A Gangbang Story

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"by Joe the Cuckold"

How could she do this to me?  My wife was making love with another

man and I had to watch it! Ours had been a story book tale of love

and marriage.  Even though I was a bit older than Kate, we had known

25 years of tried and true, faithful love to each other.  We were

what seemed to be the All American couple, three lovely children who

were now out on their own, positive contributors to society, Kate

sang in the church choir on Sunday, was former president of the local

PTA, was known to be an excellent wife and mother.  I had a nice

business going that supported us nicely but not extravagantly.  We

were respected members of the community with no hint of scandal or

playing around.

Kate and I had not been high school sweethearts, even though we had

gone to the same school. I had graduated 3 years before she and went

immediately into the Navy.  When I was home on leave a friend had his

girlfriend set me up with her on a blind date. When I first laid my

eyes on her I knew this tall nicely proportioned red headed girl was

THE ONE!  At the end of our date I told her I was going to marry her.

She thought I was just playing a line, she had heard about sailors

and their girls in every port reputation.  It had taken me four years

of dates when home on leave, countless letters and dozens of phone

calls, but three months after her 20th birthday I slipped my ring on

the third finger of her left hand and made her my wife.  I loved her

and still do with an ardent passion that time has not diminished.  As

a sailor, I had had a few sexual encounters, but they all ended when

I met Kate.  She had told me on our wedding night she was a virgin

and I never had reason to disbelieve her.  Neither of us in all the

years, through good times and bad had ever strayed, and we both had

had ample opportunity.  Our love for each other had kept us true,


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Kate was in the arms of her lover for the night, standing on the balcony to our room, lanai as they call it here in Hawaii, kissing him passionately while his hands roamed over my wife's body, while I sat in a chair near the bed. My mind retraced the events leading to this scene. Since the kids were gone and on their own we had decided to spend Christmas in Hawaii. Just before leaving for Oahu, on the trip which was to be the real "honeymoon" we never had, Kate dropped a bomb in my lap and shattered everything I had ever thought about my wife. She had told me while we were in Hawaii, she wanted to..to have sex with other men. She rushed on clearly embarassed at her confession...she said I had my time to play the field while I was in the Navy and she had kept herself pure for her future husband. Now that the children were grown, she wanted to see what she had missed. She told me it had been a long held fantasy of many years and it was only fair. I had my time to sow "wild oats" now it was hers. I was not pleased with this to say the least but after much argument/discussion she wrangled a promise out of me to go along with her desires, after all, her logic went, "whats good for the gander is good for the goose!" She had said we would go "shopping" for her together. Her confession put a king sized damper on my enjoyment of our trip. Every man Kate looked at or spoke to, in my mind became a possible lover for my wife. I wondered was Kate "shopping" when she spoke to other men or was it just casual conversation? My tormented mind and soul found out the third night we were on Oahu. While we were getting dressed for the evening, she kissed me and told me that she thought tonight would be a good night for "shopping." My heart leaped into my mouth. I saw a look in her eyes that I had never seen before. Kate moved away from me wearing only her panties, her fine figure a sight to see. I could see through her thin panties the lush scarlet bush that covered her Mound of Venus. I was instantly hard with lustful thoughts. At 45, my wife was still a fine looking woman. Tall at 5' 8 inches and not overweight like many of her friends, holding her own at 135. Her hair was cut short and was a fine natural red, not flaming red but a beautiful auburn, her proud breasts were full, and were dusted with a light covering of freckles. A feature of my wife that I found sexy as hell. My stomach tossed as I was thinking soon she would be offering this body, this body that until tonight only I had known its pleasures. I had read of wives who had done what mine was preparing to do and they had dressed like tarts. Not my Kate. She