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Peggy's Story


Peggy and I met in our Sophomore year at a small Pennsylvania College. She was a cheerleader, blond, athletic, dimples, pleated skirt, tight sweater over great looking tits, I watched her more than the game. Later that week, I saw her at the school library, and got up the nerve to go up and talk to her. We had a lot in common, both from small Pennsylvania towns, both Christian, both conservative, and both with goals in life. We started to date and have been together ever since.

We married a year after College, and moved to Cleveland Ohio. I had a job for a Market Research company, and Peggy taught Art at a Jr. High School. After two years of marriage we had a son, and Peggy stopped work to be a stay at home mom. Over the years, Ive progressed at work and have become an Assistant Vice President of one of our sales divisions. Peggy started to work part time at a local community center after our son, Josh entered elementary school.

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Our sex life has always been great for me. Peggy has never lost her cheerleader body, or her athletic ways. She has always been willing to be experimental in bed, and weve tried many things we saw in various porno movies weve occasionally rented. As we approached our seventh year of marriage however, I noticed we had fallen into a routine. Wed have sex about two or three times each week, always at night, usually after the late night news. Wed kiss for a while, then Id work my way down and eat her pussy until she was wet and moaning, Id put my dick in, and wed fuck until I came. It usually seemed like she also came, I worked at lasting long enough for her to get off. About every 10 times, shed start on me, and give me a blow job. Almost never to completion, usually once I was hard, shed slow down, and wed fuck instead. Wed done anal a few times, but Peggy felt it hurt and was not that sanitary. Id stick my finger up her ass during sex sometimes, but she never did that to me.

As we neared our seventh anniversary, I asked her if she was ever bored with our sex life, and did she ever fantasize about another guy. She admitted that sometimes she thought of movie or TV guys, or visualized a person she saw on the street. I felt that was normal, I thought of other women also. The more we talked about these fantasies, the more excited we both would get. Just the mention of another person, and wed head for bed. Our sex life was actually getting better. Somehow we decided that wed pick one night and really do the deed. The deal was wed both find another lover for one night. It could be a co-worker, or a bar pick up, but wed each do another person, so wed have a story to bring back to our marriage bed. We also agreed that wed do it at the other persons place or a hotel, but not at home. We picked August 14th, the week before our seventh anniversary as the day. We also agreed that we wouldnt tell each other who wed be with until after the fact. That way there would be no influence on who we might choose.

I called up a woman about 5 years younger than me, that works in another branch of my company. She was dark featured compared to Peggy. Black hair instead of Blond, Brown eyes instead of blue, and a much larger chest 40D compared to Peggy at 36B. Janet was always flirty at work, and I knew from some of the other guys that she as a party animal. She agreed to the "date" and we met for dinner. I ordered Champagne, and told her that Id been thinking about her for the last few years. We danced, and caressed, and after dinner she invited me back to her place. Over Cognac, listening to music on her couch, we started to make out. It only took a few minutes to lose our clothes and head for the bedroom. It was very weird for me. Where Peggy had great firm tits, Janets were soft and mushy. When I went down on her, she tasted tart, not the sweet taste of Peggy. The skin around her vagina was loose, and as I entered her she was much bigger inside than Peggy. While we fucked for about hour, and she kept screaming that she was coming, I never came close. I thrusted hard to make it seem like I was coming, but I didnt.

Afterwards, Janet licked me clean, licked my ass, really sucked me into her throat. Even though I did not really come, I resisted when she came back up to kiss me. The thought of french kissing a tongue that had just been up my ass did not give me a thrill. As we lay there for a while, I kept thinking about Peggy. While I had a story to tell her, to me the best part was how much more I loved her. I was ready to really get passionate with my marriage now that I knew Peggy was the only girl for me. I was also very concerned about hearing about her adventure. Suddenly the though of my wife with another man did not seem so exciting.

I went home that night, and must admit I was very surprised and very worried when Peggy never came home. She had actually decided to spend the night with her one time lover. Josh had spent the night at a friends house, so I went to work the next morning waiting for a phone call from Peggy. She didnt call all day, and each time I called home I just got our voice mail. When I did get home after 6 that night, Peggy was there, dinner was on the table, but one look in her eyes told me that something big had happened. She said, lets just eat, and act normal, shed tell me everything after Josh went to bed.

As soon as Josh was settled in for the night, we sat down in the livingroom, and I said that we should tell each other what happened last night. I noticed that Peggy had not smiled once that evening, so I was very nervous. She said, to tell you the truth, I could care less about what you did last night, because what I did will change our lives forever. I asked what she meant, and she said Id know by the end of the evening. Peggy said she had arranged to meet a guy, George that worked at the community center where she was a volunteer. George had told her to meet him at his place, and she did. Peggy told me that as soon as she entered George had her remove her clothing, and started in on her right away. When I asked what that meant, she again said that before the night was over I would know. Peggy told me that her night with George was the best night of her life. In fact she said, she had signed a contract that from here on out she was to be Georges slave, and do anything he asked.

