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Another great wife turned slut story.


It was really, really hot in the store where Linda was redoing the fixture for her books. She had remember that from her last visit and made sure to dress lighter this time. The work was going a little slower than she had hope for so when Roger, a young black guy about twenty-one had offered to help, she was relieved at the possibility of being able to finish in one day. Roger had helped a little before, taking boxes out for her, and had been really friendly every time she'd seen him. "Hey I just clocked out for the day, but I could help you for a while if you like." Roger said. Linda was a little surprised, but graciously accepted the offer, "OK, you handle the top shelves, while I do the lower ones." The two went to work and carried on a light conversation as they placed the books, mostly about Roger. Linda had asked him about his job, and found out that he was working to put himself through school, and that he'd come to Atlanta from Detroit to get away from a gang he'd been part of for five years. As she bent over again to pick up another stack, she heard, "UMMMMM, UMMMMM !" She turned to see Roger with the biggest smile, his eyes fixed on her butt. "And What was that all about?" Linda asked. "Girl, that's got to be the best looking rear I've ever seen on a white girl," Roger responded with a devilish grin. "Well I'm glad you like it, my husband does too." Linda knew from al the comments that her husband had made in the past that her tight fitting black jeans really showed off that part of her. She and Roger went back to work, and Linda didn't notice that Roger couldn't keep his eyes off her, especially when she was on her knees facing him and he could see her 38 D's down the front of her white, sleeveless blouse. "Since we're about finished, lets go get a bite to eat, I'm getting hungry." Linda said, then looked up, "How about you, Roger? I'll treat." Again as Linda looked up at the young man, she noticed that same devilish grin, as his eyes, this time were fixed on the chest. She slowly let her eyes lower back down as she picked up her last empty box, and couldn't help to notice the bulge in Rogers pants, that looked to run half way down his thigh. "Whew!!! Yes, I'm getting hungry now." Linda stated as she stood up and loaded her last box back onto the buggy.

Roger knew of a little bar & grill just about a half mile away, and Linda followed him over. When they entered the place was almost deserted accept for the bartender/cook and the sounds of a couple of guys in the back throwing darts. Linda and Roger ordered their lunch from the bartender including a couple of wine coolers, and decided to give the darts a few throws while they waited. Roger lead the way saying, "Hey man, what are you two doing here this early?" As he greeted two other young guys, one was a tall blonde, and the other was a black man. Both were about the same age as Roger. "Hey guys this is my friend, Linda." "Nice to meet you Linda, I'm Joe." The tall blonde guy had a nice smile as he shook Linda's hand. She couldn't help to think to herself, "I wonder if it's really true about the size of a man's hand being related to the size of his Penis?" Because Joe's hand was huge, it swallowed hers as they shook. "And I'm Tony?" said the stocky black guy, as he smiled and threw another dart.

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"Hey, you guys want another beer back there?" Yelled the bartender.

"Bring them on Jack, were off for the day." Joe yelled back at him. Linda threw her first dart and missed the entire board. As she threw her second, missing again, Joe threw one over her shoulder, hitting the bull's eye right in the center. "I think you could use a little coaching here young lady." He said. He stepped up behind her and with his left arm around her waist he used his right hand to slowly guide her hand beside her ear, "See, you've got to make a straight stroke with only the elbow bending." Joe said, as the crotch of his slacks rubbed up against Linda's butt. "So, I should always keep my stroke straight?" Linda said as she let go of another dart, this time hitting the outside ring. "Here Joe, let me help the lady. I think her problem is more in her body position." Stated Tony, as he replaced Joe at her back. "Here we go Linda, you've got to turn yourself a little sideways, with your right side forward." Tony explained as knelt down and positioned her hip with his left, then his right on her other cheek. Roger noticed the smile on Linda's face, as she was enjoying the attention, so he moved over, and held her wrist with his right hand and steadied her shoulder with his left. Joe then knelt down in front of Linda and said, "I'll take care of her stance on this side." Linda was loving the feeling of six hands on her, Roger, began stroking her shoulder with one hand, while the other slipped under her arm to firmly grip her breast. Now Tony's hands began to work firmly on Linda's cheeks, rubbing from the outside in toward her crack. Joe on the other side was massaging the front of her thighs, up and down, each stroke getting closer and closer to her crotch. "Damn guys, it's a good thing I'm closed till seven." Jack blurted out as he entered the dart room with a handful of beer and wine coolers, then made his way to a stool in the corner and opened of the beers. Linda was really getting hot now, and her thoughts went from one guy to the next. God, she loved the feel of Tony's firm hands on her ass. She was loving Rogers caressing of her breast, and thought of the huge bulge she had seen back in the store earlier. She thought of Joe's big hands, as they worked on her thighs, and again wondered if the myth was true.

Roger whispered in her ear, "Do you want us?" "I think maybe.........."

