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The Plan

Another great wife turned slut story.

By Rick

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Karen and I have been married for over five years. We've always had a nice, open relationship and have been friends for over 10 years. We're both pretty adventurous and have tried a number of different things together over the years. Swapping, however, was never one of them.

Karen is 28 years old. She is petite, 5 feet, 4 inches, 105 pounds with a 35" bust, 22" waist and 34" hips. She's pretty trim and keeps in shape. She'll eat at her desk so she can work out at lunch time and she loves to run. Her blonde brown hair is just shoulder length and goes well with her dark green eyes. Karen has always been pretty much her own person, very independent and strong willed. She is a senior financial consultant for an investment banking firm downtown and is every bit the successful career woman. She prides herself on being in control of herself and not being a "weak and subservient" woman.

I'm 5'10", 190 pounds, average build (and, for the record, am six inches when fully erect.) Karen and I have always enjoyed a very nice sex life, but me, being a guy and all, wanted to try something more.

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I'd always wanted to watch Karen fuck a black guy. The thought of seeing a black man make love to her sweet little body while I watched has always been a fantasy of mine. We had discussed it several times and, although Karen admitted it would probably be fun, she was hesitant to go any further. Karen is the naughty but nice type. She'll try just about anything in bed, but has her limits as far as involving other people. She had taken part in a 3-some many years ago with a previous boyfriend and had a good time, but it was nothing earth-shattering. Since then, she's been a one-man woman. About a year or so ago, all that changed.

I had my thirtieth birthday coming up and Karen told me that she wanted to make it very special for me. She said I could have "anything I wanted" from her. Seeing my chance, I told her that what I really wanted was to see her fuck a black guy while I watched. She stopped and thought for a while, giving me that 'you're really pushing me' look. Then unexpectedly, she said, "let me think about this.

I just about lost my mind! She was going to do it! We started to discuss possible "partners" and the name of my black friend, Rick, came up.

I'd known Rick since college. We had roomed together for two semesters and knew each other pretty well. Rick is my same age, but taller, about 6'2". He has short, dark nappy hair and is clean shaven (except for sideburns). He has hypnotic black eyes and a lady-killer's smile. His shoulders are broad and muscular and his body is trim and very toned. His chest, though not huge, is strong and well defined and he had a flat, chiseled stomach. His arms are strong and muscular and hang long from his body. Rick is very into running, volleyball, racquetball, etc. and has the body to show for it. His sexy body, long legs and good looks made him popular with the girls in our dorm back in college. But the feature that set Rick apart was his HUGE cock.

We used to joke about how hung Rick was. Though I had never seen him hard, I'd seen him naked enough times to know that Rick had a large dick, no question. I had even had some of the girls in the dorms ask me once if the stories about him were true!

Rick's cock was as big soft as mine was hard! It hung, curving out and down from his flat, washboard stomach, thick and heavy. His balls were like two black eggs hanging down from his swollen dick. Even the other guys couldn't help but to steal a glimpse at him sometimes just to see the size of it. Though none of us ever said so, we were all pretty jealous.

One problem persisted, however. Rick was not one of Karen's favorite people. Rick was still single and liked to think of himself as a worldly "ladies man." Rick was cocky and liked to have his way. Karen thought of him as arrogant and self-centered. She didn't like how high he always seemed to be on himself.

Karen didn't like how cocky he was with her sometimes. He liked to call her "the little white working girl," and would put his arm on her shoulders when talking to her sometimes, massaging her. He would pick her up sometimes, too, because he liked how small she was. That pissed her off to no end. He sometimes would check her out a bit too long and would make the occasional lewd remark to her, laughing when she got pissed at him But she had heard the stories, too.

About two years ago while we were at a party at a friend's cabin, Rick was in attendance. He had stopped to talk to Karen and she looked up at him from her chair where she had been sunning herself. She had never seen him in swim shorts before and he caught her off guard. She looked up at him and noticed how nicely his cock filled out his swim trunks. She tried to keep her eyes on him, but she kept glancing at the soft bulge in his shorts, at first unintentionally, then on purpose. She told me that night that she was surprised at how big he looked. I told her that from what I remembered from college, that was probably all him.

"Well I used to think you were just exaggerating, but now I believe you." she said. "I was checking him out today at the party and that boy is pretty hung."

"Yeah," I said, "I've never seen him hard, but he's no little guy. We used to always make fun of how big his dick was and how he made the rest of us feel so insignificant."

"I guess he would do that to most guys" Karen said, turning over to go to sleep. "That's a lot of black cock. If he only wasn't such a fucking jerk."

So that's Rick. He's tall, strong, sexy and cocky. He's into jazz, R&B, soul, the whole bit. He's very into clothes, and seems to always be into something new. He comes across as being slick and smooth, a fast talker. He's what Karen doesn't like in a guy in that he's very much a big-city single male stereo-type. Unfortunately, he was also the guy I wanted to see with Karen. This is what I had to work with.


I asked Karen what she thought about having Rick be the "other guy." She stopped and just looked at me for a second.

"Rick? Why him?" she asked.

"Well, a couple of reasons," I replied. "I've known him for many years, so I feel like we can both trust him. He may be an arrogant jerk sometimes, but he wouldn't hurt either one of us. And he does have a huge black cock."

"I don't know. If we did do this with him, I'd never hear the end of it. If I liked it I could never let him know....but if I didn't like it....well that could be fun, too, in a way," she said. "I just don't like the idea of that smooth talking son-of-a-bitch even touching me, I don't care how sexy he thinks he is."

"Well," I said, "do you think he's sexy?"

"He does have a nice body, I mean there's no denying that," she replied matter of factly.

"Well he does have a nice cock too, as you pointed out yourself," I said.

"Hmmmm," Karen said, "he does at that." She looked off and thought for a while and slowly closed her soft green eyes. Then she began to smile and chuckled softly.

"All right. If Rick is what you want, Rick is what you'll get." she said. "Actually, I think it will be kind of fun to see whether he's as hot as he thinks he is." She smiled again and looked at me. "Call him tonight if you'd like and discuss it with him first, just the two of you. If things look OK, then I'll join in."

"Perfect!," I said. I could NOT believe this! This was too good to be true.

I called Rick later that same evening and asked if he'd like to get together for a few beers. I had to ask him a favor, I said, something we had to discuss man to man. No problem, he told me and we arranged to meet that night.

On my way to the bar, I started to think. Was this OK? What would Rick say, what would he think? Would he believe me? Would he get wierded out and tell a lot of people? I was taking a pretty big chance, but the idea of my fantasy coming alive before my eyes proved too much and I kept going.

"Rick," I began, "I need to ask you a favor and I'm a little nervous. It's pretty personal and I've got to be sure that this will stay between the two of us."

"What's up, Mike? Nothings wrong, I hope," he said.

"No, nothing like that, it's just pretty personal. Look, I'm nervous, so I'm just going to ask you. How would you feel about... would you like....Karen and I would like to have you come over and, well, let me watch ..... you and..Karen. Together. I want to watch you fuck her, Rick."

Rick looked at me square in the eye. "You want me to do Karen while you watch?"

"Yeah," I said.

He sighed and looked at me, "No shit! Jeez, Mike, kind of hard to say no to that. Karen is a sexy white lady."

My heart pounded inside me. He was going to do it. "What are we talking about here? A threesome?" he asked.

"No, no. It would be just you and Karen. You can do anything you want, as long as Karen goes along with it. I just don't want her to feel like she's being forced to do something against her will." I said.

"But I could say and do whatever I wanted, as long as Karen's digging it?"

"Yes. That would be the deal."

"And you?"

"I'd just watch."

"How many times can I have her?"

I'd never thought about that. What if they wanted to fuck again? "That's up to you and Karen. You two could fuck all night if you wanted." I said, wondering what I'd do if that happened.

"OK" Rick said, "but I'll want to talk with Karen and you together, first.

"No problem. Let me give her a call, maybe we can do this tonight."

I called Karen and told her what had happened. I asked her if we could get together tonight, since we'd pretty much come to an agreement. She said that would be fine, but we weren't going to do anything tonight. I agreed.

