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Missy's Second Home Porn Video

After the porno video Missy made with Devin and Paul, she got a little moody. She felt guilty, but I kept reassuring her that she wasn't cheating on me because I was there and gave her permission. She wanted to know that I would never use it against her or use it as an excuse to do something myself, without her. I eased her worries in a few days. Meanwhile, I watch the video every chance I get. Definitely the best porno I have ever seen. (Even now, six years later, we still enjoy watching them from time to time.)

It's truly amazing to watch a video of your own wife (although she was my live-in girlfriend at that time, 6 years ago) fucking a complete stranger - and a black one at that. Not to mention the cute and stunningly sexy girl that Missy was (and still is!). Her soft brown eyes and her shoulder length curly light brown hair mixed with her adorable 5'1" figure (at 105 pounds) and soft perfect skin make her a horny vision to begin with. Her perfectly rounded perfect ass is enough to make any guy go crazy with desire. I love to walk behind her when we go out so I can watch the guys turn their heads to look at her. Her face is so beautiful and child-like with cute little dimples. Her tummy is tight and her pussy is light pink and meaty with a little tuft of light brown pubic hair. Why she's with me, I don't know. I'm a fun person to be with, I suppose, and I do make a great deal of money. Even though I am 14 years older than her (she was 26 when we made all her kinky videos), I also know that I'm still a good fuck too.

Anyway, back to the story... After a week or so, I called Paul. I let him know that after he sort of forced his way into Missy, that she preferred him to the hunky Devin (too big and thick). Paul was happy to hear that, and added that Devin was married and felt guilty and couldn't join us anymore, should we decide to do it again. He told me that he had told a good friend of his about us. His name was Tom, and Paul told me that Tom was very much into video porn and had a huge collection of his own that he enjoyed watching. Tom especially loved interracial porn and really wanted to meet Missy and watch the video we had made. He also told me that if it was okay with us, Tom would like to be the camera man if Missy had another encounter with Paul. I asked Missy what she thought about that, and she said she it would be okay if she could meet him first (like at a bar or coffee shop) before she made any decisions. After a couple phone calls back and forth, we all decided that Tom and Paul could come over and just watch the video of Paul and Devin with Missy, and then we would go out for some drinks and maybe plan another session.

So on Sunday, around 6:00 we were waiting for them to show up when Missy started to get nervous. I gave her a Valium and told her it would help her get more relaxed about hanging out with these guys. When they showed up, she was beginning to feel its effects and was loosening up. Tom was a little more than we expected. He was older, about 50, and had salt and pepper hair. Much taller than any of us (about 6-3), and a lighter complexion than either Paul or Devin, although we was definitely black. He was very nice, but Missy didn't think he was very good looking. He had big freckles, or maybe they were age spots. He had a little bit of a gut on him. We got the feeling that Tom and Paul worked together, or used to work together. They just told us that they were just friends with a common interest - cute white girls. Well, at least they were up front about it. Tom went on to say that he was a connoisseur of good pornographic videos and especially loved the interracial ones, of which he had a good collection.

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We got a beer and we all smoked a few cigarettes. Tom was telling Missy in his deep gruff voice that she was even hotter than Paul had told him. When he didn't think she was looking I could see him lustfully eyeing her body up and down. And Missy did look especially hot. She was wearing a light blue little hippie sun dress that came halfway down to her knees and sandals with colored beads in with a hemp choker. She looked like a cute little 17 year old hippie chick. Paul sat down on the couch and said it was time for the show. I got the tape out and put it in the VCR while everyone was getting seated. Missy sat down on the floor, Tom sat in a chair, and I sat next to Paul on the couch.

As the tape started we all were at first very quiet, just glued to our places staring at the outrageous spectacle on the tube. Then Paul started talking about how horny he was when he watching Missy and Devin get it and he couldn't do anything. Missy said she was glad she finally let him in on the action. After a while Tom started saying how he's seen many videos, but this was definitely the best. I could see a MONSTER erection in his pants as Missy's ass was sliding up and down on Devin's pole on the television. He was also saying that it would be such an honor for him to be able to videotape Missy live in action.

