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Poker Night

Another great wife turned slut story.


Four of my friends from work and I get together every Tuesday night for a friendly game. At least it used to be friendly. It started out that we would rotate houses where we held the game, but more and more the guys wanted to play at my house. I have a feeling that my wife is the reason for that decision. I better describe my wife, Sherri, so you can get the full picture. She is 35 years old. 4'11" tall and weighs just 95 pounds. She has dark brown hair that hangs to the middle of her back and brown eyes. She has a trim but curvaceous figure. Her tits are only a C cup but on her tiny frame they look fabulous. They are full and soft and hang just enough to make them sway and bounce when she moves Her nipples are always hard and about the size of thimbles. They are dark brown in color and are plainly visible under almost anything she wears. As you can guess, she is a walking wet dream. She is always turning heads everywhere we go. The men lust after her and the women are upset because she has caught the attention of their man. I am proud to be seen with her. It always turns her on the show herself off and I have always reaped the benefits because she is a real tiger in bed after she displays herself.

Over time Sherri has really gotten into being the perfect little host. I encouraged her to start dressing more and more provocative. At first she was reluctant to show very much but as the games became more frequent, her style of dress got more and more revealing. She knows that I like for her to dress sexy and show off her body to other men. And she doesn't disappoint me. The tops kept getting lower and more see through. The first time I asked her to leave her bra off, she couldn't believe it.

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"You want me to parade around in front of your buddies with my tits bouncing and my nipples sticking out.?"

"Yes, I would love it. And who knows, it just might help me win."

"What do you mean?"

"Well if their attention is on you, they might not be able to play as well."

She just shook her head and removed her bra. "I just hope you know what you are doing. I don't want this to get out of hand."

"Don't worry, I'll be right there. They won't do more than look."

She was definitely the hit of the party that night. Every time she came into the room with refreshments, every eye, including mine, was glued to her tits. I even heard the others make comments about what a sexy wife I had. I was beaming with pride. Whenever she set the drinks down, her top fell open and we could see her tits right down to her nipples. I had never been so turned on as I was that night. Whenever one of my friends got up to go to the john, I could see the effects Sherri was having on him. Every cock was hard that night, including mine. Her skirt would sway back and forth with each step she took and I'm not for certain, but it looked like she was swaying her hips a little more than normal when she walked around that night.

After the guys left that night, I took Sherri up to the bedroom and laid her on the bed. I reached up under her short skirt and felt her pussy. Her panties were completely drenched. As I continued fingering her, she had her first orgasm of the night. I say the first, because for the first time she experienced multiple orgasms. Of course while I was fucking her I was telling her just how sexy she was all night. I told her the comments that were made. And when I told her that her tits were completely bare whenever she bent to set down the drinks, she had the most powerful orgasm that I had ever see her have. She nearly passed out and just kept telling me to "Fuck me harder, Slam that big cock of yours deep into my pussy. Just don't stop." She had never talked like that before and it drove me over the edge. I pumped what seemed like a gallon of cum deep into her pussy. After we both calmed down, I pulled out of her and just looked at my cum oozing out of her pussy.

She looked at me and asked. "Since I did what you asked me to do tonight, will you do something extra for me?"

"Of course, honey, I'll do anything for you."

"Then get down between my legs and lick my pussy. I'm so fucking hot I need to cum again."

I couldn't quite believe what I had just heard, but there was no way I could deny her after she had done what I asked earlier. I slid down her body and tentatively starting licking. The first time I touched her clit, she let out a cry of ecstasy. She reached down and grabbed my head and pulled it tight to her pussy. I started licking and she started moaning and thrusting her hips like she was trying to fuck my face. "That's it Mick, lick my freshly fucked pussy. Get all that creamy cum out of it." I continued licking until she had reached another orgasm and I had licked her pussy clean of all of our combined juices. I really didn't care for the taste of my cum, but if it got her so hot, I would be glad to do it again.