We met at our house. Rick was pretty composed, I think Karen expected him to lord over her the fact that her husband had asked him to service her for him. Karen seemed apprehensive, and I began to worry that she would back out. She didn't seem to happy about how things were going, but she agreed that it would be just she and Rick with me watching. She also agreed that they could go as many times as they wanted. "Don't plan on this going on all night, Rick." she said. "I don't know if you could handle me all night," Rick replied. "Please!" said Karen, rolling her eyes.

Rick looked at her and said, "You know, this might be good for you, working girl. I think we'll both enjoy this." She looked at him, exasperated and said, "Well, I guess we'll just have to wait and see if you really are the god you seem to think you are."

Rick laughed out loud. "I think this will be fun. Don't worry. I won't be a jerk. I do realize that this is something that you're not completely comfortable with. I appreciate that. I'm not going to do anything that's going to piss you off, Karen." Karen said, OK, but I could see that she was not happy with this. I began to worry and it must have showed.

"Don't worry, Mike," Karen said, "this will work out OK." I was relieved. This was starting to look like it wouldn't work out. Karen and I spoke about it some more later that night. She was still apprehensive, but was curious to see if Rick was really as hung as she had heard and she figured that she could forget about his personality long enough for them to have sex while I watched. Little did we know what would really happen.

The Big Night

We decided to get together on a Friday night at a neutral location. We booked a room at a suburban Comfort Inn for the weekend. Karen, Rick and I would get together Friday night, then when we were finished, Rick would head home while Karen and I spend the night and would also stay Saturday night, just the two of us.

We rented a king-sized whirl pool suite. It was two large rooms. The first room had a couch, two chairs, a TV/VCR, a wet bar, a table and chairs and a coffee table. The bedroom was large with a king sized bed, another small couch and chair, and a whirl pool with mirrored walls. Karen and I arrived first and unpacked. We planned to meet Rick at a local restaurant and have a very light dinner and some drinks. Karen figured that she'd better have a few drinks and maybe a little weed to get her past what she called Rick's "attitude."

Karen put on a pair of nice-fitting jeans and sandals. She wore a cropped white T-shirt that showed a little bit of her nicely toned tummy. I asked her why she was dressing so sexy. She said that as long as she was going through with this, she was going to give it all she had. She was wearing g-string underwear and no bra. She had some make up on, but not a lot. When she came out of the bedroom and announced that she was ready, I was taken back. She looked so sexy and sultry. She was going to play this for all it was worth. I think she also wanted to "teach Rick a lesson," and blow him away.

We met Rick at a Thai restaurant near the hotel. He was already there when we arrived. We went to the booth where Rick was waiting for us. Karen surprised me by sitting next to Rick. Rick looked at her approvingly and smiled. "Hi," she said turning toward him as she sat. She placed her right hand gently on his thigh and kissed him.

"Well, hello, working girl," said Rick. "Are you ready to put in some overtime?"

Karen smiled, "Let's eat first."

We had dinner and then went back to the bar for a few drinks. Karen was loosening up. She and Rick were talking and laughing and getting along fine. Every now and then Karen would flirt with Rick, but never too much. Still, I could sense a chemistry building between them. After a few more drinks, they were laughing together, sometimes I felt like I was the "third wheel." I wasn't used to this. Karen usually was rather cold around Rick, but this was a side of her I'd never seen. Rick asked her to dance. They danced for a while then danced one slow dance. I noticed Karen moving her hand along Rick's black body, whispering something to him. When they returned to the table, Karen said, "I think we should go back to the room."

Round One

When we got to our room, I was already hard as a rock. Karen and Rick were talking quietly behind me in the hall while I tried to unlock the door. I could hear them laughing, but couldn't make out what they were saying. Their words were hushed.

"We need to go in first, " said Karen, "just Rick and I. Don't worry, we won't start without you, but we need to talk. Trust me." Rick just stood behind her, his hands on her shoulders and smiled.

"All right," I said and watched as they walked past me into the room. Karen smiled a wicked smile and brushed her hand across my clothed cock as she passed me. She looked me straight in the eye, smiling as she closed the door. "Give us about 10 minutes or so. Why don't you go to the bar and have another drink?" she said from behind the closed door. "We'll have you paged at the bar." So I went down to the bar.

After about 15 minutes, the bartender came over and asked if my name was Mike. I said yes and he told me that I had a message to go back to my room. This was it. I didn't know what to expect. They had said they wouldn't "start without me," but would the temptation have been too great? I had no idea what I'd find when I opened that door. It was a pretty long walk back to the room.

I knocked and immediately felt stupid for knocking, but I heard Karen's voice call me in. I opened the door. They were still dressed, but the odor in the air told me that they were a little high. The sat together on the couch, Karen nestled up against Rick, but facing me, his arm around her shoulder.

"Sit down and I'll tell you the rules, " Karen said firmly. "Once we start, you can say whatever you want to say, do whatever you want to do, walk around, get close, talk to us, whatever you want. But......under no condition can you touch either one of us. If you do, you'll have to leave the room and wait in the bathroom while we finish and listen at the door. Is that clear?"

Those words hung heavy in the silence that followed. Karen kept a willful steely gaze on me and both she and Rick waited for my reply. "All right." I said.

Then she turned to Rick and their eyes met casually. She put her hand on his chest and he moved his to her cheek and they kissed. It was a slow, long, deep kiss. My cock began to swell. Gently their hands began to explore each other's bodies, their kiss not breaking, but building.

Karen rolled over onto Rick's lap and sat on his thighs, facing him. Her body began to move and grind into him softly and seductively. Rick's hand's began to touch and feel my beautiful wife's ass and legs. His strong hands gently gripped her thighs and Karen responded, rolling her pelvis down into him. They broke their kiss, gasping softly. Rick looked up at Karen who was gazing into Rick's eyes, almost in a daze. Rick's kiss had obviously been more than she anticipated. Then they kissed again, this time with more intensity.

Rick placed his hands on Karen's hips. His muscular arms flexed and he began to roll her back and forth on his thighs. Karen kept kissing, working her hands down to his shirt buttons. She opened his shirt, pressing her hands against his hard, toned chest. When his chest flexed with the movement of his arms, Karen swooned through his kiss and dug her fingers into his muscles and kissed him deeper. Their bodies began moving together, grinding, pumping into each other, their hands moving and clutching.

Karen pulled away from his lips and, looking seductively into his eyes, began to open his shirt. Still sitting on his lap, she unbuttoned each button, all the while looking down into his eyes. She lowered her gaze as she gently pulled open his shirt. Rick's chest was strong and nicely chiseled. His broad shoulders were also toned and defined. His stomach was flat, with softly defined abs. When he moved his hips, his washboard stomach flexed much to Karen's delight. Thin, light black hair went from his chest down to his stomach. She looked him over, gently running her fingers down his body. He moved a bit to reposition himself and, as his body moved and his muscles flexed, Karen smiled, biting her lip and softly sighing. She lowered her body and her lips touched his chest. Rick looked at me. My heart was pounding.

Karen dived hungrily onto Rick's body. Her whole body came alive as her mouth worked over Rick's torso. She traced his muscles with the tip of her tongue, teasing his nipples, licking and sucking them. Rick closed his eyes as she nibbled and bit at his chest. Whenever he flexed his muscles, Karen bit. Her hands gripped his sides as she slipped next to him on the sofa. Her mouth worked it's way down his chest to his stomach. Karen stopped to look at his body again. Sighing heavily, she began to lick and touch his ripped stomach.

Karen began to lick and kiss her way from his belt all the way up to his neck, going back and forth slowly, teasing, but still not licking his hard nipples. Rick reached down for her and, gripping her by the waist, easily lifted her up onto him. They kissed intensely, Karen's hands all over him, reaching behind to grab his ass. She groaned in his kiss when she felt his firm black ass in her hands. Rick's hands held Karen's waist to him and began to work up to her flat tummy, exposed under her cropped T-shirt. His hands slipped under the shirt to the back.

Karen sat up on him, letting Rick's hands move to the front. Her nipples were hard against her shirt. Rick flicked them gently with his finger tips. His hands massaged her body, her back and stomach, and her aching breasts. Hesqueezed her and pumped his hips up into her grinding pelvis.Hegradually began to twist and pull at her thickening nipples. I gasped as I watched him take control of my wife. She was slipping into his spell like I'd never expected.