Linda started to speak then Joe's' hand made it's way for the first time all the way into her crotch. Linda felt her juices erupt as he pressed through her jeans. "Yes, yes, I do?" she managed to say. Rogers right hand moved from her chest down to unbutton her jeans, then the zipper, then Tony slowly tugged them down below her hips, as Joe pulled her red panties aside and slid his hot tongue down over her clit. Linda's threw her head back, as she took her hands and let her long brunette hair out of it's pony tail, to fall covering her shoulders. Tony, pulled her white top up over her head, then reached inside her white bra and pulled one of her big tities out over the top of it just far enough to lock his black lips over her tan nipple and suck it to erection. While Roger was sucking her nipple and Joe was giving her clit a tongue massage, Tony had gotten her jeans down to her ankles and with his big black hands parted her cheeks enough to tease her little brown hole with his tongue. Suddenly Linda began to think this might not be such a good Idea, after all she's a married woman, "No, that's enough guys, I think I'd better go." She pushed Rogers mouth away from her breast and tried to place it back into her bra, but he just grabbed her hand and twisted it behind her back, took his right and yanked her bra open, tearing the front of it. Linda pushed at Joe's, head pleading now, "Stop, I don't want to do this." But again her pleas were ignored as Tony reached around from behind and grabbed her other hand pulling it back behind her, then he took the one from Roger and held both behind her while Joe continued eating her clit and Roger sucked harder and harder on her tit. Now the bartender got up and made his way over, "Thank god, she thought, he's going to put a stop to this." Linda thought as he approached the group. "Here Tony, will this help?" Jack removed his belt and handed it to Tony to bind her hands with. Linda was beginning to feel helpless and tried to raise her knee into Joe's face, but she wasn't fast enough. He caught it and held her tight.

"Over here on the pool table boys, bring her over here." Said Jack. The three men lifted Linda as she tried to kick and screamed for them to release her. As they laid her over the table, Jack took a scarf and wrapped it around her head, tying it tightly between her upper and lower teeth. Then he ran to the bar and brought back some tape, which they used to wrap Linda's ankles and bound the tape to the two corner legs of the table. Roger crawled on to the table on his knees and raised Linda, as they untied her hands Tony grabbed one hand and Joe the other, wrapping tape around her wrists and attaching the tape to the table, leaving Linda spread eagle on the pool table with the remains of her torn bra and red panties. Jack appeared again, with an arm full of bear, "OK guys, this is how it works, just like last time, the one who chug-a-lugs first gets fuck the whore." They turn their bottles up and Linda watches as the first one through is Tony. He drops his pants and walks over near Linda's head holding his big fat black cock in his hand, he taunts her, "Here Kitty, kitty, kitty. Mamma want some milk?" They all laughed as Tony crawled up between Linda's legs. Linda watched as the stocky black young man smiled and mounted her still wet cunt, "Huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh,"Tony's breathing was fast and heavy as he humped up and down on Linda's body. "Yeah man, fuck her cunt, Tony, I think I'm going to suck me some big titie!" Joe said. "Me too." Blurted out Roger, as he roughly grabbed Linda's other tit both men began sucking so hard it was painful to her. She was helpless the way they bound her, and all she could do was feel a big fat cock pound in and out, and in and out of her as the other two mauled her tits, with their tongues and teeth, putting bite and sucking marks all over them. then suddenly Tony stiffened up and Linda could feel the cock inside her push hard one last time, then she felt the surge of thick hot sperm as he unloaded inside her cunt, collapsed for a second, then moved out of the way while the bartender took his turn. She never saw him undress or how big his cock was, but it was making it's way considerably deeper than Tony's had. Tony pulled a stool up beside the table and began laughing at Jack, "How do you like those sloppy seconds there Jack? I stretched that shore out for you." The two guys stopped mauling her tits, and as they went for another beer, Jack reached down and with his thumbs and fore finger, pinched her nipples hard and pulled them away from her body so far, she thought the ends would be pulled off them, and she got her first sight of all the red marks that were left from the sucking and biting of Roger and Joe. As he let the nipples go, Joe started to climb up and straddle Linda's ribs. He had the biggest cock she had ever seen, even in the videos that her husband sometime rented for the weekends. Joe gripped her big tits and slid his cock in between. "I just had to tit-fuck this bitch, it's not everyday you get the chance to fuck such nice tits." Joe said. Linda watched s several inches of cock at a time would pop out from between her breasts and bump the bottom of her chin. Then she felt Jack's cock go even deeper, pushing hard against the bottom of her vagina. She heard him grunting and then felt more hot cum as it throbbed out of the long cock inside her cunt.

