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Pamela, Cindy and Linda stepped on the beach and all eyes turned. Wearing cut off's so short their round ass cheecks peeked out they wiggled and giggled in the sand.Anyone wnats sex stories? All three felt hot in tiny tight t-shirts and sunglasses sex stories . What a sexy story! They were young things ... the hottest on the beach and they knew it. Hard nubile breasts and thighs long luscious sex stories hair smooth tan skin - they came to the beach to show off their finest assets. Laughing as one girl squeezed out of cutoff jeans to reveal sweet thong back bikini clad sex stories ass cheeks for the boys who were staring in wide eyed amazement at the site. They smiled as she took off the sex stories t-shirt almost exposing those firm eager sex stories nipples. One honey pulled sex stories sun tan lotion from a bag and rubbed it all over her firm tummy, legs, arms and shoulders then coyly asked Jason to help rub it on her sex stories back while laying on a sex towell with sweaty sex stories she raised her butt slightly just because sex stories excited him.They were reading sex stories all day long, regardless if the sex stories were interesting or not, they kept reading sex stories.,

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I would like to believe I'm fairly typical,with a normal life with a few exceptions along the way. I'm 47 had seven (for the most part) lovely wives and have always enjoyed a great sex life. As I have gotten a little older I've worry a bit about sex not being as good as it once was, but I can tell you that's not the case. Just a little back ground about me and some of my past leading up to the true story I'm about to tell you.

My first wife (Gail) was my best friend's girl friend until I started dating her. Gail had nice tits and a lovely ass, before and after we got married we would fuck any were. In the park along side the road, once on the roof of our house, the cops almost caught us that time, you name it we fucked there. About a year after we married we started playing around with Billy and Sally, I never fucked Sally nor Billy, Gail but we did about everything else and I really enjoyed them watching as Gail and I fuck and sucked in a room full of people. But that's an other story.

Next was Sharon small tits big ass but back then a very pretty face. We didn't do much different as far as sex went she didn't even like to suck my dick. We would get naked with my first wife's ex boy friend, by the way even after I married his girl friend we are still close friends 30 years later. The four of us would run around my little lake front cabin naked we even drove in town one Sunday morning to get Pepsis naked but not much else.

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Next came Karen. Now this was a different story. The first time I met her, a married friend of mine who would use my apt. From time to time had brought her over to the house. I heard them come in but I was in the bedroom with a young lady and did think much of it, I knew it was Dick. After a while I got up naked, went to the kitchen for a beer and there stood Dick with Karen on her knees sucking his dick, I said something like nice job and went back to my date. The next morning I found Karen had left her sweater behind, at work I asked Dick about her and he told me to go for it and about a year later we were married.

Karen and I fucked not just about everywhere but everywhere! You name it we fucked there. And then we decided to start swinging but only together. I had watched as Billy fondled my first wife and Sharon and I would run around naked in front of our friends but now I would watch my wife fuck and suck a stranger man as she watched me do his wife and I loved it. And always after a night of swinging our already good sex life was even better. I have lots of good stories about Karen, but that's for an other time.

Then came Diane, her idea of adventurous sex was watching me jerk off as she masturbated. I didn't mine it just got a little boring sometimes. We did fuck on the carport one night but that was about it.

Lori was #5 her and I were only together as man and wife 13 days and before we got married all we did was smoke dope and fuck. I would come home for lunch and as I was eating she would suck my dick, but out side of that nothing real special.

Next was Shelly. Her and I never got married but sent a couple of good years together. We didn't do much, one night my cousin was visiting, the three of us ended up in the hot tub and he watched as I fucked her I then asked her if she want to fuck him and she said why not so I watched them fuck. The next morning as Skip was getting ready to leave he watched as Shelly give me a blowjob and went on his way.

Peggy was #6, 10 years older than me loved sex but somewhat jealous, but not shy. One night Linda B was over for a visit and Peggy and I started the play a round in front of her next thing I know Peggy and I are naked and Linda's watching as Peggy sucks my dick. Now Linda got naked came down on the floor with us and to my surprise started eating Peggy's pussy and she liked it. Soon we moved to the bedroom with Peggy sucking me and Linda eating her, but went Linda wanted a teased of my dick and took it out of Peggy's mouth and put it in hers all hell broke loose. Peggy did get over it and we went on to have some really good times with Linda B and her friends. One week end when my long time friend few down from Indiana we fixed him up with Linda B but as I have said before that's a whole story in it's self.

Now we are to Linda (not Linda B) my seventh and I hope last wife. We met late one night as I was coming home from the bar; she was on her way to the hot tub with her drink in her hand. We talked for a long time and then she asked if I would like to join her. Linda came with me as I went to my apt for my suit, as I was changing I showed her my shaved dick and balls (I've been shaving them off and on for years) and I was pleasantly surprised when she liked them that way. After the hot tub we went to her apt and fucked and have been now for nearly 5 years.