had always dressed conservatively and tonight was really no different, but yet there was a difference. She had bought a dress in the ladies shop in the hotel...a beautiful just above the knee, filmy like thing that was thin but not see through. It had white and red and blue squares in vertical lines that brought just enough color to make accessorizing it simple. A single strand of white pearls from Japan and white sandal highheels completed the ensemble. Oh and one more thing. In 25 years she had never taken off her wedding ring. It was still on her hand. She had chosen her outfit well, and she looked like a vison of sexual delight. Then I realized what the difference was. There was nothing under that dress but my Kate. Her legs were nice and tan from laying in the sun and nylons were unnecessary, the highheels shaping her legs and defining her calves. The dress was close fitting and formed to her but was not tight, setting off her attractive figure. Her breasts pressing against the thin fabric were stimulated by the material. Her distended nipples made themselves clearly visible under the filmy bodice. An obvious and unconcealable giveaway to her heightened sexual state. She looked exactly like what she was....an attractive middle aged woman who was out for fun! My heart was breaking because I had hoped she would not be able to find anyone interested in her evenings plans. Looking like she did dashed that hope. I concluded the problem would be keeping men away! We went to dinner in the hotel then checked out several different night clubs until we found one she liked. It was full of men and women mostly couples but many singles of both sexes, but their median age was at least 15-20 years younger than ours. She had confided she wanted a "young stud." I wilted when she said it. The implication was clear. I no longer satisfied her sexual needs. We had drinks and danced, and soon the men found she was an available dance partner. Over the course of about two hours Kate danced with several younger men, both fast and slow dances. Kate is an excellent dancer while I am barely adequate. This thought also contributed to my dismay. My wife was clearly enjoying the attention of the men and in all the time I had only danced with her twice. It was obvious to all who paid any attention to her that Kate was "shopping." I looked around the room and noticed a few other ladies of my wife's age, but none were as lovely or as popular. The men watched her as she danced, her fine shapely legs moving witht he music...her hips swaying rhythmically, her unfettered breasts moving under the black filmy dress, the still hard nipples trying to poke their way through the material. Throughout the evening she had danced with many men and as the evening wore on she had narrowed the field to two good looking men and danced only with them. She was dancing to the "Lonely Bull" with a young man I guessed to be about 30 or a year or so less. Not a pretty boy but the kind of cruel good looks women fall for. Tall, dark and handsome, a young Sean Connery I thought. He held her close as they danced, her head rested on his shoulder. I could see her lips moving as they danced, was she singing quietly to him or whispering words of love? He had danced with Kate many times before, more than any of the others. After each dance the men had escorted her back to our table but none had joined us. But this time I knew he would stay. His hands were moving about my wife's body caressing her as they danced, down her back onto her fine round ass, then back up her sides to her shoulders, down along the outside of her hips and thighs. Kate tilted her head back and he kissed her. Her mouth opened and I saw his tongue probe between her teeth. It was obvious to me and to everyone else, Kate had made her choice! She brought him to our table and he sat down, Kate making the introductions. Zack. We made small talk and had another drink or two as he and Kate danced a few more dances. My stomach was churning, I was miserable. I found it intolerable to be forced to be friendly with this fellow but I put on my best "negotiations face" and smiled. In a way I couldn't blame the guy. He was just out for an evening of fun and he had found a willing lady. It didn't matter to him she was another man's wife. My Wife. My prayers had gone unanswered. This interloper I knew would soon be fucking my wife. They sat down he was on her left, I on her right but further away. She smiled at him and kissed him playfully. I died. He placed a hand on her thigh and she kissed him again, this time with more passion. I saw him slide his hand down her thigh and back up