Missy was starting to tease us by sitting it such a way so that we could peek up her little purple dress. I got up to get us all a round of beers. When I came back Missy had taken my place next to Paul and lit up a cigarette. I didn't say anything but sat on the floor and watched the show. We had all gotten quiet again, just watching. Soon it was Paul's turn to fuck Missy on the video we were watching. I glanced over to them as they were watching themselves fuck on the TV. Paul was playing with her hair and she put her hand on his leg and was doing little circles with her fingers. They were obviously both totally horny, as were Tom and I. After they had finished on the video, they started to make out on the couch and Paul's hands went down to her butt. They were going to fuck, no doubt about it, so I got out my video camera and started quietly shooting. Tom got up and came over to whisper in my ear that he would get his camera out of the car, and that we could keep the tapes. That way, we could have different angles to watch. I told him I thought that was a great idea. He went out and came back in a flash. They started to kiss and tongue so I turned off the TV since the real show was now live right there on the couch. We turned on all the lights bright as Missy was starting to rub Paul's crotch feeling his rock hard cock and he had his hand up her pretty dress fingering her little pussy. Things were starting to get hot.

Paul started to feel up her tits and Melissa had managed to get Paul's black cock out and was stroking it up and down. Tom and I were hovering around them with our cameras. Paul took the next step and stood up and dropped his trousers and Missy began sucking his dick while he caressed her curly head. She was blowing him pretty good when he stopped her because he said he was right on the verge of coming and didn't want to cum in her mouth. She asked him where he would like to cum and he said, "guess." She lifted up her dress and her pink thong panties had been pulled over to the side exposing her sweet and moist pussy. She playfully asked him, "is this where you had in mind?" Paul answered with a long, "yeeaahh" as he took off his clothes staring at her crotch. Then he slowly got down on his knees and opened her thighs and started to lick her cunt. Missy began to softly moan and raise her hips up a little to meet the tongue strokes Paul was offering her.

Tom took me aside for a second and told me to put my camera on a tripod and he'll use his for the close-up action. (I was glad to see that his camera took the same type of tape that mine did.) That worked real good. We would just reposition the one on the tripod every now and then for a little variety. Missy and Paul were ready to fuck, and Paul had her scoot her little butt forward a little on the couch while he kneeled in front of her and positioned his cock right at the lips of her pussy. He rubbed the head of his cock around and around, driving Missy crazy with desire and started to moan, "ohhh, ahhh, put it in me, yes....I want you to fuck me slow." I was so horny watching that I almost came in my pants!

Paul pulled her panties off and lifting her dress up over her hips exposing her muff and soft belly. He put just the head of his dick inside her tight tiny pussy and slowly worked it in. She was so wet he had his whole cock inside her in about 10 strokes. Then he stuck it all the way in deep and pushed while he wildly French-kissed her. He just kept holding it in her deep. Then he got up on the couch with his knees, pushed her legs back, and started driving his dick in her hard and slow, about one good strong violent thrust every one or two seconds. This made for a great view for Tom and his camera as he sat down on the floor and trained the lens in close. His balls were slapping Missy's little butt hole with each strong stroke. Paul said he couldn't hold out any longer and said he was coming. Then he jammed his dick in as deep as he could and with a long groan spewed a giant load up my sweet girl's snatch. I got the towel I had handy so when his wad started dripping out, it wouldn't make a mess. I handed Missy the towel and she put it under her butt as Paul pulled out and let Tom and I gaze at her soaked pink pussy as the white cum oozed out onto the towel.

Paul said how incredible that was, and sorry he couldn't last very long. Missy sarcastically said she was glad he was able to cum, but she still needed to be satisfied. Tom said, "well, maybe I'm too old for a cute little thing like you, but I'd be happy to try and satisfy you if you wanted me too." The bulge in his pants looked like it could satisfy her, but I knew that Tom wasn't her type which is why I was a little surprised when she said, "well, why don't you give it a try then, Tom? I'll bet you have the experience, don't ya?" Tom got a grin on his face as he looked at me as if to ask if it was okay with me, and I gave him the nod of approval as I reached out for his video camera.

