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Linda Pay's An Office Visit

Another great wife turned slut story.


My day was going pretty good, we had landed a new deal worth a million dollars over the next year doing the billboard advertising for the Atlanta Hawks and my entire office staff was floating on air. B.C. volunteered to go out and get a keg of Colt 45 and Jerome offered to go out and pick up hotwings from Buffalo's. Just as I gave my approval, Roger stuck his head in the door, "Hey Kirk, there is a lady named Linda here to see you." "Ok," I replied "Send her in." It had been a long time since I'd seen her, and as she entered I began to think, "Man it's been a long time since I've had a white woman, maybe I can get me a quickie this afternoon."

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She was gorgeous, wearing black slacks and a gray V-neck top showing just a hint of cleavage. "Well, this is a pleasant surprise, what brings you to town today?" I asked as she sat down in the big easy chair across from my desk. "I was trying to do some work today, but I can't get my mind off of a dream I had last night." She gave may a devilish smile as I asked, "Why don't you tell me about it, Honey." "Well, it was about having sex with a big black one," she said, "My husband was tired and I just had to get satisfied. My cock started to swell a little just thinking about white pussy. "I've got plenty of room under my desk, why don't you come over here and check it out for a little bit." Linda got up and seductively walked over, got down on her hands and knees and made her way slowly under my desk, making sure to rub her hand from my chest to my crotch on the way down. "Do you have something I want?" she asked as she stroked my hardening cock through my wool slacks. "You know. I Love a big chocolate covered banana, Kirk." I looked down as Linda slowly stroked my growing cock with one hand while she unbuckled my pants with the other. Once undone, she reached inside my silk underwear and took out nine thick inches of black cock, smiling like a kid in a candy store. Linda held the base of it with her little white fingers, looked me in the eyes, smiled and with her wet tongue she licked the tip of it. "That's it girl, Lick that chocolate stick." Again Linda's eyes glanced upwards to mine and her pink tongue made a swirl around the base of my swollen cockhead. "UMMMM, that's it suck my cock honey, suck it good girl." She licked it around and around, then she took her tongue and ran it down to the base stretching her tongue inside my shorts to lick my balls. I was really enjoying her hot, wet, mouth and it was becoming very evident of just how much I enjoyed it as precum began dripping out the end of my cock. Linda licked back up the length of it finding it as she returned to the top. With her eyes locked on mine, she licked all of off, then stretched her lips over the entire head and slowly sunk her pretty face down the entire length of my black shaft. As she did that, I leaned my head back, closed my eyes and thought to myself, "This is so perfect, closing a big deal and getting a blowjob by a pretty white slut in the same day." Her long dark hair was covering both my thighs and her head began to bob up and down with long deep strokes, God it felt so good each time her tight lips traveled down to the base of my hard cock. I opened my eyes again and looked down to see my dick shine with wet saliva from Linda's mouth as it gathered down at the bottom. Linda then stopped sucking me and grabbed either side of my belt, pulling my pants down to my ankles. Then she went right back to sucking cock, and with one hand she undid her own pants. I guess she was getting ready for a little more.

Linda stopped sucking me and looked up from under my desk, "I WANT THIS COCK INSIDE ME NOW, PLEASE GIVE SOME OF IT?" Linda made her way out from under my desk and crawled up on my lap. Our mouth's met as she positioned her dripping cunt on top of me. I reached around her well-built ass and rubbed my fingers around her wet little pussy hole as I guided my hard dick right to the middle. As her hot tongue explored my mouth and her arms wrapped around my neck she sank down burying my cock deep inside her. She let out a, "AHHHHHHH YES !" as our mouths parted and my cock felt the bottom of her cunt. "Your big dick feels SO,SO, good inside me Kirk." Then Linda buried her face against my neck and began riding up and down my hard cock as fast as she could go, I was loving it, but still wanted to suck on those big tities of hers. I unbuttoned the firs tow buttons and spread her blouse enough that I could pull her bra straight up over, releasing tow beautiful, full, big-nippled tities that were just begging to be sucked. Then just as I gripped her left breast and sucked her nipple in, Linda started moaning loudly and began saying, "God, I'm going to cum, oh yeah, FUCK, FUCK ,FUCK." Suddenly I was reminded where we where, as my office door swung open and in rushed Roger, he has a bad habit of doing that. "Hey Kirk' I got..............................Oh Man, EXCUSE ME, I didn't know you were...................and I didn't know she." Linda was hardly aware of what happened but soon she could tell I was, and her rhythm slowed a little but she just ignored our intrusion. Roger just stood there with his mouth open for a few minutes, "Have you ever sucked a white titie Roger?" I asked. "No, but I always wanted to. "Well, get your black ass over here." Roger walked over as Linda continued to ride my cock and as I held her big titie, Roger bent down and locked his big lips around her nipple. "That's it Rodg suck on that white titie, it's good isn't it." "Yeah, and less filling too." We both chuckled and Roger sucked it again, the he ran his tongue all around her big boob, stopping three or four times, I can't remember, and sucking little hickies on her breasts. Linda had wrapped her arm around his head squeezing it tight to her breast as she continued to ride my cock. "Roger stopped and looked at me, "Boss, I've always wanted some white pussy, do you think she would mind?" I looked at Linda and she smiled, "Not at all Roger."

