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"Poker at Steve's" - part 3 of 3

      by SluggoDLux

      (MMMM+FF cons cheat anal exhib oral interr)

Teezy came out from the kitchen and strode in with a big 'shit eating' grin on her face. She was dressed almost like Tammy except her outfit; boots, skirt and sweater, were black. Her long, straight, platinum blonde hair fell below her shoulders. Her sweater was a turtleneck, however. It was an outfit I had never seen her wear before. I struggled to stand, but the cuffs had me pinned down and Tammy's weight mounted on my cock made it a hopeless gesture. She walked up to Tammy and kissed her full on the lips. Their mouths opened and I could tell they were trading saliva in a most ardent manner. Teezy reached up and began to pinch Tammy's long nipples, pulling them into hard little points. Tammy was reciprocating by mauling Teezy's tits through the sweater. Finally, Teezy pulled back and looked down behind Tammy at my cock buried in her ass. She pulled out a small leather strap that we had used in the past to extend our lovemaking sessions and pulled it tight around the base of my cock.

"I thought Tammy was supposed to give you the weenies, not the other way around," she said with a smile.

"I..uh...I got carried away. She made herself available and..." I stammered.

"And you placated her by burying your ten inches up her ass? What a nice guy you are," she sneered, "Is she tight, Scott? Does it feel good to have your cock buried in her ass?"

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"Teez, I'm sorry. I..." I stammered some more, trying to get myself out of this mess. The other guys were standing around dumbfounded. Nobody knew what to say.

"No, Dear, no need to apologize. You were just being a good friend and neighbor. I'm sure it was the right thing to do.

After all, I've never let you put it up my ass. It must have been an offer you couldn't refuse." she said in a soothing manner that scared me to death, "Tammy tried to talk me into letting you put it up my ass numerous times, but I never had the courage. She said it felt good. It does feel good doesn't it, Tammy, my love?"

"Your husbands cock is the biggest I have ever had in there," said Tammy, "It feels real good. I think the tip is up between my lungs somewhere. Are you sure you don't want to try it?"

"Why, yes, I do," smiled Teezy, "I'd really like to try it.

Right now, in fact."

"Do you want me to get off Scott's cock so you can get on?" asked Tammy with an evil smile.

"No, that's all right. There are plenty of other cocks here that I can use," said Teezy looking around at the other cocks in the room. All of them were rigid again or nearing it at the thought of having Teezy. Dave's giant black cock stood out and pointed up toward the ceiling. He was stroking it and staring at Tammy ass.

"NO," I screamed and struggled in vain, "You can't."

Teezy swung around and put her hands on her hips and stared at me, her face turned red.

"You sit there with your cock buried in another woman's ass and tell me what I can and can't do? You've got your fucking nerve. You asshole," she snarled, "Were you going to tell me about this evening when you got home? Or were you just going to sneak in the shower and beg off making love due to a headache? Never mind, I can tell by the look on your face. I've been in the pantry all evening hoping you would be faithful to me and resist Tammy's advances.

Instead you took all of them and even orchestrated the entire evening. Aren't you the gracious host with someone else's wife?"

She turned back to Tammy.

"I put the strap on his cock so he wouldn't get scared and shrink up inside of you, Dear. He does that when he gets scared. Don't you, Lovebug?" she sneered at me, "You just keep him occupied while I taste some of these eager cocks pointing at me. Do you mind?"

Tammy wiggled her ass down hard on my cock and said, "Not at all, Teez, Watch out for Dave's cock though. It will take the wind out of you."

"I've wanted Dave's cock for as long as Scott's wanted your tits," she said softly, "He was so busy that night in the hot tub looking at your breasts that he never noticed my attraction for Dave's cock. Too bad for him, it could have ended there."

Tammy pulled Teezy in front of her.

"Did you wear it?" she asked in a whisper.

"Yes," said Teezy, "Want to see it?"

"I want to try it," said Tammy, "May I?"


Tammy slowly lifted up the front of Teezy's sweater. The other three guys moved around to see. All of them were stroking themselves while watching my wife's chest be exposed. I looked over Tammy's shoulder and my eyes bugged out in amazement. Teezy had a black leather bra on that was way too tight. Her massive breasts spilled out around the edges of it, but what I saw were her nipples. The bra was cut out around the nipples. Two two-inch holes extruded her nipples out obscenely. The bra was so tight, her nipples extended three inches out of the holes. They were red and swollen. Her nipples weren't as long as Tammy's but they were quite succulent. Tammy clamped her lips down on the left one, sucking it loudly into her mouth. She began to lift herself a few inches off my cock and pump back down on it as she sucked. I knew she was enjoying it. Teezy moaned and pushed her chest forward forcing more into Tammy's eager mouth. Dave stepped forward and reached out to pinch the other nipple.

