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Catching Up With An Old Friend part 1

Another great wife turned slut story.


It was about 9:15 on a Saturday night and I'd been out with Tommy hoping we could find some girls, you know, just for some fun. We'd hit two local clubs with little luck, all the HOT ladies seemed to have dates tonight. Then we decided to get a bite at the Mexican restaurant and into John Doe (JD for short), and he had this foxy brunette with him. She was wearing some tight fitting black shorts and tan tank-top that really showed off her big tits. "He y man, what are you doing out here tonight?" I asked. Tommy and I both know he usually hangs out at a couple of the local meat-markets on Saturday, hitting on the hottest ladies. "Hi Joe, I got a call from an old friend from my younger years. This is Linda." She looked at me and smiled, then as Tommy stuck out his hand to greet her she gave it a quick handshake, and smile also. "Why don't you guys join us?" John asked. We did and during dinner, we found out that JD and Linda had dated years ago, now Linda was married and lived back east in Georgia. She'd came out to visit relatives and old friends. We had a good dinner and Linda was a delightful lady, full of spunk, and very outgoing. By the time we finished dinner, I felt like I'd known her for years, and she was giving some questionable signals as to wanting to get to know Tommy a little better. "You guys want to join us next door?" I asked as we finished dinner. They were both happy to head out to the with us, Linda walking with her hand on the arm of JD to her right and Tommy to her left. I followed behind, getting a good view of what shapely butt she had.

Once we were inside and settled down with drinks, we began to try and coax Linda into dancing, but she didn't want too and we just watched for a while, till the first slow-dance started and Tommy insisted that she dance with him. A little reluctantly, Linda agreed. The music was a little loud, and JD watched the dance floor, and I caught a glimpse of Tommy and Linda keeping a pretty tight embrace as they swayed to the music. As they returned I got a quick chuckle as I noticed Tommy's dick had made a big noticeable lump in the front of his pants. We sat and watched the crowds for a while trying to hold a conversation, but with the music so loud it was hard to carry on a very long one. The next slow song that came around, JD took Linda out to the floor, as they left Tommy leaned over to me saying, "God Damn Joe, she's HOT to TROT man. When we were dancing she kept trying to hump against my crouch, especially after I got hard." I smiled, "Maybe she wants some strange dick tonight, buddy." Tommy got a big smile, "I think she might get one if she wants it."

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The next slow song that came around was my turn with Linda. As we danced, I held her tight and tried to whisper into her ear, "How late are you out for tonight?" Through he loud music, I wasn't sure if she heard me, then she looked me in the eyes, and our mouth's were drawn together into a deep, slow, kiss. Linda's lips were so, soft and warm, then came her hot warm tongue inside my mouth, exploring, and probing as I reached her butt and squeezed her tongue went deeper inside, and I could feel her nudging against my crouch as my cock began to grow with excitement. The song stopped, and there we were on the dance floor, still kissing, then as a second slow song started, we began again swaying to the music. I felt a little nudge against my arm, looked up and it was Tommy. "Hey Joe, it's my turn." Tommy was pressed up tightly against Linda's ass, his hands searching for a spot under her breasts. I looked at Tommy, "OK, I'll go get another beer man, you want one?" Tommy's smile grew even bigger, "Yeah I could use another." As I left Linda's embrace, I noticed Tommy's hands gently cup her big tities for just a second, before she turned around to dance with him. When I returned to the table I questioned JD about his acquaintance, and he said that she was really good when she was young, but today was the first time he'd seen her in about 18 years. "I think she wants something tonight!" I told him. "You know, I think you just might be right, you guys want to give her something to remember?" So without including Tommy in the decision, we made plans to head over to JD's as soon as this dance was finished.

Linda acted as she was not a real drinker, she'd gotten a little tipsy and everything seemed to be funny on the way to the car. JD drove and Linda sat in the back between Tommy and myself. We'd no sooner gotten out of the parking lot, till I heard Linda ask Tommy. "Do you mind if I feel it?" A little chuckle in his voice, "No I don't mind at all." Then I heard as Tommy unzipped his pants. I looked over and Linda had Tommy's cock out, she was staring at it and slowly stroking it up and down. "It sure is hot, and big too ." Then I felt her other hand searching around my crouch. Of course she didn't have to search much to find my raging hard-on. I unzipped my pants to and pulled them down a little so she could have total access to dick. Tommy and I looked across at each other smiled, and simotaniously raised her tank-top up over her big tits, exposing two big nicely tanned breasts, with big nipples to match. Linda squeezed harder and stroked faster as we started sucking on her. The drive was only five miles form the club to JD's apartment, and by the time we got there Linda was really squirming between us.

