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Another great wife turned slut story.


Kathleen was a 25 yr. old black haired, black eyed Irish-American beauty with full firm round breasts and sensitive aureolae the size of silver dollars, when aroused they stood rigid and pert about 3/4 of an inch. My guess would be she was a 35c-24 35, and stood 5'4" and 117 lbs, pouty lips and smoldering black eyes.

I'm not conceited, but some women would tell me I am very handsome, and some have even propositioned me for sex straight out of the blue ( go figure !!). I am 5' 11" , 180 eyes, long brown hair, and well muscled from many years of martial arts training. My cock is about 8" measured from above, and 5 1/2" circumference, I have always found it ample to satisfy my lover. A few years back, when we were lovers, we'd dabble in a little fantasy sex play during our lovemaking to increase our ardor, not that we needed to increase it much, because she had the sweetest tasting quim ever born in New York, and during her time in L.A. she blossomed even more.

After we dated a few months, Kathleen began coming incredibly hard, her orgasmic secretions became intense and quanteous, easily 3 oz. per climax. At first we were a bit concerned, was that urine ? No, it didn't smell nor taste of pee, and there was no pain beyond exquisite pleasure when she'd writhe and moan loudly, coming on my face. I later learned that the female ejaculation can be that way in some women, but haven't been with other who came and came and came like my sweet Kathleen. I would gratefully swallow her love juice, proud that she could come so hard with me. I approached my fantasy with some trepidation, since repercussions of real life are far riskier than the safety of a secret fantasy. While playing make-believe, sex was hotter than chili, however, the acting out of fantasies can lead to being badly burned.

Once during our lovemaking while locked in a loving 69, as we talked about our fantasies, I asked her if she enjoyed the feeling of cock in her mouth ? She groaned "Mmmmhhmmm...," and sucked me with increased vigor. I then asked her if she also loved cock filling her pussy ? Kathleen responded with a long moan, which I took to mean "yes, most definitely yes". My next question surprised her. Would you like both at the same time ?

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Before she could answer, I picked up a dildo I had purchased as a surprise for her, prepared with a good coating of KY, since both the length and girth of the thing were more than what she was used to. Not giving her time to think about it overmuch, encouraging her sucking, I thrust my hips upward, deeper into her sweet mouth. While I sucked her engorged labia with my lips, and flicked my tongue on her clit, I began to rub the head of the dildo up and down her pussy lips, with no real penetration, only teasing her. To my pleasant surprise, sweet Kathleen began panting in heat and grinding her hips into my mouth, moaning loudly.

I continued the technique a few minutes until she was well soaked from excitement, before slowly inserting the fat dildo into my sweetheart's pussy. It was as though a veil of innocence was rended, revealing seering wantonness which ravished her body with wave after delicious wave of lust shivers. Kathleen was whimpering now, begging for more, deeper, sucking like a madwoman, thrusting down with her hips, needing the dildo From my vantage point was fantastic, her labia were completely distended and swollen pulsating on the dildo, dripping with her juice, I was in heaven. As the rhythm increased, she was coming unglued, moaning, grunting, gasping, while she took the fullness of the dildo inside her while she sucked my cock with enthusiastically.

Finally, after an excruciating build-up, she came with a tornadic fury, crying and laughing at once, halfway managing to swallow my explosive ejaculation into her mouth. Without slackening the pace of the dildo I continued thrusting it in my sweetheart's pussy, mesmerized by the sight of her lips tight and swollen engulfing the thick pole. She begged me to stop, but within a minute she was getting revved up again. Twice that night we had to change the soaked sheets. Finally as dawn was breaking, we fell asleep. Suckling my cock, and a finger inside her to her middle knuckle as she softly caressed herself, and drifted contentedly into the arms of Morpheus ( would it be Morpheus ? ).

We awakened late the next morning and talked about the fantasy. Kathleen was a little taken aback by the whole idea, she couldn't understand why I would want her to fuck another man. I explained that it was merely a fantasy, and my purpose was to give her the maximum pleasure possible. If she was averse to it in any way, I would not bring it up again, but if she enjoyed it we could explore and see where it lead. I assured her that I loved her very much, and that the entire purpose of the thing was pleasing her. "Wouldn't you be jealous..., ?" she asked.. I said that there was some jealousy, yes, but the image of her impaled between two cocks, devouring both, loving every minute and inch of it, was torrid. Besides, I thought that she too had enjoyed the little charade.

