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The New Life


The following is a true story. Until very recently, I was unaware that other guys had the same "interests" as me. Ive lived in the Seattle area for the past 12 years. Until 2 years ago, I was a happy single guy.

All the time that Ive lived here, my best friend has been a black guy named Bobby. We work for the same corporation, and met the first day I was transferred to this office from Colorado. We became fast friends. Two single guys in their 30s, both straight, both party people, it was a natural friendship.

While I do consider myself adequate looking, I should tell you that Bobby is a very good looking guy. He supplemented his income by doing print modeling jobs for a certain very upscale department store in this area. When we hit the bars and clubs together, I did all right, but I must tell you Bobby never failed. Ladies just seemed to flock to him as soon as we walked into a place.

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Bobby had an unspoken policy that he would only date extremely good looking white women. While he was partial to exotic looking Italian women, over the years I saw him with every shade of White or Eurasian woman. The one thing they all had in common was good looks. Over the years Ive seen Bobby score with some very well known models, and even a famous actress once. He had almost a hypnotic effect on the women he was with.

Bobby never was a braggart, but he did get a kick out of flaunting this power he had over white women. Sometimes in a bar, Id point to some spectacular beauty and wed bet on how long it would take him to get them under his spell. The fact is the bet was never if he could, that was a given, we only bet on how long it would take.

Once Bobby was dating this 22 year old blond model. She had done some national TV work for a hair care company, and was well on her way to being a supermodel. Bobby asked if I wanted to see her in action. I was told to drive by his house (in the UW section of Seattle) at about 1:00 a.m. that night. As I pulled up in front of his home, the front picture window was lit up bright and this beautiful creature was naked against the glass for all to see as Bobby pounded her from the rear. I could see him say something to her, and she smiled and waved at me.

Once we had a temporary secretary in our office for a 2 week stint. She was about 35, short light brown hair, and a body that showed her addiction to aerobics. She was a single Mom of a 10 year old daughter, and seemed very prim and proper to me. Bobby said that not only would he dominate her, hed have her show me the proof. The next day he told me that he had gone to her home that night and fucked her. One look at her face, and I knew it was true.

Later that day, Bobby called her into his office and shut the door. About a hour later she came into my office and said Bobby wants me to show you something. She opened her mouth, and I could see cum on her tongue. She than lifted her mini skirt, and showed me cum dripping from her shaved pussy. And that became a ritual, for the next two weeks she stop by my office and show me the evidence. She never let me even touch her, although one night Bobby insisted that I feel her boobs. He wanted me to see how solid they were for a 35 year old.

Over the years of our friendship, I saw all sorts of things. Id come over to his house and see some naked beauty cleaning his kitchen with a tooth brush. A number of times he had one of his friends fuck me, or give me a blow job at his command. I never complained, but I was always aware that without him, Id never experience a woman like that.

It was at about this time, that I realized how turned on I was by watching this black man dominate great looking white women. Ive tried to analyze it over the years. Maybe it was my "liberal" politics, of some reverse slavery thing. There is something about the color contrast of black on white, that just gets me going. But the bottom line is that just the thought of a black guy with a white woman turns me on.

The fact is that even when I was having sex one on one with someone, I was excited because Id visualize a black man doing her. Until I saw these web sites, I never knew other people had these same thoughts.

Two and a half years ago, I fell in love and married Joan. Shes very pretty. Dark hair and eyes, 56", and a well proportioned body. Let me say that when Joan puts on a 2-piece bathing suit, every eye is on her. Joan is 30 years old (9 years younger than me), and a very successful interior designer. Bobby was the best man at our wedding. Even though I love Joan, and she really turns me on, each time that we make love, I imagine her with various black men.

Bobby and I were having lunch one day. I hadnt slept well the night before, and the 2 martinis must of loosened me up too much. At any rate I told Bobby about how I was always imagining Joan with black guys, and getting turned on. Bobby perked right up and asked me if this was something I was really serious about. If so, he suggested that rather than putting ourselves in some dangerous situation, hed help out with Joan. I said, that its one thing for you and I to talk about this, but Ive never even said anything to Joan, and lets face it she is very straight.

Bobby loved this. He said the beauty was that I never even had to approach Joan. He would seduce her, and let me hide and watch the whole event. When I asked how he was so sure that he could get her, he just laughed, and said you dont really want to bet against me do you? So it was sealed, and the deal was on.

