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Linda At The Theater

Another great wife turned slut story.


Linda was planning on getting some work done this weekend, while her husband, Steve took the kids were off on a trip to visit his family in Alabama where he would spend most of Saturaday and then return to meet her at home that night. She had worked for several years as a mystery shopper and had plenty of inspections to get done, several gas stations, a restuarant, and a head-count for a theater on the northside of town. Her day got off to a off to a great start, not the usual heavy traffic that weekdays in the Atlanta area bring. She had finished all of her gas stations and made it to the restuarant by 1:00 pm for a nice lunch, accept for the fact that she was alone and would have much rather had her husband to share with. After lunch she headed over to the theater, one she had never heard of called Illusion's. She got out her directions and headed over to try and make the 2:00 matinee, she had been asigned to do head counts for the 2:00, 4:00, and 6:00 shows, which meant she would have to hang around or watch the shows, at least till she could get the 6:00 head-count. when she arrived, she noticed that it was an older theater that had the look of recent renovations. There were only four cars in the lot, and noticed that the bilboard did not list the names of the movies playing, only times. She proceeded inside to the boxoffice and as she was asking for one ticket from the manager, she froze as she began reading the title for the shows, cinema 1 had "The Honey Hole" playing, cinema 2 had "Three Men And Missy" playing, and in cinema 3, a special preview of "White Trash Whore 14". As Linda read she realized that she was in an XXX- rated theater. She thought to herself, "They should have told me about this before asking me, but anyway at $20.00 for each show pluss snacks, I can stay for the money"

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She took a peek inside all three theaters right at 2:00 and made her head-counts, then decided to get a bag of popcorn and set in the lobby doing some paperwork until the next show started at 4:00. As she sat there she saw two more couples and 8 or nine single men enter and walk by her, all seemed to to size her up on their way by, and even one younger tall guys gave a little, "Ummm, ummm." as he looked down at her when he passed. Linda was now beganing to feel a little more uncomfortabe, and decided that she would be more inconspicuous if she went inside one of the shows where it was darker.

She found her way in and noticed that the few people who were there wer sitting near the back so she found her a seat near the middle of the front part of the theater, hoping to be able to sink down a little and not be noticed. Once there, she began to watch as a little blonde was taking two of the biggest black cocks at one time, one in the pussy and one in her mouth. Linda recognized her from some of the XXX-rated videos that her and Steve had rented and watched at home. She watched as the blonde moved her mouth up and down the huge, black, shaft, while she was mounted on top of the other guy riding his dick hard and fast. She watched for about fifteen minutes as this blonde slu with lillte tities got her pussy pounded, then her asshole stretched by these two big montere cocks, till they finally unloaded what looked like a quart of thick white cream in her mouth.

As the next scene started, there were four guys doing an job interview with the same blonde girl, and Linda could tell that it wouldn't take long for her win them over. Within minutes she again had dicks rubbing all over her, probing every opening they could find. Linda was now beganing to get aroused herself, and felt her own juices begin to moisten her cunt-lips and panties. She turned to make sure that no one had sat near her, and once she was comfortable with her seclusion, she reached down with her left hand, and pulled her black dress up just far enought to to pull the crotch of her panties aside, then with her right hand she took her middle finger and parted her cutlips, coating her finger with juice and moved it up to touch her swelling clit. She thought ot herself, "God, I wish it was already night and I were home with Steve's tongue sucking my cunt." Then she looked back up at the screen and watched as the blonde mounted one of the guys and another guy stuffed a cock into her asshole. The blonde screamed with delight, turning Linda on more. Without noticing, she had now began to really work her own dripping cunt fast and hard. Linda was so horny, she'd do anything, even masterbate herself for an orgasm. The harder the blonde fucked the wetter Linda got, and soon she was daydreaming, with her head laid back, her feet propped on the empty chairs in front of her, and her fingers working circles around her wet,swollen, clit. As she began to fantisize about taking the blond's place on the screen, she started loving the way that the men were squezing her big tities, reaching inside her bra, and pinching and pulling her nipples: The way that two of them were kissing and sucking her neck and ears at the same time. The way the one of the men gently moved her fingers aside and replaced them with his hot tongue. The feeling of a throbbing, hard, cock in her hand as her left hand was guided from her dress to the lap of a man setting next to her. Then suddenly LInda was jolted, as her eyes opened and the realization that it wasn't a dream hit her. "Oh my God," she thought to herself, "This can't be happening, but it is. What if???? What are they going to do??? Who's cock is this???" then she started thinking of it's size, she'd never felt a cock this big before, she'd had one this fat once, years ago, but never this long and fat. The men kept kissing her and pinching her nipples, not too hard, but just enough to make them grow hard and erect. The man that was eating her cunt, had now raised her knees up and was holding them high, making little circles around her asshole then moving back up to her horny clit, then back down. She kept her eyes closed as she stroked the huge cock next to her, felling the swollen veins with each down-stroke, and drops of precum each time her hand made it's way back up to the huge head.