A little unsure, she said it made her feel kind of trampy, but admitted it made her super hot. I purposely omitted the fantasy topic, because I didn't want to push her into anything she didn't want. Two weeks later, while we made love, penetrating her from behind, butting her cervix with my cock, her moans of pleasure increasing as I pounded, she put my left thumb in her mouth as she would fellate a cock. I was stunned, realizing at that moment my sweet Kathleen was fantasizing about a second cock, I almost came there and then. Two months later, I was to be out of the country for about three months. Kathleen and I had been arguing about length of my absence, and was worried about how our relationship would be the prolonged separation.

"Wouldn't there be some be some distancing as a result ?" "What about me ?", she said..., "What if after you've been gone two months I meet someone I'm attracted to...?" I told her not to worry about things so much, that three months would pass quicker than she knew, adding that I understood that it was a long time, but if she met someone she liked, she should do whatever felt right to her. In the event she decided to sleep with another man, I trusted her judgement, just be sure to use protection. I said I too would "take things as they come" during the trip. "Just hang loose and don't worry about it, and I'll meet you in Amsterdam in November". In retrospect, three months is too long to leave the relationship unattended, distance and drift are sure to set-in.

Even though we had been touch over the phone, I sensed a lessening of intimacy between us, and so it was that I met her at Schipool Airport. Our meeting felt a bit awkward at first, she was tired and had a long trip in from N.Y. where she visited her folks. The Bed and Breakfast I chose was straight out of a romantic dream ( The Admiral, in Amsterdam ), overlooking the canals. Although it was quite chill outside there was not a cloud in the sky, and sunlight streamed in brightly through the window that crisp autumn day. The bed was large bed, fresh white linens positively beckoned us with an inviting aura, reflecting the afternoon sun throughout the room and illuminating the interior invitingly. Fresh cut flowers adorned the mantle piece filling the air with a soft sweet bouquet.

The romance of the setting had the desired effect. After a quick shower, Kathleen came back feeling re-invigorated and smelling fresh and clean and sexy. It didn't take long for our inhibitions to loosen, and were soon again tugging at each others clothes, rolling about the bed. Both of us impatiently trying to get at the other in our heat, more groping than caressing. For myself, I felt an urgent need to plunge my cock into her young pussy to give her what I knew she needed. After a few minutes, looking in her eyes while in the missionary position, she appeared a bit distracted. "Is everything alright ? "..., I asked.

She assured me everything was fine, but didn't seem very convincing. Again I asked if she was sure everything was ok. This time she didn't quite answer. "What's wrong sweetheart ?"..., I asked solicitously. "I meant to tell you earlier...," she said nearing tears, "but things happened so fast just now...," "Tell me what ?" I asked. Given the timing and circumstances of her concern, I felt a tightening in the pit of my stomach, something of consequence had happened, and the other shoe was about to drop. "Are you sure you won't be mad with me ?" she said. I told her not to be silly, that whatever it was I wouldn't be upset, but I sure wanted to know what worried her so.

After some coaxing and reassurance, she blurted..., "I..., I......, kissed someone." The knot in my stomach tightened a notch, and God damn it, I felt a quickening at the base of my dick. "So what's the big deal...," I said, "did it go further than that ?" Kathleen said it hadn't, but again there was doubt in her conviction when she said it. While we made love, I plied her with more questions, assuring her she could tell me the truth and I wouldn't be mad, but she didn't seem to be very forthcoming. "Did you kiss him back ?" I asked. After a long pause, as I continued looking in her eyes, my cock still pumping her, she said "................yes.....," in a bashful whisper.

"Did you enjoy it ?" I said. Again another pregnant pause, followed by a shy "..., yes...," My cock was rock hard as I fucked my sweet Kathleen and she admitted to enjoying kissing another man. "Did he turn you on ?" I said. "Yes, he does." She admitted with growing conviction, sensing I wasn't pissed off at her. "Did you let him touch your breasts ?" "Yes". "You fucked him, didn't you ?" I demanded. "No...., No......, I......, didn't fuck him" she protested. I almost shot my come into her at that moment. I knew she was lying to me (and doing a bad job of it ). "You did fuck him didn't you ?" I demanded even more sternly as I pumped her harder and harder. "No...., I swear to God I didn't...., I swear it...," She had begun to cry. I held her close, cradling her face in my hands, showering her with tender kisses, reassuring her that it was o.k. to tell me everything. "Who was it, how did it happen ?" I inquired.

