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I Hope Your Afternoon Was Good

Another great wife turned slut story.


I had met Linda in June while she was visiting a friend in Florida and she seamed like a really fun girl. We had only shared a couple of drinks and talked a little about music and mostly just flirted a lot. She was a very pretty woman with dark hair and eyes that really twinkled when she smiled, she had a great ass and a nice pair of big tits that made my blood flow when I noticed her nipples harden under the t-shirt she wore that day. Well we exchanged phone numbers I had prety much forgotten about her until I got a call this morning. Linda said that she was free for the day and wanted to know if I wanted to get together with her for drinks and maybe a game of pool. I live about 30 miles from where she wanted to meet, but I was there in 20 minutes.

Rufus's Roadhouse, looks more like a vacant building, with the black windows and one metal door wearing a small sign that reads, "Enter at your own risk." There were four other cars parked in the small lot which was in the back of an old shopping center. As I entered the dimley lit bar-room I went to the bar and ordered a beer. "Hi man, you must be Tom." the bartender said as he handed me the bottle. "Yes, but how do you know?' I asked. "Well, I'm Rufus, Linda told me to look for you, she's around the corner at the pinball machine."

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I walked around to where she was playing intently, and got a great view of her sexy ass, slightly pouched out, wearing tight black shorts. She was leaning forward and bouncing with each push on the flippers, her big, braless, tits jiggling slightly each time, underneath her tight tanktop. At first I wondered if the guys around the machine were being a nuisence to her, after all I had not traveled across town to have trouble over some woman I had just barely met once at the beach. I cautiously approached her, "Well hello, am I at the right place?" I whispered in her ear. She turned around and said, "Hey Tom, we were hoping you'd show up. This is Bobby, Jim, and Kirk." I shook hands with each, they were all three clean-cut black men and very well spoken. "Do you want to help me with my game?" Linda asked in a half-giggle. I reached for one of the flipper controls, but she quickly grabbed my arms and pulled me around behind her saying, "No, I need help on both sides." She shot another silver ball and the fun began. She moved my finger to the controlls and placed her hands over my wrists. My dick was pressed tightly against that gorgeous ass and I could feel her bounce a little with each flip of the wrist we made, and now I knew my hard cock was fully noticable against her. The other guys had now left the table and moved around the corner to the pool room. As we played the last ball of the game I asked Linda if she would like a drink. "A rusty nail, would be good to start." Linda responded as she took my wrists and led them up to her breasts. God, I thought I would cum right then as I cupped her big tits, feeling her hard nipples against my palms, as she squeezed my hands to her chest and wiggled her ass agianst my rock-hard cock at the same time. I'm a fairly big guy 6' and 200 lbs, with a fairly good size cock, but at that very moment it felt like it was closer to ten inches than eight, and was so swollen I thought it might explode.

As I came back with drinks in hand I almost lost it again. There was Linda, setting in a chair, her right leg propped up on the table, spreading her naked cunt with one hand while the other massaged her wet clit with the other. I froze in my tracks, then slowly looked up at her eyes that were full of lust. Then as I slowly approached her I took in every movement of her fingers as they worked in slow circles around her hardened clit. Her cunt was shaven and more of a purple color than pink and was gleaming with juices as she worked it. "Like what you see, Tom?" she asked. "Uh, huh." was all I could get out. "Want to feel it, Tom?" again, "Uh, huh." As I sat her drink down she put one of her wet fingers to my lips. The sweet arouma of Linda's cunt filled my senses, as I licked the juice off her finger, and thought to myself, I'm about to eat pussy in a public bar. I knelt in front of her open cunt and slowly lowered my face to her beautiful pussy. I took both hands and spread her cunt-lips wide, then began to slowly lick circles around her already hardened clit, as her hands moved behind my head and grabbed the back of it. "OHHHH, God, Tom eat that pussy baby, eat it all up." With her incouragement I began to slowly lick from the top of her tasty clit all the way down to her little brown asshole, my tounge being coated with the sweetest cunt juice I'd ever tasted. "I don't want to cum yet, let's switch places now, Tom."

I readily agreed and Linda hurriedly remoed my pants. She was so intense as she dropped to her knees, and took my big hard cock into her hand, never taking her eyes off of it, she she slowly stroked it up and down. Then she cupped my balls with her other hand and touched the end of her tongue to the drop of precum that had dripped out of the head. She looked up at me now and said, "It tastes really good, Tom. Just like my husband, Steve's." Then I watched as Linda's pretty mouth covered the big purple head of my swollen cock and sucked it in and out, her tongue cirlcing the edge of it as she worked it with short, little sucks. Then her eyes looked back up at me as she slowly took every centimeter of my throbbing hard cock into her mouth until I could feel the head touching her throat. The way this slut sucked was unbelievable, I layed my head back, closed my eyes, and just enjoyed very stroke, as her pretty mouth worked my cock in and out for the next few minutes.