again, obviously going under the hem. He caressed her and she shifted postion as they kissed, her hand went to his face and then slid slowly to his lap. Even in the relative darkness, I and anyone who was watching could see them petting. My wife is not a prude. In our sexual repetoir we have tried many things, but public exhibitionism wasn't one of them. Kate had very fixed ideas on what was proper public behavior and this certainly wasn't it! It must have been the alcohol, or the distance from home, or the idea of fantasy fulfillment for her to act this brazen. His hand came up to her breast and squeezed. She moaned...then gasped as he pinched her nipple. I cringed. I wanted to cry, seeing him grope my wife. He looked at me, giving me an odd look, then said matter of factly, "its time." Kate looked at him and nodded. I asked her if she was sure? She whispered..."Yes, lets go before... before the lady looses her nerve!" I took heart at hearing this. My wife wasn't completely sure of herself! But by the way he held her and she clung to him, I knew unless some miracle happened and soon, my wife would be his for the taking. Kate and I and Zack left together, she on his arm, me trailing like a sick dog behind. Now here we are in our room in the Tower of the Royal Hawaiian high above Waikiki, on what was our 25th Anniversary trip, our "second honeymoon." Kate and Zack were taking their time. This was not going not be a quickie, slam bam thank you ma'am. They came to stand by the bed, my wife's countenance was flushed with the alcohol and desire was on her face and in her eyes. Zack's hands were roaming freely over my wife's body, feeling and fondling her breasts, pinching her nipples through the thin filmy black fabric, caressing her face...she kissed his hand, he grabbed both of her ass cheeks and drew her to him crushing her pubic mound against the huge bulge in his trousers. He undid the belt that held her dress closed and her dress opened and fell to the floor. Without hesitating he knelt before her, hooked his fingers in her sheer panties and tugged them down and off of her. Absent mindedly, he threw them aside and they struck me in the chest as I sat in the chair. I held them in my hands and noticed they were wet with Kate's moisture and heavy with her scent. My heart beat rapidly, I had a hard time breathing. Here was my wife of twenty-five years standing totally naked before Zack, this total stranger, without a hint of embarassment. Exposing herself to him, letting him see what no other man had seen before, only I. He exclaimed, "My God, Kate....you are stunning!" His hungry eyes feasted upon the sight of my naked wife...her fine proud freckled breasts jutting before him, the smoothness of her milky white skin from throat to hips, the soft swell of her tummy, and the auburn fur over her pussy, the long tan legs and nice rounded ass. I had to agree. Kate at 45, was stunning. He took her in his arms and again they kissed with passion. Kate ground her lush scarlet bush into his hard manhood...gasping huskily, "I want you Zack. Tonight I am yours." I sat there hoping to appear impassive, but inside I was crying. But they didn't notice me. I was irrelevant. Zack had his piece for the night and Kate had her lover. Kate tilted her head back and closed her eyes as her lover kissed her ear and worked his way down her throat onto her shoulders and eventually onto her breasts. He nibbled and kissed her nipples as his hands explored her body. His hand lingered on her red carpeted pubic mound, massaging her bush while his lips and teeth worried her nipples. Kate stood for him allowing his fingers to enter her labia and find her clit. He manuevered his fingers over her "pearl" giving it special attention until her hips were writhing in a circular motion and she was whimpering softly to his ministrations. Suddenly she began a rapid to and fro bucking of her hips and she whined louder and with obvious sexual passion ..."MMmmm .... MMmm ..... good ...so good.... MMmm... MMmm...yes...yes....." I was in a perfect position to see his hands exciting her and knew my loving wife was having her first orgasm literally at the hands of another man. I saw his fingers wet with her fluid. The air was heavy with her scent and passion. I was dying inside. How could she do this to me? Zack finally looked over at me and gave me look that said it all. "What kind of fool are you to hand over your wife, a wife as fine as Kate, to allow another man to take her in your presence?" Zack lifted Kate on to the bed and laid her on her back and she automatically opened her thighs presenting her womanhood to him. As her legs spread I