This is what sweet Kathleen said to me as we embraced lovingly on the big bed with white linens..., "A group of friends and I were supposed to go water-skiing at Lake Arrowhead, but at last second most of the others couldn't make it, so....., since I was already packed for the weekend...., I didn't want to cancel and have a boring weekend in the city...., so I went." "Where did you stay ?" I asked. "We were all supposed to stay at Jim's parents' lake home, .......I got his parents' master bedroom since they weren't there...," "What happened baby, tell me please." I was about to explode from horniness. The ringing in my ears, the flush in my entire body, the lump in my throat, my renewed erection pressing, pressing inside my sweet honey. "It was after a day of water-skiing, we'd been out on the lake all day in his parents' powerboat. I had given Jim a shoulder rub while he piloted the boat back to the docks." "That night as I lay in his parents' bed, in a T-shirt, he knocked on the door to see if I needed anything.

He offered to return the massage he'd had that afternoon." "What did you tell him ?" I asked. "I said that sounded nice, because I was really sore and a little sunburnt from water-skiing all day, so he got some lotion, and started massaging my shoulders. After a while, the T-shirt was sort of in-the-way of the lotion application, so he asked me if I minded " taking it off." "Did you ?", I said.

"Yes, since I was laying face down, and figured it would be alright......, I kind of raised my arms over my head to sort of........, help him take it off." "He massaged my shoulders for a long, long time, and I began feeling a little more relaxed." I ejaculated unexpectedly into sweet Kathleen, realizing at that moment she had fucked this guy. If she allowed him to massage her in the nude, she had fucked him, I knew it !! She kissed me tenderly, and wrapped her arms and legs tight around me as I shot my semen into her. She was crying, feeling remorseful, but also relieved and turned-on from my reaction. Not pulling out of her, I asked she continue her story. "Go on !" I pleaded. Tell me everything, what did he look like, was he in good shape ? Did he turn you on ?"

Gathering her courage, she described in detail what happened. "You see, he massaged my back for like an hour, giving me little pecks on my shoulders and neck. By The time he got to my low back I was wet...., and I think he could smell my scent " "Jim is about 6' 3" and muscular, he keeps really fit water-skiing, and weight training, so by the time his hands caressed my ass, I was beginning to really want him, but he wouldn't let me do anything until he finished the massage. My thighs parted almost, like......., involuntarily....., I swear it, when he massaged his way up to my ass, I could feel the wetness between my legs spotting the sheets of the king size bed. Then he turned me around so I would be facing up, exposed to him in my full nudity, and that's exactly what I did.

I wanted to openly expose my breasts and bush to him fully, totally naked for him on that bed. I wanted to feel his hands pinning my waist as he drew me to him, I wanted to feel his strong arms embracing me. I needed him very badly, honey..., I was hungry for his cock too, I wanted to eat him...," As she spoke Kathleen writhed and ground her pussy into my groin as she continued..., "Jim knelt next to me on the big bed, and very sweetly started on my arms and shoulders, then moving down to my breasts..., and..., mmmmmm...," I felt an lust shiver course through her body, and her breasts and ass covered with goose bumps. She was really hot from telling me about this guy. "Go on...," I croaked hoarsley, "tell me everything". "He massaged each tit for about a half an hour, I was losing my mind, I wanted him so bad. As he did, I reached over to the huge bulge in his boxers. I could see the head outlined where they were spotted by his cock.and gasped! It was soooo hard, and big, I wanted to suck him right there, but he wouldn't let me until he was done, so he told me to relax and enjoy, there was no hurry at all...we had all night."

I groaned, my own cock was coming back to life hearing my sweet girlfriend relate how this big guy got to fuck her. "After he made his way down my belly and navel, he seemed to take an eternity, but finally made his way between my legs." "I was so hot for him I could scream, after teasing me mercilessly for two hours, he got to my inner thighs, and I opened them wide for him darling." "That's what you would have wanted me to do, isn't it ?" She said accusingly. "You were the one who wanted to see me take another guy's big cock inside of me." "You were the one who wanted me to fuck him so that you could see me come on his big dick." I could only manage a weak "..., yes, If that's what you really wanted." "That sure was what I wanted. I was definitely going to suck him and fuck him, he had me so hot." "Kissing my inner thighs teasingly, maddeningly, his big lips finally began to nibble my labia. I couldn't hold back any longer, darling." "Grabbing his head I shoved his mouth into my pussy as I came. You would have been proud of me, I came really hard all over his face as he swallowed my torrent." He kept eating me during the orgasm, and I thought it would never stop coming. It was incredible, I made everything wet." "Then came my turn...," she went on..., "I pushed him back on the bed and pulled off his boxers." "What was he like sweetheart, was he bigger than I ? With her eyes half shut in blissful reverie, Kathleen nodded yes. "Or was he thicker than me ?" Again......," yes."