Rick lifted Karen up toward him. She gasped, surprised at his strength. Rick's hands squeezed my wife's ass as his tongue teased her nipples through her T-shirt. I could see her nipples straining through the now wet material of her T-shirt. Rick began to suck them, keeping Karen firmly in his grip, her hips bucking on his lap. She moaned, her eyes closed, her head thrown back. "Oh...Rick..." she said softly, " good."

Rick lifted her T-shirt off. Karen's tits, so full and ripe, nipples hard and wet, looked incredible. Rick pulled her toward him. Swooning, she submitted to his grasp, running her fingers through his hair as he sucked and squeezed her breasts. She looked over at me in a daze, then her eyes rolled back and closed as Rick sucked her nipples deeply. She fell limp in his grasp as he devoured her body, working his way down her stomach. She sat up as his hands pulled at her belt, unfastening it and pulling it off her, throwing it to the floor. Rick looked up at her sternly, as he unbuttoned her jeans. Karen fell back as he unzipped her pants and pulled them off her, revealing her long, muscular legs and g- string.

She lay on her back on the couch and Rick knelt over her almost naked body. Her breast heaved as she panted under him. Rick began licking and sucking her body, working his way to her hips, his large black hands pushing at her pelvis, tugging at her g-string. His hands gripped her ass, his fingers moving close to her lips, teasing, kneading. Her pussy ached and throbbed as he teased it with his finger tips. I moved closer to watch. Rick pushed his fingers against her asshole, massaged the skin between her asshole and her pussy, then massaged the opening to her moist slit, never pushing in, just teasing. Karen's chest heaved with her panting as Rick's mouth moved closer to her steaming cunt.

Rick put his mouth against her clothed mound and breathed. Karen moaned deeply. His hands pressed against her bush and he pulled the material of her g-string to the side to reveal her blonde brown bush, neatly trimmed and, to my surprise, shaved around her pussy! Her lips were swollen thick and hard. Rick, on his knees now, looked at her shaved treasure and turned to look at me. "She does this for you?" he asked. "Not this time," I barely gasped.

Karen bit her lip and looked innocently up into Rick's eyes. He looked at her and said, "You nasty little white bitch. I never can say no to a shaved pussy." and with that, he lowered his mouth and I lost sight of her snatch. Karen arched her back and squeezed her nipples hard as Rick's mouth engulfed her pussy. His tongue slurped and smacked between her legs, while Karen's body bucked and pumped under the power of his hungry mouth. Rick dropped his shirt off and reached up to massage Karen's tits. She lay her hands on top of his as he squeezed her tits, pinching and twisting her nipples gently.

"Mmmmmm, Rick. Your tongue! God, it goes so deep," Karen moaned. I walked over to them. I looked down at Rick's muscular black body at my wife's waist. His tongue was working her clit masterfully. I looked at Karen. Her eyes were glazed as she looked at me. "Oh, Michael..... he does it soooo good." she sighed. "Don't stop, Rick. Please..... I need it. I .....I need you, Rick.....God how I need you," she sighed as she closed her eyes and I lost contact with her.

Rick slipped a finger inside her, licking and sucking her clit. Then he stood up. Karen looked up at him dutifully. Rick stood in front of her. "On your knees, working white girl," he commanded. Karen, her eyes locked on Rick's, obeyed without a word. She knelt at his waist as Rick stood before her, his jeans bulging beneath his toned, muscular torso. Karen stroked his cock through his jeans and chuckled softly. She turned toward me. "Oh, Michael.... he IS big!" she said, "....ooohhhhh...soooo big" she whispered.

She unbuttoned his jeans, one button at a time. She reached into his underwear and her eyes opened wide. "My god!" she gasped, "oh my......oh GOD...." she said breathlessly. She pulled it out. Rick's big black cock, still not fully erect, was swollen and heavy in her hands. He was at least 10", 4 inches more than me. She looked at it, entranced. She held it in the palm of her right hand, admiring him. She looked up at him and softly said, "Oh, Rick....I didn't know you were such a man. I never knew you were so big!"

She opened her mouth slowly and, looking at me, she took the massive head into her mouth. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm," she moaned as she sucked him in slowly. She held on to his cock firmly, her fingers almost touching. She worked her way up and down his thick pole, licking and sucking. She held his big balls in her hands, kneading and stroking them. She looked up at him, obediently, her eyes fixed on his as she sucked that monster black cock of his. Every so often she'd let him go, gasping for air only to hungrily go down on him again. His cock grew and grew and GREW. She pulled it out of her mouth and looked at me.

"This is a man's cock," she said, "the kind of cock I've been dreaming of. Oh Michael, you've never given me a cock like this. Not like Rick." she said pleadingly. Then, looking at Rick, she said, "I want you. Do whatever you want, Rick. I don't care, just please let me have, you are such a fucking stud!" and she gulped his cock down again, deeper and deeper. Her brow knotted as she worked to force his mass down her throat. She choked and pulled him out, gasping for air, then attacked him again.

This time, she slowly worked her way along his shaft, pulling him in inch by inch. She looked up at him, helpless under the force of that powerful black cock. She closed her eyes as if in pain, but put her hands on his ass, forcing his cock deeper into her throat. She choked again, but pulled him toward her, this time, Rick grabbed her head and pulled it down onto him. She pulled away, gasping and frustrated. She got up and laid down on the couch and guided Rick to stand at the end of the couch. Rick dropped his pants from around his thighs and strutted toward my wife, his massive 10" cock swaying tall, strong and hard before his taut, muscular body.

Karen hung her head over the back of the couch and Rick knelt in front of her upside down head. Karen pulled him toward her, sucking that incredible pole down into her throat. Rick moved toward her. I could see Karen's hands clutching his ass as she pulled him deeper into her mouth. I moved to see her mouth and saw only Rick's big black hairy balls pressed against my wife's sweet face. The sweat from his cock rolled onto Karen's cheeks, but she sucked him deep. Rick bent over Karen's tight little body and began to lick her pussy again, pumping his cock down into Karen's throat. I could hear her choking and gagging, but her hands kept pulling his strong ass into her. They devoured each other like animals, Karen getting skull fucked by Rick while Rick sucked Karen's pussy.

Finally, she pulled him away, gasping, coughing and panting. She rolled off the couch and knelt before him. Rick stood up in front of Karen. His tall strong body glistened with sweat. His massive black cock, thick and swollen strained forward from his body. It was an incredible sight seeing Rick's broad shouldered, muscular body, that thick pole stretching out from him. That cock seemed even bigger than before. Karen looked up at him as if in worship, her eyes locked on his. Rick stepped forward and Karen dutifully reached up and gripped his huge black pole, one hand wrapped around the base, the other above it. Rick's cock was over 11 inches and too thick for Karen's fingers to grasp.

"My god...." she gasped as she knelt before him. "fuck me with it,'re!" she sighed. I looked at her and called out to her. She turned to me slowly, dazed, as if she didn't recognize me at first.

"He's sooo hot!" she whispered, "so strong, I want that big black cock, Michael. I need him to fuck me. He's so much more much more.... he's so much better hung...oh Michael, I want Rick to fuck me. I need him. I never knew, but ...." she turned to Rick, looking up at him, "Oh Rick, you're such a man, so strong, you make me feel so fucking nasty! Fuck me, I don't give a shit about Michael, I want to be fucked by a black man!"

Rick looked at me, "Looks like the working white girl is going to get what she wants....finally," he said. "Yes," Karen said looking at me, "I'm going to get fucked by a real man and you're going to have to watch how it should be done. How a black man fucks a woman."

Rick stood in front of her as she knelt before him again. He slapped her face with his cock and it made a loud wet smacking sound. She closed her eyes as he beat her again and again with that big wet cock. She hugged his muscular legs and lifted her face to him, her mouth open as he continued to cock whip her. Then he put the tip of that swollen black dick down into her mouth. Karen gulped it down submissively, opening her eyes to look up at her master. Then he pulled it out and beat her with it again.

"Beg for it, working white girl," Rick ordered, "beg for that black cock, show me how you need it. Show me how you want this big black dick."

"I want you, Rick. I want you more than anything! I'll do anything you want! Anything!! Please, Rick. I need you. Fuck me with it, Rick." she begged, "Rape me, I don't care!!!"

"What about him?," Rick asked, pointing at me.