saw a startling sight. Kate keeps her pubic hair neatly trimmed, but for this special occasion she had shaved her pussy lips. They were bare as the day she was born and completely exposed....an inviting sight to be sure and it was offered to Zack! I closed my eyes and prayed, "No God, please no..." Placing himself between her silky thighs he pressed his face to her sopping slit. Just before his head blocked my view of my wife's waiting pussy, I saw it was wet and her upper thighs were moist from her juices. Juices secreted in anticipation of a rapidly approaching illicit fornication. Expertly he tasted the delights of Kate's womanhood, licking and tongueing, probing and nibbling. Using his tongue as a mini penis, thrusting between her pussy lips and into her love canal, he explored and pleasured my wife. Kate, no quiet one to begin with, moaned and groaned with sexual excitement...."oh yes, OH My God Yes! I love it. Don't stop Darling." DARLING? My fragile ego shattered into a million pieces. Zack pushed her legs up towards her head and spread them wide, obscenely further exposing my wife's most private and intimate parts to his open view. He lifted his head and looked over his shoulder at me. A devilsihly wicked look was on his face. A face covered in the wetness of my wife's sexual pleasure. He WANTED me to see my wife like this. Exposed and vulnerable. I was angry, white hot with rage in my mind. But my exterior was stonefaced. I wouldn't let him know in the slightest how much this bothered me. Besides, I had promised Kate and a promise is a promise. No matter how much it hurt! He began eating her again and with a fury unleashed. Kate was wiggiling her hips and squirming as he brought her to orgasm. "Oh my..I'm cumming. I'm cummming...oh yes..good..... MMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmm...." Kate hadn't looked at me since she had Zack had come in from the lanai. I didn't know if it was from embarassment and not wanting to look me in the face or she had just forgotten I was there. My wife's new found lover was stripping off his clothes and moved to stand by her head. His fully erect cock was waving just inches from her face. He was endowed with a woman pleaser. Easily 7 plus inches long and thick. The end of his proud lance spearheaded by a smooth but large helmet shaped head. A long bulging vein ran down the length of his manhood and his cock grew from a heavily forested patch of hair. He was not much bigger than I was but what set him apart from me and probably many many other men was his balls. This stud had huevos! Large tennis ball sized testicles hung from the base of his cock. The largest of any I had ever seen or even heard of! My wife rolled her head towards him and with both hands took hold of his phallus. Kate then kissed the head of his cock with her sweet lips and then opening her mouth she took the large helmeted head into her mouth. I cried in my mind..."Please No!" But no one heard. She held his huge balls in each hand and squeezed and massaged them, as she sucked on his cock. I could see her tongue working in her mouth on his shaft, knowing full well the pleasure she was giving him, because she had done exactly that to me many many times in our sexual activites...my jealousies surged. My Wife! Zack looked down at Kate laying there totally naked with her legs still spread wide. She's my wife and she's sucking his cock! He reached down pinched her nipples with his right hand and his left found her mound...rubbing it, then sliding over the edge where his finger disappeared between her bare shaved naked lips. His finger discovered her love canal and poked inside, followed by another finger, then one more. Zack rapidly finger fucked my wife's wet snatch, his thumb working on her clit, her mouth and tongue sucking and licking on his hard erect pole. I was sick. Kate's hips began the all too familiar movement and I knew she was nearing another climax...shit that's number 3 and he hasn't even fucked her yet! My God he knows how to make a woman get hot! No wonder Kate chose him from all of the others tonight. Did he exude some kind of smell or look that told women he was a woman pleaser? My wife was making throaty sounds as she came nearer and nearer to orgasm. Her pussy lips were red and swollen from the stimulation first from his mouth and then his fingers. "Jesus!" she cried, and love juice flowed from her pussy into his hand, as she came. Zack wiped the wetness onto the head of his cock as my wife let it slip from her mouth. His cock was covered in her saliva and he coated it with her wetness. Zack moved between her spread thighs..".Oh my God its