For years I've been a nudist and now that the kids are gone if I'm home I'm naked, Linda's a little over weight with huge nice tits but won't go to Cypress Cove with me so I'm forced into being a home nudist and unable to show the exhibitionist in me. We do have a great sex life with a lot of fantasies and she know about everything from Billy and Sally to swinging with Karen and Linda B and Peg and I. But she won't even talk about swinging because she said she couldn't see me with an other woman.

We have talked about being watched in our fantasies but with all the things I've done I've lived out most of my fantasies and she knows it.

We have a long time friend that visits now and again. John's a little weird but a really nice guy and when ever he comes over Linda lets me show off the exhibitionist in me by warring my little wrap around and nothing else and before the night is over if John wants to see my dick he can and he does. After a couple of visits he told me if I wanted to just to take it off so I did. Nothing happened that night but Linda and I talked about me being naked in front of John and she liked it and we had some really great sex thinking about John watching me.

It started out like many Saturday nights before, but this one would be different. John came over to play some card and just shoot the shit in general. So after we played cards for a while and had several drinks we settled down in the living room to talk but on the way in John pulled my wrap off and I stood there naked. I think he thought it would embarrass me but I couldn't give a shit and just walk on in and sat down as if nothing had happened. When Linda came in she ask what I was doing naked and I told her just getting comfortable all she said was OK and sat down. We talked for a while and had a few more drinks and I thought to myself what the hell. So I got up and walked over to Linda and pulled her top up over her head and off. Linda's a little over weight with huge breast (38DD) and large nipples and with the sight of them I thought John was going to die.

As I started to kiss and play with Linda's tits as John watched I thought she would object but she didn't say a word just sat there enjoying it. I motioned for John to come and join me and it didn't take him long, as he walked across the room I could see his dick getting hard under his shorts. As John started to play with one of Linda's tits and me the other she still didn't say anything instead she started playing with my naked hard dick and with John's thur his shorts. With this I pulled her shorts and panties off now her and I are both naked, and I started eating her wet, hot pussy as John sucked on her tits. I pulled Linda to the floor as she told John to take his clothes off. With her laying naked on the floor and John and I standing naked over her I knelled down and slowly slid my hard dick into her hot wet pussy positioning myself so John could see as my dick slid in and out of Linda's pussy. Soon she reached up and took a hold of John's hard dick as I started fucking her harder and faster. Soon we both had great orgasms as John stood there watching as I rolled off to catch my breath I looked at Linda as she looked at me and with out saying a word we know what each other was thinking and I ask John if he wanted some he looked at Linda and she just knotted the next thing I knew John's fucking my wife as I lay on the floor next to her. It didn't take him long to cum in her hot wet cum socked pussy but long enough for my dick to start getting hard again watch my wife fuck some one else. After John had left Linda and I held each other and had some of the best sex ever. For the next couple of weeks our sex was better and better and our fantasy talks even hotter so I had to come up with something for Johns next visit. As always nothing was said about John's visit but this time he had planed to spend the night and we all knew things were going to be different this night. As Linda I got ready for the night I asked her to ware what I laid out for her and she agreed. I got dressed in my usual wrap, as Linda started to get dressed she was surprise to see what I had picked out for her, not something sex but an old t shirt and shorts and her most ratty bra and panties. She asked what was going on but all I told her she would see. What out another word she got dressed for the night.

John got to the house around 7:30, we had a few drinks made some small talk and as Linda went to the bathroom I asked John if he wanted to have some fun and in a nervous little way he agreed if it was all right with Linda. I told him she would enjoy herself and to go along with me no matter what Linda think she might want.

As Linda got back I fixed us an other drink and I went up stairs to get the night started. I came back down naked grabbed Linda blindfolded her and tied her hands. John sat there in disbelieve and Linda asking what was going on all I told her, to night she would live out a fantasy, and she just smiled. As I took Linda up stairs and told John to follow, I tied her to the bed still fully clothe I turned to John and told him if he wanted her to go a head and fuck her, he just looked at me as I reached down and ripped her T-shirt off, them her bra freeing her huge tits. John finally got the idea and started pulling Linda's shorts off but with her legs tie couldn't get them off, Linda asked what was going on, I just told her to shut up and enjoy her self.

John unable to get Linda's short off, stopped and took off his clothes and I could see with his hard dick he was wanting to fuck her, so I got some scissors and cut her shorts and panties off. Now the three of us were naked with Linda tied to the bed. With scissors in hand I started cutting her pussy hair as John was playing with her tits. I shaved her pussy clean and showed John my handy work and told him it was his just take it. As John started eating Linda's shaved pussy she was asking what was going on, still blindfold I stuck my shaved dick in her mouth and then she knew who was doing what. Soon John was fucking my tied down wife as I was fucking her mouth and there was nothing she could do about it.