"Touch her and I'll kill you, you motherfucker," I screamed at him.

"Seems to me like we have an open invite," said Dave as his finger and thumb closed on the swollen nipple, "If you did this with Steve's wife, you'd have probably done it with my wife too. So...."

Teezy reached down and grasped his shaft. She began stroking it, pulling back the head and forcing precum out the tip.

"Ohhh," she said, "Nice. This is fucking amazing. It's even bigger than Scott's. Did you take this up the ass, Tammy?"

"No way," gasped Tammy, as she dropped back onto my lap again, "It was more than I could handle to take him in my cunt."

Without asking, Ed dropped to his knees behind Teezy and lifted her skirt. He pushed his face between her ass cheeks and began making wet, sucking noises. I saw his hand come around the front of her thighs and move up under the front of her skirt.



"Oh, God," he said in a whisper, "She's ready. This girl is wet and waiting."

"Fuck. Fuck. Fuck," I screamed as I struggled to loosen myself.

"Good idea, Honey," said Teezy in a hoarse whisper, spreading her legs and leaning forward slightly to allow Ed easier access, "I think I'll do just that. Do you want the bra now, Tam?"

"Please," said Tammy.

Teezy reached behind her and unclasped the bra. She had to struggle to get her nipples out of the holes. Even after the bra was off, her breasts were distorted and her nipples and aureole stuck out a couple of inches from the rest of her breasts. Tammy pulled her sweater up over her head and tossed it across the room. Teezy arched her back and forced her nipple back in Tammy's mouth. Then she reached down and began to put the bra on Tammy. Dave assisted to get Tammy's nipples positioned in the holes and together they snapped it in the back. Tammy's nipples began to extrude out the holes as Teezy's had. Her nipples seemed to be growing even longer, if that was possible.

"Here Scott. You can play with these while I go play with something else," said Teezy wickedly, cupping Tammy's breasts, "Oh, that's right. You can't reach them. Too bad.

Can't get soft. Can't get off. Can't touch the swollen nipples. Poor boy. All you can do is keep your numb cock up Tammy's ass. Darn. You're gonna miss all the fun, I guess. Dave come around and stand behind me, please."

Dave moved around and Ed moved out of the way. His face was wet with saliva and he was licking his lips.

"God, her ass is tight," he said, "I could hardly get my tongue in there."

Teezy reached under her skirt and between her legs, pulling Dave's hard cock up between them. It stuck out four inches beyond the front of her thighs. She let her skirt drop down and looked down.

"Look, Tammy, I have a cock now too. Do you want me to fuck you?" Teezy said with a laugh.

"Not right now, but I'd love to suck your cock, Teezy.

Can I?" she said.

"Sure, you go right ahead," she said as she lifted her skirt again.

Tammy bent down and took Dave's cockhead in her hands and sucked hard on the tip. She could hardly get her tiny mouth around it. Dan and Ed had moved up on either side of Teezy and were sucking on her huge tits. Saliva made her breasts glisten. She reached down and took their cocks in her hands and began to stroke them.

I was going fucking crazy. These people were having their way with my wife and I couldn't do a thing about it except yell. I screamed bloody murder.

"Gosh, he noisy, isn't he?" asked Teezy to no one in particular, "I'm having a hard time enjoying myself with all this noise. Maybe if Dave stuck his cock in Scott's mouth, he'd quiet down? Dave, would you do that for me?"

"I've never done anything like that before," Dave said, "What would I get to do to you in return?"

"Whatever you wanted," said Teezy smiling, "Whatever you wanted."

"No fucking way," I screamed, "No fucking way I'm going to have a cock in my mouth."

"He seems to think he has something to say about the matter," laughed Teezy, "OK, Tammy, get off of him. Ed and Dan, lower the chair down onto the floor. Let's see how well Scott sucks Dave's cock."

"Wait. Wait. Wait," I screamed, horrified at the thought of a cock in my mouth.

Teezy paused.

"Are you going to be quiet from now on?" said Teezy, "Do you think you can just sit there quietly and watch us have our fun? I nodded frantically, anything to keep that cock out of my mouth.

"Tammy, get off of him. He's had his fun. Tammy lifted herself off my cock. It seemed to take forever as it slid from her ass. Teezy reached into my lap and unsnapped the strap around my cock and I looked at it as it slowly shrunk up to a wrinkled, red tube the size of a hot dog. I was afraid I'd never see it work right again.

I'd never had the strap on for that long. I sat there looking at my shriveled penis and wishing I had never yielded to temptation this evening. I wondered if it would ever work again.

I looked up and saw Tammy on her back on the poker table.

Dan had her legs up and was pounding into her anus. Her fingers were stuck deep in her cunt, sliding up occasionally to stroke her clit. Her nipples poked out of the bra and pointed like thick fingers up toward the ceiling.