about to happen" I silently screamed! Kate had had her eyes closed while she had sucked his cock but now they were wide open and looking at Zack. I doubted if she could see me just a few feet away, as she had a lustful look in her glazed eyes that was for her lover alone. "Kate please no, for the love of God please no. stop now. Don't do it!" I prayed. But in my heart of hearts I knew it had gone way way too far. Kate knew what she wanted and nothing on God's green earth was going to stop her. Not now. Not in her super heightened state of sexual desire. He held his cock in his hand and moved it close to her waiting pussy...just millimeters away. My wife looked into Zack's face and with a lustful throaty husky sex laden voice said, "Take me Zack. I am only yours. I want your cock in me. Please give it to me now. Fuck me....please Fuck me." "Oh Kate!" Zack placed the helmeted head of his proud pulsating protuberant prick against the lips of my wife's pussy. His cock a large fleshy spearhead ready to impale its victim. I closed my eyes not wanting to see her violation. Praying against hope that something would stop this obscenity. Something forced me to open my eyes. Zack was poised...Kate was definitely ready to receive him, she placed her hands on the insides of her thighs and then moved them around to the backs of her knees drawing them up to her chest and spreading them even wider than before, fully exposing her hairless womanhood to Zack. I sat in the chair my face impassive but my blood was boiling...I was lightheaded. For the second time Zack looked at me giving me a contemptuously evil look and this time he spoke, "Watch carefully pal, I'm going to FUCK your wife Kate!" Zack forcefully thrust his hips forward, the spearhead driving between her labia into her pussy, down the birth canal, until his rock hard cock was fully buried in my wife's vagina. "NO!" I silently screamed again. "OH God, NO! NO! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Kate inhaled sharply and then exhaled, "OH...Oh...Oh!" Zack quickly began thrusting not waiting for passion to build. He looked over at me and grinned the devilish contemptuous grin. He wanted to fuck my wife and he was going to do it! Now! I knew he was glorying in the fact I was there watching him, seeing his cock gliding in and out of my wife's pussy. Kate's hands were running up and down his chest feeling his pectorals, then moving down his washboard abdomen to just above his pubic hair. Using her nails she scraped her fingers lightly there, causing the muscles to involuntarily twitch. "OH Kate. Why?" I cried again. Zack put his hands on the back of Kate's knees and pushed them even further up. He was ramming his cock in long full length strokes deep in her quim. On each out stroke I could see his shaft glisten with her juices. He pistoned his phallus deep into her pussy with the rapidity and power of a steam locomotive. Kate had her arms above her head her eyes riveted on Zack's face. There was an unmistakeable look of sexual rapture on my wife's face as his cock pounded her pussy. She was moaning and groaning again and it was evident his forceful fucking was bringing her to another orgasm. God, climax number 4! As my wife went over the top she literally screamed, "ZACK! FUCK ME!" Then she astounded me with her next screaming outburst, "ZACK FUCK MY CUNT!" I couldn't believe the filthy language my wife was spouting. She who wouldn't say shit even if she had a mouthful. "Fuck Me. Fuck my Cunt! OH God yes, Zack, Fuck me with that magnificient cock. Fuck Me. FUCK ME. FUUUUUUUCK MEEEEEEE!" I hated the sight before my eyes. I prayed to God to strike me blind so I wouldn't have to watch this obscene violation of my wife, or at least to give me the courage to endure this unendureable pain in my heart. The lights were on full, the drapes open wide. I was sure the neighbors could hear her screaming through the open sliding door to the lanai. I squirmed and sat uneasily in my chair. I couldn't stand it anymore I had to get up. I walked to the furthest part of the room. But my eyes were drawn unescapably to the figures coupling on the bed. Zack was fucking my wife. Zack was Fucking My Wife. ZACK WAS FUCKING MY WIFE!!!! Kate was My Wife. MY WIFE! OH Kate, why why are you doing this? How could you do this to me? An icy hand took hold of my heart and I knew, assuredly as Kate was my wife. I knew our marriage had just changed for ever. Never would she be the same Kate. My pure Kate, the mother of my children was getting fucked by another man. I wondered if our marriage would hold up. Could I bear to live with this obscenity? Kathryn, Kate. My Kate. I