After that time she stopped wearing a bra and her tits are always plainly visible to the guys. Her skirts keep getting shorter and shorter. She either wears a skin tight skirt that shows off her hard little ass, or she wears something that is very light weight so it swishes to and fro when she walks. She always wears 4" stiletto heels that makes her ass stick out just a little bit farther and puts a definite bounce in her walk as she caters to our needs.

Enough history, I better get on to what happened last Tuesday night. I was setting up the table while Sherri finished getting ready. When she came into the dining room, I almost dropped the dishes I was setting out. She had on a thin white peasant blouse that was almost transparent. I could see her nipples plainly and they were almost to bust through the gauzy material. The skirt was a light blue and made of a light weight material that bounced and swayed with every step. It hung only a few inches below her pussy and I'm sure if she didn't sit properly, all of the men would have a view of her pussy. Just watching her strut around was giving me a hard on. I just love looking at the way here tits move when she is walking. When she bent to pick up something from the floor, I was treated to a wonderful glimpse of her bare pussy. It was already getting puffy and I thought I could see a little moisture forming on her lips. She keeps her pussy hair trimmed very short so if she wasn't careful some lucky player might even get to see pink. She completed her outfit with high heels that matched the color of her skirt.

I was just about to suggest going up stairs when the doorbell rang. Sherri hurried to the door and let Jack in. He had the beer and she took it from him as he entered the room. I watched his eyes travel up and down her body as she went into the kitchen. Soon, Steve, Chris and Jason showed up and the game started.

I started winning, I'm sure that Sherri's presence and the way she was dressed helped to keep the guys concentration on things other than cards. I watched with pride every time Sherri came into the room. Her nipples were plainly visible and maybe even a little harder than normal. She was really getting into the mood of things. Her flirting was getting more open and the guys were even starting to take a few liberties with her. they openly stared down the neckline of her top whenever possible and a few times their hands caressed her legs and butt when she bent over to set something down. Jason even started sliding his hand up her leg, but when he reached her skirt, she playfullyslapped his hand away and looked over at me. I just winked at her to let her know everything was OK. She left the room this time and her face was a little flushed. As the beer continued flowing her actions were getting more teasing and the guys were responding more and more to her charms. Also the luck of the card was turning. I had been up almost $200.00 now I was down $175.00. And then the final hand...

I had four hearts and drew a fifth giving me a flush. No one else had anything special, so I bet big. I was determined to get all my losses back in one hand. Jason called my bet and even raised. He had a pair of 4's showing. I just knew I had the winning hand but didn't have anything to bet. I called Sherri out of the kitchen and asked her if she had any extra money that I could have. She told me that she didn't have any. I didn't know what to do. I could win and win big, if only I had the money to call Jason's bet. Then Jason dropped the bombshell.

"Mick, Sherri has been teasing us all night. Tell you what, you can bether to cover the bet."


"I mean this. If you win, you get all the money in the pot. However if you lose, Sherri goes home with me tonight. I'll bring her back tomorrow at noon."

I couldn't believe what I had just heard. Here was my friend wanting me to bet my wife against his money. I looked at my cards again and said "OK"

Sherri let out a loud gasp and ran into the kitchen. I followed her there and she let me have it.

"How can you do this? I can't believe that you would bet me in a poker game."

"But Honey, there is a little more than $1000.00 on the table and besides I can't lose. I have a flush and the most he can have is 3 of a kind or 2 pairs. Just think what we can do with that money. I'll make a promise, we'll take that trip to Las Vegas you have been wanting to take, WHEN I win the money."

I looked in her eyes to gauge her reaction.

"Are you sure you can't lose?"

"Honey, it's a cinch."

"Well OK, just this one time."

We walked out of the kitchen and I sat back down and told Jason I would call my his raise. He looked at Sherri and asked her if she agreed to the conditions if he won. She looked down at the floor and nodded her head that she understood.