At this point, I said wait, one night cannot change your whole life, who is this guy, what did he actually do to you?. With that the door bell rang, and Peggy said, you are about to find out everything. She came back into the room, with her face down looking to the ground, with her was a black man about 6 tall, and very well built. She said this is George. But we both will call him "Sir George". He now is the master of my life. I jumped up to put a stop to this, and was smacked so hard across the mouth I thought Id lose my teeth. As I lay on the floor, George told Peggy to kick me in the balls, and without any hesitation she did, and I saw stars. As I struggled to catch my breath, George picked me up, threw me in a chair, and said if I hear one more word out of you, Ill kick your balls myself. I sat quietly in disbelief as George told Peggy to strip. She had her clothes off within seconds. As he looked at me, George said, I own this bitch, she will do anything I tell her, and nothing that I dont tell her, and if you ever interfere I will beat you and your kid, do you understand. As I slowly nodded my head, George dropped his pants to reveal a large cock that was only semi-hard. He just pointed at it, and Peggy fell to her knees and started to suck. I was mesmerized as I watched my beautiful wife deep throat this black man. I could see that as he came, she struggled to swallow every drop, something she almost never did for me.

George than told her to lay on the floor with her legs up, he mounted her and fucked her fast and hard. She screamed and came almost the entire time. He looked at me, and said, I like this bitch, shes tight, and knows her place. You will never fuck her again unless I tell you to, or she tells you I said it was okay. Tomorrow, I want you to get me a key to my new house, and get yourself a small bed in the guest room. Also have all of your stuff out of the master bedroom, Im the Master, it is my room. He turned to Peggy still naked on the floor and told her to wake up the kid and bring him into the room. Peggy came back holding a sleepy Josh, and sat down with him on her lap. Very softly she said, Josh this is Uncle George, he will be here a lot from now on, and you are to be very nice to him. Josh just kind of stared, George nodded to Peggy, and she put him back to bed. George looked at me and said that he had no interest in the kid, just wanted to let me know that hed covered all his bases.

That night I slept in the chair where they left me. Every once in a while I could hear them fucking, or at least I heard Peggy moaning and coming. In the morning I left for work. I did get a key made, and ordered a twin bed to be delivered the next day. Late in the day, Peggy called me, and informed me that there was a party at the house and I was not welcome. She said dont come home before 2 a.m., or youll get your ass kicked. I stayed in a bar that night until closing time. When I got to my house there were 3 strange cars in the driveway, and I had to park in the street. I walked in to hear loud music playing, and saw George and 7 other black guys drinking beer in my livingroom. Peggy was on her knees blowing one of the guys, and I could see come all over her body. George looked up, and said you can come in, I was just letting some of my buddies try our my new bitch. You can hang with us or go to bed.

As I started to leave for the guestroom, one of the guys called out and told me to stop. He said that as long as I was there, I should get them each a fresh beer, and let them show me some new tricks theyd taught the bitch. I got the beers and came back into the room. George than said, Hey bitch go over to Phil and toss his salad, dont stop until he tells you to. I had no idea what this meant, but this guy, Phil took off his shorts, laid back in the chair with his legs up in the air, as Peggy went over and started to lick his asshole. She worked on it like I did her when I went down on her. I could see her tongue going deep into his asshole, and could hear the sucking sounds. She went at it for at least 15 minuets until he told her she could stop. Phil looked at me, and said, the bitch can toss a salad, shes a keeper.

Another guy got off his chair, rolled Peggy over and pounded his dick into her ass. While he was fucking her ass, another guy got up and shoved his dick in her mouth. The fucking was so violent that I expected Peggy to cry and scream, but once they had both come, she just looked at George and smiled waiting for his approval. That night I went to bed, on the floor of the guestroom, (the bed hadnt arrived yet) to the sounds of men fucking my wife, and her sounds of enjoyment.

This was 3 years ago. George is still the master, and not much has changed. Over these years I watched Peggy do unimaginable acts to please George. One time he took us to an all black nightclub. As I sat in the corner, he made Peggy strip naked. During the course of the night, she must have fucked and sucked 30 guys. She ate out at least 6 different women. She was passed around to whoever wanted her. Another time George showed up at the house with a local High School basketball team. He said he had bet on their game, and because they had won, and made him money, he was letting them have his bitch tonight. I had to stay and watch as 10 black high school kids fucked my wife in her cunt, ass, and mouth for hours. Peggy seemed to love it.

About 3 times a month, I do get permission to fuck Peggy, but only until shes wet, then I have to stop before I come. She then goes off to Sir George to finish what I started. If I keep all the rules, he allows me to partake in a gangbang of some other woman about once or twice a month. It is always another white girl, and her husband is usually lurking somewhere around. Sometimes a stray white guy will be part of a group gangbanging Peggy, and I know he is some other husband being rewarded for obeying Sir Georges rules.

sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.

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group sex gangbanging sex stories


sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.