"Fuck him!" she spat. "I don't want that fucking wimp. I came here to be taken like a woman by a man! I want you, Rick." She looked at me coldly, "Don't even think of fucking touching me while I'm fucking my black man." she ordered.

She knelt and turned her ass to him, lifting it up to him. Rick squatted over her ass and slapped his big wet dick on her ass. He spanked her hard and loud, leaving read welts where his cock came down on her firm ass. He rubbed it around her soaking wet pussy, massaging it with the tip. Karen closed her eyes. Rick slipped the tip down into her.

Karen gasped and opened her eyes wide. Rick eased it in slowly. "Ooooohhhhhhoooooohhh" she moaned deeply. He grabbed her hips, gently guiding her back as he fed inch after inch down into her throbbing pussy. He stretched her tighter than I've ever seen. Karen bit her lip and moaned again softly. Rick was only half inside of her. He pulled out a bit and the skin around her cunt pulled away with him, so tight was he inside her. Then he leaned forward and slid it in again, only this time much deeper.

Karen bared her teeth and, eyes closed, gave a deep, throaty growl. "Oh my GOD, Rick. YES!" she shouted, "YES, GOD you are fucking me good!"

Rick pulled out again then gave it all to her. All 11 rock-hard inches plunged slowly and deliberately straight down into her aching pussy. Karen almost collapsed from the intensity, but she strained every muscle in her body to stay up, keeping her ass cocked high for her man.

"Goddamn!", Rick said, "you are fucking, TIGHT! Nice of you to leave her so tight for me, Mike," he said. "Now let's see how she handles the real thing."

Rick knelt on his left knee and placed his right foot flat on the floor and took Karen by the hips. He began to pump straight into her. Karen moaned and groaned with each stroke, her eyes closed. Then she opened her eyes and looked at me. It was as if she didn't even know I was there, her eyes were glassy and her pupils big and black. He whole body was limp in Rick's control. She lurched forward as he pumped her and drew back as he pulled away. Each stroke seemed to pull her further and further from my grasp. I don't even know if she was even really seeing me. She looked so helpless.

Rick placed both feet flat on the floor and squatted over Karen, who was still on all fours. He lifted her hips up off the floor and pulled her up onto his massive black cock. Her arms buckled and she fell to the floor, her face turned to the side, her arms limp. Rick held her hips and pulled her up toward his cock, pumping her hard and deep, never missing a beat. Karen began to regain her composure and lifted herself up by her arms.

Her eyes were steely cold, her teeth clenched. She looked straight at me. "Oh Michael, he's soooo much bigger than you and he fucks me like you never could! God, look at you holding your dick. A man like Rick should never have to hold his own dick. Never. God I can't believe I went for soooo long before I ...." she stopped suddenly. Rick lifted her up straight from the floor.

Now Rick stood straight up picking Karen up with him, her body still impaled by his cock. Karen had her back to his chest and Rick effortlessly slipped one arm under each of Karen's knees and began to pinch her nipples. I could see Karen's glistening body with Rick's thick black pole sliding right up inside her as he held her against him, her feet off the ground and totally in Rick's control. His long strong legs held them both as he pumped up into her. Karen rolled her head back against Rick's shoulder and they kissed furiously, their tongues fucking each other's mouths.

She stopped and looked at me again. "Look at this nigger's cock inside me, Michael. Look how big he is. Oh Rick, don't let him stop us, I don't want you to stop, I love it, I love your cock. He's fucking me deep, Michael, fucking me like a real man. I don't ever want him to stop! Never!!"

Rick sat down and Karen stayed on his lap, facing me. She kept her cold hateful eyes on me as she slid up and down that slick iron pole. Each stroke made her stronger, meaner, colder, hotter. She looked at me with hatred in her eyes. Rick never stopped feeding her that magnificent dick. She laid back on him and he pumped up into her.

Then Karen rolled off him and laid back, spreading her legs. "Rick...," she said softly. Rick knelt in front of her and guided his cock inside of her. She took every inch without flinching. They were completely oblivious to me now. They embraced as Rick began to pump that powerful black cock into my now helpless wife. She sighed and moaned as she rode out every thrust he delivered to her petite body. Her legs wrapped around his black ass and she pumped herself up at him. Their movements built into an incredible crescendo, Rick's powerful cock brutalizing my Karen and her voice begging for more, always more. She cried out for him as if in pain and he responded, filling her ever deeper. Her hands dug into his flesh as they began to convulse.

Rick stood up and lifted Karen's hips up to his, her head hanging down as he banged her mercilessly. Her arms flailed helplessly as he pounded her pussy onto his engorged cock. He rubbed her pussy up onto him with each thrust, grinding her clit against him. "Oh god....Oh god!" Karen gasped, "Rick.....RICK!!!! .....Oh GOD RICK!!!!!!" she cried out, almost in tears. Rick never broke his rhythm. He fucked her good and pounded her into an earthshattering orgasm as she tried to pound herself against him, helplessly. She gasped and moaned and cried as he fucked her through wave after wave of her orgasm, her pussy gripping tightly onto his cock. She called his name again and again, panting and gasping for air.

Then Rick put her down on the floor and pulled his cock from her. I cannot begin to tell you even in words how hung he was, how big and majestic that black pole looked, like a great pole of flesh straining forward from his body. He grabbed his cock and pumped it. He gasped and moaned deeply as the first shot of cum fired out of that huge black cock. He pumped and pumped and pumped, covering my sweet little wife with more cum than I've ever seen in my life. Her whole body was slick with his juices. Karen wiped it all over her tits and face, but let some of it run down onto her pussy. Rick collapsed beside her. They lay next to each other, winded, spent, sweat rolling down their tired bodies.

Round Two

Rick pulled himself up and walked toward the bathroom, his half erect cock still looking intimidating as hell. From the bathroom, he tossed Karen a wet washcloth. She wiped his cum off her chest and face and stood up, his cum still dripping from her pussy.

"Follow!" she commanded me. I rose and, on shaky legs, followed her into the bedroom. She laid back on the king-sized bed and spread her legs. "Clean me up, you little fuck!"

I looked at her soaked pussy, bathed in Rick's cum. "Lick it up, asshole! C'mon!" she commanded. I knelt at the edge of the bed and moved toward her cunt. The musky smell of her pussy mingled with the fresh scent of Rick's still hot cum. I began to lick her, tasting the wet saltiness of Rick's cum. I licked and sucked, drinking him up into me and swallowing it up, feeling it's hot sting ..."mmm," she purred, "now back to work," and with that she wrapped her hand around that swollen black cock and sucked him back into her mouth greedily. Rick looked at me and smiled, then closed his eyes as my wife devoted herself to pleasing his cock. She stopped and turned toward me.

"Aren't you going to sit down? You didn't really think I was through with this race horse cock did you? Sit the fuck down. I haven't even begun to use this man." She looked up at Rick and he smiled at her in approval. She looked up coyly, "Shall I suck it some more? What can I do to please you? Just name it. I'll do anything for your big black cock, Rick. I'd die for it."

"I think you have the right idea, baby," he replied, "that mouth of yours is doing just fine."

She giggled softly, taking his cock back into her mouth. Then she stopped, pulled away from him and moved to the center of the bed. She patted the bed next to her, inviting Rick to sit down. He obliged her, crawling to the bed and laying down with his torso up against the head board. Karen positioned herself so that I could get a full view of Rick's growing cock. She looked at me as she licked and sucked his cock to it's full 11 inches. She looked at it, laughing softly, gratefully, almost in disbelief. "I just cannot believe how fucking big you are!" she laughed. She sighed, looking lovingly at his fully erect prick.

She looked at me, holding his mighty cock in her hands. "Look at that, Michael. That is one big mean black cock. Wanna see me fuck it again? Like I'd care if you didn't! No...I think I'm going to fuck my man at least once more. How could I not? Look at him. Jesus! What a fucking stud!" She looked at Rick, "You sure know how to use this dick, don't you? You're not afraid to use it, are you? I know you're not afraid, I felt it. You fucked me like a woman needs to be fucked, forcefully, like an animal. You fucking raped me and I loved every minute of it. I never should have left you alone for so long, always so close, that beautiful cock always so close. God." She stopped to suck on his cock again, taking him almost two thirds of the way in, stroking his balls. She pumped her head up and down on him slowly again and again, Rick's hand resting on the back of her head. She stopped to catch her breath.

