every now and then you can hear a word or a phrase. Things like, "fuck your little hole, bitch," and "that pussy is so good, yeah, yo MY bitch now. Fuck me. Yeah you white slut, you like it. You like that hot stiff black dick." Then he'd go back to licking and chewing her ears and neck. He raised himself up as he was pounding away and Tom scanned the camera up and down her body. Her firm tits were bouncing back and forth as his piston was pumping her and violating her sex organs. He began to stiffen and fuck her harder. He said, "Jesus, you little fuck, I'm comin hard, ohhhhh yeah!" He wailed on her for about 30 seconds as he began to kiss her hard. After he stopped the pumping, he gave her one last kiss, pulled out and stood up. Paul gave him the high five and sat next to Missy and rubbed her tits.

She sat up and drank some beer as Paul and Bear sat on either side of her. She gave her beer away and started to play with their cocks as they felt her and kissed her. She got down and kneeled in front of Paul and began to suck his dick. She stuck her ass up in the air and moved it around seductively. Bear got that signal and got behind her to mount her for another round. Soon he was humping away for his second time. Paul was getting a great blow job, and was caressing her head and playing with her hair. Bear kept going at it with a slow tempo as he rubbed her back and her butt. This went on for a good fifteen minutes. Oddly enough, she had a huge orgasm in this position. She later said that it was his slow but steady pace that worked her up to it. When she began to cum, Bear got hot and groaned as he dumped his load up her cunt. Paul came in her mouth as she sucked him dry. She needed another break.

Robert and Tom escorted her to the bathroom. They watched (and taped) he peeing. Robert stood in front of her and put his cock up to her face. She then dutifully began to lick it. He pulled her up and sat down himself and turned her around facing him and got her to sit on his lap. With his hands firmly gripping her ass, he lifted her up and over his cock and slowly lowered her on his cock. Slowly he slid Missy up and down as she held on to his shoulders. He was staring at her tits, belly, and pussy. He said, "You look so good, girl. You are so sexy. You a gooood little fuck." He began to pull her forcefully up and down and was working up another load. He stood up, with her still on his dick, and set her down on the counter by the sink. She put her legs way up and he fucked her slow in that position for about ten minutes while the guys would come in and out to pee like nothing was going on. It was like out of nowhere totally unannounced when he squirted his baby batter up into her belly. When he pulled out, the fluids drained out of her on to the counter. Anton said into one of the cameras that they he was going to take her up to his room for some privacy. Tom followed them up to the upstairs bathroom where Anton helped clean her up a little. They took a little shower and then dried each other off. The horny trio then went into the bedroom.

Anton and Missy layed on the bed and they began to make out with each other. Tom set up both cameras and said he needed a quick break. While he was gone Anton got behind Missy as they were lying on the bed in the spoon position and started to probe her with his dick. Soon he was inside her fucking her slow. Missy said, "It's way after midnight and I promised Bobby I'd leave him a message." Anton said, "Baby, can't you wait?" She told him she had to call, but he just kept fucking her anyway. Soon Tom was back in the room and she told him too. Tom made them stop so she could go and call, but Anton said there was a phone right next to the bed. He got Missy to sit on him as Tom pulled out the phone and handed it to Missy. He slyly snuck his dick back up inside her as she dialed.

Soon she began to speak, "Oh, Bobby baby, you should see what I'm doing right now. Well, I guess you're going to." She laughed a little and went on, "I'm upstairs in a bed with Anton. Sorry I haven't called you, but I've been busy with these lusty boys. Mmm, they're doing me good - I've been doing them good, yeaaahh. Oh, oh, oh," she said as she breathed heavy. "I'm sitting on Anton's cock right now. He's inside me, moving in and out and all around, yeahhh." Anton was getting into fucking her as she was busy talking. "Ouu yeah, Tom is getting another one of his famous close-ups. Yeah Tommy, can you see Anton inside me?" They started to fuck harder, obviously both turned on by this new twist. "I've been downstairs with all of them, but Anton wanted me to himself for a while. He wants to do me all night, but I'll be home on time." She whispered into the phone, "Ahhh, it's sooo deep, yeahhh." He started to fuck her from underneath harder and harder. She dropped the phone and bent over to make out with him. Tom zoomed in on the fucking and soon Anton started to spew huge wads up her, which began to ooze out from around his dick. Tom got on the bed and told Anton to take the camera. Missy layed on her stomach saying, "Oh you guys, I'm so out of it." But Tom just went about positioning her for his own satisfaction. He propped up her ass with a pillow and got on top of her and started to fuck her. She must have fallen asleep because she wasn't really interacting with him and that giant uncut multicolored cock of his. He must have been pretty horny though, because in less than three minutes he dumped yet another load in her cunt. He took out the pillow and they examined the mess they had made between her legs with the camera while making lude comments about wat a good ho she was for them. She was totally wasted at this point and passed out. The guys left her there, laying on partly on her stomach and her right side. They kept the camera rolling as she slept for about 30 minutes. Everyone had gone home except for Anton and Tom, who would pop their heads in every now and then to check up on her.

After about 30 minutes Anton came into the room and spoon fucked her from behind for about ten minutes as she lay there sleeping. He came again and left the room. In about 5 minutes he and Tom were back with two new guys. They looked to be gang type guys. They were both skinny and tall, but well hung. They each got behind her and they each silently fucked her for about five minutes or so in the same position, hoping not to wake her. Missy was out of it, but she would moan every now and then. After they came inside her, they left. We later learned that they were Anton's next door neighbors. Tom came back in and tried to wake her up. She finally came too and started to get ready to go home as they helped her put on some sweats. The cameras went off.

The next morning Missy could barely walk and was so sore we couldn't have sex for two days. She said that that would be the last time. She went in and got tested a few times, just in case. She was clean. We got busy and even though Tom kept calling, we had to keep postponing the video showing. In the meantime, Paul and all his friends had gotten called away by the army to a different base so we never saw them again. We moved too, so, except for one night, we never saw Tom again either. Well, I never saw Tom, but Missy did...

Bob (and Missy)

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