love you how could you do this to me? How can you give yourself so openly, so wantonly to this young stud? And how can you want me, how can you insist I watch it happen? You are my wife Kate. Through all of our years I have loved and cherished and adored you. Never once being unfaithful, never once breaking my vows to love and honor you, forsaking all others....Oh Kate. You are killing me with your wantonness. I would rather die than see this. I wish I had died. I wish I had died all those years ago when I fell off of that aircraft carrier into the black of the Indian Ocean. Only the love I had for you kept me alive til I was rescued. I knew I had to return to you to make you my wife. OH Kate. How can you do this? I love you with every fiber of my being, this is torture making me watch him fuck you. Use you. He doesn't care for you. You are nothing to him. A quick easy lay. He won't even remember you in a few days. You're nothing but just another conquest. I love you Kate. I have always loved you from that very first moment. Why Kate, Why? I married you, made you my wife, gave you the seed that became our chilren. Now he is inside of you his cock plunging in your canal where our children passed on their way to birthing. Oh Kate. Why? I have loved you and given you a home, sheltered and protected you. Yes protected you remember the thugs who jumped us downtown. Three of them came for you with rape in their heart, lust in their loins. I stood in their way, taking them on and giving you the chance to run, delayed them long enough for you to escape their raping. They left me cut and bleeding on the ground. My throat slashed, my arm opened to the bone. And it was all worth it Kate. I had saved you. I was proud to have kept them from you. I had done what a husband was expected to do. Protect his wife. You Kate, you who were pregnant with our first child. I still carry his knife scars to this day. I would do it again Kate. For you. My wife. OH Kate! Zack was fucking Kate's cunt with a power unequaled. His steel hard plunging phallus was plundering my wife's pretty pink pussy. Her body was responding to his pounding. Waves of orgasm were washing and crashing over her. Whimpering and crying, moaning and groaning, and screaming she procalimed to all in hearing distance her sexual satisfaction. Her cum and love juices were oozing from her cunt as his cock withdrew on each stroke. Her red pubic hair was matted and wet her cum, her ass crack was dripping and soaked as well as the insides of her thighs. He had been fucking her hard for the longest time, at least 20- 30 minutes. His stamina was amazing. His huge balls were slapping hard against my wife's white wet ass. I knew he was nearing his own climax. His balls tightened up in the scrotum sack and he was in the short strokes. I had to grudgingly admire his technique. I was witnessing a true Cocksman at work. He was definitely laying some serious pipe in my wife's cunt. I had retaken my seat just in time to see him reach his climax. I had lost count of Kate's. Seven, eight, nine? His balls constricted tightly, the muscles in his already firm ass clinched and he violently thrust himself against Kates' pelvis trying to bury himself as deep as possible in her pussy. Kate grabbed his ass with both hands helping him drive deep in her and holding him there. He emptied his balls into my wife. "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I" silently I screamed. He wasn't wearing a rubber and Kate was not on any birth control. Semen, cum, jism, and sperm squirted from between his cock and the walls of Kate's pussy. Zack's balls constricted time and time again 6, 7, 8.....pumping my wife's womb full of his baby making ejaculate. I prayed Kate was to old for conception. If not, surely he had just impregnated her with the copious amount of sperm he had just deposited deep in her vagina. "OH YES BABY" Kate screamed. "GIVE ME YOUR CUM. FILL MY CUNT WITH YOUR SPERM!!" My humilation was complete. Even my wife wanted his child making fluids. My stomach tossed and churned and I felt I would vomit. This pagan infidel had desecrated and despoiled Kate's womanhood, the temple where only I had tread and worshipped, with his youthful phallus and vile seed. I hung my head in shame, tears welled up in my eyes, but I forced them through sheer will power to subside. I wished I had the guts to gouge my eyes from their sockets! When I looked up they were both looking at me. Kate smiling at me with the glow of a well fucked woman on her face, Zack with that evil contemptuous smirk. "Hey pal. I just FUCKED YOUR WIFE and busted MY NUTS into HER CUNT," he lustily