"Oh little baby girl," he said in a low voice, "I've had plenty of experience, you know that." With that he took off his shirt and unbuckled his pants. Missy, still sitting on her towel with a pool of Paul's cum, leaned forward and pulled them down. It was almost scary to see the gigantic bulge that was laying underneath waiting to pleasure itself inside my girl. He stepped out of his trousers and Missy's hands started rubbing up and down his legs and brushing the monster underneath. Then she slowly lowered his shorts and a huge, black, uncircumcised penis popped out and was swaying in front of her sweet face.

The contrast between her baby face and that donkey dick were stunning. I looked at her soft features, smooth perfect complexion and compared them to this black dong with pinkish splotches and low hanging hairy balls. He took her hands and gently placed them both around his unit. As she stroked his shaft, the head of his dick came into view that was hidden by the loose black skin that encompassed it. It was not as thick, but had pink skin. As it got harder, the pink end would curve up, and she started to lick it. The pinkness finally stretched out to be the last two inches of his foot-long dick.

She tried to get as much of it in her mouth as she could, but that thing was as big as her head! He kept talking to her as she licked and caressed it. He told her he wanted to fuck her in the same position. She wanted to go clean out Paul's spunk, but he said not to because semen makes good lubricant (he called it "lubehercunt"). She had me get a new towel and they got into the same position as Paul had, kneeling in front of her has she sits with her pussy on the edge of the couch.

After a sip of water, Tom started to tease her pussy with the pink end of his cock. I knew her tiny pussy would never fit it all in. (She got all of Devin in, which surprised me enough, but Tom's dick was at least 3 inches longer and a lot thicker too.) I stood above them with camera and zoomed in on her pussy being violated by this old nasty black cock. His strokes became progressively deeper and longer, and Missy's breathing became erratic and loud. He had a firm grip on her hips just below her tiny waistline. He was pressing in her tummy with his huge thumbs as he pulled her body slowly back and forth onto his penis. Soon I could see her tight belly rising and falling with each penetrating stroke. She gasped at him, "it's too big, too big...not so deep."

He just kept the easy rhythm going as he continued talking deep and low, instructing her. "Relax baby girl, Daddy knows what to do. Just feel the wave baby, yeah. You never been dicked like this have you now, little pretty one. Come on now, just relax all your muscles child, yeah, yeah, yeah, like that. Ummm, yeah, now I'm stretching you out girly, yeah, now don't that feel good?" Missy was whimpering now as he continued his exploration of her small body. I was totally amazed at what I was watching. Her soft curly pubic hairs were matted down from all the juices flowing around her pussy. Tom's dick was making a gushy sound with every stroke and I could see the flesh of her pussy being pulled back and forth. At one point he lifted her hips up and held her up like that as he was moving her entire body back and forth on his dick. She started to push back because he was getting so deep, but he kept insisting on probing deeper.

He told her, "girl, take off that pretty little dress of yours so I can see all your flesh. Here, I'll help you. There you go. Mmmm, my, my, just look at those cute white titties with those little nipples." He was sucking on her tits for a while, and then kept up the long strokes as he was rubbing her all over, pinching and squeezing. It started to look like he was molesting her. I guess he was. He grabbed her left leg and brought it up over her breasts, pulling her hips up higher. Then he brought his left leg up on the couch and resumed his strong grip on her little waist. He slowed his pace way down and began talking to her.

"Baby girl, you gonna feel my love in you. My gift to you is inside me, but you gotta accept it deeper, deeper than ever before." This new position gave him total control. She had no choice. He had her pinned back. He had Paul come around and hold her leg tightly. He pushed it in so almost his entire member was stuffed inside her. He was glaring at her body and her face with an almost evil lust. "Can you feel my cum?" he asked her. "That's my pre-cum baby doll. I'm lubing you up for my load of love. It's boiling up deep inside me. Oh yeah, I can feel another hole deep inside you. Ouu yeah baby, let me in there. Come on baby, just relax. Let it flow, yeeahhh, that's it. Can you feel my cock in there?" He was getting in another chamber deep inside her body. "Oh yeah, that's where I want to cum, right in there, yeah, yeah. Oh yeah baby, here's Daddy's cum in your sweet womb." He stiffened and starting shooting his sperm way up inside her. With each shot of sperm his body tightened and his pelvis would pound into Missy. She could feel the first three loads, which were forcefully squirted in her. With each of those first three I can see the look on her face as one of shock or even revulsion. The insemination was lengthy too. I timed it later and he was shooting wads in her for a little under 20 seconds. She began coming too. It was too hot. I could feel myself coming in my pants.

