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Patricia’s Story

Another great wife turned slut story.

I married my second wife, Patricia when I was 35 and she was 32 years old. After 2 years as a single guy, I was ready to settle down. I went into this marriage with my eyes wide open, I knew Patricia had some problems. She drank much too much, we had a couple Bombay Gin cocktails before dinner each night, and always had a bottle of wine with our dinner. On more than one occasion, Patricia didn’t stop drinking into the evening and eventually passed out.

Another problem was her conservative political views. In short she was a racist. And used the "N-word" quite often. She hated welfare, and projects, and all "liberal government programs". All in all, there were many warning signs that I chose to ignore. The reason why I could overlook these blaring faults was that Patricia was obsessed with oral sex. Every evening as I came home from work, she greeted me at the door, took my briefcase, got her knees, undid my pants and gave me a terrific blow job. I woke most mornings to find my dick in Patricia’s mouth. Some mornings it was all I could do not to piss in her mouth.

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We never had sex without a preliminary blow job. She blew me in the car driving down the freeway, in a club or two in the privacy of our corner booth, at parties where we might easily have gotten caught, and really almost anywhere you can imagine, including a 747 flying to Hawaii. The best part about a blow job from Patricia was her technique. It is hard to describe, but what she would basically do was have you deep in her throat, and massage you with muscles that you never knew a mouth and throat could have. The best part however was that once you came, she didn’t stop. She could keep the blow job going until I actually came twice in her mouth many many times.

Anyway, now that you know why I married her, on with the story. We lived in the house she had owned high in the Oakland Hills in Northern California. To my knowledge she had had a quick young marriage, but had been single for about 12 years when we married. She always refused to talk about her first marriage, and would only say it was a short-lived mistake when she was very young. I accepted that, why not?

One Tuesday night, right after dinner, our doorbell rang. I answered to find a Black cop standing there, and he asked if Patricia was home. She came to the door in a panic, saying, "William, what are you doing here, what do you want?" He said that as a favor, he wanted to let her know that Pam had been arrested again for prostitution, and he thought she should know. He also said that Ronda was also hooking on MacArthur Blvd. As confused as I was, I didn’t say anything, feeling that Patricia would tell me what this was all about.

That night with lots of drinking and tears, Patricia confessed to me that she had two daughters, one 16 and one 15. The story went that she was raped in High School by a football player, but abandoned by her own strict Italian parents when she turned up pregnant. She said the boys mother took her in with intentions of raising the baby. She said before the baby was born she married the guy, but only so the baby wouldn’t be a bastard, she never intended to be really married. After the baby was born, this guy raped her again, and she got pregnant again. The kicker was that this guy was Black.

I asked her if she hated blacks so much, why live with his mother. Her answer was that she had no choice. I asked where this guy was, and she said he died from drugs years ago. It later came out that she had run off with the two girls, and tried to raise them on her own. But as they got older they were always in trouble and eventually moved to foster care. She then said something I found horrible, she said, "I know they’re just a couple of niggers, but they’re my niggers."

So here I was newly married, and forced to believe that my wife had been raped twice, got pregnant twice, and had been forced into a tragic life. She refused to go see her girls, and told me I would never meet them. That part of her life was long over. The only reason the cop, William had come to tell her about them was because he knew her from many police contacts with the girls. She asked me to forget this had ever happened, and if possible, she raised the volume and intensity of the blow jobs I got. However, I couldn’t get this out of my mind, and asked questions all the time.

At this time, the drinking got a lot worse. Patricia would drink almost every night to the point of passing out. I took advantage of this to start my own detective work, by searching the attic and going through her things. I found lots of pictures of her with the two kids at various young ages. Also there were pictures of a young beautiful Patricia, with about 3 other white girls, and as many as 12 different black men. There were pictures of Patricia, naked or in cheap sexy clothes, (hooker clothes) also with various black guys. I found a small newspaper clipping about this guy, (same last name as hers) who died in a gang shoot out. In the background story it called him one of the richest most flamboyant pimps in Oakland. This article was 8 years old.

