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Missy's First Home Porn Video

By the time I was 36 I was a very successful executive. I was married with a beautiful suburban home, and all the trappings of success. I had everything that anyone would want. Except for one thing - my wife and I were not getting along.

The firm where I worked had hired a young beautiful clerk named Melissa. She was quite slender and 5'1" tall. She looked about 18, even with makeup, although she was 22 years old. I would later learn that her tits were full and perky, even though she never flaunted them in the office. Melissa was married to a jock that I later discovered did not treat her very well. We never worked together because we were in different departments and so were never introduced.

By the time she was 24 and I was 38 both of us had gotten a divorce. By chance we got thrown together on a huge project, and began a wonderful relationship. We just started off meeting for lunch, then dinners, and then we began to go out to clubs together. One night we became lovers and soon thereafter were an item and the subject of all the typical office gossip. We decided that it would be best for her to leave the firm. It wasn't long before we were living together and making love day in and day out. I couldn't believe how lucky I was to have gotten such a sweet young petite girl to make love to. Not only that, but she looks like a model with a very young sweet innocent face. Her tiny ass was perfect and smooth. Every time we made love, I would look down at her tight little tummy and watch my huge dick slide into hot little pussy. She was always on the pill then, so I could always enjoy climaxing inside her.

While we would be making love, sometimes I would describe what it would be like if we had other guys to join us. It would turn her on to think about that, so I kept it up. By the time I turned 40 and she was 26 we were thinking and talking about getting into some swinging. She seemed particularly turned on about doing black men, and I must admit that the thought of watching my sweet little girl getting fucked by black guys was too hot.

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One night as we were out dancing (at a club where there several single black men), some black guys asked her to dance. I stood back and watched as was grinding out there on the dance floor. It was such a turn on. Nothing happened with any of those guys. But on our way out we met two guys (a tall handsome one and a shorter skinnier one) and as we were walking to the parking garage we just sort of invited them over for a party. Missy made it very obvious that she was very attracted to the tall one. They followed us home and we went inside.

I served beers (and they had other recreational substances) and we put on some music and almost immediately started talking about sex. She said she wanted the tall one (Devin who looked like a model and was handsome and muscular), but not the shorter one (Paul who was only 21 and kind of scrawny looking). Devin was VERY interested in having sex with Missy, but wanted to be alone with her in the other room. He may have been a little nervous, but after talking and partying with us he got comfortable and started touching and talking sexy with Missy. We let him know that the only way he could have her is if I could videotape the entire encounter.

So while they're sitting on the couch getting more acquainted and intimate, I start fumbling around with our camcorder and I'm getting way hot and horny. Paul keeps asking me if he can have sex with her too, and I keep telling him that it's up to Missy, but she keeps brushing him off. Finally, Missy stands up and she and Devin make the futon couch into a bed. Then they start making out while standing up and I turn on the camera and watch with disbelief. Poor Paul sits down in a chair and justs watches (and wishes).

Missy undoes Devin's pants and pulls them down and he steps out of them and in his shorts I can see this massive dick. He removes her little top and short skirt so now she's down to just her bra and panties. She sits on the futon and pulls his shorts down and this HUGE black cock flops out and she starts to suck it. It is so big she can't put all of it in her mouth, but she keeps workin it. Soon enough, Devin sits next to her and has his big hands rubbing all over my sweet little Missy's body. He kisses her and rubs her tits and her tummy and squeezes her thighs and feels her pussy under her panties. All the while I'm standing there with my camera and Paul is sitting quietly in the chair.

After a while of that he takes the rest of her clothes off and starts fingering her while she goes back to sucking his cock. Then the moment came. At this point she hadn't been with anyone but me since we had met, but that was soon to change. He laid her back on her back and got on top and pushed her legs back and positioned his massive penis at the soft folds of her moist pussy. I got behind them and zoomed in and watched as he slowly and rhythmically began to work the head in a little bit more with each little push. Missy began to moan softly and I could hear him moaning a little too. Then he started to push it in deeper with longer strokes, each time going further inside her tight tummy. They remained fucking in this position for about ten minutes. Missy kept telling him to be careful. (He couldn't put it all in because her pussy is smaller than most girls.)

Then, as Paul and I with my camera in hand watched them perform for us, they went into many different positions over the next 45 minutes. He fucked her doggie style, he got her on top, he did it spoon-style. It was the horniest thing I had ever witnessed. Sometimes I could see his huge dick moving back and forth underneath the tight skin of Missy's little belly. Paul was beginning to make lewd comments about how hot Missy was and how he wished it could him that was fucking her. So, as she was back on her back getting pounded, Missy said that Paul could come over and she would suck on his cock for a little bit. It didn't take long for him to get undressed and present his crotch to my sweet little Missy's face. As promised, she sucked on his cock. While not as big as Devin's, Paul's cock was good sized.

Then something happened that Missy or I weren't ready for. Devin said he needed a little break and got off Missy and headed into the bathroom. Without giving her time to even think about it, Paul moved right in between Missy's legs and shoved his dick right up inside her pussy and started humping her. She didn't stop him because she figured at that point it had already gone so far it wouldn't be fair to not let him get off. I didn't care because the sight of him just moving in on her open puss was way too hot to watch.

And I positioned the video camera at the foot of the futon bed and zoomed in on their genitals fucking and fucking. As they were doing it I could see his left hand come around and under her left butt cheek and squeezing it as he kept forcing his dick up her pussy. A couple times his cock would pop out and Missy's hand would appear and slip it back in. I could hear them whispering to each other, but I couldn't understand what they were saying. (I later found out that he was telling her that she felt good and that he wanted to cum inside her. She said it was OK for him to get off in her pussy.) I could tell it wouldn't be long because he was tightening up and making breathy moans of pleasure. Then he makes a real long groan as he squeezes her ass hard and pumps her pussy slowly as he fills her up with cum -- LOT'S of cum. They relax a little and he keeps moving his cock around inside her. As his hand goes back from her butt, from around the shaft of his penis some cum starts to ooze out. He gets off her and I zoom in and see a flood of white jizz pour out of her sweet little pussy.

Now Devin, who hadn't cum yet, appeared back on the scene, and (after Melissa had used the bathroom) was ready to pump in his own load. He laid on the floor and Missy climbed on top and carefully began riding him up and down very slowly. I could see some of Paul's cum ooze out and dribble on his massive balls. Then they got up and he mounted her one more time as she laid on her back and played with his balls. Soon he said, "are you ready?" and Missy said "Yes, cum inside me" and he said "here it cums" as he began to pound her hard, spewing another huge load of cum up her tight little pussy. He relaxed, but I kept the camera trained on their genitals and watched as his cock was still spasming and emptying into her. He pulled his giant dick out of her and I watched her pussy as she squirmed around for a bit and the mix of Devin's and Paul's cum leaked out and formed a little pool around her little ass cheeks.

We all got dressed and decided that we would do it again soon. After they left we watched the awesome footage and I came inside her several times myself. What a night!

Bob (and Missy)

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