As his tight grip on her pelvis began to loosen and they started to relax, we were all commenting on how hot that was - even Missy. Tom slowly pulled his long dick out and it flopped down between his legs. Missy's pussy normally closes up tight after sex, but after Tom dicked her it was gaping wide for a bit. Not much cum came out of Missy's opening at first, but then a little started oozing out. Then, as she moved around a bit, a flood of thick jizz was pouring out and rolling down her left thigh.

Paul said, "I think it's time we all go out and have a few drinks." I agreed and so did Tom. Missy said she wasn't going anywhere without a shower. Paul volunteered to help, and to my surprise she said he could join her, but no funny stuff. So they went off to the bathroom and started the shower while Tom told me what a great time he had with Missy and that he hopes I enjoy the video. After about 5 minutes, Paul and Missy had finished and we all got ready to go out as it was only about 9:00. (Missy told me later that her and Paul made out for a little bit in the shower and she sucked his dick for a bit too, but he didn't cum. When I asked if he was feeling her pussy, she asked me, "well, what do you think?" I guess that answered my question.)

After about 45 minutes, we were all ready. Missy was wearing her low hip hugging bluejeans with a little white top that exposed her belly and showed off her sexy ass. I drove us over to the dance club where we met Paul and Devin. We went in, following Missy. There were some people there and we went to the bar and Tom bought us a round. Paul asked Missy to dance and I would glance at them while Tom was proposing to make my own personal video of Missy with a few of his friends some night. I told him that I really should be there, but he kept insisting. He told me how hot it would be for me to have a porno of Missy with several guys (black guys, I'm sure) made without me there watching. It sounded hot (I didn't tell Tom that thinking about that was giving me a hard-on). I could see Paul and Missy coming back for their drinks. I told Tom I'd think about it. One of Paul's friends came over to talk with him and he introduced him to Missy (I found out later that his name was Anton). After talking for a while Missy came over and asked if it was okay for her to dance with this new guy. I said sure, as long as she comes back. So out they went and I watched her dance provocatively with this fellow. He was short, stocky, bald and black - very black. I looked at her tummy as she was bending around dancing and thought of all the cum that was probably still inside her. This guy was beginning to take more liberties with her body than I thought he should. He was holding her hips from behind and grinding his crotch into her ass. I could tell that several other men were watching them too. Paul was talking with a few other guys there that he knew, and I figured we shouldn't stay there too long before we have the whole damn bar following us home. When Missy came back from all her sexy dancing, I told her that we should all go back to our place to party some more. Paul came over to take her over to introduce her to some more friends, and after that we all took off back to our place.

In the car, Tom was in front with me while Paul and Missy were fooling around in the back. I could feel another video session coming on, and so I asked if everyone felt like having more fun with the cameras. Missy was the first to say, "oh yeah." I thought she'd be worn out, but the drinks, the lust, and other fun things must be keeping her going. Tom said that this would be a good opportunity to see if I liked her being fucked and taped without me there. He said they could go in the bedroom and I could wait in the living room. But I told him that Missy and I decided that our bed would be only for us. Tom said that they would just do it in the living room again, but this time I could wait in the bedroom until they were finished. Missy, who was hearing about this idea for the first time said she thought that would be such a horny thing to do. We also talked about how important it would be for them to respect her boundaries. Seemed like we all thought it would be interesting, so by the time we got home (around 11:00) it was the plan.

So, we all went inside and cracked open some beers and smoked cigarettes. We talked about how some night they could come and pick up Missy for a small little get together with a few of their friends. Paul said that his friend at the bar tonight, Anton, would love to get with Missy some time. Missy was getting hot as she was letting Tom and Paul touch her whenever and wherever that felt like. Tom said that it might be time to get the cameras ready, so I got another beer while Tom was getting everything set up. I kissed and felt up Missy, knowing that these guys were about to do the same. I felt her ass, her small waist, and her tits. I felt her tight tummy thinking about how it was about to hold these two cocks inside, as they would be erupting with sperm deep inside of her body. I told everyone to have fun as I headed down the hall, taking one last look as Paul came up behind her feeling her hips and moving his crotch up to snuggle with her ass. I told them to start taping now because I didn't want to miss a thing.