said. "Kate is a great piece of ass!" Hear that Kate, that's what he thinks of you. Your'e just a piece of ass. He got up off of my wife and crawled up to her head and laid his now soft, but cum covered cock on her lips. Kate began licking his cock, cleaning it with her tongue and mouth and in her ministrations soon had it hard and erect again. He laid on his back and with out any direction, Kate straddled his hips and lowered herself onto his waiting shaft. With her hands on her upper thighs she began moving up and own on his pole. Slowly at first but quickly increased her tempo. He placed his palms on her tits and then squeezed them hard making her wince in pain. He pinched and pulled on the nipples making her tits appear pointed. Kate was grunting with each downward motion..."UH...UH...UH." He grabbed my wife's ass cheeks tightly and spread her wider til she bottomed out on his phallus. Pelvic bone to pelvic bone. She was reaching another climax and cum was flowing from her pussy, down his cock onto his pubic hair, soaking it in a widening area. I looked away for a second but my eyes were forced to witness her self impalement upon his cock. Kate Fucked his cock. Yes, she fucked his cock, doing all of the work for a long time as more climaxes wracked her body and she whimpered, moaned, groaned, cried and screamed of her sexual release and delight. For over three hours Zack and my wife Kate coupled on the bed. Not resting once, a true marathon of sucking fucking sexual release....attaining orgasm and moving on to another position. Kate used her mouth and talented tongue to bring his soft cock to life so he could pleasure her again and again and again. Missionary, she on top, doggie, spoons, and even standing from behind. They did it everywhere...on the bed, on the floor, on the lanai in open view of any who cared to look....with the lust and abandon wantoness of the sex addict. Zack Fucked Kate. Fucked her like I had never done and now at my age could never do. I feared I had lost my wife to this cruelly handsome, tall dark stud of a Cocksman. I cried inside until my heart couldn't cry anymore. I became as numb to their passion as they were oblivous to my pain. Zack was leaving and standing in the open door. Kate stood close to him, kissed him and thanked him for giving her the "Fucking of her life." Even in the lateness of the hour the hallway was not deserted. From my chair I saw a man and wife we had lunch with the day before go by. They both saw Kate was unashamedly naked in the open door kissing her lover, Zack, good night. I only had a glimpse of their faces but the shock of recognition had clearly registered. Zack strode over to me and retrieved from my hands the panties I had been holding all evening. "I'll take these, I need a souvenir," he cruelly said as he looked at my naked wife standing in the open door, "Thanks pal....I really enjoyed FUCKING YOUR WIFE!" I watched him walk out the door and give Kate's tit one last squeeze. I looked at them as they stood there for a second. I hated him for what he had taken from me. And I hated her for what she had willingly given him. I know if I had had a gun I would have shot them both dead because of what they had done to me. Kate closed the door and had a satiated look on her face. I stood up and looked at my wife. She was a mess. Her body was red from the contact with his, hand and finger marks on her full freckle covered tits and round ass, whisker burns on the insides of her silky thighs. Cum was drying between her thighs, in her matted scarlet bush, on her face, in her hair and was freshly oozing from her shaven labia. Tears again welled up in my eyes, my lips quivered as I tried to speak, my voice cracked...."OH Kate! How could you?" I fell to my knees and hung my head not wanting to face this harlot who had been my innocent wife just a few torturous hours before. Kate ran to me and knelt before me, reached out touching my face with her hands. She said, "My poor Darling. This hasn't been easy for you I know." Tears were flowing from my eyes as she lifted my head and drew me to her. She kissed me soft and gently. She looked into my pain wracked eyes, "I love you for it. More than ever. Tonight you have proved your love for me." Through my tear filled eyes, and quivering lips I croaked, "Proved my love for you? Haven't I already done that? She looked at me, her eyes drifting to gaze upon my neck, her hand caressing my scar. Kate hung her head in shame at the remembrance of how I got it. She whispered, "Yes you have. I'm so sorry for what this has done to you." Crying still I asked her, How could you Kate...how could you do this..how