About the same time John came in Linda's now hot and wet pussy I filled her mouth with my cum as John took his dick out of Linda I knew she hadn't climaxes yet so I got her dildo and started fucking her hot pussy with it until she came. After that she was telling us how good it was and to untie her, I just laughed and told her to relax, we're just getting started. I asked John if he wanted a beer and the two of us went down stairs leaving my freshly fucked wife blindfolded, tied up and naked.

After a couple of beers and some small talk about what we should do to Linda. John and I went back up stairs and Linda begged us to untie her but I told her no but I did take off her blindfold so she could watch as we raped her. First I grabbed her tits and told her to suck John's dick as she took his dick in her mouth I shoved her dildo deep into her pussy. After a while I asked John to fuck her again and I just set in the chair watching my tied up wife being fucked, as soon as John came I took his place in Linda's cum filled pussy. I slowly fucked her moving my dick in and out now she watched John as he watched us fuck. Again she wanted untied but not yet the night was young. After along slow fuck I finally came in my wives pussy my cum joining John's from the two times he had fucked her tonight. As a laid next to her John came over and started rubbing his dick a cross her face as his dick got hard he started fucking her mouth and I laid there watching his dick move in and out of my wife's mouth finally shooting his cum down her throat watching all this my dick started getting hard so I started jerking off as Linda sucked the last of John's cum from his dick. I soon shot my cum across her tits and rubbed it in making her nipples hard now with cum dripping from her mouth and pussy and all over her tits Linda begs but not to be untied this time but to be fucked but with John and I both with soft dicks I had no choice but the fuck her with her dildo. After Linda came the three of us fall a sleep with Linda still tied.

About an hour later I woke up to see John fucking my sleeping wife. His pounding dick in her pussy woke her up asking me to stop him but the sight of him fucking her made my dick hard so to shut her up I stuck my dick in her mouth so here we are after hours of fucking and sucking we're back to were we started John fucking Linda as she sucked my dick. Before the night was over John and I both came in or on her two more times, I would never believe I could cum so much in one night but the sight of John and I raping my wife time and again just kept making me hard and her hot.

The next morning after John had left Linda showered to get all the cum off and then back to bed. As sore as she was from all the fucking the night before we made love and with both of us climaxing she looked at me smiling and told me she would get even.

Linda was pretty sore for a couple of weeks but she kept telling me my time was coming and then when I came home one night and she told me John was coming over I knew she was up to something but what?

As we showered Linda told me I was going to ware what she wanted me to so as I got out of the shower I was a little surprised when she told me not to bother getting dressed not even my wrap. I had never started out the nights with John naked but when I opened the door for John totally naked he wasn't surprised and just as he came in, Linda grabbed my hands and tied them behind my back and told me to set down. So I did as she asked, there I sat naked, tied as John and Linda talked, finally Linda moved over and started taking John's clothes off as I watched my dick started getting hard I asked Linda to untie me so I could join in, all she did is look at me and told me pay backs are hell as she took John's pants off freeing his hard dick. She then stood up taking her clothes off, came over to me sticking her tit in my mouth and then pulling away and going to John, putting her now hard nipples in John's mouth while grabbing a hold of his hard dick. As I sat there watching, my dick so hard but with my hands tied behind my back I could even play with myself. Linda slowly move down to suck John's dick looking at me she just said suffer. I'm watching my wife suck a dick and can do nothing but watch. Linda turned around and told me to get on my knees on the floor as she bought John over near me getting on her knees she started sucking his dick just inches from my face. To make thing harder she would reach over and play with my dick only to stop before I could really get into it. She looked up at John and asked if he wanted to fuck her the next thing I knew, I'm on my knees hands tied and Linda's fucking John, god I wanted to fuck but all I could do is watch.

After John came, Linda got her dildo and we both watched as she fucked herself, I told her I would be happy to fuck her and she just laughed. Watching Linda made John hard again so as she masturbated she sucked on his dick, all the while my dick is so hard it's about to explode. Linda got her self off and John came in her mouth as they laid there on the floor just looking at my hard dick and not doing anything about it. They got up to set on the couch and told me to stand there naked with my hard on. Linda told me she would untie me if I would jerk off for her and John but I had better make it last. So Linda let me lose and I stood there masturbating slowly in the middle of the room, finally Linda told me I could cum and it wasn't long until I shoot my load on to the living room floor, I couldn't remember when I needed to cum so bad. Watching me jerk off I could tell Linda was getting hot, playing with her self she started playing with John, this time I sat on the couch watching but not tied. As John's dick got hard once more Linda took him to the floor at my feet and guide his dick into her hot wet pussy. As they fucked before me Linda reached up and started playing with my dick bringing it back to live. Now Linda's sucking my dick as John fucks her and as she sucks me John starts to kiss her with my dick in her mouth the next thing I know John and Linda are both sucking my dick as he fucks her, as John cums in Linda's pussy they both suck the cum out of me.

As always when John left Linda and I had great sex and both of us wondering what next.

The end for now.

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