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Another great wife turned slut story.



Date: 11/29/99 1:25:01 PM Eastern Standard Time

Hello My Friend,

I'm writing this letter after several months of contemplating. I know that secrets cannot go on for ever and I'd rather be the one to tell you, than you finding out through other means.

You've probably never suspected, but my wife and I enjoy going to the swinger's parties and bars around the Atlanta area. She enjoys the attention that she receives from the men and I always like watching her in action. Well, last June we attended a Friday night party at one of the club's, Friday they let single men attend as well as couples. As something different, we went separate ways upon arrival. I had a few drinks and enjoyed watching all the women flashing and teasing as they danced with and without their husbands, then I noticed a familiar face on the floor, at least I thought it was familiar. So I waited for the song to stop and followed her over to the bar. It was without a doubt, your wife Linda !!! What was she doing in a place like this?? She's usually very reserved and had always seemed conservative, especially when it comes to standing out in a crowd. Yet, here she was, wearing her hair down, with skintight black shorts, an almost see-through black top that showed several inches of cleavage, and black heels. WOW, Steve, I bet you never had any idea of what a HOT woman you were married to. That nice ass of hers had all the guys drooling, including me. I decided not to approach her, but just kind of lingered around, just out of sight. There must have been at least 6 different guys pinch her ass when they went to the bar to order drinks, and one of the guys whispered something in her ear, then managed to squeeze her tit with no resistance. I watched her and kept thinking of how I'd like to be the one feeling on her big tits or ass. As long as I've known you I've always wondered what your wife would be like if she'd drop her guard for a while and let me get to know her better, now here I was watching from a distance as all these men were touching her ass and tits. I wondered where you were, I kept looking around, but no Steve. I watched as Linda danced with another guy, this guy was a tall brown headed man, about 30. Linda seemed to particularly like this guy, as she kept a grip on his ass the entire dance.

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I left the room a while to go and check on the other party rooms and see how my wife was getting along. As I expected she was having fun entertaining a couple who had a wife that was apparently BI and hot for her. When I returned to the dance room Linda now was dancing with two men, the one to her front was kissing her neck while she gripped his ass with one hand and had the other buried between his legs. A second man, was slow dancing against her ass, with both hands reaching around her gripping her big tits, and grinding his crotch on her butt. I couldn't help to keep watching, and really wanted to approach her, after all I've always wanted to get a piece of your wife, but I was a little afraid she'd freak-out if I did. Within the hour, I had lost sight of her in the crowd and decide to check on my own wife's progress again.

When I returned, I looked all around the room for you or Linda, but couldn't find either of you. Well, I figured that I missed my chance to try her out, so I started checking out the rest of the party. Man, was I wrong. As I made my way down the hall to the private rooms, I looked inside one and Damn, there she was again, your wife Linda!! She was on her knees, sucking the dick of the first guy she was dancing with, while the other guy was pounding her from behind. The guy was sitting in a loveseat, with his hands around the back of Linda's head helping her bob up and down on his cock, as the guy in the back had gripped her hips and was pumping her as hard as he could. God, what a beautiful ass Linda has, and seeing her like this was great, but I still couldn't figure out where you were. As I stood at the doorway looking in another guy asked me to step aside. He made his way in and had a seat beside the first guy on the loveseat, and as she sucked one cock, she reached over and undid the second guys pants, exposing another big rigid cock, and began stroking it up and down. Man, do you know what a good looking woman your wife is with a dick in her mouth, some women don't look right, but Linda looks great with her lips stretched around a fat cock. Soon she was swapping from cock leaving each one wet with her saliva as she switched. The guy in her fucked your wife good, till he finally pulled his cock out and rubbed it up and down her ass crack, before shooting a giant load of sperm right on her asshole. When he got up the first guy she'd been sucking got up and took his turn in her cunt, as she continued to suck the other man's cock. I'd seen all I could, and decided I would take a chance. I dropped my pants and walked around your horny wife to set down on the couch, she reached out and grabbed my big cock as if she were starved for it, then took her mouth off the other guy and sucked it into her hot, wet, lips, before she ever looked up to see who it was. Man, her eyes got big when she saw me. "Hi, Linda." I said with a smile. "I would have never guessed that you guys were into the lifestyle." She took my cock out of her mouth and said, "We're not, Steve thinks I'm in Florida with a friend." She kept her eyes on me as she sunk her red lips back down the length of my cock, then back up again. "You can't tell him about this, or I'll bite the end of your dick off." she said with a smile. "I want say a word, just don't bite." I said. Damn, I'd never thought this sweet, straight-laced, wife and mother could ever be so fucking HOT. The entire time she sucked my cock she kept stroking the guy next to me. Then the guy behind her grabbed her hair, which she now had tied back in a ponytail, and pulled her off my cock and back to where he could kiss her, then I felt her tits bounce hard against my knees as he grunted and unloaded himself in her cunt.

