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The Next Day At The Office

Another great wife turned slut story.


Well, yesterday I had a great time at work, first closing a big deal and then having Linda show up and balling the office for the afternoon. There's nothing I enjoy more than white pussy, especially knowing that the woman's married but still can't get enough from black men. After our little afternoon gangbang, I'd gone out on the town last night to celebrate with some old friends from the gym and we'd had a long night. I finally came dragging into work this morning around 10:00 am and found the office empty accept for two old friends that I'd partied with last night, Jerome and Regie. "Hey Homies, where's everyone at?" was my initial response to the absence of my staff. "Well, they said they were going to look at some sketches in the conference room." Regie told me. "Hey Broe, who's the hot white chick you hired?" asked Jerome. I was at a lost, "I don't have any chick working here, just B.C.(Bobby) and Rodge." Regie chuckled, "Well there's some fine booty down there with them that's really interested in your sketches." I turned and with concern, said, "I think I need to check this out. I got a verbal yesterday from the Hawks, but haven't signed anything yet. Damnit, it better not be someone from Jackson's, come on man, follow me." I hurriedly rushed out of the door, and down the hall to the conference room, but when we busted in we found more that some spy.

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It was that sweet slut, Linda. She was lying face down on the conference table with her face at the edge. Rodge was standing in front of her with his big, hard, black, cock pumping in and out of her mouth. Bobby was on his knees, with his dick mounted from her rear giving her short, slow strokes, with her black dress pulled up and her black panties still on her, but pulled to the side of her nice asscheeks. It was easy to tell that Bobby was only giving her a little piece of his giant cock. "What the hell are you guys doing? You know you're not supposed to bring anyone in here." I barked. "Oh, loosen up Kirk, we were going to invite you, but you weren't here." My anger quickly calmed as my eyes fixed on Linda's lipstick-painted lips took Roger's big cock in and out, it was rock-hard with bulging veins running the length of it. He pumped his hips back and forth, letting his black balls slap against her white chin. Then Jerome and Regie began to laugh at me about being so upset, and Roger spoke up saying, "Kirk, man you need to get over here, this slut is the best cocksucker I've ever had. Show'em how much you love my black cock honey!" as he said that both of his hands reached down and cupped the back of Linda's head. "UUUUUUMMMMM !" was the only sound she made as he continued to slowly fuck her mouth. Then B.C. spoke up "And the pussy's good too." "Good for you maybe, but what about the rest of us after you stretch that thing out." Roger blurted out. Then B.C. said, "Ok, come and get it ! I haven't done any harm."

Bobby pulled his huge wet cock out from between Linda's fine booty, then Roger removed his cock from her mouth with a loud, "SMMMMMKKK." We all began dropping our pants, it looked like I'd have another good day at the office. Bobby and Roger turned Linda over on her back, Roger reached and unbuttoned the top two buttons of Linda's dress, then roughly yanked her bra up exposesing her big 38d tities, with little black and blue marks still on them from yesterday. Then he grabbed both of them and chuckled as he squeezed them relentlessly, "Get over here and suck on these broe!" Then he bent down and bit on one of her nipples with his front teeth, raised back up and said, "Best tasting tities I've ever had." There Linda was, a married white woman, good looking, the kind of woman that could get white cock any time, lying there on exhibition waiting to be gangfucked by five big black men. Bobby took the front of her dress and tucked it into the opening at the top, grabbed both ankles, pushed them up high, near her shoulders and said, "Here, Rodge, hold these for me." Then he took her black panties, that had a big visible wet spot in the crotch, pulled them aside with one hand and with the other spread her wet cunt lips wide, saying, "Come over here guys, look at how sweet and wet this cunt is, and NO HAIR! " Then he bent down and sucked on her swollen clit for a few seconds, with loud, wet slurping kisses. "Man that's good. Get over here guys and taste this. We formed a small line of three and one at a time ate Linda's cunt. I was last and by the time I got there she was ready to cum, reached down and grabbed the back of my head, pulling me tight, as her hips bucked up and down, screaming, "OH, OHH, OHHHH, OHHHHHHHHHH, YES, YESS, YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS !!!!" and sweet pussy juice ran freely, dripping down to her ass. when I looked up to see her pretty face, Roger was straddled her face, with his cock pumping in and out, and both hands still holding her ankles. Jerome had one titie sucked so far into his mouth, that it appeared to pulled several inches up off her chest. Regie was pulling on her other big titie. Linda reached up, grabbed Roger's balls with one hand and pumped the base of hi big black cock with her other white hand, then suddenly he groaned and I could see the surge going through his tool as he started overflowing in her mouth, gobs of white cum started seeping out the corners of her red lips and running down toward her ears.

Linda seemed to collapse in ecstasy as her body stopped shuttering from her hard cum. Roger left his shrinking black cock lying on her lips, with semen still dripping, and her tongue licking the tip of it trying not to miss any. "Ok, now who wants some pussy?" B.C. spoke up. "I don't care who's first, but your going to be last B.C., with that Donkey Dick of yours." Stated Jerome as he laughed. "Let her lick on the dong a while broe! " And Jerome made sure he was the first one in line, laughing as he pushed me away form her dripping pussy. "Here Bitch, take my big Afro dick." and he slammed it in hard, causing Linda's back to arch and her to scream, "AAAAAAAAAWWWWWHHHHHHHH !!!" as he stuffed her with all ten inches of black muscle. He bagan pounding Linda's pussy like a piston. Jerome is a big man, about 6' 6" and solid muscle, he was a tight end for the University of Georgia in the early 90's. His pounding continued for several minutes, then he began slowing a bit, pulling it almost all the way out, leaving the black head of his cock just close enough to keep her dripping cuntlips parted, then slamming it hard, back into her. "You like my big black dick pounding you, don't' you slut?" he asked. "Oh Yes, please fuck my cunt with that black dick, please don't stop, please!!!" Jerome loved the way Linda was begging for his dick and again began pounding her juicy cunt harder and harder, till he yell, "FUCK YOU BITCH, I'M GOING TO FILL YOUR MARRIED WHITE CUNT WITH MY SPERM, YEAH, YEAHHH, YEEEEEESSS!!" Jerome reached out and grabbed both of Linda's nipples with his big fingers, and pulled them as he could away from her chest as he unloaded, almost violently inside her. Then as soon as he had finished his climax, with Bobby still holding her ankles, he climbed on top of her, straddling her chest, and stuck his dripping cock down to join B.C.'s on her lips, "Now suck all that sloppy juice off my cock, Slut ! "