She placed her leg on the floor and dismounted me. I got up cleared my desk with one swoop of the arm and Roger and I helped Linda up onto my mahogany desktop. She laid back and slightly spread her thighs. Our mouths were watering as we spread her legs getting a good view of her moist, shaven, cunt, Then Roger down and with both hands spread her cunt lips wide, "I always wanted to do this," and he stuck his tongue right in the middle of her wet hole, then pulled his tongue back and ran it down her little divide almost touching her asshole, but not quite, then back up along the outside of her lips, around and around being careful not to touch her clit. Linda was squirming and moaning trying to move her swollen clit to meet his tongue, but he was careful not to let that happen. My cock, still throbbing, I moved around to the other side of the desk, swung my right leg across the desk and in no time her hungry mouth had sucked my cock inside once again. Roger continued to tease Linda's cunt for a few minutes. Then he stepped back and dropped his pants, keeping his coat and tie on, after all, we are business men. Roger move closer and I could easily see that his cock was at least as big, if not bigger than mine, he placed it right at the edge of her and asked. "Do you want some of this? Do you want me to sink this black dick into your white cunt, Whore? Beg for it, whore, beg for this black cock?" Linda was panting and still squirming from his teasing her cunt with his tongue, now he was teasing her with his dick. "NO I'm not begging for nothing asshole." And she swallowed my dick again, this time while as she sucked, I reached down and started pulling her nipples, and Roger pulled away and bent down again, licking circles around her clit, this time he even went on down and licked her little brown asshole. Just then she removed my dick, and with her eyes closed said, "OH GOD, GIVE ME THAT COCK, I GOT TO HAVE IT, PLEEEEEASE GIVE IT TO ME." Roger raised up, " Now that's more like it." He again placed his cock right at the edge of Linda's sloppy cunt and barely started parting her lips, when he suddenly pulled away. Roger ran out of the room, saying nothing, then just as fast he returned, with a handful of rope. "If were going to fuck her Kirk, lets do it right. Roger went to work, and while he worked at securing her, I kept her happy by slowly licking her pussy, not very fast, I didn't want her to cum, just to keep her horny. Linda's juices tasted so sweet, just like honey and they were running thick out of her cunt.

"OK, Boss, were ready now !" I raised up and Roger had tied the ropes around Linda's knees and had both pulled back at angles and secured to the legs of the desk on either side of her head, her wrists were also tied and secured to the same legs. Now this was very, very nice especially considering that the way she was bound that her ass was raised off the table a little exposing her little brown hole just in case we decide we want some of it. "Now, I think I'm going to get me some white pussy, Boss." Roger walked up to the desk, straightened his tie, and stuffed his hard black dick deep into her hole, and began slamming away hard, pounding his big black cock in and out of her white cunt as hard and fast as he could. I could here the squishing sounds, even over Linda's sharp gasps, which came with each thrust from Roger. I had now locked my mouth on her left titie and was working on giving her a deep dark hickie, when again, I was reminded of where we were as B.C. reached around my shoulder and surprised me saying, "I'll trade you a beer for some of that white pussy." Well, you better get with it man." I said as I pulled away from her big erect nipple. Then our attention turned to Roger who was dripping sweat all over Linda's thighs. "OH man, I'm going to cum, oh yeah, this is good pussy, I'm going to cum, I'm going to fill this white cunt with cum, OH,OH,OH, YEEEAAAAAAHHHH!!" Roger began to slow as he lost his wad inside her, and he just quietly pulled out walked over toward the beer keg, giving B.C. a high five as they passed, "Go get you some of that man, that's some good pussy."