"Both. He was longer and thicker than you. I couldn't keep my eyes off his beautiful penis, it was so hot and hard." "I began by kissing it, rubbing it on my face and breasts. His musky scent affected me wildly, I wanted that big cock to suck on all night, to empty his come in my mouth." "He must have been about two inches longer than yours, and sooo thick..., " Kathleen shuddered involuntarily from the heat of the moment and continued..., "Even though I couldn' t close my hand around his cock, I held him with both hands, and sucked the head into my mouth. It was like a big swollen plum atop his thick shaft. Swollen purple veins gave it an angry appearance I wanted to soothe with my mouth, to taste and swallow his come. His balls were really big, I licked them over and over, putting them in and out of my mouth as I rubbed his hardness all over my face, intoxicated.

Oh God, I was feeling so crazy, his cock skin was silky and smoothed wet by my saliva, even though it was hard for me to open my mouth that wide, I sucked him for at least half an hour, gorging on his hard cock which got even hotter in my mouth, becoming really, really stiff in my hands and as I sucked him." "He pushed my head down on his big cock, deep in my mouth and screamed "I'm going to come, I'm commmmming...,"..." Kathleen increased her sucking and manual motion, desperately wanting the seed from Jim's big balls. "He tasted wonderful, nice and salty." At that point I would have done anything he told me to, I was so hot. I swallowed his huge load of semen as he came in my mouth, only a little bit dribbled out down his shaft, and I licked right up, from the base of his shaft to the sensitive tip. No way was I going to let any of his big cock come go to waste" "We sixty-nined for two solid hours honey, by then I had kissed, licked and tasted every inch of Jim's balls and cock. I was in heaven. Twice more I came on his face while sucking him." "Did you fuck him Kathleen ? I asked. Did he put his big cock inside of you ? Could you take all of that huge cock into your sweet pussy ?"

Kathleen nodded yes, a little ashamedly. The lusty memory of the moment robbing her of her voice, just as it had robbed her of her free will that night. She had to have Jim's cock, and no one was going to keep her from having it. "You used protection didn't you ?" I asked. "Well........, she stumbled, it was very late and we hadn't really prepared for this...., so........................., no." "He ordered me to get on all fours honey, and you know how much I love that...," my sweet girlfriend continued..., ...and I did what he told me". I wanted to feel that enormous cock inside me, and I couldn't very well deny him now, besides I really needed a good fucking. You had been gone for ages, so I just went for it." "We had talked about my having a boyfriend, and Jim was concerned I might feel guilty about fucking him now." "I told him my boyfriend wanted me to fuck other guys, and later arrange a threesome. That blew his mind."

"As he positioned himself behind me, he kept telling me how he was going to give me the fucking of my life. How I was going to beg him to fuck me over and over, as he rubbed his dripping cock head up and down my sex. I began to tremble from eroticism. Here I was, about to take in Jim inside me, and I didn't want it any different, his big hard dick had me too horny." Projecting from his slender waist was Jim's magnificent cock, exactly what I needed, and I was going to get it whether you wanted me to or not, honey, ...., I was trembling from emotion, I yearned for him inside of me...," I wanted to fuck him. I needed to fuck him, and fuck him, and fuck him some more, until I came on his manhood.