Over the next 90 some minutes I stayed in the room listening to the sounds of hard core sex coming from my own living room. I could hear Tom's deep guttural voice saying nasty things to her. The moans and groans were driving me crazy with lust, as was the occasional slap, slap, slap of Missy's little ass against their massive crotches. I could hear that Paul came twice and Tom once during that session, and Missy probably 5 or 6 times, but that was hard to tell for sure. I came three times myself! After they were done, Missy said, "Honey, you can come out now!" I walked out and saw them all exhaustedly lying around the living room. It was now around 1:00 in the morning, so they got ready to leave. We decided that we would talk about maybe getting together sometime, or just another session with Missy alone for a little party. I knew they were talking about a gang-bang, but didn't want to use that word. After they left, Missy said she needed another shower and a good night's sleep. We kissed for a while as I felt her drenched pussy. It was sopped with sperm. After her shower I put her to bed. Then I cleaned up some of the cum stains on the futon, and make it into a couch and watched the two tapes they made and managed to cum again two more times. Here's what the video looked like:

It started with Paul and Missy standing right where I left them. She's facing the hallway and Paul is behind her grinding his crotch into her tight ass. His hands are around her and he's feeling her tummy and her tits underneath her top. She turns and faces him and they make out for a few minutes groping all over each other. Soon they are sitting on the couch and making out. He's got his mitts all over her sweet body. He rubs her tits, squeezes them and pinches her nipples through her little top. They are totally getting into it, French kissing and breathing heavy. His hand is rubbing her belly and a little under her jeans. He unbuckles them and unzips her pants and moves his hand down lower to feel her pussy. She moans a little more and begins to rub his crotch. After about two minutes of that they stand up and take turns undressing each other until they are both naked. They make the futon into a bed and meet in the middle on their knees. With their hands on each other's waists they kiss. Paul turns her around and starts slapping her ass cheeks with his stiff rod and rubbing the head of dick in the soft folds of her wet pussy. Slowly her enters her and in a couple strokes is inside her up to his balls. Their rhythm slowly increases and so does the intensity of each stroke. They keep this up for ten minutes, just keeping her ass in gear, slapping together while they both moan softly. Tom keeps getting different angles and perspectives with the two cameras and does a great job. Her pussy pulls out with each stroke and hugs his inflated fuck stick. As they fuck she gets lower to the bed until she's lying on her stomach with her little ass up in the air to meet Paul's strong strokes.

Now in this lower position, Paul really starts humping away on her cute little butt sticking up in the air so invitingly. Both of Missy's hands are underneath her playing with her pussy and Paul's cock as he's hammering away at her. Paul starts to pin her down harder by bringing his thighs up higher on her hips while he keeps a strong hold of her arms, pinning her down just below her shoulders. Gradually he shifts his weight until he's basically sitting on her ass and her hips, keeping his dick in tight while pumping her with short and fast strokes. His breathing started to get very erratic and with two powerful thrusts shot two loads deep inside her. Then, with several smaller thrusts after, emptied all his semen deep within her hot love tunnel.

Paul collapsed on top of her sweating and catching his breath. He finally withdrew and Tom zoomed in on her cum drenched snatch. Then he handed the camera over to Paul, who turned it on Tom as he had at some point, already taken all his clothes off. He straddled her ass and slapped his giant uncut dick on her soft and slender ass cheeks. He didn't fuck her yet though, but he started to talk nasty to her as he rubbed his cock on her butt. "I'm gonna get it good. I want you're sweet little body for me to use as I please. Yeaahh, that's right, you heard me."

He sat down next to her cross-legged, and lifted her up and got her to sit on his lap, facing him with her legs around his waist. Between them was his enormous member, throbbing in anticipation of digging inside Missy's body. His gut was squishing his cock against Missy's little tummy as he was slurping all over her face, neck and tits. With his large hands he had a firm grip on her hips and ass, slowly moving her midsection up and down, gliding the entrance to her pussy, which was glistening with cum, against the under side of his cock. This seemed to be exciting Missy too, judging from her breathing pattern. This went on for several minutes until Tom decided it was time for him to invade her body with his fuck stick that, by now, was so long it was running along the entire length outside of her belly, from her pussy to her tits.