Jason reached for his cards and started flipping them over. He turned over a Jack and then another Jack. So now he had two pairs. I was feeling more and more confident when he turned over a third 4. A Full House... A fucking full house. The color went out of my face. I couldn't believe that he had a full house. I looked at Sherri and she asked, "Who won?"

"He did."

"What you said it was a sure thing."

"I thought it was."

I looked at Jason and he had a very big smile on his face. He reached out and slid the money to his side of the table. he asked if we were ready to pay up the rest of the bet.

"Look Jason, I'll pay you the rest of the money I owe tomorrow."

"Oh, no Mick, a bet is a bet. As I remember you bet your wife and she agreed to the terms."

"You' can't be serious"

"Oh , but I am. Your pretty little wife has been teasing us for several weeks now. I have wanted to get a shot at her for quite a while now. And now I just won her services for the night."

Looking at Sherri he said "Strip"

I couldn't believe my ears. Here was one of my coworkers telling my wife to strip right here in front of me and the other workers. I looked at the other expecting them to tell Jason to knock it off, but instead I saw that they were enjoying this. I started to get up and told Sherri to go to the kitchen. When I started standing, Steve and Chris stood up and grabbed me and threw me back down in the chair. I tried to get back up but they were stronger than me and held me in place. Jack went into the garage and found some rope and came back and they used it to tie me to the chair.

"You see Mick," Jason said, "We were afraid you would try to welch on your bet so we planned this out when you went into the other room to talk to Sherri. You see, all of us want a piece of your wife. We all want to see what she has been flaunting, we all want to watch the expression on your face when we take your wife. Now just sit back there and relax. This will be over sooner than you think."

Jason looked at my wife again and calmly said "Strip". She looked at me and with a look of submission, she reached for the bottom of her top. She slowly pulled it over her head until her beautiful breasts where on display. Steve let out a low moan and told her to play with her nipples a little. She again looked at me as her fingers went to work. She grabbed her nipples and started pinching and pulling on them. Sherri's nipples are very sensitive and it doesn't take much of this attention to start getting her hot. As she continued, your hips started swaying a little and her breath became ragged. She was starting to get turned on.

"Continue stripping. I want to see what you have on under that skirt. She reached for the button and zipper and slowly pulled it down. When it was all the way undone, she simply wiggled her hips and it fell to the floor around her feet. So here was my wife standing naked in front of my friends wearing only her heels. Jack told her to spread her legs a little and she did as he asked.

"Now reach down and play with your pussy. Show us what a slut you are."

I watched as her fingers made their way to her pussy. She started sliding them up and down her slit. Every time she touched her clit, she let out a little whimper and her eyes closed.

Chris said, "This little slut is starting to enjoy this. What's wrong Mick, haven't you been giving her enough to keep her happy."

All of the guys laughed at this remark. My face turned red and I started to struggle to try to get away, but the ropes just cut into my arms more and I was unable to free them. I could only watch as my pretty wife played with herself in front of these men, and I could tell she was getting very excited.

"Enough of the show," Jason said, "It's time for a little action. Get over here Sherri"

She slowly walked over in front of Jason and stood with her arms hanging at her side. He reached out and grabbed her tits and started to squeeze and stroke them. When he finally reached her nipples, she let out a moan that could not be mistaken. She was hot and she had lost control. Jason reached up and pushed down on her shoulders and she sank to her knees in front of him. He grabbed her head and pulled her face into his groin. He started thrusting her pelvis into her just like he was fucking her face. He did this for a little while and then he reached down and unzipped his fly. He reached in and pulled out his hard cock. He held it so the head was resting on her lips.

"Is this what you want Sherri? Do you want to suck my cock? Do you want to suck it deep into your mouth while your husband watches? Do you want me to cum in your mouth."