"Jesus, you just keep getting harder, don't you? It's a good thing I never knew about this before we were married," she said shaking Rick's huge pole at me, "otherwise things would've been a lot different. Don't you agree, Rick?" she said to him, taking him back in her mouth again. "What's the matter?" she asked me, "you don't really think that size doesn't matter do you? How could anyone not love this? So big and strong and on such a hot fucking body, too. Yeah, I'd say that this is the complete package. A strong black man, with a perfect body and a cock like a fucking horse. A cock to die for." She looked me over, "not quite what you're packing......kid." She threw her head back and laughed, then turned toward Rick and sucked him all the way down into her throat, almost to his balls. He groaned as she deep throated his dick again and again, slowly, hungrily. Then she pulled him out of her mouth.

"Hey," said Karen with a hint of mischief in her voice, "come here, Mike." I walked over to her and she broke into a smile. "Stand next to Rick," she said slyly. I did as I was told. Rick got off the bed and stood next to me, smiling. Rick's body made mine look weak. He was tall, black, muscular with a toned body, compared to my soft white body. My cock looked like a little kid's penis next to him. He was so intimidating. It looked bigger close up than it did from the couch. He was so much thicker than I was, and at least 5 inches longer. The head was swollen and bulbous, his balls hung heavy. His black cock was so big and heavy that it looked like it would break off him, though it stood tall and erect in front of him, almost majestic looking. My cock looked ridiculously small and thin. I prepared for the worst.

"Hmmmmm," said Karen, "now which of these cocks do I love better. I mean which one do I really love. That is the question here." She held them both, one in each hand, looking back and forth between them, comparing.

Rick said, "which one do you love the most? Which is the one you'd do anything for? Really, Karen. Tell us."

Karen looked up at me, sheepishly, taken aback by Rick's direct question. She looked warmly up at me, then looked at my cock, smiling. She glanced briefly at Rick's mighty prick, then looked lovingly at mine. She moved toward me slowly, opening her mouth, her eyes gazing softly up at me. Then, right at the moment when I thought that she would close her lips on my aching cock, she spat on it and laughed. I looked down at her, she laughed and grinned an evil grin, then turned her attention to Rick. She looked up at him obediently, then ran her hands slowly up his muscular stomach, caressing his body, her eyes lovingly fixed on his. Then she looked at me spitefully and dove head first into his cock, her groans muffled by his thick black dick down her throat.

"Guess that's it for you, kid. Grab a seat while I fuck your wife." Rick said casually. They both got back onto the bed as I backed toward the couch. Karen pulling Rick along by his cock, using it like a handle to guide him.

"C'mon, baby, fuck me with that nigger cock again." Karen said to Rick. "Give me all you've got, I want it all, this time." She faced him and straddled his mighty pole. She gripped it, aiming the head at her dripping snatch. She lowered herself gently, gasping as it parted her lips wide. Once she had slipped the head in, she placed her hands on Rick's broad shoulders to steady herself. He placed his hands on her hips, but let her lower herself onto him. Slowly, inch by throbbing inch, she took him up into her. It seemed like hours as she teased herself with him. She'd take a few inches, then pull her hips quickly up off of him, barely leaving the tip inside her. Then she'd slowly work her way down, taking him just a bit deeper until finally, his huge black cock had completely disappeared except for his pendulous balls. She sighed deeply in relief.

Karen began to rock back and forth, feeling him up inside her, stretching and filling her to the hilt. She moaned and groaned as she rocked back and forth on him, swaying to a silent beat deep inside of her. She began to roll back and forth on him, Rick's hands pulling her hips back and forth. Then she slid up, revealing his thick black wet cock. She slid up and up and up. I kept expecting him to run out of cock, but it just kept coming out of her. Then, as the base of his tip appeared, she lowered herself back down. She swooned as if she were about to pass out as she sat back down on him, but then lifted herself up from him again.

She built into a slow, sexy rhythm, pumping herself up and down on him. Rick kept his hands on her hips, guiding her up and down his giant dick. She gasped and panted as she ground herself down on him then pulled herself up, his cock almost pulling her tight snatch inside out. The smacking sounds of her dripping pussy pumping on his stick made me crazy. It was sloppy and wet as Karen's pussy became soaked with the sensations his prick produced in her tight cunt.

Sensing she was weakening, Rick took control, rolling Karen onto her back. He pulled his cock out and in sprang up, 11 iron inches strained forth from his hard flat stomach. He let Karen lay on her back, but lifted her hips up off the bed. He then scissored his legs perpendicular to Karen's so that he was straddled over her upraised hips, one leg near Karen's chest, the other at the foot of the bed. He split her legs below him and pointed his swollen rod down toward her pussy. He fed it down into her, inch after inch, then holding himself up by his arms and feet, began to pump her helpless body. Karen put her hands under the base of her back to hold her hips up in the air for him. Rick's body was perpendicular to Karen's and he did push-ups in and out of her body. She closed her eyes as he drilled deep into her.

Rick rolled her upright as his snake-like black cock slid out of her. He sat on the corner of the bed facing me, his feet flat on the floor. Karen crawled seductively off of the bed, her eyes on him, admiring him, looking him up and down. Her eyes came to rest on his cock as she knelt before him, taking it into her mouth to get him wet. Rick lifted her head and guided her body around so that she was facing me. She straddled him and aimed his powerful cock up into her swollen lips. Looking at me, she lowered herself onto him, groaning deeply, her eyes now rolling back in her head. She opened her eyes and looked straight at me, glancing down at Rick's cock plumbing her pussy, then back at me, biting her lip.

"Ooooh, Michael! He's big inside me…sooo big! Fuckin' me so good…" she purred. "Yeah, baby…. Deep like that…deep like that….that's good, c'mon" She looked back at him as Rick's black hands squeezed my wife's tits. "Oh Michael," she said, "that is one BIG BLACK cock…. God, what a man!" she breathed as she closed her eyes again.

Karen opened her eyes, looking at my cock in my hands. A half grin crept across her face. "It only takes one hand for you, doesn't it Michael? To stroke your cock…" She stood up and knelt next to Rick. "Look, Michael," she said as she grasped Rick's thick pole in her hand. Her hand left over half of that swollen cock exposed. Then she grasped the rest of his cock with her other hand, the bulbous head still exposed. Karen threw her head back and lunged at his cock, taking the tip into her mouth lovingly, then moving her hands out of the way as she worked her way down, massaging his balls. She gasped as she came up for air. Looking up at him pleadingly, she whispered, "Oh Rick, you're so... big, so so fucking HOT!"

Rick laid back as my wife licked and sucked at his monstrous dick. Karen looked at me as she slapped her face with that big wet dick, mouthing the words, "I love it, Michael….I love it." Karen crawled up onto the bed a laid next to Rick facing me, sucking his cock, smiling at me, laughing softly.

Then Rick rolled her onto her side and pulled her legs up to her chest, kneeling before her exposed bush and ass. He pried her cunt lips apart and poked his cock head into her and leaned forward, driving it into her eager pussy. Karen laid beneath him, helpless, her eyes closed, completely at his mercy. Rick pumped her slowly and seductively, his whole body grinding in rhythm. She opened her eyes, looking meekly up at him. Rick lowered his face to hers and they kissed deeply, passionately, lovingly. Karen reached up, stroking his black body, his back, his hips, his ass. Her caresses were slow and loving, passionate and hungry. Rick's whole body worked her, he made love to her, filling her deep and tight.

"Oh, Rick!" she sighed, looking into his eyes, "please don't stop, lover. Please. Fuck me sooo good, baby, sooo good," she cooed softly, her eyes closing, "yeah that's it, lover, deep and good. Deep like I need it. God, you fuck me good. No, no,...don't stop, Rick. I want it deep. I need it deep, you know what I need, don't you?"

"Yes," he answered softly, "yes, I do."

He laid down on his side behind her, his cock still inside her. He put his hands on his her as they pumped back and forth onto each other. He fucked her from behind while they laid on their sides, then gently raised her left leg up with his hand.