The next week Bobby, who is a gourmet cook invited Joan over for dinner to discuss his "love life problems". It was a night when I was to be "out of town". Bobby had me set up in a comfortable guest room, next to his bedroom. To my surprise he showed me a series of "peep holes" that allowed access to many views of the bedroom. There was also a TV monitor that showed views of every room in his house. I was given a headset to wear, so Joan wouldnt hear any noise. Bobby let me on a secret I never knew, that he had many hours of tape on many of the women hed been with. He told me that someday hed show me a very famous young married actress doing things to him that Id not believe.

Joan arrived on time at about 7:00 p.m.. She was wearing business attire, a tailored blue suit, white blouse, and tasteful accessories. Bobby opened some wine and they sat on the couch to sip their drinks. Bobby was playing this "Mr. Sensitive" role. He talked about how much he envied me being happily married. He said all he ever dreamed about was to find the right soul mate and settle down as a family man. Joan was looking very sympathetic as she commented back to him.

He said the main problem was that most women he went out with became obsessed with him. He told Joan, I dont mean to talk dirty, but almost every lady that Ive been with seems to think that it is the best sex shes ever had. One session and they just cant get enough sex, conversation stops, dating stops, all they ever want to do is pardon the expression fuck. I watched Joans eyes widen, and saw her swallow hard. She said, something about that being a complement, but Bobby interrupted her and said, you really dont understand, once a women has sex with me, shes changed, its all she ever wants to do.

With this Bobby got up to bring out dinner. I watched the monitor as Joan dried her forehead. She had this far away look in her eyes. Before Bobby returned, I watched my wife take off her suit jacket, and unbutton the top two buttons of her blouse. As Bobby brought out the food, she excused herself and went to the restroom. I switched the monitor, and watched Joan in the bathroom take off her pantyhose. She re-did her make-up, and I could see she was very flushed.

As they sat down to eat, Joan was different than I had ever seen her. She touched Bobbys arm each time she spoke. She looked into his eyes, she stroked his face. Almost without warning, I watched as my beautiful wife Joan, got up grabbed my best friend Bobby, and gave him a deep soul kiss. She took his hand and guided it under her skirt. Bobby was cool, he let her take the lead, when suddenly he kind of backed away, undid his pants, and released about 9 inches of ebony heat. Not a word was spoken as he gently moved Joan to her knees and entered her mouth. Joan had always been an enthusiastic cock sucker, but Id never seen her like this. She was giving him deep throat that didnt seem possible.

I must confess, that at this time, I had my cock in my hand and was feverishly jerking off. I came before Bobby filled my wifes throat with tons of his cum. As soon as he had finished, they moved to the bedroom. Here I got to use the peep holes for a more in person look at the action that followed. They undressed each other, and proceeded to make love for the next hour. Bobby did these long, slow, deep strokes that had Joan cumming with screams. Hed pick up the tempo, slow it down, stop to kiss her mouth or her tits, finger her ass, more up and down inside of her, it was liking watching an artist at work. He was in total control. I was aware that every so often Bobby would look towards me, and wink to let me know he knew I was there. I must have dropped 3 or 4 loads, while he still hadnt cum a second time.

Joan was totally glassed over. Bobby said he was ready to cum, and would pull out and do it in her mouth. He said we dont need to explain any black babies. Joan begged him to cum in her pussy, I was dumbfounded. Bobby stopped, slapped her hard across the face and told her she was to never defy him again. With that he pulled his cock out of her pussy, jammed it in her mouth, and held it there as he came over and over.

Joan started to speak. And Bobby told her to "shut the fuck up". He said she would be punished for trying to get him to cum where he didnt want. With a glance to where he knew I was watching, he said her punishment would be to French-kiss his asshole until he told her to stop. I watched, and jerked off again as my wife Joan licked my friends asshole for over 20 minutes without stop.

The next day when I came home from my "trip" Joan never said a word about dinner with Bobby. I never did either. All I know is that about once a month she is invited to his place for a session. Mostly it is just him, but hes also used her as a slave to as many as 15 of his friends. How do I know this? Bobby always gives me the video the next day. Sex is never better for me, than after I watch a "Joan & Bobby" movie production.

The Internet has shown me that I am not the only guy living this sort of life. I guess it is weird, but nothing turns me on more than watching some black stud totally dominate a white woman. Even if it is my wife.


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sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.