"AAAAAUUUUUUGGGHHHHH, AAAAAAAAAUUUUUGGGHHHH !!!!" LInda moaned as hands and tongues deligently explored her. The men behind her had now gathered her dress, worked it under hips, and over her head, and laid it aside in the seat to her right. Then together they lowered Linda's bra, letting her 38d size tities hang over the front of it. "These guys seem to work very good together, almost like one," she thought, "I wonder how many women they have done this to." Her eyes still closed she grabbed her dress from the seat and covered her face with it. Now there were no more hands on her breasts, but two sucking mouths, with hot, hungry tongues working all over her big tities. Then the man between her legs stopped, licking her clit, and soon she felt a big hard dick parting her wet lips and making it's way deep inside her cunt. " OHHHHH, OHHHHHH, YEEESSSSSSSS !!!" came uncontrolably from her as he bumped the bottom of her womb with the first deep stroke. "God, how could this happen." she thought as the man began thrust his cock in and out of her cunt, hard and fast was the way he did her, and it was only a matter of minutes till she felt it lodge deep and stop, then she felt the man's cock throb hard and hot cum pumping out he end of it insde her cunt. Lind just stayed there enjoying the feeling of his cock till suddenly he was gone and some one else was taking his place, another hard dick was invading her wet cunt, and like the first wasted no time about pounding away in her, this one was not quiet as large, but never the less she enjoyed the feeling of hot, hard, flesh pumping away inside her. Again it lasted only a few minutes, till this guy too, was grunting and throbbing inside her as he unloaded another load of cum in her sloopy fuck-hole. "Oh my god, this must be a dream Linda was thinking as she continued to work the huge cock next to her with her fingers."

Then she felt something SO WONDERFUL, another tongue and now taken the guys place as her pussy, licking up and down from her clit, all the way down to her now wet with cum, asshole. Wow, she thought, I would have never thought another man would suck cum from my pussy like this. The mouth between her legs was now right in the middle of her opening, and Linda could here the gooy slurping as the hot tongue was working with the lips, sucking and swollowing cum and cut-juice together as it flowed fron her cunt. Linda's moans bacame louder as she was nearing orgasm, and she reached down to grip the guys head, feeling his soft,long, hair in her hand, she realized that there was plenty to grip. Linda's hips quivered and humped against the mouth that was pressed against her cunt as her insides shuddered with her orgasm. The mouth just kept licking afterward and Linda couldn't stand it anymore, so he rhands turned from pulling the hair to pushing the face off her cunt. This is when she realized that the smooth face that had been sucking cum from her cunt, wasn't a man at all but the girl of one of the couples she see earlier. Then she heard a whisper in her ear as hot breathe hit her neck, "Are you ready for some soul dick lady?" Linda's eyes widened, and she pulled her dress from over her face, a the silhouette of a huge black man was outlined against the bright screen only inches away from her. She looked down and saw what must have bben twelve inches of big fat black cock sticking straight out from his hips and moving closer and closer to her already cum-filled cunt, she looked up and tried to make out the face from earlier as she flet him pulling her nipples as he sunk his giant cock into her hot cunt, filling her completely and stertching her cunt wider than any cock had ever done. He grunted a few times as he plunged his big black cock in and out of her gooy pussy, making incredibly loud gushy noises with each thrust. Just a few pumps of the cock and he wanted her to move. He sat down and pulled her over to his lap, letting her cunt again devour his huge cock. Now she could see him much better, and recognized him as the teater manager who sold her the ticket. As she began riding his huge organ, he pushed her torsoe up far enough to suck her big tities with big thick lips. Then she felt another pleasure. Behind her was another hungry mouth, this time it was licking the crack of her ass. Linda reached back with her hand and felt the rough face of a man licking from the top of her ass crack all the way down, circling her asshole, then going on dwon to the black mans' balls and back up to her asshole. She then reached down farther and gather up a handful of big tennis-size black balls, and held them tight as the man licked circles around them before going back to her asshole. Linda, then reached around the black man's kinky head and squeezed it tight to her chest as he sucked hard on her tits, and squirmed as she first felt a finger invade her asshole. Shw then slowed her fucking even more as the man began pumping his finger in and out of her ass with the same rhythm. Her cunt stretched to the max, her niples being sucked hard, the woman on the screen yelling to be ass-fucked had Linda to a point that all that mattered was reaching another orgasm. Then she flet the head of another cock spreading her tight asshole as the man reached around her chest and squeezed her big tits to the point of almost being unbearable accept that it increased the sensetivity of her nipples to the black man's sucking. She felt about an inch cock inside her ass, and the nasty blond on the screen must have been getting to her, Linda turn and snarled toward the guy behind her, "FUCK MY ASS YOU SON OF A BITCH, FUCK IT HARRRRRRRD !!!" She felt the rest of it stuff inside her hard and deep, it must have been at least eight or nine inches long. Linda sped up her pace as did the assfucking man behind her slamming his rigid tool deep inside her anus, hard and fast, as she rode up and down the biggest cock she had ever seen, much less, Fucked. Within seconds all three were cumming together Linda fist felt a surge of hot gooy cum squirting up her ass, and just a soon as the first surge hit her insides she felt the giant black man's cock explode against the bottom of her pussy over-filling with hot sperm, and causing her own orgasm to erupt, deep inside her body. Within seconds, she was setting back where she had started, accept for her tities hanging out, her dress thrown over the seat next to her, cum flowing freely out of her cunt and ass dripping into a puddle on the fabric of her seat.

Linda gather her dress, puling it back over her head, straightend herself up, the best she could, looked at her watch noticing that the time was now only 3:55 pm and there were two more shows to go. She got up and looked around to see an empty theater as the lights were turned back on. Linda wasn't sure if she could take two more shows or not today, then as she made her way out throught the lobby she saw several single guys, along with three couples, but couldn't quite recognize any faces, but she did notice the manager, a big black guy as he made extra sure to give her a smile and wink as she left.

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sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.