When we entered the apartment, he went over to the stereo and put on a Rod Stewart CD, as Linda dropped to her knees in the middle of the room. My cock was ready to explode and as It slipped between her hot lips, I could see a huge drop of precum slide off onto her top lips. She closed her eyes for a second and felling the warmth along with the wetness of her mouth was all it took, Humped my hips forward, lodging all eight inches of my hard cock into Linda's mouth, then began throbbing with hard shots of sperm into her mouth. She reached up and gently massaged my balls as she sucked the last drops of semen from me, then her tongue slipped out the corner of her mouth catching a little overflow before it dripped. JD was quick to drop his pants, and give Linda a taste of his own, "Does that taste familiar Honey?" he looked down at her but the only response was, "UHHHMMMM." then you could here, "Slurp, sslurp, smack, smack, slurrp, uhhmmmmmm!!!" God what a good cocksucker we had there.

"Hey, come on over here baby." There was Tommy about three feet away, lying on his back with a full nine inches of cock sticking straight up into the air inviting Linda for a ride. "Oh yeah, I want some of that. Come on JD." Linda stood up and JD helped her drop her shorts. "Does that pussy taste as good as it used to?" Linda smiled, "You'll just have to find out." She then turned her nice ass toward Tommy's chest and squatted down above his cock. I was setting on the couch, behind Tommy's head and from way back there I could see Linda's cunt-lips glistening with wetness, as she lined up to set on Tommy's dick. Linda started out teasing him, just letting him get the head of his cock inside, then she raise up, again and again, she did this, till finally Tommy grabbed her thighs, and pulled her all the way down, "OHHHHHH, GOD, YYYYYEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!" Linda cried out as that thick nine inches of cock stuffed her love hole. When she pumped upwards the next time I could see Tommy cock shinning with her cunt juices. Then Linda leaned back, practically lying down on Tommy now, and began humping her ass up and down on him. She looked at JD, "Hey J, if you're ever going to taste my pussy again, you'd bett er get to it Buster." Tommy, on his back on the floor, Linda on her back on Tommy, and JD between her legs eating her dripping cunt. This was one hot scene, so I decided to make it a little hotter, and moved over to grab those big tities that were hanging to each side, and sucked them hard and long, making sure to leave my marks on both of them. While I was sucking I heard her breathing stop, looked over to see JD, up on his knees. "I Think you need two dicks, Linda. Do you want two?" he asked. "I don't know." Linda whispered. "Have you ever had two hard dicks?" he asked. "NO (panting),,,,,,,,,never (still panting) ,,,,,,,,,no!" Linda gasped, "But maybe,,,,,,,,,,,(she's panting harder) I (panting),,,,,,,,might (deep breath),,,,,,,,,,,,, OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, SHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIT, YEEEEEEEEEE SSSSSSSS!!!!" Linda was almost screaming in ecstasy now as JD had joined Tommy's hard cock in Linda's already full cunt. Her arms wrapped around my head pulling me tightly into her chest as the two cocks began pumping, stretching, fucking her hard and fast. Then as Linda was being bounced out of control, she took my face into her hands and pulled me to her lips to kiss me deeply, and it was so HOT, to kiss her mouth, tasting myself in her from where I filled her mouth with cum earlier. I felt my cock coming back to life, and Linda's hand playing with my balls and stroking my cock, didn't slow it down at all. "Hey Linda!" said JD. She opened her eyes to look up. "It tastes even better than I remember." Linda smiled and moved myself back over to let her suck my dick again.

"OH, OH, OH, YYYYYYEEAAAAHHH!!!!" JD moaned as he pumped hard and came in her cunt. "Here Joe, come and get it." JD said after squirting inside her. I began to move between Linda's thighs, as JD took his dripping cock to her mouth to let her suck the remnants of sperm form his swollen head. Once I got into position, I looked down. JD must have unloaded a half gallon, of sperm in her, cause Tommy's balls were covered with white gooey stuff, and with every stroke more and more seeped out of Linda's stuffed cunt. She easily took my cock inside as I joined Tommy inside her. We double fucked Linda's cunt for the next half hour, while JD took his turn sucking on her big tities, leaving about twice as many more little blue and red marks all over them, even dark marks on her big nipples form sucking so hard. Then Linda's pace quickened and she began screaming, "OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" so loud that she must have woken the neighbors, as she came. Form all her erotic bliss, Tommy and I couldn't hold it any longer, and both our cocks began unloading squirt after squirt inside her stretched cunt, as we felt her cunt really squeezing us tightly as she came. I felt Tommy's every throb from pressure being applied as our cocks were tightly lodged inside her, squirting her full of hot thick cum.

Linda, just collapsed back on Tommy's chest, and as her cunt loosened it's grip, I slid my dick out, followed by oodles of cum as it ran out in a stream and dripped down her ass to Tommy's already soaked balls. Then the doorbell rang. Tommy and Linda, being so out of it, never moved, or said a word as JD opened it. I had gone for a beer and heard JD's voice telling the other guy, "I don't know why not, it's some girl I used to fuck a long time ago." Then I heard the other voice, it was the voice of a black man, saying, " OK I'll be right back Broe, just as soon as I can get Leroy."

THE END .....................TBC

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