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The Phone Call part 1

Another great wife turned slut story.


I'd been working in the yard for the last three hours, and had just gone in to have a rest. It was a warm Saturday afternoon, and since Linda had been gone for almost a week, I'd really been trying to keep myself occupied to keep from being too lonely, after all I was too pick her up at the airport tomorrow afternoon. A week without my wife had been trying, especially considering she and I are used to making love to each other on an almost nightly basis. All it takes for me to get it up is to think about how beautiful she is when she sucks my dick into her lips, or how her wet pussy lips part for me when she's lying back and hoding her knees apart, or how juicy and hot her pussy is after I cum in it, and she wants me to eat her as the cum seeps out of her. Well, there I go , setting hard for her again, shen the phone rings.

"Hello." I say. Then I here my wife's voice on the other end, "Hey Baby, what are you doing right now?" "I've just been doing some yard work, what about you honey?" Then I heard a loud thump, and the rustling of what sounded like furniture, I figured she dropped the phone. "Are you there, I dropped the phone, Ummph." Linda paused again, then said, in her sexiest voice, "Do you really want to know?" I listened with apprehension, "Yes, I really do, tell me what your doing right now." "Well, you know I've been really horny for days." I began thinking of her lying back with her legs spread, and her finger massaging her wet clit. "And you remember all the times you said it was ok if I fucked someone else?" Now this is a twist, I thought. "Your, not.......or are you?" I said. "Are you sure it's OK with you honey?" Then I begin to think about last sumer when she teased me after going to visit Denise in FL, saying how much better my dick tasted than Martin's, and figured it was another tease, while she was playing with herself. "Well I went to see Tina yesterday and she had some friends over, Huuuuuuuhhhh, ohhhhh!!! And these tow guys, ohhhhh," Now she was really begining to pant as she tried to talk, and I was begining to wonder if her story was going where it seemed to be.

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"Baby,,,,,,,LINNNNDA are you there?" Then I heard my Wife's sweet voice, "Hi Baby, I'm right here. Well Steve, I'm doing it." "What?" I said, "Doing what?" Then her short breathe's stopped and she spoke again. "I'm letting them fuck me Baby, you did say it's ok, Right?" Wow, I know I did, but all of a sudden I'm not so sure, "What are they doing?" I asked. "Right now I'm lying on my stomach, and Donnie is on top of me, getting me from behind. His dick is really big Steve, and it's filling me up good, OHHHHHHHH GGGGGOD, its filling me good Honey. His friend Chris just came in my mouth, and sat down. His dick was big too, I could just barely fit it inside my mouth." I was really going for a loop now, I was trying to imagine what was happening, but what I did know was theat my dick was as hard as a rock. Linda went on narrating the activities, "OH God Baby, you should have been here, a few minutes ago I had one in my pussy and one in my mouth at the same time, I know you would like that wouldn't you? OHHHHHHHHH GGGGGGOD, OHH Baby, I wish you were here, I'm so full, you wouldn't believe the size of this dick that's in me now. Huhh, Huhh, Huhh, Huhh, Huhh, OOOOOOOUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHH, Baby, he's making me cum, YYYYYEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, YESSSSS, YESSSSSSS!!!!!! Steve, God, I wish you were here so I could suck you while these guys fuck me." Then for the first time I could plainly her her lover as he began to cum in my beautiful wife, "Steve, I can feel him. I can feel all of him, as he throbs, oH gosh, now I can feel his cum Baby, he's shooting his big load in me now honey." Then she must have moved the phone away as I heard, "Oh yeay, That's some good pussy Linda. Tell your husband that we LOVE your pussy." Then again I heard Linda on the phone, "Hang on a minute, Honey." Then I listened to little sucking noises, for a few seconds, "Do you know what that was?" Linda asked. "What, Baby?" I said. I just sucked the rest of the cum off Donnies dick, and Chris wants me on top of him. Are You Ok, is this bothering you, or making you horny?" All I knew is that I'd give anything that very second, to be with Linda, to kiss her, to suck her tits, to eat her sweet cunt, to hold her while she was being pleasured by these two big cocks. "Oh Baby, I'm about ready to cum right now, imagining you with those guys fucking your sweet pussy." Then my wife spoke up again, "Honey, I can barely get my fingers around Chris' dick, I'm stroking it slowly, and getting on top of him, now I'm placing it on my pussy,,,,,,,now I'm sliding down on him, OHHHH, it's big Honey, it's really big. Uhh, Uhh, Uhh, it's all the way in me now, God it's big." Then the phone went silent again, accept for Linda fast breathing, and I knew just what she was doing, I could imagine her pumping her beautiful ass up and down on him. "OHHH GGGGGGDDDD, I cant' believe it, Steve. Donnie is still hard, hang on a minute." I was breathless, as I listened to Linda's sluring mouth, and I could tell she was sucking another cock, and I could here the moans from the guys Linda was sucking, then I could here "Go ahead Linda, tell your husband that we think your a Great cocksucker." Linda got the phone back up, "Did you hear, Honey? I guess you're right." I could hardly speak, but got out, "I know, GOD, I wish I was there right now." then Linda said, "I do too. I wish you were here to stick your dick up my ass right now, Honey." She hesitated, then I heard, "I don't think so." Then she was on the phone again. "Donnie wants to fuck my butt. But he's way yoo big, I'd hurt for days. I wish you were here Steve, I know you'd like what you'd see."

"Well Baby, I'll see you tomorrow, and you better be ready. I'm going to fuck your brains out!!!!" Then I heard her short breaths again, before she got back on the phone. "OHHHH, BABY, and you better be ready for some well-fucked pussy, Honey! I LOVE YOU STEVE" Then click, she hungup. I ran over to check the caller ID, but there was no number, just Downey, CA.

Now it's midnight and my dick is still hard, wondering just what all, those guys did to my wife.

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sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.

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sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.