Teezy was bent forward with Ed fucking her cunt from behind, her lips and hands were wrapped around Dave's cock and she had somehow forced several inches of it down her throat. Her giant breasts swung forward and back under her chest with each stroke Ed made into her.

After what seemed like an eternity, Dan began to cum into Tammy's ass. He screamed as he came and Tammy fingered her clit furiously until she came. He fell forward on her chest, gasping and she pulled him tight against her.

I looked over at Teezy and she was reaching back to grasp Ed's penis. She let Dave's cock pop from her mouth.

"Put it in my ass, Ed. Fuck me in the ass," she moaned.

I cried. My wife was finally taking it in the ass and I had to sit and watch. I choked back sobs as Ed put his cock tip against her tiny pink anus and began to force it into her. She reached back and spread her ass cheeks.

"Scott, look. Ed's going to fuck me in the ass. Don't you want to watch?" Teezy teased me with her voice, "He's going to....arrgghhhhh!!!!"



Ed's penis slid into her ass to the hilt in one swift stroke. He immediately began to slam his hips into her butt. She grabbed Dave's cock and put it back in her mouth. He pushed forward and half of it slid down her throat. I knew she could take it in. She had deep-throated me numerous times. Her throat could loosen up and take my entire length, she was probably going to be able to take Dave is as well. Tears stung my cheek as I watched my beautiful wife take cocks in both ends of her body.

With a final lunge Dave had his cock buried in her mouth.

Her lips disappeared in his pubic hair and his ball sac banged against her chin. He began to stroke four or five inches in and out of her mouth.

"Oh God Almighty, I wish my wife could do that," he groaned, "Take it, Sweetface, take my giant cock."

She pulled her lips back and I could see her teeth lightly scraping his shaft as she had done to me so many times before. Ed began to grunt and moan and I knew he was starting to cum in her ass. Her first load of jism in the ass and it wasn't mine. I could only sit and watch.

Ed gave a last lunge forward, pulled out and fell back on his butt on the floor. His cock stuck up between his legs still squirting cum. He reached out and squeezed the last few spurts into the air.

Teezy put her hands on Dave's hips and pushed him back.

His black shaft slid from between her lips. She bent over the poker table and began to kiss Tammy full on the lips.

"In my ass, Dave, in my ass. Fill me with your hot cum," she said in a tiny whisper.

Dave moved around behind her and put his cock tip against her anus. It was open an inch from Ed's pounding, red and swollen. It looked like a red-ringed eye with a black center. Ed's cum looked like a tears running down from it.

Dave pushed forward and I watched helplessly as his cock disappeared up into her, inch by inch. Then he began to stroke her. He must have fucked her for a half an hour.

Her ass cheeks were red from the crushing blows his groin made against them. She had her cheek on the table next to Tammy, her eyes were glazed and drool ran from her mouth onto the cards.

"I'm...I'm going to cum," gasped Dave, "Where do you want it?"

"On my face," said Teezy in a tiny voice, "On my face where Scott can watch."

Dave pulled out of her ass, gripping his cock tightly to hold the cum back. Teezy rolled over on her back on the table and snuggled her cheek up against Tammy's. Their faces were together, their lips almost touching. Tammy's tongue came out and met Teezy's. Dave positioned his cock head an inch away and let go of the deathgrip on his penis. Cum began to spray from his cock like water from a fire hose. Huge gobs flew onto the girl's faces and into their mouths. It seemed to go on forever. Both of the women's faces were covered with his white, sticky cum. Their eager tongues lapped it up, licking their own lips and the cheeks of the other girl. It rolled down their cheeks. Some of the strands flew out and draped across their breasts. Dave squeezed the last of his load out between their lips. Teezy sucked the head into her mouth and then reached up and rubbed the shaft across her face and Tammy's. Ed had his face buried in Teezy's cunt and Dan was reaming Tammy's.

I forced my eyes shut, wishing the terrible scene out of my mind. As hard as I tried, I couldn't do it. All I could see was my wife with another man's cock in her cunt and in her ass and in her mouth. The same scenes kept playing in my head, over and over and over again.

After what seemed like an eternity, I heard Teezy's voice.

"Well, look at that," she said with surprise in her voice.

"Looks like he liked it," I heard Tammy answer.

I opened my eyes and saw both women sitting up on the table wiping cum out of their eyes and licking their fingers. They were both looking at my lap. I looked down and saw I had the biggest erection I had ever had.

"That's my Scott," Teezy said.

"Do you think he wants to play too?" asked Tammy.

"I think so," answered Teezy, "Let's let him play in Round Two."

She got up off the table and turned her back to me.

She reached between her legs and grasped my cock. She put it into her dripping anus and dropped down onto it, swallowing my entire cock. Her ass cheeks slammed onto my lap.

"Take off the cuffs," she ordered, "I'm ready to ride this bronco."

-- The End --

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