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The Phone Call part 2

Another great wife turned slut story.


Man what Saturday, I'd never had more fun in my life, than I had with your wife Linda, and my roommate Chris. I know you heard what she had to say on the phone, but what you don't know is just what all that wife of yours got from us. We're both twenty-two years old, and are told that we're hung like mules. I know Linda told you about how we met her at her friends house. Well, that's right, we were there for an afternoon of playing cards, and it started out that way but soon the game turned to strip poker, or shall we say Poke Her. Well, when we got you wife's tits out of her bra, and she'd had about five or six wine coolers, her friend Tina, suddenly had to leave to pick up her son and take him to his grandmother's for the evening. Right after that is when Linda won another hand, and Chris lost his shorts. First off, Linda couldn't believe how big his dick was, and asked if she could touch it. She touched it, and studied it for a while, then looked up and Chris and lowered her lips to the head of his cock and started sucking him off, right there in front of me. I watched for a few seconds, my cock growing hard, then I moved over closer, took you r wife by the hand and guide it to my hard dick, where she began stroking it slowly while she sucked Chris off. She stroked it till the head of my cock was covered with drippy precum, then she left Chris for a moment, and moved to me, sucking every drop off the head of my dick. Linda then looked up at me and said, "FUCK ME NOW!!!" Then she went straight back to Chris' cock as if she were starving for dick. Chris was setting in a kitchen chair, and I moved Linda up on the other kitchen chair, to where she was on her knees in it, and bent over sucking Chris. Her jeans had already been lost in poker, so I slid her red panties aside, to find the drippiest cunt I could imagine. In I went, deep, deep, into your wife's hot pussy, driving the head of my cock way up inside her tunnel. Then as she sucked my friend, I pounded her cunt so hard I thought I would leave bruises on her ass. Then I looked at Chris and he was smiling as he started yelling for her to suck his dick, "Suck it Baby, Oh yeah, SUCK that dick woman, GOD, YYYYYEEESSSSSSSSSSSS !!!!!!!!" and Chis unloaded in your wife's mouth. She licked it all from his cock and balls, I think she enjoyed having a young dick like Chris' for a change.

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Then we moved to the bedroom, that when Linda called you on the phone, while we kept fucking her. Man you really do have one good fucker in that wife of yours. She never missed a beat while I pounded away in her fuck-hole, then after she hung up with you Chris and I fucked her the rest of the after noon and half the night. Oh, by the way, she did give us that ass, and we fucked it good filling it with cum from both of us, she really loves to be ass-fucked doesn't she. While she was on top of Chris I got behind her and just started teasing her asshole with the head of my dick, till she couldn't stand it anymore, and started begging for me to put it in. I tell you your little honey was stretched, both by the thickness of our big dicks as well as by the length of them. While I assfucked her I held her big tities for Chris to suck and then when we swapped up he did the same for me. She just went crazzy aver that.

We stopped fucking her three time and washed our cocks with wine cooler, so she could suck it off them, then we went right back to fucking. I just hope that some day when I get married, I get a woman who loves sex as much as Linda. Oh yeah, I thought I'd let you know, when your butt-fucking her, if you'll hold her hands behind her back, it really drives her crazy.


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sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.

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sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.