Linda then looked up at me and said, "I want you to fuck my ass." Damn, was I blown away, I almost tripped over my own feet getting around behind her. I looked down, and she still had the leftovers of the first guy's cum smeared on her brown asshole, and thick white cum running out of her cunt from the second guy, who had sat back down on the couch and pulled her head to his lap to lick the last of his cum off the head of his cock. I couldn't resist stuffing my eight inches inside your wife's cunt first, but then I pumped slowly as I took my thumb and spread her asshole, making sure to wet it down good with the cum that surrounded it. Linda moaned loudly when my thumb stretched it enough to get in, them she bucked her hips back at me, and said "Fuck it honey, stick it in my ass!" I pulled out of her cunt and positioned my wet cock on her brown hole, then slowly began to push it in. Linda moaned louder and louder as I slid deeper and deeper. She continued to suck the two guys on the couch, now one was getting soft, but she wouldn't let it go that way long. God, her ass was tight, and hot, and after I got my cock in there it was stretched wide, at least eight inches deep. I began pounding her hard, and she pounded back with her beautiful ass.

I pounded your wife for about five minutes, while she sucked the other guys cocks. Then I pulled out of her and had a seat myself and Linda was right behind me setting her hot asshole back down my hard cock. Her back to me, she leaned back against my chest, and I reached around to feel her big tits. Then she pulled her feet up on the edge of the loveseat, and propped them there, leaving her sloppy cunt exposed to the guys in front of her. The guy you was yet to cum got on his knees, and began eating her pussy, slurping and sucking on her as her ass slowly rode up and down my dick, squeezing it tightly. The other man pushed my hands aside and sucked her tits. Then while I was being butt-fucked by your wife I heard her squeal, "OH MY GOD !!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!YES!!!YYYYYEEEEEES!!!!!!!" as she stopped pumping me. Then I felt her squeeze my cock even tighter, and thought she was cumming. Then I realized that she was being invaded by another cock, I felt the other dick run the length of mine, as it slid into your wife's cunt, then back out, and right back in, deep, causing her asshole to almost cut the circulation off to my cock. "GOD, this is GREAT!!!!" she shouted, and then she began to hump hard with her ass. Within seconds I felt thumping against my decked as the guy shot a load of cum in Linda's twat. Then I looked up to see a line of five knew guys, standing there holding their cocks, waiting to fuck your wife. One would get on the couch. straddle her chest and fuck her mouth while the another would stuff a hard cock into her dripping pussy. My cock was being used and abused by your wife's ass, while I felt the remnants of shooting cum hit my shoulder from time to time as some of the guys shot their wads in her mouth. Twice I felt the guys lick and suck my balls while they ate her pussy before fucking her, it was great. Linda must have cum five or six time that night, and was fucked by more guys than I could keep up with. when I finally came in her ass, it was twelve o'clock and I was thirsty, so I left her there with the rest of the men and went to get a drink and check on my honey.

When I returned around 2:00am, Linda was laid facedown, mouth gagged, over the end of a kitchen table, with leather straps around her ankles binding them to the legs, and her hands cuffed and tied with another strap tied to the opposite end of the table. Their was a group of four guys, with a deck of cards playing blackjack on another table right next to her. I asked what they were doing, with Linda tied up this way. "We're playing for her, each winner gets to fuck her, but only as many strokes as they have points in that hand." One of the guys spoke up. "And if you get Black Jack, you get to fuck that asshole!!!!" another guy blurted out. I just had to join in and I won the first hand with eighteen. I walked over and enjoyed eighteen deep long strokes in Linda's pussy, I think nineteen could have made me cum. Then another guy won and took his turn with his short fat cock. Linda would just lie there quietly, but every time another cock would enter her you could hear her loud moans as she would hump back with every stroke. After about eight hands were played the first blackjack came up to the only black guys there. His big fat cock looked like a snake, as he slid it deep into your wife;s brown asshole, deep and hard and within two minutes, was unloading in her, causing a mess of white sperm to run from her hole as he pulled out. Finally by the time the game was over Linda had been fucked over and over by all of us and had passed out with a puddle of thick white cum on the floor from all the guys who had unloaded in her.

Well, my friend that's the story. Tell Linda that I'm sorry I told you, but I just felt you should know just how HOT your shy, conservative, wife really is.



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sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.

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sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.