He lifted her higher while encouraging her, "come on, up, up, up...they ya go." Her pussy was just over the head of his cock. A long strand of semen hung from her pussy down to Tom's balls as he played with the lips of her orifice with the pink end of his multicolored tool. With her arms back holding her up, she moved her legs from around his waist closer to each side of his hips so she could squat over his thick cock. A wad of cum oozed out and over the head of it as she slowly eased it into her tight body, opening her up for another assault. Lower and lower she went until, amazingly enough, after a few VERY slow strokes, she had managed to squeeze all of it inside her.

He moved his legs out as she moved her knees up and leaned further back exposing her tight body and firm tits for all to see. The view, from Tom's perspective, must have been quite erotic. Missy's curly locks we hanging behind her as she held herself this way for ten minutes or so as Tom slowly fucked her body that was in his full view.

She held her head back with her eyes closed, lips slightly parted, and a slight frown in her slow and yet intense fuck. Tom was rubbing her belly, squeezing her ass, and playing with tits as he stared at her pussy riding slowly up and slowly back down his fat cock that was wet and slick from the mix of sexual juices in her pussy. After a while, Tom started to scoot the both of them, while fucking, over to edge of the bed. He pulled her legs back around him again, taking control of her body. He started to sloppily kiss her face and locking her hips down with a strong grip, burying his enormous cock deep down in her pussy. He grabbed her ass and stood up, easily holding her slender frame in his hands, stroking his cock with her pussy by lifting her whole body up and down.

He turned and lifted her off and laid her on the bed and told her, "show me that little white ass of yours girl. I gots to investigate yo ass, yeah." She got up on all fours as he grabbed her hips and after applying some of his spit to his cock, moved it in position, the tip playing with her lips. But the tease didn't last long. He was ready to fuck, and Missy knew he was getting ready to slam it in. He got down with his knees on the edge and his feet still on the ground. He moved the first couple inches of his cock into her inviting opening. After slowly working it back in, he started in first with an easy rhythm, but started going faster as their fucking was starting to show some promise of completion in strong orgasms. Missy was moaning louder than ever. Tom's grip, whether on her hips or her small waist, was becoming harder. He was moaning low and slow. It's easy to see at this point that the load inside him was beginning to boil, aching to explode inside this beautiful, young, tight, white girl. Which is what started to happen. It was hard to figure when Tom's orgasm began and when it finished. After four evenly spaced out shots of sperm deep in her pussy, Missy starting cumming hard and moaning long. They both stopped shaking and writhing around after about a minute or so. Tom's dick was still buried deep inside her, pulsing and oozing cum. Finally, he pulled his long tube out as a river of thick cum started to flow.

Paul handed off the camera and mounted her immediately and started in to fuck her hard and fast. Slap, slap, slap went her little ass on Paul's crotch, and he just kept fucking her like this for over 10 minutes. Paul was saying nasty things to her about what a little white slut she was for black dick. The fucking noises were hot and wet. Just by the sound their paired up genitals were making it was obvious that there were plenty of fluids in her inner sex chambers. The cum inside her was dripping out and down her thighs. Under her pussy was a big glob of it.

He suddenly and forcefully turned her over, spread her legs and began humping her, driving his rod in her, faster and harder than ever, with both hands holding and squeezing her butt. He started cumming, and with erratic yet powerful strokes, planted his sperm in her pussy as deep as he could send it.

As his balls were finishing emptying all his sperm inside my sweet Missy, he slowed down and laid on top of her. He kissed her face and brought his hands back out from under her ass. Then he moved off her as Tom once again focused closely on the river of cum that was flowing out from between her legs. He started to finger her, digging out huge wads of their cum that was mixed together deep inside my girl. He presented her with a big wet glob of it. She lick his hands clean and he sat back down filming Paul with a big smile on his face, and Missy licking her lips with a little devilish grin. Missy said, "Honey, you can come out now," as Tom and Paul started to giggle. The cameras were turned off.

Bob (and Missy)

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