Sherri didn't say anything, she just opened her mouth and leaned forward until the head of his cock slid into her mouth. She closed her eyes and started thrusting her head back and forth. She took a little more of his cock into her mouth with each thrust. I watched as his cock disappeared into my wife's mouth. I was almost sick with jealousy, but was unable to do anything to stop it. I watched as her brought her arms up around his thighs and pulled him closer to her body. This caused her tits to rub against his legs and she reached around and pulled his butt closer so she was taking him as deep as possible. She had never been able to deep throat me and she wasn't able to all of Jason's cock down her throat. But that didn't stop her from trying. I have never seen her suck with such wild abandon. It's like she was possessed. He lips would almost reach the base, then she would pull back so just the head was in her mouth. She would look up at Jason with her bedroom eyes and then she would slide her face into his crotch, wiggle her head, trying to get more of his cock deeper than she had ever had a cock before. This continued for a while each of them getting more worked up. Finally Jason announced that he was ready to cum.

"OK Sherri, get ready to catch my load. I'm going to cum in your mouth and I want you to catch it all, but I don't want you to swallow it yet." He starting fucking her face with all his might. My pretty little wife was ready to catch his load.

"Get ready here it cums. AAAUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHH, Oh God, that's good. Keep sucking, Slut, catch it all." I could see Sherri struggling to catch all of his spunk.

Finally he was through. He pulled his spent cock from Sherri's mouth and I could see a small amount oh his jism slip out the corner of her mouth.

"Now Sherry, stand up and swish my cum around in your mouth. Do you like the taste? Do you think Mick will like the taste? Why don't we find out. Go over and sit on his lap and give him a hot french kiss. Make him eat my cum."

I was in shock as Sherri started walking towards me. Here was my wife with another man's cum in her mouth about to kiss me and make me eat his cum.

"No Sherri, don't do this to me. I don't want you do this. For God's sake I'm your husband."

This didn't stop her though. She came over straddled my lap and sat down. She leaned forward and started kissing me. I shook my head so she couldn't force feed me but the guys would have none of that. Steve and Chris came over and held my head still. I felt Sherri's lips on mine and felt her tongue trying to slip between my lips. I knew there was no escape. I opened my mouth and accepted what was about to happen. I almost gagged when her tongue went into my mouth and I tasted his cum. She continued the kiss until her mouth was empty. Only then did she rise and get off of my lap.

"She turned and looked at the other guys and asked "Who's next"

I was shocked, here was my virgin wife asking who was next.

"Sherri, how can you do this to me."

"Mick, it's your fault this is happening. Remember you are the one who talked me into going along with your bet. Remember it was a cinch. Remember up until now, you were the only man who had ever seen me naked, you were the only man who had felt me up, you were the only man who had the pleasure of my mouth on their cock, and you were the only man who had ever fucked me. Up until now I have been pure for you. It's your fault, not mine."

By this time, Steve had his cock out and Sherri walked over to him, grabbed his cock and started stroking it. She looked at me and sank to her knees. Still looking at me, she slid his cock into her mouth and started giving him a blow job. I watched as his cock disappeared into her mouth. Only to reappear as she brought her head back. I got the feeling that Sherri was starting to enjoy this infidelity. Before long, Steve started thrusting his hips into her face. He let out a long groan as he blasted his cum into her mouth. Once again on Jason's instructions, Sherri came over and gave me a sloppy French kiss and forced another load of cum into my mouth.

This same scenario continued until Jack and Chris had also deposited their loads in my wife's mouth and then she fed them to me. The taste didn't get any better, but I had no choice.

As a final act of superiority, Jason told Sherri to stand directly in front of me. "Now Sherri, give him one last taste of your pussy before I take you home and fuck you with my big hard cock. Mick, her pussy may never taste the same after tonight and I'll guarantee you it will never feel the same to you after I get through with it tonight."

Sherri spread her legs, reached down and slid her fingers into her slit.

"Oh God Mick, I can't believe how wet I am. Just look."