"Mike, watch me fuck your wife from over there," he said, looking at the side of the bed directly facing them. "I want you to see my cock going in." I walked over and watched Karen, laying on her right side, her left leg raised up to reveal Rick's thick wet black cock sliding effortlessly into her pussy, pulling it sooo tight. I could barely keep my hands off myself.

"Oh Michael," Karen said, almost weeping, "God I love him inside me, so big and strong. Oh Michael, I don't ever want him to stop. I love it so! Don't make him stop, don't make me stop fucking him, I want him inside me, fucking me, he's the best, Michael! The best! Ohhhh!!"

"Tell him I'm better than him," Rick said softly. "He is, Michael, he's the best cock I've ever had. Better than you....oh GOD! better than ANYONE!"

"Tell him you want me more than him. Tell him, Karen." Rick said.

"Oh I do, Michael!" she pleaded. "I want him more than you, I want him more than anything!"

"Oh God!" she wept, "he keeps filling me so deep! I keep thinking he's done growing, then he drives it deeper and deeper!" She gasped and froze. "oh god!......oh god!.......oh GAAWWWWD!" she moaned. "Oh Michael!" she whispered faintly, then she growled, "Oh Michael! Goddamn! This black man is fucking the shit out of me!" She closed her eyes, her eyebrows raised. Then she scowled, possessed. A change seemed to wash over her. She growled deeply, gasping as Rick's thrusts became more deliberate, more forceful. "Fuuhuhuhuhuck!" she gasped in rhythm to his strokes.

With that, Rick rolled her onto her stomach and drove his cock in as deep as he could. "SHIT!" she screamed, "FUCK ME!!! JESUS! FUCK ME, YOU FUCKING NIGGER BASTARD!!! POUND THE SHIT OUT OF ME!! FUCK IT! FUCK IT! GODDAMN YOU, FUCK ME!!!"

Rick drew his hand back and slapped her ass so hard I thought I'd leap from my seat, but Karen growled a deep approving growl and he beat her again. He drew back and slapped her cheeks hard with an open hand.

"You fucking white slut!" he spat at her, "I'll fuck you, you little whore!" and he laid into her like I'd never seen before, driving his cock all the way to the balls, riding her hard and fast and deep, his hands locked onto her hips. Karen was bathed in sweat and was grunting and cursing, then she looked up over her shoulder at him, her eyes dutifully on his as if begging him to continue. She held her ass up off the bed for him with all her might in ecstatic offering, lifting it up for his savage thrusts, lifting it up to her master. He cracked her ass again and again with his open hand, continuing his relentless pounding of her pussy..


Her whole body locked up and began to convulse, but Rick paid no attention, continuing his furious pounding of her pussy, driving his cock down into her, hitting bottom each time, her body convulsing in pain and pleasure. Rick kept fucking her as she came out of her orgasm. His rhythm never broke and Karen began to boil up inside again, her pussy pulling tight around Rick's rock hard dick. Barely able to move, she knotted her brow, gritted her teeth, and lifted her ass up to Rick again, as if it took all her energy to do so. This only helped him to drive even deeper. She came again, this time barely able to keep herself up, but Rick never broke. She screamed as her orgasm gripped her body and shook her convulsively. Her hands clawed at the air, grabbing at the bed, pulling the sheets. Still, every muscle strained in her body to keep her ass in the air for him. "yes....yes!...yes!...YES!..." she sobbed in rhythm with his jabs, her eyes closed, eyebrows raised.

"C'mon, bitch. Cum for me again. I ain't stopping 'til you cum for me again! I'm just gonna keep fucking you, you fucking white cunt!" Rick said angrily. He reached out for her hair, grabbed a handful and yanked her head back and looked into her eyes. "You gonna cum again, bitch? Or do I have to fuck it out of you? You gonna beg me for it? What's the matter? Don't want me anymore? Huh? Answer me you fucking cunt!"

"You bastard!" Karen hissed, "fuck me then, you son of a bitch, I can take it. I want it, you fuck! Give it to me! Oh GOD it hurts!! Fuck me, goddamn you, fuck me. I hate how I need your big fuckin' nigger cock so bad!"

Rick hauled off and beat her ass again, leaving it hot and red, Then Rick put her up on all fours and squatted over her as he had the first time they fucked. He drove his dick down into her hard and brutally. She grunted and cursed him under her breath. "You fucker, you know I won't say 'no.' I can't say no to you, you fucking animal. Fuck me nigger!"

She collapsed on the bed, but thrust her ass up into him. She turned her head to the side, gasping for air, spitting curses at him, pleading with him, calling out passionately to him. Rick never let up, single-mindedly devoting his body to the conquest of her hungry cunt. Doggedly, she pushed her shoulders up off the bed.

"Oh god, Rick. Oh GOD! Oh my lover, yes! DO IT! FUCK! Goddamn it, I'm going to cum on your big black cock. I'm cumming, I'M CUMMING!!"

Karen's legs kicked out from under her and she broke into spasm. Rick fell forward, his weight driving Karen flat on the bed again. Her legs kicked underneath him and he continued raping my wife with her complete acquiescence. Her screams were muffled by the bed, but she kicked and clawed as each jolt of her orgasm shattered her body. Each pump drove a throaty grunt from my wife. He pumped her until she was spent underneath him.

"Get up,white-slut bitch!" he ordered. She looked at him angrily, but obeyed without question.

"Eat it up, you slut!" he snapped.

"Yeah, that's it! Cum all over my face!" she hissed, smiling an evil grin at him. Rick stood over her angelic face, pumping that giant black pole. Karen closed her eyes and opened her mouth hungrily. Rick's cock jumped and shot a enormous white load into Karen's mouth, then another, and another and another. His massive black cock spurted so much cum that her face and mouth were covered with it, sticking in her hair, her eyes, and dripping out of her mouth and down her face. Slavishly, she licked him clean, looking up at him for approval. She was his slave, his servant and Rick approved.

Round Three

I was whipped just from watching them. Rick's dick was still swollen, his hardness barely breaking. His cock was black and wet and cum dripped from the massive head. Karen's face shone with Rick's wet juices, still running down her face. Karen hugged his legs, pressing her face to his thigh, her eyes closed. Rick stroked Karen's head. She was shaking.

Rick laid down on the bed on his back. Karen laid next to him, her head on his chest. Rick gently caressed her as Karen kissed his body softly. They laid together for about 15 minutes. I dared not speak or touch them. When they got up, the walked calmly to the bathroom. I heard the shower running for a few minutes. They emerged from the bathroom, Rick in his boxers and Karen wearing his t-shirt. Were they done? I didn't know, but was still afraid to say or do anything.

Then they sat down on the bed, Rick sitting with his arms bracing himself. Karen knelt beside him. They kissed softly. Rick stroked her arm and Karen laid her hand on his thigh. Rick's body was pumped from fucking and he looked hard and muscular. Karen looked over his black torso, oblivious to me. Her hand caressed his stomach, tracing his washboard abs.

Then she pulled his long black cock from his pants and bent over him, taking it slowly into her mouth. Rick began to rub her ass through her long t-shirt. She gripped his thick cock at the base and began to pump it with her hand, sucking deeply on the tip. She sucked so deep and so hard, her brow knotted with the effort, her eyes closed tightly. I watched as she sucked up and down that incredible dick.

She sat up, still pumping his cock with her left hand, unbuckling his belt with her right. Rick lay back, watching her work. She pulled at his pants, trying to unbutton them, her eyes always on his cock. When she pulled them open, she dropped to his body, sucking and biting his muscular stomach, working her way down to that powerful cock. Rick's erect dick, so long, black, and thick, swayed with her movements.

Karen straddled his face, climbing on top of him, then began devouring his cock whole, choking and gagging on its thick length. Rick began to suck and lick her wet pussy, poised just above his face. He buried his face between her cheeks, licking her. Karen worked her head down every inch of that mighty cock, forcing herself down to the balls, her face knotted in pain and pleasure. She took him all into her throat. All 11 inches! Up and down slowly she went, fucking his prick with her moistened lips.

Then suddenly, she sat up, pulling off her T-shirt, then dropped back down onto his body, sucking up his cock hungrily. Rick slipped a finger inside her and began licking her clit. Karen grabbed his massive pole with her right hand and began to pump, licking his black hairy balls and kneading them with her left hand. She worked her mouth over him and deep throated him again and again, slowly, passionately. She alternated between sucking him down into her throat and pumping his cock with her hand, her whole arm working to pump him.