While Jerome was mounted on Linda's chest Regie, took his turn in her pussy. I saw as they were moving around, thick, white blackman sperm leaking from her cuntlips. Regie's cock wasn't near the ten incher like Jerome's, but it was the fattest cock I'd ever seen, and you could tell that Linda noticed as he spread her dripping cunt even wider. "Fuck her man. Slam that cunt home, broe. I want to hear this cunt beg for black cock !" Demanded Roger as Regie started slamming in and out of Linda, causing her to grunt and gasp loudly, each time his thick, black, would spread her worn-out cunt. Regie worked in and out of her steadily for about five minutes, till he stopped and said, turn over Honey, I want to get you from the rear. Bobby got down off Linda's' face where he had been almost choking her with his monster cock and we took her over to the big chair at the end of the table, where Jerome had her get in the chair with her chest resting on the back of it, and her nice ass sticking out in all it's glory, just begging for a big black cock. Regie ripped her black panties off threw them to me (they felt like a soaked washrag from all the cum) , then dropped down and kissed her brown asshole, then stood up and stuffed his big dick back into her cunt, grabbed the sides of her hips and began pounding away, I walked around and fed her my cock, which she sucked deeply into her mouth, down her throat, then back up to the top, down the bottom of the shaft. Then one at a time she sucked my big black balls into her mouth and made little circular motions around them, and man it felt good. Then she went back to the head of it and took it into her lips, again making little circular motions around the big purple head of it. She went down deep again on my Dick, then pulled her lips away, looked up at me and said, "I want you to fuck my ass, Kirk, will you please fuck me in the ass?" Now how could I resist such a request and right on time, as Reggie's face squinched up and he started grunting hard and unloading his sperm in her from the rear. "God Damn, that's some good white pussy guy's, thanks?" Regie said as he stepped back out of the way. Bobby walked over and gave Linda's asshole a quick kiss, stood back and stated, "WOW, that's one beautiful butt!!"

I then walked up behind her and reached down gathering loads of dripping cum from her cunt and greased her ass up good. Then I rubbed my big cock up and down her asscrack, making sure to pause and press a little a time against her little brown hole. It only took a couple of times, teasing her ass like this till she couldn't take it any more and slammed her ass back hard against me impaling my dick deep in her asshole, causing her to let out a long, loud, "OHHHHHH, YEAAAHHHH!!!" Then within seconds she was slamming back hard and fast, an I could tell that she was a slut for black cock. There is just something about white women, that makes them love black dicks in their ass, and Linda is no exception. I fucked her ass for a few minutes, the Bobby grabbed my shoulder, "My dick needs some of her Kirk, or my black balls are going to turn blue." "OK homie." I responded.

I pulled my long black cock out of her wet ass tunnel, and sat down in the chair. Then guided Linda's nice round ass around, with her back to me and had her set down on my cock, feeling her hot, moist tunnel as it slid deep down my shaft, all the way to the bottom.then I reached down and grabbed her knees, pulling them up so that her feet could rest against arms of the chair, exposing her drippy cunt for B.C.. She laid her head back against my shoulder and began to hump up and down slowly on my dick. I reached around and grabbed one of her big tities, and as I held it there, Roger and Jerome both got on either side of her and sucked her nipples. Then I took my other hand started rubbing her swollen clit, while Bobby struggled to get more than half his cock inside her. I could feel that monster as it made it's way into Linda's cunt, then with one big push it felt like a vise grip was on my dick as he fully stuffed that donkey dick in Linda's cunt. She grunted and squirmed but within seconds, her pussy had adjusted to the huge invasion and she began to fuck us hard. The room was filled with squishing and slurping sounds as Linda was being fucked and sucked by four big black studs. We pounded her hole as hard as we could, and she pounded back, this was one horny white slut for black cock. "You know, that if you keep fucking us, your husband is going to start wondering why your so stretched out." I whispered to her. "Oh he knows already, last night while he ate your cum out of me I told him about you, that's what made me so horny today." She whispered back. "OH GOD, FUCK ME FUCK ME MORE FILL ME WITH YOUR CUMMMM!" Linda was cumming and I heard Bobby start grunting also. Then as He began squirting in her cunt I could feel his huge cock throbbing against the thin wall of her ass tunnel and I started cumming to, "FUCK,FUCK, FUCK, FILL ME WITH YOU BLACK CUM NNNNNOWWWWWW, AAAAAAWWWWWYYYEEEESSSS!!" Linda screamed, as we all unloaded together. Filling her with loads and loads of hot, gooy, white, cum.

Now it was already 2:00, and we had to get some work done. While the other guys went back to the office, reveling in their victory over fucking Linda. I helped her get dressed, all accept the torn panties, and I couldn't believe, all the marks that were left on her tities, the black girl's tities that these guys are used to don;t show up like that. As I hugged her and kissed her cheek, she again whisper, "Thank You, I can't wait for my hubby to lick all that cum out tonight."

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