I moved around to were Roger had just unloads and looked down to see gobs of thick, white, cum seeping from Linda's swollen cunt, it was making a stream to her little brown asshole. I reached down and gathered some of it on my finger and, used it for lube to slide my milled finger into her ass. I slowly slid my finger in and out getting it good and slippery and as I worked my finger in and out Linda began to loosen up and moan with delight everytime it went in. Bobby (B.C.) had now moved to Linda's head and unzipped his pants, he untied her wrist and guided her small hand to his crotch. I watched as I continued to loosen her asshole, after all I'd heard that Bobby's nick name B.C. was given to him while in college because he had such a Big Cock. Linda's white hand explored his pants, and her smile widened with delight as she began to unfold his soft cock out of his underwear. Wow, that thing must have been a foot long and it was still soft. Linda was like a hungry animal over that thing, pulling it out and moaning as she pulled it to her mouth. I placed my cock at the opening of her ass and began to push, slowly. I watched as her little hole easily spread and engulfed the black head of my swollen dick. Then I started sliding my black pole deeper and deeper into her anus, till my balls bumped against her pretty white asscheeks. Linda moaned loudly, well as loud as she could considering she had a monster cock in her mouth that was rapidly growing hard. Now I started moving in and out of Linda's asshole, slowly at first, then I began to speed up, till I was pounding her pretty white ass with all I had. Man that felt good too, that tight little ring squeezing hard on my big cock as I went in and out, and the more I pumped her ass, the more of Rogers cum oozed out of Linda's cunt. I reached and inserted my fingers into her cunt and began fingering her drippy cunt while I pounded her ass with my cock. Linda had worked B.C.'s cock to rock hard black tool, the size of a megalight flashlight, you know the ones that take four D size batteries. She removed what little of it she could still fit into her mouth and began to beg. "Kirk, stop please, stop I want to try Bobby before I cum." I figured, what the hell, I was still going to get mine, so I took my dick out of her as and stood aside to let B.C. try and get inside her.

B.C. positioned his cock at the edge of Linda's pussy lips, and I thought to myself, No way he's going to get that telephone pole dick inside that little white cunt. He began to push, and push, but even with cum dripping from her he couldn't get her cunt to open up enough for his huge cock. Then Linda spoke up, "Untie my legs and let me get on top." We did so and B.C. lay down no the carpet, his big rigid cock sticking straight up 14 maybe 15 inches and Linda started to get on top, but paused to lean over and suck his big cockhead into her mouth as if she were worshiping it. She then got up and positioned herself over him and slowly began sliding down his pole. As she started down even more of Roger's cum ran out and down B.C.'s cock to his balls. "Man how much cum did you unload, Rodg?" I asked, as he proudly turned his beer up again. "Only about half, Boss, I'm getting ready to do it again, that's one good white pussy, man." Linda had now stretched over B.C. and had about half of him inside her. He was reaching up and with his big black hands, was squeezing, pinching, and roughly pulling on her big white boobs. She must have liked it because the rougher he was the more she moaned. Then suddenly she screamed, "AAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWW !!!" as she lost her balance and B.C.'s huge cock was driven completely inside of her." Linda just lay there not saying anything or moving at all for about three minutes. Then she began to move her ass a little, then a little more, up and down. Then a little faster and faster until she had a steady rhythm going on B.C.'s dick and she would gasp with every stroke as it impaled deep into her abdomen. I was really enjoying the show, drinking beer with Roger and watching the biggest dick I'd ever seen, be fucked by a beautiful white slut, but one thing was still lacking, I still needed to cum. So I walked over and while Linda's ass pumped up and down, I again took my finger and slid it into her ass. She moaned softly, then slowed, and said, "Come on Kirk, Honey, get you some of that ass. baby." Then she came to a stop, letting me mount her from the rear, but this time as I slid my cock into her ass, it was so tight that it was almost painful, but I continued to work it till I filled Linda's ass completely with my black cock and we all went to work. It was like doing a break-dance, as we pounded her white ass from both sides, stretching her to the Max with big black cocks. Linda was now gasping loudly with every deep thrust, and roger walked over, grabbed her by the hair, and said, "Shut up, slut, and suck this dick." He stuffed his cock into her mouth and she took it like ice cream, as if not hearing any of the insult. Linda was now slurping up and down on Rogers rigid cock, while B.C. and I pounded up and down and in and out of her overstretched fuck-holes. "OH GOD FUCK ME, FUCK MY ASS, FUCK MY CUNT, FUCK MY MOUTH! " yelled Linda, then Roger slammed her back down on his dick. "Shut up Bitch, and suck ! 'he demanded as he held her head and pumped his cock in and out as hard as he had earlier pumped her white cunt.

Linda was beginning to cum, I could feel her body shuttering and jerking as we continued slamming her home with black cock. Then B.C. yelled "I"m cumming man , I'm cumming! " and it felt like she was having convulsions against my cock, but it was her cunt being pumped so full of B.C.'s sperm. That was all I could take and I slammed my cock as hard as I could into her ass, letting a huge loading squirt out of my throbbing cock, coating the inside of Linda's ass with Blackman Cum. Oh, it felt so good unloading in her ass, and as I slowed I saw Roger's eyes roll back, as his pelvis jerked several times, and gobs of white sticky cum began dripping from the corner's of Linda's lips. She was spent and collapsed on B.C., with his huge dick still buried inside her cunt.

After about fifteen minutes we finally got up off B.C. and there must have been a quart of sperm run out of her as she stood up. We all had a couple of beers, and reveled about our success, both in business and with Linda. When she finally had to leave, we thanked Linda for such a good celebration party. She said that it was fun for her too, and that she couldn't wait to tell her husband about it, after all, "He Loves a pussy that's already fucked."

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