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Out Of Gas

Another great wife turned slut story.


She had never felt uncomfortable in this part of town before, and really had no reason to now. She looked ahead at the sign, $1.48 per gallon for regular, Linda had always been a bit hard-headed when it came to being overcharged, and it was only about 4 miles back to the main drag where she could save at least twenty cents per gallon. Then about three blocks on down, her blazer bagan to loose power, giving her no option but to coast into the first drive on her right. "Ok', she thought, "I can call Steve at work, but he's an hour away, or I can call my Insurance company's roadside service." Just as she had that thought she saw tow truck pull around to the back of the old brick building, then a man, rather tall, get out and go inside. "That's it", Linda thought, "I'll pay him to take me to the gas sation and back." With that thought, she got out, locked her car and headed for the entrance.

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On the door, was a sign JOE'S BAR. Linda pushed open the old rickety door, and made her way into the dimly lit barroom. She noticed a couple of guys drinking beer at the bar, they looked like contstruction workers, a young, blonde, bartender wearing a tanktop asked, "What can Iget you lady?" Linda, still looking for the tow truck driver, said, "I don't need anything. I ran out of gas, and I'm just looking for the man that came in here just before me." The bartender just starred at her for a minute, the spoke up, "What do you want with Red?" Before Linda could answer, she heard voices beyong a curtain that seperated the next room through a doorway, and figuring it must be The guy she headed that way saying, "That's ok, here he is," as she pushed the curtain aside. Then what she saw, gave her a shock. There was Red, down on his knees, head bowed, and three men in white sheets standing in front of him, one with a pistol at his head. They all stopped any conversation and starred at Linda. She was horrified, and turned to run, but the bartender was right there to stop her. Soon she was restrained and sat in a chair in the corner.

The apparent leader of the bunch called Red back to drop to his knees again. "Red, as a sworn Knight of the KKK, you know you were out of line when you paid money for a nigger whore, now don't you?" He kept his head bowed and answered, "Yes, Master I do." Silence filled the room, the again the leader spoke, "Today is your lucky day. This woman has come here to help cleanse your wayward soul of your nigger lusting ways." Linda looked on, petrified, and scared as the bartender along with the two men from the bar all held her down tight against the old wooden chair. Then the leader pointed at the bartender and said, "OK Tommy, go ahead." With that statement, Linda had a cloth rag thrown around her face, and tied tightly to the back of her head, gagging her mouth. Then another rag was tied around her eyes leaving her in total darkness. She then felt hands grabbing her legs and arms, but as she tried to struggle for freedom, she realized that it was useless against so many. "What were they going to do to her?" then she felt them lay her body over what felt like a wooden desk or table. She could smell the arouma of alcohol, as one of the men whispered to her, "You just cooperate, and we won't hurt you." She felt her hads being tied together, then somehow bound over the edge of the table. At the same time she flet her jeans being unbuttoned, unzipped and pulled down to her ankles. Then one foot at a time was lifted to pull them off her.

"OK Red, I want you to get down on our knees and show us what it's like to worship a white pussy! Go ahead, get you ass down there, and no matter what you'd better make her like it!" Linda heard the leader bark out his commands. then she felt two hands pating her butt cheeks, quickly followed by a hot tongue licking between the lips o her pussy. Slowly at first, the hot tongue of Red's, parted her lips and made long, slow strokes up and down her slit. Up and down Linda could feel every stroke of his tongue. Then she heard the leader again, "Now lick that asshole for her Red!" Ther was a little hesitation for a second, then Linda felt his hot tongue right on her little brown hole. Up and down, around and around her ass, then every now and then she' feelhim push the tip of his tongue just inside a little. "That's it Red, make her squirm for your tongue. I bet she really tastes good too, doesn't she? Now ain't that a lot better than any black girl?" Linda was really wooried thinking, "I hope they don't start wondering about me, being half Japanese and I know my pussy lips are more purple than pink." Now she felt another tongue on her. This time it was licking her neck, and some one else was wraoong his hands arond her right thigh, sqeezing and feeling his way up to her pussy. then she felt as her shirt was lifted up arond her neck, a hand reached under and grabbed her right breast, sqeezing so hard it almost hurt, then pinching her nipple till it was rock hard. Red's hot, wet, tongue continued to eat her asshole, while the other hands on her leg began to explore her pussy, then she felt another set of hands on her left leg, that waisted no time making ther way to help explre her pussy. She was being stretched wide with, two, three, four, she couldn't tel how many fingers were inside her cunt now, then a burning sensation in her ass, as a finger made it's way in there too and began working in and out. "Hey Bubba, look at all the pussy juice that's on my finger's, UMMMMM, and it's reallys weet." Linda could here on of the men amacking his fingers, as he tasted her juices.