could you do this and make me watch it? Just knowing it happened, just knowing another man had taken you would be pain enough but...but...to actually see you...see you naked and so unembarassed, acting so brazenly sluttish ...f..f..fucking this stranger like some cheap wh...wh...whore. And then not even caring I was there to witness your violation. OH Kate, I want to die." "Oh my poor Darling...don't you realize? I WAS embarassed, terribly so, to be acting so slutishly wanton and to have you see me that way, especially since all of our life I have been so...so pure. Don't you realize I couldn't have done it without you there? YOU were..,are my rock. The rock whose tremendous strength I relied upon to give me the courage...I was so afraid and at the same so driven to do it. Don't you realize this is the ONLY place, the ONLY time I could ever do this? I couldn't do this back home in Merced, chancing someone would find out and tattle it all over town, embarassing us, and our children, holding you up as the cuckolded husband. For over 20 years I have had the secret desire to...to know the experiences you had known before we married. I have been tremendously jealous knowing you have had other women, and I knowing no others. Especially, since that bitch Sally Jensen, gives me the sly looks, and she thinking I didn't know you and her had done it. I had to have you there, Darling. HAD TO! I know it was above and beyond what I, even as your wife, had any right to expect from you. I knew you had proved your love for me Darling, many many times. Tonight you proved just how much you really do love me." "I died watching him make love to you Kate," I croaked. Kate kissed me and held me close, "I love you Darling. But, listen to me...understand this one so very important thing. Zack didn't make love to me. He fucked me. There is a difference. A very big and vital difference. There was no love, no affection between us, just sex. I make love to the man whom I love and who loves me. YOU are the only man who will ever MAKE LOVE to me. I swear this to you on all I hold holy and sacred. I love you my Darling. I am still your wife and I will never ever leave you. That is if you still want me? I looked at Kate at her face with his body fliuds still damp on it. I loved her so much. My heart was broken but I still loved her and wanted her for my wife. No matter what she had done I still wanted her. "Of course I want you Kate. You're my wife," I sobbed. Kate huged me and kissed me some more, "I truly don't deserve you my Darling. I promise you I will never cheat on you at home and only you will make love to me here. Other men will only fuck me and not make love to me. Do you understand, Darling?" She was smiling that sweet sweet smile I had seen on her face a hundred million times. But hearing her words caused that icy hand to grip my heart once more. "When you fuck other men? You mean you are...you are...going...going to do this again," I whispered, barely being able to form the words? She looked at me with tender defiance in her eyes. "Yes Darling. I am. Fair is fair. We've always shared things in our marriage, as evenly as possible. This is no different. You've admitted to me you had five others, and I want the same experience as you." "But Kate," I stammered, "I hadn't married you...didn't..didn't even know you when that...those happened." My wife of 25 years stood her ground saying, "I can't help that Darling. I want what you have and I'm going to have it! Besides, you promised." I saw the look in her eye and the tilt of her head. I knew from many years of living with Kate, when she gets that look on her face and holds her head like that, there's no way she's going to be talked out of it. She's made her mind up and that was that! I was beaten, she would break my heart again and again and again and again. But I loved her. Loved her too much, too much maybe for my own good. But Kate was MY Wife and I took my wedding vows seriously. I guess this was what the priest meant when he said, "in good times and in bad." I sighed, "Ok, you win. But don't expect me to like it or them or be there, OK?" Kate smiled and kissed me sweetly, tenderly, with the love I had known for 25 wonderful years, caressed my face,and said, "When I fuck other men your GOING to be there and you're GOING to help me pick them out, she said triumphantly. We will go shopping together. "OH NO!" My heart leaped into my throat. Kate saw the dismay in my eyes and said with excitement in her voice, "Darling this is my Christmas present and there are only "four" shopping days left till Christmas!"
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