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We had planned a long weekend with some friends of ours, and were looking forward to the peace and quiet of the cabin on the lake. Don and Debra were going to meet us there Thursday evening, Kris, my wife, and I drove up Thursday morning. Shortly after we arrived, Kris and I were taking advantage of the "strange bed" and enjoyed each other for several hours.

Kris was taking a nap about three that afternoon when I heard a car coming up the road. I went outside and saw Don driving up to the house. "I thought you were not coming until later" I said as he got out of his car. "I got off early so I left Debra a message at work and told her to meet me up here." He said, "I hope you don't mind.". I told him to come in and that we were glad to see him. Don and Debra had been our friends for several years and had moved about eight hours away, so we didn't get to see them enough.

I took Don into the kitchen and made some coffee. We went out onto the back porch which overlooked the lake, to drink our coffee and talk. We had been out there only about ten minutes when I heard the screen door open and Kris walked out of the door. She had obviously just woke up and hadn't realized that Don was ther, because she was still nude. "Oh, shit!" she said as she saw Don and turned and went back into the house. Don and I laughed, neither of us bothered too much by the sight. "I have to say that I always wanted to see Kris naked and she is really more beautiful than I imagined." Don said "No offense.". "She is quite beautiful with or without clothes." I said. A short time later, Kris came out in her jeans and a shirt, but clearly without a bra. "Sorry about that" she said, "I didn't mean to embarrass you.". She went over and gave Don a warm hug and a quick kiss on the lips. "I wasn't embarassed and enjoyed the view" he said jokingly.

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Don's cell phone rang in his pocket and he took it out and answered it. It was clear from his conversation that it was Debra and that she was going to be later than we thought. "Debra has been held up at the office" he said after hanging up the phone, "she will not be here until very late". It was getting to be about supper time so Don and I fired up the grill while Kris fixed the salad and drinks. She brought everyone a glass of wine and we talked while the steaks cooked. We finished a couple of glasses of wine before it was time to eat and we were all feeling very relaxed and hungry. The meal was great.

After supper, we decided to go for a walk down to the lake for an evening swim. Don declined the invitation and said he would listen to some music and relax. We showed him where the wine was, grabbed a bottle for us and went down the path towards the lake.

At the lake, Kris pulled off her shirt and jeans and walked out into the lake. "Where is you swimsuit?" I asked. "DI didn't bring one." She replied. I followed her after taking my clothes off as well. I swam over to her and kissed her slowly at first and then more firmly, my body starting to get excited by the cool water and her warm body next to mine. "What would you have done if Don had wanted to come swimming?" I asked. "Well", she said, "I thought about that and then realized that he had already seen me completely naked". "You are right, and he enjoyed it very much." I said. "What do you mean? She asked. I told her what Don had said and that I had noticed a small bulge in his jeans right after her entrance. "Did it bother you that he saw you and enjoyed it:?" I asked her. "Actually, I really enjoyed it and it kind of turned me on. Are you upset with me for saying that?" she asked, looking directly at me. "Not at all." I responded.

I had for quite some time had the fantasy of watching my wife with another man, but had never told Kris about it. I thought that this might be the occasion to talk without it making her upset with me. "I liked watching him watch you. I found it a real turn on myself." I said a little cautious. "It is part of one of my favorite fantasies and I really enjoyed it." I stated, knowing that she would ask for more details. We got out of the water and moved up to the grassy bank and lay down to look up at the stars.

"What fantasy" she asked. "Oh no! I am not going to tell you so that you get all mad at me." I jokingly said. "I promise I won't be mad, come on and tell me!" she spoke as if she were getting mad, but I could tell she wasn't. "Well, I have this fantasy about watching you with another man. It really turns me on the think about watching you touch, suck, and fuck another man." I said, waiting for her to say something. "That is pretty weird." Was all she said.