"Ok men, step aside, and you, Red, set right here so you can see howthis is supposed to be done." Linda could tell her cunt was wet, and she was glad it was shen she felt wht she first thought was the end of a basebal bat trying to spread her pussy, but it was much too hot for that. "This guy must have huge cock, she'd never felt one that big, even before she'd married, she'd had a fat cock once, but this wa sbeyond just fat. " She thought. Then she felt it hit bottom and it kept pushing, and stretching her cunt, and pushing inside here, until she finally felt a hairy crouch touch her ass cheeks. "Thank God," she thought, "I though this guy would never ge it all in me." Then he began pumping her with his big hot meat, "SWWWISHHHH , SWWWISHHHH , SWWWWWISHHH, " she could here the mixture of wet sucking noises coming from her cunt lips as she was being royally fucked by this stranger, till she heard, "OHHH GOd YEEEESSSS, " felt him lodge ddep in her. Then she felt the shooting of hot wet sperm as it erupted agains the bottom of her cunt. Then unceremoniously he took it out, and commanded ! "OK REd, now get you ass down there and lick every drop of that cum out her, I mean every drop. She better not leak any cum when you finish either." Linda cold tell that he took the threats eriously, as his fongue reached as far as it could, and he lapped up the dripping sperm from her pussy lips. When he finished, there was little hsitance till another cock invaded her. Much, much smaller than the first, this was more of a tease than a fuck, and Linda was so glad he didn't last long, then again, there was Red's tongue in there again, slurping up that cum from her lips.

"Oh yeah, Bubba." shouted out anew voice, "I want me some of that pooty-hole." then she heard the leader agian. "She does have a fine butt, doesn't she?" Linda felt like struggleing but there was no use, she just tried to relax as she felt the head of another strange cock pushing against her asshole. "UUUUHHHHHHHH!!!!!" the only noise she could get out, she grunted hard as she felt the cock slam deep up her anal tunnel, into her bowels. Then she heard the guy say with a smirk in his voice, "Yeah Bubba, it's one good ass here too. Nice and tight, like a white girl is supposed to be." Then as Linda felt the hard cock slamming away in her asshole, she could here the guy, "HUH, HUH, HUH, HUH, HUH," as his breath's were short and hard. She could not laugh at this one it was going deep into her and had her hole stretched wide. Then with only a few minutes of fucking her butt, he too came with a hard slam into her anal tunnel. Linda could feel every vien in his cock as it throbbed and unloaded hot semen into her ass. When it was removed, she heard the leader once again, "OK Red, the same thing, get your ass down there and suck that cum out of her asshole now!!" And he did, licking her ass for five minute.

Linda could tell her cunt was relly dripping now, and could feel the juice as they started to drip out onto her inner-thigh. For the next two hours she was fucked and sucked in her ass and cunt alike, each time followed by Red, licking and sucking the cum form he used hole. She must have came five times, she was both angry and horny, as she was used for a fuck-toy by these obnoctious rednecks. Finally she was overcome by a rag filled with eather.

When Linda woke up she was back behind the whele of her car, looking at a note. "Don't try to find us, we know where you live." the at the bottom it was signed, the Knights of the KKK. "P. S. Your tank is full of gas."

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sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.

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sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.