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"by Joe the Cuckold"

Two years ago last December at a party my wife caught me with a

friend of ours who had recently divorced and whom I had always had

the hots for.  We were in the post coital stage and my wife walked

in to use the john.  She raised holy hell and told me I'd pay dearly

for cheating on her.

She said nothing about it again and things were normal and I thought

she had cooled off.  Wrong!  On Christmas Eve after the kiddies went

to bed we were snuggling on the couch and she handed me a gift.  I

unwrapped it and it was a video tape.  I looked at her as it was not


commercially made video.  The lable only said "Payback!"

My wife put the video on and the first scene showed our livingroom

and our Christmas tree. Then my wife entered from off screen and she

was nude, she smiled at the camera and said "Hi honey, this is my

payback for you fucking Pam."  I looked at my wife wondering what

she meant and she just smiled and said, "watch the video hon."

My naked wife was soon joined by a naked man whose face and

head I never saw as the video had been carefully edited to hide his

identity.  The mystery man proceeded to play with my wife's tits,

fingered her pussy then put her on her knees and had her suck his

cock. Then he proceeded to fuck my wife under our Christmas Tree

in every possible position.  Throughout the length of the video,


was about an hour long, he took my wife four times cumming in her

mouth or pussy each time.  I sat in rapt astonishment and was so

shocked at my wife's totally slutty behavior and acceptance of


man fucking her and being videotaped I couldn't say a thing.

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When the tape was over the guy walked off screen and my wife lay there with a face covered in his jism and her mouth and pussy full of cum and told me if I ever cheated on her again, I'd get another tape like this one only there's be more men in it and she'd send it to everyone we knew! My wife then ground the knife in deeper and twisted it by telling me the guy was someone I knew. He might be a friend, a coworker, my boss, an acquaintance, or even a relative. Needless to say I have been very good, and have not strayed from the home range. Every so often I view the video again to see if I can figure out who did my wife. When we go to parties or meet with friends or family I watch my wife like a hawk observing her behavior, how she interacts with people, looking for a glance, a phrase, a touch, trying to pick up some sign, some nuance that will tell me who the man is in the film with my wife. This has been an obsession of mine for over two years now. I think the fact someone else has had my wife isn't as hurtful as not knowing who he is. In fact viewing them again and again is a real turn on for me. But, I am going crazy wondering who fucked my wife. And WHO video'd her!
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