I rolled over and began to kiss her, my hands brushing her cheek, then her neck, and moving onto her beautiful breast. Kris began to moan softly as I kissed my way down to her nipple while I gently rolled her other in my hand. I kissed my way down her body, stopping to suck and lick her every few inches. I put my hand on her pussy and she was already wet and hot as I inserted my finger into her. She moaned a little more as I gently moved my finger in and out of her, again sucking on her nipples. "It really turned me on to see Don looking at you. I thought about him sucking your nipples and touching you like this." I whispered in her ear. "Oh, your are going to make me cum talking like that." She moaned softly. I got to my knees and moved up to her head and said, "I want you to suck my cock and pretend it is Don you are sucking". Kris began licking my cock while she pumped it with her hand slowly at first and then faster. Kris looked up at me and said "You would really like to watch me do this to Don wouldn't you? You'd like for me to make him cum with my hands and my mouth, wouldn't you?" She pumped me faster while her other hand worked on her pussy. I could tell she was about to cum the way she began moving her hips and rubbing herself, and she moaned with her climx right before I shot my load all over her. We fell to the ground holding each other close. "Are you serious about wanting me to do that? She asked. "I'd love it." I responded. "Are you sure you wouldn't be mad or jealous or anything like that?" she said softly. "I promise." Was all I said.

We headed back to the cabin after we dressed and teased each other about going up naked and watching Don's eyes pop out. I figured we had talked about this for the last time, but it was fun and very exciting.

When we arrived at the cabin, Don was there and he said "I hate to tell you this, but Debra said she will probably not make it tonight. I think I better head back and drive down with her tomorrow." "Don't be silly, it's too late to make that drive." Kris said. "There is no reason for you to go back now." I said as we walked inside.

Kris fixed everyone a glass of wine and we sat down on the couch to watch a movie. Kris sat between Don and I and we watched a movie for awhile in silence. Kris leaned back on the couch and my arm, resting on the back of the couch, moved to her shoulder. I rubbed her slowly with the hand and moved it slowly down the fron of her shirt. I couldn't reach her breast, but had my fingertips resting on the top of her breast. I noticed Don looking at my hand and as he did, he squirmed on the couch, getting more comfortable.

The movie wasn't very good, and after a while, I got up and went to the kitchen for more wine. When I cam back, the TV was off and Don and Kris were talking, still sitting on the coush next to each other. "You two sure look like you are enjoying yourselves." I said. We are Kris said and left for the bathroom. As Kris was walking back into the room, Don stood up and said "I think I'll hit the hay", Kris was standing next to him by now and told him to sleep well, she leaned up and kissed him on the lips. "Wow" I said, "That sure looked good. Would you two do that again for a little longer?" I asked. "I'd love to" Don said looking at Kris, "Me too" she said. Don put his arms around Kris and kissed her slowly and gently. I can't tell you how hot this made me. It was incredible to see another man kissing my wife.

They stopped after a very long and passionate kiss. I could tell they were both breathless from the kiss. Don said "That was wonderful and I better get to bed now". He went to his bedroom. We shut off the lights and headed for our bedroom. Kris was so hot, that when we got to the room, she started kissing me and grabbed my cock. "That made me so hot, I could feel his cock getting hard as we kissed. He pushed it up against me and I just wanted to grab it and take it out." She said as she kissed me."Well, I have a suggestion" I said as I sat down on the edge of the bed. "I think you should go to the bathroom and look in on Don when you come back and just tell him how much you enjoyed the kiss and that you just wanted him to know." "I don't know," she said. I urged her on.

She took off her cloths but left on her panties. She took out a teddy and put it on, "Are you sure about this?" she asked, "things might go farther than the kiss if I am in his room" "It's OK, but you have to promise to tell me all about it if something happens." I said. She left the room headed down the hall.

I waited for a minute or two and couldn't stand it anymore. I looked down the hall just as Kris got to Don's door. She motioned for me to come to her and I did. The door was open just enough to see inside. Don was lying on the bed, his eight-inch cock in his hand. He was slowly stroking it up and down. "His eyes are closed," I said, "go in and see if he notices you coming in. If he does, just tell him you wanted to tell him how much you enjoyed the kiss and that when you saw his cock, well…" Kris held her finger up to her lips to tell me to be quiet as she pushed open the door very slowly. Don kept his eyes shut slowly stroking his hard cock. Kris pushed me back and pushed the door almost closed leaving me outside. She moved close to the bed and began touching herself while she watched Don. I heard her say"Don, I just came in to say how much I enjoyed your kiss earlier." Don stopped and pulled the covers up quickly as if he had been caught doing something wrong. "I am sorry" he said, "I didn't know you were in here." "It's OK, I've seen Mike do that before and I kind of like watching that." She said. "Would you do that some more for me?" she said as she slowly pulled the covers back off of his erect cock. Don started touching himself again looking directly at Kris. "What if Mike comes in here and catches us?" he asked. "Then I guess he will have to do that for me too." She answered. "I'd like to help with that" Kris said and moved her hand to his cock. Don didn't resist as she began to move her hand slowly up and down his shaft. He moaned a little when Kris bent over and took the head of his cock into her mouth.