With that she pulled her lips apart and let me see her pussy shiny with her juice. I watched as she put her fingers , first one and then another deep up her pussy. I had never seen her do this before and I wish I could of been watching under different circumstances. When she pulled her fingers out, I could see her slimy juice on them. She brought her fingers up to my mouth and worked them in., I savored the taste of her pussy juice and wanted more. But that wasn't to be.

"You can let him lose after we have gone." Instructed Jason. "And Mick you better not try to find us. We aren't going to my house, I have somewhere better in mind for our little games tonight."

With that he escorted Sherri to his car. He wouldn't even let her put on any clothes, he said she wouldn't be needing any. All she was wearing was her high heels. What surprised me was that she didn't protest. She just put her arm around his waist and went outside with him. The last sight I saw was my naked wife being led into the night with another man.

About 30 minutes Jack and Chris released the ropes that had been holding me in place. It felt good to finally be free but all I could think about was my wife with another man. The others left and I was alone with my thoughts. Thoughts that my wife was probably fucking another man right now. Thoughts that she had another cock buried in her pussy. Thoughts that she might be enjoying his cock more than she enjoys mine.

I went to bed and tried to get some sleep. It was unusual to sleep in an empty bed, but that wasn't what made me toss and turn all night. Every time I did drift off to sleep,. I would dream of them fucking. When I would waken, I would think of them. Finally morning rolled around and I climbed out of bed more exhausted that when I went to bed. I waited for Sherri to get home.

Finally around 1 pm Jason's car pulled up in front of the house. I saw Sherri get out of the car. All she was wearing was her heels and one of Jason's oversized shirts. It was unbuttoned down almost to her waist and it was obvious that she was wearing nothing underneath it. I opened the door for her and tried to take her into my arms, but she just walked right past me.

She finally turned around and looked at me and said, "We need to talk" I just nodded in agreement.

"Mick, nothing will ever be the same between us after last night. You can't believe what all we did. Do you still want me for your wife?"

"Of course, I still love you."

"Well if you still want to be married to me that is fine, but it will be on my terms. Do you understand?"

"What do you mean?"

She snapped back, "I asked if you understand. Are you willing to accept me as I am now?"

"Yes, I guess do."

"Good, the first thing I want you to do is undress and lay on the floor on your back."

I did as she requested and she came and stood over me. I could look right up to her pussy and I immediately noticed that all of her pussy hair was gone.

"She saw the surprised look on my face, "Yes Mick darling, I let Jason shave my pussy. He said it would make me feel more submissive to him. And you know what, it does. Now for another surprise. Take a close look a my pussy."

She knelt down so her knees were resting on the floor on either side of me head. I couldn't see anything different and told her so. She reached down, grabbed the bottom of her shirt and raised it up si I could see. On her pubic mound just above her cleft were the words, "Jason's Slut".

"You see Mick, I'm your wife, but I'm Jason's slut. Whenever and wherever he wants me I will go to him. I will do whatever he asks. I belong to him now. I will stay married to you, but things will be different."

As she said this, she lowered herself down to where her pussy was only inches from my face.

"Look up into my pussy. Can you see his cum in me? You better use your tongue and clean me out."

I started lapping at her well fucked pussy. I have never seen it so lose or so wet. She started grinding it on my face. She rubbed her clit on my nose. She was enjoying my tongue and she started cumming. She grabbed my head and pulled it closer to her pussy.

"That's it little cum slave, eat his cum out of me. Get all of his sticky seed out of my pussy. And you better do a good job. One thing you probably didn't think about is that I am at my most fertile time. He pumped his seed into my fertile womb. You better do a good job of getting it all out. You wouldn't want me to get pregnant would you. Do you want me to carry another man's child? Well then you better do a good job, unless it's already too late. You see I never did make him wear any protection. And he fucked me 3 time. I might already be pregnant. Just to be sure of who's child it is, you won't get to fuck me again until after my period. And that might be 9 months down the road.

I could only sob to myself.

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sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.

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sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.