I also found the court papers showing that the kids were removed from her care due to her being ruled as an unfit mother. Court documents called her an alcoholic, a drug user, and a prostitute. All in all, I soon discovered that the woman I married, had a secret life that I never knew of. This pretty dark headed Italian girl, standing 5’4", with a great tight body, 34C boobs, perfect teeth, and large brown eyes, had once been nothing more than an Oakland street hooker, the very thing her daughters had now become.

I gathered all my evidence together, and that Sunday morning, I laid it all out, and told her I wanted the real Truth, or I would be gone that day. After she accused me of spying, and after lots of anger and tears, I held my ground, and she agreed to tell me the whole story. It turns out that during High School she was a cheerleader. On a dare from a girlfriend, she went on a date with a black football player. She said that they ended up having sex that night, and while it technically wasn’t rape, he kind of forced her into going further than she wanted to.

This guy dated her for a while, and she became pregnant. Her parents did disown her, she did marry him and move into his Mother’s house, but no rape was involved. Also she did have the second child about 14 months after the first. This guy she married, was in a gang, that was involved in drugs and other street crimes. Once they moved out of his mother’s house, they lived in a "project" area with many of his gang members. Money was always there, she said, but never enough, and he never let her do anything without his permission.

As he got older, he got into pimping, and had a stable of girls, and other pimps under him. They bought a house and cars, and had all the money they could need, but she was still treated as a prisoner and slave. She was forced to share their bed with her husband, and some of the girls that worked for him. They were all into cocaine, and it was a crazy lifestyle. Eventually he turned her out as a high price call girl, but would also force her to work the street if he felt like it. She was given as a "gift" to some of his friends, and was constantly passed around as a sex slave. Patricia’s specialty was gangbangs, and she claimed that she’d been with as many as 12 guys at one time.

When her husband was killed, she knew that the house and cars would go to his mother, as her name wasn’t on any of the papers. She also knew that she would just be passed on to some other guys stable of girls, and that her life would continue to go downhill. That night she stole two strongboxes containing about $50.000 each, took her girls and left town. Patricia claimed that she cleaned up her act, got a degree, and trained on computers. She moved back to Oakland, bought this house,(far away from where she lived before) and brought up her daughters.

Patricia told me that she hadn’t used drugs since she ran, and had really tried to bring up her daughters in a good way. She admitted that the problem was that they both looked black to her, and she hated blacks. Even though she tried to hide it, every time she looked at them it sickened her, reminding her of her old life. She admitted that she called them niggers to their faces, and was a terrible mother. The girls were always running away and in trouble, and she had beat them a number of times to the point of abuse. When the courts removed them from her home she was relieved.

Since we were into this total honesty mode, Patricia admitted that even though she loved me, she could never have a "real" orgasm with me since she was so stretched out, and my little white dick was normal size. The reason she was so into blow jobs, was because she knew that she could get me off, and that she really didn’t feel anything when we fucked. I asked if she ever had orgasms, and she said only when she masturbates with this 12 inch vibrator that she uses. I asked to see the vibrator, and was not really surprised when I saw that it was black.

The next question I had was whether or not she missed being with black guys. She said no, they repulsed her. I then asked, when she did herself with the vibrator, and did have an orgasm what did she fantasize about? She said she imagined herself fucking black men. She said the problem was that while she hated black men, no white guy had ever gotten her off, so she could only relate to black sex. I asked her where did she want us to go from here, and she said nowhere. She would continue to be totally in love and devoted to me, she’d blow me 10 times a day if I wanted, she’d stop drinking if I wanted, she’d do anything to make our marriage work. As far a normal sex was concerned however, she would not fake it anymore, she felt nothing when we fucked.

I didn’t want a marriage that was all one sided. Even though the blow jobs were the best, I felt all this guilt that the only time she ever got off was with some battery operated devise. Also, I had this picture in my head of Patricia with a group of black men, and every time I thought about it, I got really turned on. I know this will sound bizarre, but I told Patricia that I would stay and work on the marriage, but she had to let me watch her fuck a black man. I told her I didn’t want to think I was married to a woman that was always unsatisfied. I told her that part of the drinking problem was because she was always unfulfilled.