I watched as Kris sucked Don and he was enjoying the attention. I got so hot that I couldn't take it anymore and opened the door. Don looked up in alarm, but when he saw my cock was hard, I guess he figured out that it was OK. "Come over here" Kris said. "Are you enjoying the view as much as you thought?" she asked. "Absolutely" I responded. Kris stood up and kissed me deeply. The taste of Don's cock still fresh in her mouth. It really turned me on. Don stood up behind Kris and began to squeeze her breasts from behind as she kissed me. He moved to the side and I sat Kris down on the edge of the bed and reached down and opened her legs wide. I began to touch her panties and they were soaking wet. Kris lay back on the bed, her legs over the edge and her feet on the floor. Don got down between them and reached up and pulled her panties down, Kris lifting herself to allow them to be pulled off. Don immediately starting kissing and licking her pussy and Kris was going crazy. Kris sat up and watched as Don continued to eat her. I reached behind her head and pulled her towards my cock and she began to suck me. Kris slipped on the edge of the bed, my cock still in her mouth and got on her hands and knees. Don got behind her and began rubbing his cock up and down her pussy. "Put it in, please put it in" she gasped, and Don did just that.

I saw Don began to fuck her faster and faster and knew he was about to cum. He moaned loudly and shot his load deep into my wifes pussy. Kris climaxed so many times I lost count as Don and I fucked her. I pulled out of her mouth and she pumped my cock with her hand. She stopped and stood up and kissed me deeply. "I have a very big favor," she said. "I have a fantasy too, I have always wanted you to suck your cum out of my pussy, and I really want you to suck Don's cum out of my pussy." "I don't know about that, I am not sure what to think about that." I said. Kris sat on the edge of the bed again and pulled my hand until I walked over to her. Kris then pulled my head down to her mouth and kissed me "Please?" she whispered as she kissed me. I started kissing her neck, and moved down her body. When I reached her pussy, she lay back on the bed and moaned loudly. I licked her pussy and stuck my tongue deep inside her. I was shocked to see how much it turned me on to do this to her, tasting Don inside her the whole time. Kris began to have a violent orgasm and grabbed my head and pushed it into her pussy as she came.

Don was watching the events and was aroused by the sight. Kris sat up and told Don to come over. He did. "I want you to sit next to me," she said pulling me up beside her. "Don, I want you to get between my legs and lick my pussy, then I want you to move over and put Mike's cock in your mouth and suck it." "Wait a minute, I am not gay" Mike said. "No, but you are here with us naked and with a hard on, and I think you will enjoy it if you try it." She said as she pushed his head between her legs. She turned to me and began kissing me again. She looked down at Don and then took her hands and moved his head over to my cock. Don looked up at me and I said "I don't mind and I won't tell." And he took my cock into his mouth.. Surprisingly, he was pretty good. Kris stood up and walked over to a chair and sat down.

"I would like to see you two in a 69" she said. Don looked up at me and lay back on the floor on his side. "Come on, I think she will make it worth our while." He said. I moved down with him and we began to suck each other. I felt Kris come over and start kissing my cheek and then I moved my head and she sucked Don, then took it and put it back in my mouth. It was really a turn on to be sharing this cock with her.

We rolled apart and Kris mounted my cock as I lay on my back. Don stood in front of her and put his cock in her mouth. We fucked and sucked for hours that night each of us having more than our share of climaxes. We were kind of glad that Debra was a no show for the night.

The next morning, I woke up and heard Kris in the bathroom taking a shower. I went in to join her and noticed through the shower curtain that she was touching herself. I watched until I saw her cum. I opened the shower curtain and kissed her. "I just love watching you" I said. And I do.

sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.

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sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.