She lifted her head, her face tight in ecstatic agony and pleasure, then just as quickly, fell gasping back onto his prick. It slipped from her mouth, huge and glistening from her throat, flopping down then bouncing back, slapping her face. She moaned as Rick's finger flipped deeper inside her. Helpless, she attacked his cock again, pumping the enormous shaft with her right hand and sucking it as deeply as she could. When her lips met her hand, she threw her hand to the side, clearing the way to take him all the way down her throat. She coughed and gagged as her lips met his swollen balls. She closed her eyes tightly and sucked, Rick's balls drawing up into his body with pleasure. Then she slowly let it slip out, inch after inch.

She rolled off of him onto her back. Rick rolled off the bed then knelt over her face. He fed his cock down into her mouth while she stroked his balls and cock with her right hand, her left hand in his ass. She licked him devotedly, her eyes looking obediently up at his muscular body towering over her. She licked and sucked him, alternately pumping his cock with both hands and sucking his balls. She was completely under Rick's power, ready to obey his cock.

"Mmmmmm, you like it, don't you?" Rick said.

"Uh-huh..." she replied faintly, her eyes on him, ready for his command, completely submissive to him.

"Tell me how much you love it, Karen. Tell me."

"Oh, Rick! God, how I love it! So big, black, and strong! Soooo much cock, so much more than I'm used to. More than I've ever had! More than I could ever dream of!! God, how you fuck me with it. I want you so bad! I'd die for your black cock, Rick. I'd die for it!"

Rick reached for her legs and slowly spun her around, still on her back, her pussy now toward him. He lowered himself, kneeling before her on the floor near the bed, and began to lick her clit, rubbing the flesh above it with this thumb, his finger probing deeply into her.

Kneeling in front of her, his heavy pole swaying gently before him, he pulled her toward him. Karen closed her eyes, knowing what was coming. His mighty cock swayed in front of him as though he was wielding a fleshy sword at her, brandishing his manhood above her defenseless asshole. He pushed the first few inches in. It was agony for her, but she moved toward him, moaning a soft, shrill moan. He stretched her tight.

He pulled out and licked at her pussy again, then pulled away. This time he pushed all eleven inches deeply in her ass. Karen lifted her hips and lower back up off the bed, taking him as deeply as she could. Rick gasped at the sight of her body flexed and lifted up off the bed onto him. Her every muscle worked to take him in, her arms raised above her head. Rick effortlessly lifted her hips up off the bed. Her ass had a vacuum lock on his monstrous dick. He lifted her hips up onto him, her shoulders still on the bed. Rick was strong, much stronger than I, and he easily guided her hips and legs up onto his cock. He took control of her, fucking her asshole in mid-air, her eyes closed in ecstasy. Gently, her laid her flat on her back.

He leaned forward and pinned her down by holding her biceps to the bed, her arms extended fully above her head. He slowly drove the entire length of his now fully erect black cock straight into her. She winced, gritted her teeth, and barely whispered his name. Rick pumped evenly, deliberately, making her take him slowly, every inch in and every inch out. His strokes continued as she gasped, still in pain. Still, I saw her pumping her ass up to him. He was hurting her terribly, but she never gave in, taking him as deep as she could.

He laid down on her and continued to slowly pump and grind himself. He'd reach bottom, then push deep, keeping his cock buried in her. She began to give in to the unbearable ecstasy of his horse-like cock. She began to moan with pleasure as the pain of Rick's thrusts began to melt into an uncontrollable lust for him. The pain was turning to pleasure, and Karen was his completely.

Rick rolled onto his right side, lying next to Karen who was still on her back. He lifted her left thigh up to her chest and rolled so that his long dick was underneath her pussy. He reached down with his left hand, grabbing his cock at the base, slapping at Karen's slick snatch. The sound of that swollen pole of flesh slapping at my wife's soaking cunt made me wild. I could tell that Karen was dripping in anticipation of him. She looked over her shoulder at him, helplessly, pleadingly. Rick slapped that big dick hard and loud onto Karen's cunt, spanking her pussy. She pleaded softly, "yes...yes....yes... Please stick that big black MONSTER up my ass again PLEASE!!!" with each rude smack of that thick black pole.

He placed the head at her asshole and slipped it just inside of her. Then he placed his left hand on her left thigh, holding it up as he drove his dick up into her. She pushed her ass back to meet his thrust, rolling to her right. Rick buried his cock straight to the balls. Karen's body was straining to take him, her hips arched back toward his, taking his cock, her shoulder's back by his arms, her whole back arched. Karen turned her head over her shoulder to Rick and he kissed her hungrily. They kissed passionately, their tongues driving deeply into each other's mouths. Rick's right hand reached around Karen and squeezed her tit, while his left hand held her left ankle, raising her leg high off the bed, his huge pole plunging into her hot little asshole. As he pulled it out, her asshole seemed as though it would be pulled inside out, so tight was her ass.

Rick rolled onto his back, pulling Karen on top of him. His cock slipped out and flopped toward the bed, bouncing back up and slapping my wife's empty pussy. Karen begged him to fuck her cunt again. Karen was laying on top of him, her back on his chest, her legs bent, feet flat on the bed behind his open thighs. Both she and Rick reached down to position his iron pole into her cunt. Rick lifted himself up toward her and Karen arched her back and pumped her hips down onto his stiff prick.

Rick laid still while Karen pumped her hips up and down on him, pumping herself onto the whole length of him, groaning and growling from the pleasure. Rick squeezed her tits, pinching her nipples, whispering hotly into her ears. She'd listen to him, eyes closed, eyebrows arched, then scowl, growling, pumping him even deeper, grinding herself onto him as hard as she could. She pumped him, arching her whole body up when she'd take him up into her, his black torso stretched tight.

Then she sat up, winded, dazed, holing herself up with one arm. She faced out away from him, her back above his chest, sitting on his lap. She squatted above his cock, then placed her hands back on the bed on either side of Rick's chest, supporting herself above him. She threw her head back and, as Rick put his hands around her waist, she began to pump her suspended body down onto him, helpless in ecstasy, needing only his huge black cock inside her.

They fucked, oblivious to me. No one spoke to or looked at me. Karen's head still hung back over Rick as she worked her hips up and down over him, his big black cock going straight up inside of her arched sweaty body. Rick slipped out of her, but he reached down and put it back in. Grateful, Karen slammed herself down on him. She groaned with each drive.

Sitting up on him, she pumped herself deeper. She squatted above him and pumped, almost in tears, her hands clutching her breasts. She fell back again, her arms extended, her hands flat on the bed on either side of Rick's chest. Karen arched her back gracefully, arcing her body so that her hips could glide easily up and down Rick's massive shaft. They fucked in this position, slowly, gracefully. Rick closed his eyes and rested his hands on Karen's hips as she worked them, making love to Rick's huge pole. "Ohhh yeah," Rick moaned, "do it nice,you white slut. Fuck that dick. Yeah!"

Karen laid back on him, her back resting on Rick's strong hard chest. Rick kept his cock up in her to the balls. He squeezed her breasts, rolling and pinching her nipples in his big hands. Karen's head fell back on Rick's shoulder and the kissed, their bodies moving together in a perfect erotic rhythm.

Rick rolled them over and Karen laid her chest and shoulders flat on the bed, her head turned aside, ass high in the air, her knees on the bed. Rick placed his hands on her ass, his thumbs caressing her swollen cunt lips. He gently pulled her cheeks apart, exposing her stretched, dripping pussy. Lovingly, he licked and sucked, softly pulling her clit into his lips, sucking it. His tongue bathed her ass over and over, bringing her deeper under his power. He licked his index and middle fingers and gently inserted them into Karen, his middle finger in her pussy, his index finger into her ass. She moaned softly, smiling, her lips parting.

Rick's fingers pumped Karen's holes slowly, deeply, as he ate her. Her ass swayed in rhythm to his hand's movements. "Mmmmmmmm, oh yeah....." she sighed. Rick made love to my wife's pussy with his mouth as if she were his own. Her breathing became heavier. "Put more fingers....put more fingers....Oh, Rick!" she panted. Rick pulled his fingers out and put two fingers in her pussy and two in her asshole, still gently pumping her. Her legs parted as she arched her ass up, the cheeks pulling further apart, exposing her slick cunt. Rick's tongue eagerly devoured her, his fingers fucking her.

