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My Story

This is a letter to a cockold husband.


Hi Steve,

I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that I read the letter that the Anonymous guy sent you about your slutty wife, Linda. My buddy Leroy and I also got the chance to enjoy her that weekend. After she had been fucked by half of Atlanta on Friday, She had given me her room number at the hotel she was staying at,so we could play with her in a quieter enviroment. When we arrived, it was about 4:00 pm, and she opened the door looking fine too. Those big tits were the first thing that Leroy notice, "Damn Tony, she's even better than you said." He stood there sizing up our wife, "WHHHHHOOOOO!!!!!! You told me about her pretty face and big tits, but you didn't say nothin bout that fine, round booty on da WHOE." "Well theys some things better left to be seen that a brother just can't describe." I said to him. Linda just stood there in her in her bath robe, witha big smile on her face as we sized her up.

"Well Tony, you said you were the best stud around, so lets see what you have." Linda said. Leroy closed the door, and I stepped behind Linda pulling reached around her and pulled her robe apart for Leroy to get a good view. "Yeah man, we's gonna get some white stuf tonight, shoe nuff!" Leroy exclaimed with excitement as he gazed at your almost naked wife. Then leaned down and grabbed her big tits to let Leroy get a better look,a nd while I held them with my hands, he kissed each tit with his big bubble-lips. Leroy is one of them brothers that's black like coal, with big lips, and a shaved head. He's about 6'6" tall and weighs about 250. Myself, I'm 6'7" tall and 255 lbs, light-skinned, very muscular, also with a shaved head and the biggest black cock you can imagine, 12 inches long and as big around as a baseball bat when it gets ready for some white booty.

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The first thing we did was take turns sucking your wife's big tities, and we really had fun suckin on them big tan nipples, shile she wrapped her arms around our heads, and begged us to keep suckin them things. Then we both let her take our pants down and take turns sucking our black cocks with her pretty red lips, and yes you must know that Linda can really suck a dick, but you probably don't know how much she likes chocolate ones.

Then Leroy laid her on the bed and held her legs back, stuffed his cock in her mouth, while I spread those swollen, purple pussy lips wide with my giagantic black love muscle. "Yeah Tony, fuck the shit out of that white hole broe. You know how much this white girl wants that black cock, hear her moaning everytime you stuff her?" Leroy really was enjoying, us playing with your pretty white wife. "SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP." The room was filled with the mixture of my my big black balls slapping against her ass and her moaning with Leroy's black cock stuffed in her mouth. After about fifteen minutes, we switched up on her and Leroy got to fuck his first white pussy, he siad he thought it was alot more juicy than black the ones he'd fucked.

After he finished fucking Linda's cunt we turned her over and took turns licking her fine ass, before we started butt-fucking her nice round booty. I bet she couldn't shit for a week after me and Leroy stuffed our big poles so far in her we bumped her beely button. YEAH, REALLY, Leroy put his hand under her stomach and said he could feel my big long monstor bumping againts it, every time I pumped into her asshole. And your, pretty white wife screamed with delight on every stroke, that was until Leroy decided to quiet her down by pluggin her mouth again with his dick. I could tell she wasn't used to no big cocks from the way her little anus tried to squeeze our cocks in half, damn that is some more tight assed white girl, you got there.

We fucked her cunt and ass for hours that night, until me and Leroy had both cummed in her three times. The first time she acted like she was going to pass out when I filled her ashole with all my sperm, but after that she got kinda used the big cocks and began fucking us back more than at first.

Well old buddy, I hope you enjoy knowing what a hore yoe white wife is for chocolate cocks, and I also hope you enjoy the pictures of her.

Tony and (Leroy, he didn't rite this I did)

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sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.

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sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.