God, I was loving it so much, I'd forgotten where we were at, until I felt Linda's mouth jerk a couple of times and heard a couple of slapping sounds . I opened my eyes and there was Jim, from earlier setting in a chair beside Linda's open ass, and he had just given her a couple of spanks. hen I saw Bobby and Kirk standing in the room as well, just smilling and wearing nothing but smiles and two of the biggest black dicks I'd ever seen. "Well Tom, I hope you don't mind sharing this little slut with us, cause we'd sure like to get us some white pussy today. Kirk, then dropped to his knees behind Linda, quickly burried his dark meat into her. "Ohhhhhhh,God, OhhhhhhhhhGod, that's good!" Linda shouted as she pulled her mouth from my cock. Then Kirk began slamming in and out of her like a rabbit for about thirty seconds, then he shouted that he was cumming and pounded her so hard that her chin bounced off my stomach as he unloaded his black cum int her cunt. Linda looked at me agains and smiled as she sucked my hard cock back into her lips and Jim took Kirk's place in her cunt. A few well-delivered, long strokes in and out of Linda from behind and Jim and Bobby helped Linda up and onto the table. "Come on Tom stick your white cock in that hole, it's as good a cunt as you will ever get." I pulled Linda's ass to the edge of the table and watched as my hard cock slid into her cum-oozing cunt. As I began to slow-stroke her I noticed Bobby pulling up her shirt and for the first time I got a good lok at Linda's big brown nipples, as Jim leaned over the table and cover one of them with his big black mouth. Linda's eyes closed as I fucked her sloppy cunt while the two black friends sucked hard on her big tits. I could see several dark, purple, hickies on Linda's tit's and shoulders as these two black men sucked on her pretty tanned skin. The whole time Linda had each of their cocks in her hands, stroking, squeezing, and pulling on those overgrown black cocks. I loved every stroke in her cunt, but I knew I'd never cum in it, it had been stretched too far earlier with Kirk's cock and all that white cum that was still coating her just made it too slippery to give me any friction. Then Bobby layed down and ivited her to sit on him. Linda was all too happy to accomadate, as she first lowered her mouth on that huge black pole. I never reallized how much of a turn on it would be to see a pretty white woman suck on a big black cock, but I loved every minute of watching Linda try to get that monstor-cock into her mouth. Then she climbed on top, and that was a different story. Her purple cunt lips easily stretched wide enough to engouph his big cock, and she slowly squated until every inch of that big black muscle was burried deep inside her. Then she leaned forward to let Bobby suck on her tits some more, and as she leaned forward, Jim began to lick her ass, making sharp little darts with his tongue right in the middle of her little brown asshole.

"Well Tom, I know this one will be tighter for you," Jim said as he raised up and took both hands, slightly spreading her pretty as-cheeks so I could get a good look at her hole. I climbed on the table and positioned myself behind Linda's nice ass. She stopped pumping Bobby's huge cock and got completely still except for her loud panting. I moved my hard cock-head up and down her crack a few times, and each time it touched her asshole she moaned loudly, arching her back at the same time. I finally stopped teasing her and let it rest right in the middle of her asshole. Then I began to slowly push a little, as I pushed I could see the sides of her asshole being pushed ito her, then suddenly it just opened up and swollowed the head of my cock, along with a loud gasp from Linda. "Damn, I can't keep watching you guys, here WHORE, suck my Big Black Dick!", Jim demanded as he climbed on the table stood over Bobby and grabbed Linda by the head, stuffing his huge black pole into her pretty lips. Then her ass sucked my dick completely inside, eight inches plus, burried completely in Linda's ass, and her ass squeezed tight on the base of my cock as if to never let go. She pulled her mouth away from Jim's cock just long enough to say, "Fuck that ass, baby, fuck it hard !" I began to pound my big hard cock in and out of her tight asshole as hard as I could. I grabbed the flesh on her hips and squeezed it tight to keep a good grip as I slammed my cock deep in and out of Linda's ass. Linda matched me stroke for stroke and I looked at Jim pumping his pelvis at her face, each time burying that long black pole in her throat; a mixture of saliva and precum were dripping down Linda's chin, and Bobby was slurping her big tits as she road his monstor cock for all it was worth.

Linda took one hand and grabbed Jim's balls, as she did he yelled, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming, suck it you whore, suck it all !!!!!" Linda had it buried deep in her mouth and I could see it pulsating as he pumped and she swallowed. "You better not let any of that get on Bobby." Jim said as he held her head with both hands. When he slowly pulled it out of her mouth, Linda's tongue licked the last drops off the end of it. Then it was Linda's turn as she began to slam herself up and down like as fast as she could. Then suddenly as Linda was screaming to be fucked harder. Bobby reached around her and arched up, I could feel his huge black pole squirting big shots of black cum deep into her vagina, they were so forcefull against the head of my cock, that I couldn't help unloading my own load of sperm deep inside ass. God, it was so, so good unloading squirt after squirt of my hot sperm in her.

Finally this gorgeous woman was fulfilled, and all four of us men had unloaded our hot cum inside her. We finished our drinks as we put our clothes back on and got ready to leave. I told Linda that I bet she'll have to hide those marks on her tits from her husband for a while and that I knew a way to make them fade away quickly. Then she informed me that she'd never think of doing such a thing, "My husband will be hornier than hell when he see's them and he loves to fuck me after a good gangbang! He loves to fuck me when I'm full of cum."

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