"Well, I guess it's my turn boys, and you guys know what I like."said Roger. "Here Tony, help me untie her legs. Jack and Tony both undid the tape from Linda's legs and pulled her ankles up as far as they could, leaving her dripping cunt spread wide with gobs of thick white cum running out and dripping down the crack of her ass. Roger took his huge cock and stuffed it inside her cunt. Linda had never felt anything better than the way that big black Dick stretched her flooded cunt from side to side and top to bottom. "Damn girl, I can't believe you can take the whole thing in one shot." Roger stated, wearing that same devilish grin that Linda had seen earlier in the day. He stroked long and deep for a few strokes, then pulled his wet cock out and rubbed it along Linda's little brown asshole. For the first time, Linda was beginning to change her mind about the afternoon. God his big cock felt so good as it rubbed up and down the crack of her ass, stopping and putting a little pressure on her asshole, then rubbing some more, and then plunging back into her cunt. Then as Roger began to make long, deep stroke in her she felt his finger pushing into her ass. Coated with the dripping cum her asshole was quickly and easily well lubed as he began to finger fuck her ass at the same time he stretched her cunt with his big black cock. Then Roger again started rubbing his cock on her ass, up and down. All the guys had now noticed that Linda's hips were now moving, up and down along with the strokes of Rogers cock, as it ran up and down the crack of her butt. Then The rubbing stopped, and Linda could feel the pressure of his huge cock-head as it pushed against her little brown ring. Then she felt her ass open up a little and the head of Rogers big black cock was inside, "Oh God, that feels so good," she thought. Joe reached over and began to play with her clit, as Roger would pull out a little and then insert himself a little deeper then a little deeper, and even deeper, till Linda felt his cock pushing against way up inside where she'd never felt the warmth of a hard cock. As Roger then began to stroke his meat in and out of Linda's ass she started moan. Joe reached up and untied the scarf form her head, and gently kissed her tits, her neck then as his lips moved along her cheek, she turned her head and met his lips with hers, her hungry tongue diving deep into his mouth, exploring him passionately as roger continued probing her anus. "Let me suck your cock." Linda whispered, "I'd love to taste that big Dick.

"Come on roger, I've got an idea." Said Joe. They all began removing the tape from Linda's wrists and ankles. The once rough and rowdy bunch of gangbangers were now being gentle and caressing with her. As they helped her off the table they all kissed her tits and neck being ever so careful as Joe motioned them over to loveseat that was situated near the dart boards. Linda got onto the couch, with her knees, leaving her beautiful ass sticking out. Joe went around back and let her have his cock over the back of the loveseat. "Oh yeah, that's it baby, suck that cock honey. Yeahhhhhh..." Joe's head fell back as Linda's lips stretched over his big Dick, and she cupped his balls with one hand and held the base of it with the other. then again, Roger entered Linda's asshole, causing her to moan loud and deep as it sank to the depths of her tunnel. Linda pulled her mouth away from the wet Dick, long enough to tell roger to fuck her harder. "Fuck that ass, Rog, fuck me baby, fuck it hard!!!!!" Fill me with that big chocolate, Oh I love it!!!" Roger began pounding her white ass as hard and fast as he could, and Linda was matching him stroke for stroke as she pumped her ass back at him, and sucked Joe's cock with the same fast rhythm. "Man, this is good. Just like I thought she has the best ass I've ever had." Roger exclaimed as the sweat flew from his body, across Linda's back. Then Tony broke in, "Lets give her a three way guys." The action stopped. Linda looked up at Joe, holding his wet cock in her hand and said, "That sounds good, but I want Joe's cock in my pussy."

Joe made his way around and sat on the couch. Linda crawled over on him and as she sank her cunt down over his big cock, she moaned, "OHHHH, God, OHHHHH, that's good, baby yeah, that's goood!" Then Roger made his way back into her asshole, causing Linda to really moaned as she was now stretched with two of the biggest, thickest cocks she'd ever seen. Linda took the lead in the rhythm department and began pumping her ass up and down on Joe's cock, while Roger pumped her asshole. Soon all three were fucking hard and fast, and Tony went around to the back of the couch to give her a cock to suck on. It took just a few second's before Linda's oral talents paid of as Tony went into spasms, and thick white cum began running out of the corners of Linda's lips dripping. Tony moved his drooping cock away and Jack was right there to give her another, "There's nothing that turns me on more than seeing a slut take three cocks at once." He said as she welcomed his hard cock into her lip with a loud slurping sound. Then he grabbed the back of Linda's head and began to fuck her mouth just as fast and hard as Roger was fucking her ass. The three young studs fucked Linda harder than she had ever fucked. Then Joe on the bottom, grabbed her used tits, and as he began sucking on one, Linda began an uncontrollable climax, almost screaming in delight, "YYYYeah, FFFFFFUUUU,FUUUUUUUU, FUUUUUUUUUUUCCKKKKKK MEEEEEEEE!" "AAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" as she dug her nails into Joe's shoulders and her cunt erupted with juice. Her climax was all it took for the guys too, as Joe's cock bumped hard against the head of Rogers, with only a thin wall of skin separating them inside her, she was filled again with loads of hot sperm, as both throbbing, hard cocks squirted into her till she overflowed as well as her mouth as more thick cum ran out of her lips when Jack shot his wad. Linda's spent body, then collapsed onto Joe's sweaty chest, where she lay still feeling the two big meaty cocks as they throbbed inside her depositing their last few drops of sperm. Within minutes the guys were all dressed and drinking as Linda struggled to pull her pants up, she noticed for the first time the camera in the corner of the ceiling. Jack saw her as she saw it and spoke up, "Yes honey, you're on Candid Camera!"

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