"And boy did he ever fuck me, it was stupendous...," "With his right, Jim pinched my nipples, while his left fingers he caressed my clit as he finally pushed inside me." It was the most intense sensation I had ever felt, his cock felt so thick I could feel my vaginal wall distend to accommodate his girth. Every nerve ending stretched tight against the lubricated skin of his thick cock." I just about passed out from the sensation. I was never so aroused in my life, just moaning at first, as soon as he entered me. His dick felt soooo enormous ! I couldn't believe how big it felt. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to take it all in, and it hurt a little, but sopping wet as I was, I was certainly ready to try like hell. He was reaching places no one else had ever been, not even you." "Soon he had me screaming from the pleasure. I couldn't believe my own mouth as I begged Jim to fuck me hard, to empty his come into me. I told him I'd do anything he told me to, any time he wanted to, but begged him to please not stop pumping me with his lovely, lovely cock. I was swooning from the size and intensity of his penetration...," "He kept kneading my breasts and clit, while calling me 'a hot little fuck'..., which made me even hotter"

"I couldn't take it much longer honey...,"she continued. "I was closer and closer to another shattering orgasm, driven by his pumping me from behind. His big balls were slapping my ass cheeks each time he slammed into me." Jim then tongued my ear, his cock penetrated me to the hilt, and I pushed right back, needing every bit of him inside me.

He whispered sweetly that HE did want me. He wanted to fuck me with or without my boyfriend, and if I wanted, Jim,s roomate Jon, also had a big cock I could suck and fuck when we got together. That put me over the top. Rutting like a bitch in heat I heard myself urging Jim to come inside me, to fill me with his semen, and I came, and came, and came. The thought of having this stud, and his friend fuck me, made me come uncontrollably. I Loved it." "The whole night, Jim kept his cock inside me. We fucked in every position I could think of. He even carried me from under my thighs while he stood and lowered me onto his monster. I couldn't do any thing except accept the gargantuan penis impaling me. The next day we even fucked outdoors twice, and Jim called his buddy in L.A. so he could come join us, but couldn't reach him. He's promised me we'll get together when I get back from Europe." "Do you approve honey ? "

Yes Kathleen, but only if you come on their cocks, only if you fuck them both good." I said. "You know sweetheart,"... said sweet Kathleen, "... when Jim had that big cock inside of me, he made me beg for him to fuck me, he made me promise to suck and fuck Jon as a condition of continuing to see me. He said he doesn't want you around while we fuck". For an agonizing instant I thought I had lost my lovely sweet girlfriend to this stranger with the big cock. Then while searching deeply in Kathleen's eyes, I pleaded she tell me her answer to Jim,s conditions..., "Well...," paused my baby,"..., I told him that you were my boyfriend, and that there was nothing Jim could say or do to change that...," Upon hearing her pledge, I exhaled, my apprehension dissolving, releasing with my breath..., Kathleen continued..., " ... as to the sex, I told him I didn't want to risk losing my boyfriend by playing around behind his back."

I smiled at my sweetheart, and gave her a tender peck on the lips. Kathleen looked at me deeply with tears welling up in her eyes she finished her account... "So, I was trying to tell him about my commitment to my you.., but I don't know how much he heard, because he pulled back on my hair kinda rough, and he started fucking me really hard and deep. I tried to tell Jim these things..., but he had me on all fours....., you know how much I love that..., and his cock was so deep and fat inside me he was making me totally crazy. I was moaning, pleading, soaked in our mingled sweat, and lubricated by our come, streaming down my thighs as he thrust..., I couldn't help myself darling. He made me promise him...., you know, to do some things..." " He ordered me to beg for his cock, and I did just that. I had to darling..., I really needed to come on his beautiful cock again. I begged him to fuck me. I promised him I would do what he said, and meant it.

I really wanted to please him, and if he wanted to fuck me in a threesome with his roomate, then I wanted to please Jon and swallow his come to make Jim horney while he watched me. "I promised Jim I'd fuck Jon really good while Jim took pictures (That made me really hot!). "As I begged and promised him, he pinched my nipples hard, and impaled me with tremendous force onto the soaked mattress, biting my earlobe and calling me his hot little fuck." "Then I came sooooo hard, darling I had never felt an orgasm so deep, so intense, and so violent. I came harder than I had ever come in my life. I must have come for two minutes solid. Jim just kept pounding me, extending my orgasm, until he finally came with amazing force. His cock became super hard and hot, then exploded. I felt stream after thick stream bathe my cervix in his come as his cock battered against it"

"I begged him to please never stop fucking me and to call me as soon as I returned from Europe if he and Jon wanted me."

" I told him I desperately needed to keep fucking him and would do anything he said, fuck and suck his roomate or whatever, as long as Jim fucked me, because I needed his big cock inside me very often from now on."

Jim said I should "...Count on it! ".

Kathleen answered him with a deep long kiss.

sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.

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sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.