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Catching Up With An Old Friend part 2

Another great wife turned slut story.


Linda never even noticed when the two big black guys came in the front door, she was still lying on top of Tommy, he had his arms wrapped around her with one hand massaging her pretty ass. "GOD DAMN JD, where did you find her? Look at that ass, MAAAAN, what a BOOTY on that girl!!!" JD spoke up, "She's a girl I dated a couple of times in High School. I guess she wanted to come back around see what she's been missing." The one black guy looked at the other, then at JD and asked, "Is she up to this?" JD responded, "Jackson, my man. I wouldn't invite you and Leroy in if she wasn't. She's been married for ever, and it's her first time for some strange dick. She's had a few drinks, and she just fucked all three of us. What the Hell do you think????" Leroy was a really big man, about 6'4" and probably 250 lbs, he started over toward Linda, squatted down beside her, reached down and with one big black hand, spread Linda's butt-cheeks a little, "UUUMMMM, UMM, yeah Jackson get over here and look at this Booty, man." Leroy smiled as he spoke in a deep, husky voice. I felt a nudge on my shoulder. It was JD, giving me a digital movie camera.

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I took the camera, and went to work, as did Leroy and Jackson. Leroy, dropped his pants, and let about 10 inches of fat black dick hang down. Then he squatted back down beside, where Linda was still on Tommy giving him a deep kiss. Leroy guided Linda's left hand to his big soft cock. When she touched it, it was like someone had thrown ice water on her. Her head popped up and quickly turned to see just what she was touching. It was kind of funny, I zoomed the camera in on her face, as she went from a startled frown, to a big smile. Then Linda got off of Tommy, and while she was stroking Leroy, she notice Jackson also. She did this little thing with her eyes, inviting him to join, then turned her head back and lowered her lips to Leroy's big black cockhead. Linda took that monster cock into her lips and went to work on it. Leroy was on his knees, Linda was lying on her stomach on the floor, propped up on her elbows. As she suck and licked Leroy's huge black dick, he looked down at the top of her head and said, "That's the way a white girl is supposed to suck cock. Get on over here Jackson, give this little sweet thang yours too." Jackson took Leroy's place and Leroy moved his attention to Linda's pretty ass. He parted her white ass cheeks with his big black hands and began licking around her little brown hole. Linda continued to suck black cock, and now began moaning loudly, as Leroy was simultaneously licking and fingering her asshole. I moved the camera from one area to the other, getting some really shots of Leroy lick her ass, his finger sliding in and out of her, and Linda sucking Jackson's big black cock, covering it with her wet saliva.

Leroy, then grabbed Linda by the hips and raised her up on all fours, putting her into a wide open position to enter her. As she got up on her knees, I got this really good shot of our sperm dripping out of her cunt, and running down her thighs. Leroy leaned back looking between her legs, "Now that looks really fine, JD. I this is as good as I think it'll be your debt is covered." I don't think Linda ever noticed what h said, but I caught it. Her old boyfriend, JD, was whoring her out for payment on a debt to Leroy and Jackson." The only thing she did notice, and it was pretty apparent, was the size of Leroy's now rock-hard 12 inch black cock, as he started spreading Linda's cunt with it. He got it about half way in and she pulled her mouth off Jackson, yelling OOOOHHHHHHHHH GOD, OHHHHHH GOD DAMN THAT"S SO,,,,,,,,,DAMN YESSSSSSS, YESSS, Give me that big BLACK DICK, YESSSSS!!" Then Leroy grabbed the sides of Linda's hips, and forcefully plowed his giant cock into her cunt. Now Linda's face dropped to the floor as she screamed, "YYYYYYYEEEEEEYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!" I got another good shot, of Leroy's pelvis tight against her cheeks, then I saw as he slowly pulled that huge black Dick back out of Linda's cunt, God, it seemed like it would never end, more and more long dick kept cumming out of her, it must have been pushing up into her stomach. He put it back and pumped her cunt for a few minutes, then removed himself, with cum from our earlier fucking, dripping off his cock, he moved to her face, grabbed Linda by the hair and fed her his long wet cock, "Here Sweety, suck all that cum off my dick. Lick every drop and clean it off good, Honey." Linda did too, as if possessed, she looked up at him and asked, "What do you want???" Leroy smiled, "Then looked over at JD, setting on the couch drinking a beer. "I want to see JD fuck your butt, he told me that he always wanted to in High School, but you'd never let him touch it. OK, get on over here JD, and get some of this ass Man." JD was ready too, he was like a boy in a candy store, "GOD DAMN RIGHT, she wouldn't let me touch that asshole back then." He went to his knees and with in seconds had the head of his cock parting Linda's asshole. I guess it was already stretched a little from Leroy working his finger in it earlier, cause it easily went into her. JD then started pounding Linda's ass as hard as he could, causing her mouth to bounce up and down on Leroy's black dick. Jackson yelled out, "Fuck that ass man, give it to her JD." JD kept pounding, "UHHHH, UHHH, UHHHH, UUUHHHHHHH, OOOOHHHHH !!!" he growled as he unloaded in Linda's butt. As he pulled his dripping dick out, Leroy barked out, "Ok you!" Pointing at Tommy, "Get over here and fuck her as, Man." Tommy was happy to take his turn, and within minutes, he too was unloading his balls in Linda's asshole, pumping her even fuller of sperm. Next it was Jackson, his black dick wasn't quite as big as Leroy's, but it was still a big dick. When he squeezed it into Linda's asshole, she screamed out, "HOLD ON, DOOOOOOOONN"T" but she was stopped short of her commands, as he slammed his big black ten inch cock up her ass, and started pumping her already used asshole with black dick. Jackson was pounding Linda's ass, and Leroy had his hand around her neck , fucking her mouth just as hard as Jackson did her butt. They were using her like a SEE-SAW . Leroy would from time to time reach down and grab her big hanging tities, pulling and pinching hard on them as they used her holes for their pleasure.

Then Leroy told her to turn over on her back. Linda did exactly as instructed and Leroy straddled her face, again feeding her his black cock. He grabbed both of her ankles and pulled them back as far as he could, leaving her cunt and ass gapping wide for Jackson to re-enter her. I moved down close to get a good picture of that black dick going into her white ass, and as I did, I could see what looked like a pint of thick, white, gooey, sperm, seeping out of her holes. Then that big thick, black cock-head disappeared in her anus again, going deep into her ass tunnel. Within seconds, they were again using her like a SEE-SAW, pumping black dicks in and out at both ends causing her marked-up titties to bounce around in circles, with her big nipples standing up hard. Then finally they both began to cum. Yelling loudly and pounding hard, they both began unloading their big black balls into her at one time. Leroy exploding in Linda's mouth was more than she could handle, she grabbed his dick and pulled it away as white sperm shot all the way down, landing on her left tit as it bounced around. I moved the camera back to her well fucked anus to see the white cum seeping out from around her stretched hole as the black cock slowly slid out of her, leaving her ass dripping with sperm.

Linda just laid there, her tits covered with cum, her cunt and ass dripping, and she looked great. All of this had me back to the point of cumming too, so I put down the camera and quickly stuck my hard cock back into her hot cunt, One, two, three, four. That's all it took, four strokes and felt my hard cock, throbbing as I unloaded my balls into her overflowing cunt. Wow, I really liked JD's old girlfriend, and can't wait till she visits again.

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sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.