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Toni and I have been married a little over ten years now. Ten wonderful years, and our sex life now is better than ever.

Toni looks fantastic. She has a great body and the most beautiful breasts you can imagine. She's Italian and her dark hair and eyes are a striking contrast to her very white skin. Her big dark eyes, great complexion, and lovely black hair is cut short and stylish. So, when I tell you that just looking at her still makes my heart go pitter-patter, you know why.

Anyway, here we are. We work together and have survived the up's and down's of a small business. And now, we are enjoying the benefits in our new house, with a boat, a lovely yard, and a pool and hot tub on the deck outside our family room.

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Mister and Missus White-Bread Suburbia... Until... .....

Several weeks ago I received word that Mike, an old friend was going to be visiting New York on business and to receive some training.

Mike is a great guy, and we were pretty tight before his company moved him to Seattle a few years ago. We used to be drinking buddies, and Toni and I had even double-dated with him a time or two. So, when I heard he was coming back to town for a few days, I checked with Toni, and then called him, insisting he stay with us rather than in a hotel. He agreed immediately.

I picked Mike up at Islip airport at 3:00 p.m. on Friday afternoon and we had a nice conversation as I drove back to the house and he informed me he had just gotten engaged to a woman out West.

When Mike opened the door to our house, thirty-some people yelled "SURPRISE!"

Toni and I had decided to throw him a little "Welcome Back" party so he could see his old friends, again. It was a great party. After hours of good music, good food, good conversation, and good booze, people started leaving around midnight.

By twelve-thirty, everybody had left and Mike offered to help Toni and I clean up. Toni said, "This can wait. I'd rather take a quick dip."

I agreed, and Mike said that sounded good, but he'd have to borrow one of my swimsuits, as he hadn't brought any along with him. Much to my surprise, Toni blurted out, "You don't have to worry about a suit, Mike. We don't bother much with them anymore."

I was surprised because, although Toni and I really didn't bother with suits, it was only when we were alone. I couldn't tell if she was a little buzzed, or a little excited, or both. But I knew I was both!

We were sitting on the back deck and the three of us quickly stripped. It was obvious in the bright moonlight that Toni was more than buzzed. Her nipples were hard and erect and her skin had that taut, expectant look it gets before we make love. She looked very excited and exciting and her eyes were glued on Mike.

And looking at Mike, myself, I could now see why he had been such a stud around Long Island before he was moved to Seattle. Besides his rugged good looks and great personality, he had a rather large cock and set of balls hanging between his legs.

I noticed he was also watching Toni very closely.

We all ran around the pool to the hot tub and quickly splashed in. The water was hot and the night air made it very relaxing.

We immersed up to our necks in the water and sipped our drinks and quietly talked about old times and who-was-where-doing-what. After a few minutes Mike became a little overheated in the hot water and he sat up on the side of the hot tub between Toni and me. I couldn't help but notice all the attention Toni was giving to Mike's crotch. I took a good look, myself.

Mike's cock was large -- no two ways about that. It was long, maybe seven inches or so, but it was also thick, looking almost as thick around as my wrist. And it was still soft! I had been in enough locker rooms to know that Mike was one of a very few good men.

When we finally got around to the gossip and who-was-fucking-whom, Toni interjected that she now understood why there was so much crying and gnashing of teeth by the local beauties when Mike moved across country. Then, Toni asked Mike to forgive her for staring, but that he certainly had a handsome cock there. I was shocked at her blatant sexuality, but it was turning me on also. I wrote it off that she'd had more than a little to drink.

Being only human, as Mike listened to Toni's compliments, and responded, joking, "Well, would you like to check it out?"

Toni suddenly turned to me, "I just want to touch it!" I could tell from her expression and breathless tone, she was asking me for permission.

I shrugged and nodded. What was I going to say?

Toni turned to Mike, "May I?"

Mike looked at me and I nodded again. He turned back to Toni, "Sure, Toni, if you want to."

My wife turned slightly and just stared at his cock. It was growing firmer and longer as we watched.

Toni slowly reached forward. There was a small tremble in her hand. Slowly, she reached out and touched Mike's cock, wrapping her hand around it. He was quite large now, and her fingers didn't even come close to making it all the way around.

None of us said a word -- we were all feeling the sexual tension of that minute. All three of us were intently watching my wife's hand as it slowly pulled back Mike's foreskin off the head of his cock, and then let go, so the skin slid back to cover the head, again. Over and over, Toni slid her hand up and down Mike's shaft. Toni's other hand made its way down to Mike's balls, where it cupped and lifted them as if weighing them.

The sexual tension was incredible, when Toni finally released his cock and slid back down into the hot tub. "Wow, that was nice."

Mike was practically panting as he, too, lowered himself back into the steaming water. "You can say that again."

We tried to talk about any number of other things, the old gang, the weather, the water, anything to get our minds off what had just happened, but nothing worked.

After a while, I offered to make us all a nightcap and ran into the house to get the fixings. When I returned, Toni and Mike were close together in the corner of the of the hot tub and obviously, the sexual tension hadn't lessened at all. I sat the drinks down, got into the tub and moved up behind Toni.

They were still making small talk but the sexual tension was incredible. I put my hands around Toni and cupped her breasts, bringing her nipples up to a point practically right in Mike's face. That action wasn't wasted on either of them. Toni moaned slightly and tilted her head towards me. Mike looked at her nipples just inches from his face and gently reached out and touched them with his fingertips. Toni shivered at his touch but never moved.

As Mike's hands moved over her breasts, I released them and slid my hands down over her hips and under to her pussy, stroking her clit gently. Soon I felt one of Mike's hands in the same place so I moved back to play with other sensitive areas.

With gentle pressure on the inside of her thighs, I moved Toni's legs apart and Mike move in and under her legs. His cock was now standing straight up and rubbing against her belly. Slowly Mike sank down in the hot tub until his cock slipped underneath her pussy. Rubbing gently, he began to raise up until the head of his cock pushed between the very well lubricated lips of her pussy.

She was so wet and excited that his large cock slipped easily up into her and she gasped as he pressed his cock completely into her. Her eyes closed and they began rocking back and forth. I held her breasts and kissed her on the neck as Mike fucked her, his passion growing by the minute. She moaned with her approaching climax, and her sounds and movements brought him to higher and higher levels of excitement. Within minutes they were both cumming loudly and then she settled down on his legs with his cock still deep inside of her.

"Oh, Mike, That was wonderful. Thank you."

"The pleasure was all mine," he smiled back.

Not quite. I had some pleasure too.

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