"You ready for it again, baby?" he asked her, drawing himself up, kneeling next to her. She looked up over her shoulder at him lovingly, desperately, obediently. "Oh Rick..... oh my god!....oh my god!..." she breathed.

Rick's mighty cock sprung to attention before his taut body. He rubbed the bulbous head around her dripping pussy, getting it wet. Then he massaged her pink rosebud, teasing her. My god, I thought, he's going to do it AGAIN! He's going to fuck my wife in the ass AGAIN! He's going to rape her with that gargantuan cock AGAIN. AGAIN!!!. I was breathless.

Karen's eyes were closed, her hands tightly gripping the bedsheets in anticipation of what she prayed would come. Rick pushed the tip onto her asshole. Her tight ass resisted. Rick gently coaxed it open, careful not to hurt my beautiful little wife. Slowly, agonizingly slowly, he worked the head into her ass. Karen barely made a sound. She was frozen, eyes closed, eyebrows raised, biting her lip, her hands tightly gripping the pillow in front of her. When the last inch of the tip slipped in, she gasped loudly and began to pant, her body heaving.

Inch by inch he worked it into her. Karen winced at every inch he fed her, but she never resisted. She kept her ass up to him dutifully. Rick kept his eyes on his thick cock as if he were a master at work. Every inch worked in carefully, purposefully and so so slowly. Karen's pussy was swollen and dripping, her ass pulled taut, the skin around it shone with sweat and juices. Her legs began to shake as he pushed the last three inches toward her. Her breathing became louder, deeper, coarser. He stopped.

He pushed, but that incredible cock would go no further. He shifted a bit, then pushed again, this time harder, but it was no use. Karen pushed herself back toward him desperately, her face contorted in agony, needing him deeper. She braced herself with her arms, her body glistening with sweat. She offered her ass up to him grinding back toward Rick's blood engorged pole. He leaned forward to meet her thrust and pushed.

Karen let out an unearthly guttural groan as her ass surrendered to Rick's invading monster, taking him all the way to the balls. Karen reached back to feel his balls brushing against her pussy to prove to herself that he was really inside of her. Her body lay flat on the bed, her arms stretched out in front of her. She lifted her hips off the bed, raising her ass into Rick's thick pole. Rick knelt behind Karen, his legs between hers. He rested his hands on her ass and began to slowly pump, guiding his enormous dick deep into her hungry, throbbing asshole.

Karen's face was contorted in pain and pleasure, her eyes tightly closed, her mouth open, breathing heavily. Rick was masterful. He didn't just fuck her, he manipulated that mighty black pole with the precision of a surgeon, slipping it deep inside her, touching every nerve, satisfying her in a way she'd never felt with me. She was a slave to him. He had used that nigger cock to bring out the beast in my wife and now he was taming her with that same awesome black cock.

Karen pushed her arms on the bed, forcing herself back to him. She bucked her hips up to him, fucking his cock with her firm round ass. Rick kept his hands on her cheeks, keeping that massive pole poised above her, letting her fuck him. Karen was in ecstasy. She was oblivious to me. She looked at me for a moment, her eyes hazy. I couldn't even recognize her.

She bared her teeth, closed her eyes and growled and long deep growl. Her arms tensed as she braced herself. Rick fucked her asshole deep in a even, steady rhythm. My mouth was hanging open watching him drive that big black monster into my wife's ass again and again.

Karen began lifting her ass up until she was on her knees. Rick moved with her, never breaking his rhythm. Karen bent one leg, placing her foot flat on the bed, her other leg still kneeling. Rick kept pumping. Karen's chest still lay flat on the bed, but now she began to extend her legs, raising her ass even higher. Rick smoothly moved up with her, his cock buried deep in her asshole.

Her legs fully extended, Karen's head was upside down on the bed, her arms holding herself. Rick was standing above her, still fucking her. He moved his legs in front of hers and placed his hands on the wall to brace himself. Karen kept her legs fully extended, her head still on the bed, looking at me upside down. Rick broke for a moment to get his balance. He was standing above Karen's hot little ass. He was almost standing behind her except for that long pole poised above my wife's asshole, only the tip inside of her. Rick found his balance and braced himself, Karen closed her eyes in anticipation. Rick lowered himself into her with a mighty thrust and drove that cock straight down into her ass, his balls slapping her wet swollen pussy.

They fucked like that for a while until I thought Karen would collapse. Her voice had trickled to a high pitched whine and her legs were shaking under the intensity of Rick's pounding. She began to tremble, sweat rolling down her stomach to her chest and face. Rick, sensing she was about to cum, held her hips. Karen shuddered and began to hyperventilate. Her legs shook with an incredible intensity, Rick drove his cock into her mercilessly as her orgasm built. Finally, she cried out, long and loud as she came. Her legs buckled and Rick gently lowered her, his cock still servicing her dutifully. Her orgasm was long and intense, her breath coming in irregular gasps. Then, with one final groan, she fell to her knees and gave in completely to the pleasure of Rick's savage boning.

Rick wasn't done with her yet. He pounded her asshole with deep measured thrusts until Karen was fucking him like a wild animal, grunting and growling. She looked up over her shoulder at him coldly with an icy, obedient stare. This only made him fuck her more passionately. Her eyes locked on him as Rick's eyes closed in ecstasy, his head rolling back. Suddenly, he withdrew all eleven inches of his rock hard cock and began to pump it with his hand. It jumped again as it had before, firing a long hot stream of cum onto my wife's head and face. Again and again his cock pumped it's sticky lava onto my wife.

"Oh Rick! Please put it back in! I want to cum again!! Pleeeease, Rick!" Karen begged. Drained and exhausted, he gripped his still hard cock in his hands. Karen was still on her knees in front of him. She reached back with one hand, pulling her cheeks apart for him. "Please....please.....please...." she whispered to him looking up at him over her shoulder.

Rick stroked his cock as if to gauge whether it was up to the task of raping my wife's tight little asshole one more time. He slapped her ass with it and her eyes closed in grateful ecstasy. "Oh yes, baby... can fuck it! You can fuck it like a man! A BLACK man! C'mon, Rick..." Karen gushed.

Rick slipped his dick into her asshole easily and began to fuck her with deep savage thrusts. Karen's head dropped as her neck went limp, then she threw her head back, riding his cock for all she was worth. Rick leaned forward and took her up toward his chest, wrapping one long muscular arm around her body. Karen braced herself with her right arm and reached up around his neck with her left, their lips meeting in a sinful, passionate kiss.

Rick placed on foot flat on the bed, his other leg still kneeling as they fucked and kissed each other. They broke their kiss, gasping. "I love you, Rick! God, how I need you! Please don't stop fucking me, PLEASE! I love you, baby! I love you more than anything!! God you're so fucking HOT!!," Karen panted between his jabs.

"Don't ever stop, Rick! I need you to fuck me! I love you, Rick! I LOVE YOU!!!" With that, Rick began to pound her with an unbridled fury. He let himself loose completely and Karen submitted. They fucked like wild animals, driven by their lust, their passion, their deep need for each other. Then he began to tense.

"Cum in my ass, lover! Please!! Pump all your blackman cum inside me, Rick!! I WANT it!! I NEED it!!" Rick's back bolted straight up as Karen's words left her lips. Karen gasped as she felt his cock swell and jerk upward inside her. Rick's cock throbbed and filled her asshole. "Oh my GOD!!" she gasped as his cock almost lifted her up with his orgasm. Karen groaned loudly as her asshole and pussy twisted tightly with her orgasm. Their screams filled the air as Rick's mammoth black cock jerked and pounded and spasmed inside my wife, his cum spurting out of her ass with each thrust of his thick pole. Karen flailed helplessly, screaming in pain and pleasure, Rick's cock deep inside her.

In silence, they collapsed. I looked at them, lying together on the bed. Then Rick got up, smiled and nodded at me as he walked into the bathroom. Karen laid quietly on the bed, panting, Rick's cum oozing from her stretched asshole. After Rick left, Karen and I argued about her LOVE of Rick's cock! She filed for divorce the very next day and has moved in with him since!

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