It took a few weeks of discussion, but Patricia agreed that she’s set up a sexual encounter with a black guy, and let me watch. The guy turned out to be William, the cop. He’d been with her before, and agreed to come over when she told him that she was horny for him. She left the ground floor bedroom curtains opened, and I was stationed just outside. William came over around 11 p.m., poured himself a Bombay gin on the rocks, and took Patricia to the bedroom. Not a lot of talking, they both got undressed, and started deep kissing. I watched in amazement as his dick grew to about 9 or 10 inches long. It made my 6 &1/2 incher look like a toy.

Patricia gave him one of her patented blow jobs, then got him hard again, and climbed on board for a ride. I’ve seen people fuck before, I’d seen Patricia fuck me many times, but now she was like an animal. She screamed, and clawed. I could hear her through the window yellowing things like give me that black prick, fill me, do it to to me, fuck me. It was wild. At some point she screamed out "fuck me you god damn Nigger." With that William reared back and slapped her hard across her mouth. I though her teeth would fly out. But she just moaned and came as he hit her.

When he finally pulled out, he said something to her, and she was licking and cleaning his dick and balls. She went on to french his asshole, like a cat cleaning itself. William acted very rough with her, pushed her around, had her go get him another drink. Fucked her mouth again, by holding the back of her head and force fucking her mouth. When he left, I went in. Patricia’s nipples were about an inch long. The heat coming from her cunt could be felt. She was totally satisfied. As she gave me my blow job, she kept her eyes shut, and when it was over, and she opened them she had a distant look.

The next day we talked. Patricia said she would do this again if thats what I wanted, or things could go back to the way they were. I said how do you expect to go back, when I’ve seen how you get when you’re fucking a black man. She said, I was in charge, it was my decision, she’d go along with whatever I wanted because she loved me. I asked her if she missed the gangbangs that she used to have. She said she didn’t miss anything, but that gangbangs really turned her on in the old days. I said set it up, I want to watch.

This time I was to be home, and be one of those husbands that filmed and watched as his wife fucked other guys. William showed up with 4 other cops, and 3 other buddies. These were all blue collar looking guys, all big enough to have been ex-athletes, and all seemed like alright guys. They told me that I could film, but had to give them all copies, and there could be no commercial use. The cops made it clear that I’d be in big trouble if I violated this agreement.

And so it started. With out any sort of foreplay, guys threw off their clothes and went at it. At any given time, Patricia had a dick in her mouth, her cunt, and her ass. She screamed, and I could tell she was in constant orgasm…. It went on and on. Every so often she’d call one of the guys a nigger, knowing that he’d slap her or hit her, but this just seemed to get her off even more. The session ended hours later with Patricia licking each guy clean, and thanking him for taking care of her. One guy announced he had to piss, and for her to take care of it. I watched as she aimed his dick into the toilet as he pissed, when he was done she used her tongue to clean off the last few drops, put the entire dick in her mouth, and continued to clean it off. Another guy called her over, said open your mouth bitch, and spat a big wad of flem into her mouth, which she then swallowed. Each humiliation seemed to turn her on.

As you can probably predict, this was just the beginning. Gangbangs were set up on a weekly basis. Sometimes as many as 16 guys showed up, some the same faces, some new guys. Every once in a while some young teenager, in gang colors would be part of the group. By this time I’d stopped filming and just watched each session. One night Patricia didn’t come home. She showed up the next day wearing only a ripped T-shirt. She told me that some of the younger guys wanted to share her with their friends in the city. That night she was gone again. Blow jobs for me had now stopped. Patricia was a total slut for her legion of black friends.

I’ve moved out, and have filed for divorce. Patricia doesn’t seem to care, as she hasn’t shown up for any of the court dates. I am ready to move on, but the one last thing I did, was cruse down MacArthur Blvd. It took a few trips, but eventually I found both of her daughters working the streets. Pam gave me a blow job in my car for $20.00, and I took Ronda back to a cheap motel and fucked her for a hour at $50.00. I’m not sure why I did that, but at the time it seemed to make sense. Oh well, life goes on.

sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.

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group sex gangbanging sex stories


sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.