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Wife Karen

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My wife Karen and I had been married 4 years when this occured, and its been beautiful ever since. We openly discussed our secret sex fantasies with each other. And thats all they remained until fate made one of them a reality.

We are both in our early 30's, and both have careers, so we decided on not having children or maybe adopting later in life. Karen is a gorgeous, auburn haired 5"6", 125 Lb. woman. She is always receiving stares whereever we go. That always kind of turned me on to see other guys staring at my wife. So it was an easy transition for me to want to see her with another guy. It started after I had read about it in some of the stories about men who get turned on watching their wives fuck another guy.

Karen had a fantasy of getting two men at one time, which kind of fit along the lines of my fantasy. But thats all they were was fantasies. We used them while making love to heighten our climaxes. Karen would straddle me and take me deep into her and begin to tell me how much she would love to be in a bed with two guys, one fucking her from behind while she sucked the other guys cock at the same time. Or I'd tell her how I'd love to be watching as she did it with the two guys. It was harmless and it served our purpose of arousal.

Karen's parents live out in Arizona, just outside of Tucson. Her dad is a retired builder, who built his own retirement house there in Arizona. We had been out there on several occassions, and loved it. The house was out in the middle of nowhere. The nearest house could barely be seen down the dirt road that acessed the property. The house was forgeous, with 5 bedrooms, 4 complete bathrooms, huge deck and a swimming pool.

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Last year, her parents decided they were going to go to Europe on a vacation. Karen's mom called with a great idea, if we wanted to do it. We would take our vacations at the same time and go out and house sit and relax at their home for the two weeks that they would be gone. I was ready for time off and jumped at the idea.

When we arrived, her parents were leaving the next day, so we took them to the airport. Karen's mother suddenly said that she had forgotten to tell Jamey that they would be gone for a couple of weeks and not to come over. Who is Jamey i asked. Turns out that Jamey was a neighbor boy who helped my father in law build his house. He was a senior in high school and was on the swim team. My inlaws let him use their pool about twice a week to practice.

My mother in law gave us the phone number and told us to call and to explain the situation to him. We had been there two days already and neither of us remebered to call anybody. The pool area was at the back of the house, and was so private, since the house was even at the end of a long driveway, that we laid around the pool naked and swam that way. It was fun, especially sliding it into Karen's hot pussy underwater.

On the third day, Karen and I had breakfast, and she headed out to the pool to get some sun. I had brought a little bit of work with me, and was going to go into town to find a fax service to send some reports out.

On the road out, a kid past me on a motorcycle going the opposite way. Since our house was the last on the access road, it seemed that he was going there. Then it dawned on me! That must be the kid that my mother in law had told us about. He was on his way to use the pool, since we had forgotten to call him. My wife would be there laying naked in the sun!

I quickly turned the car around and started out to catch up with him. But an evil thought crossed my mind. So what if he did see Karen naked? The though excited me. What would Karen do? As I slowed the car down, my mind began to work. I watched as the motorcycle pulled into the drive of the house. Sure enough, that was where he was going. Since the pool was out back, maybe Karen wouldn't hear him pull up.

I drove partially up the drive to a bend and went off to the side and got out. I ran up to the corner of the house and saw the young kid at the garage with his motorcycle. He was untying a towel from the back. I snuck around the house to the pool deck. The outer edges of the deck were fenced with a low privacy type pool fence. It also sat off of the ground out at the edge enough for a person to get under the edge of the deck. The fence was the staggered kind that from a distance you couldn't see through, but up close it was easy.

I raised my head and saw Karen laying stark naked on a chaise lounge. I watched as the kid opened the gate and stepped out onto the pool deck, from the garage side. He didn't immediately see Karen as he turned and closed the gate behind him. The gate closing startled Karen and she sat up. The kid turned and there was my wife sitting facing him, breasts bare, legs spread on either side of the chaise with her pussy open for his view.

She quickly grabbed a towel and covered herself, as he stammered and excused him self for not knocking. He explained who he was, and Karen told him about how we had forgotten to call him. He said he would leave and come back when her parents were back. To my surprise, I heard my wife say:

"Oh no, you don't have to go, use the pool since you are here"

"Sure its okay?" "Sure go ahead"

They engaged in small talk as he slid off his shirt, showing his muscule frame from being a swimmer, and then slid off his jeans. He was wearing what they call a speedo siut I think. There wasn't very much of it, and the front had a tell tale bulge. He dove into the pool and began to swim laps. Karen slipped on her shortie robe as he was swimming away from her and got up and went into the house. I was about to leave and head back to my car when I saw her come back out with a pitcher of lemonade and 2 glasses. She set the tray down on the small deck table next to her chaise.

Jamey was still doing laps in the pool as i watched Karen take off the robe and sit back down on the chaise. My heart began to throb in chest as I thought about what was going to happen. Or maybe just what I wished would happen.

"Want some lemonaide?" I heard Karen call to the swimmer.

He swam up to the side of the pool, and his eyes got big as saucers as he took in my wife's long brown nipples as they stood from her perky tits. Then his eyes traveled down to her bush as he hoisted himself out of the pool. The front of the speedo suit was one long bulge to his right thigh. You could clearly make out the head of his cock through the thin material. It seemed to be growing as he approached my naked wife.

"I hope you don't mind? I like nude sunbathing"

"N...N...No not at all"

"I'll bet you've seen a lot of naked girls" He seemed to blush at her remark, but his eyes didn't leave her tits as he sat at the table. I suddenly realized that I had one hell of a stiff cock in my pants. Just watchinf my beautiful wife expose herself to this young kid was turning me on like never before.

"Do you have a girlfriend?" Karen said as I watched her get up and walk to the table and pour him a glass of lemonaide.

"No not really, I don't have time with my sports and everything"

"Oh thats too bad...A good looking guy like you"

I watched as Karen sat back on the chaise. Only this time she left her legs spread and feet on the pool deck. She was at a side angle to me, but it was a good enough view to see drops of moisture clinging to her pussy hair and lips. They small talked for a few minutes, and then she asked him to refill her glass and held it out to him. I heard her gasp as he stood. His cock was completely hard and almost bent like a pretzel.

He bashfully got her glass, filled it and brought it back, to her.

"I see you like seeing me naked" He could only stammer something I couldn't understand as he stood up close to my beautiful wife. As i watched, she swung her legs around and faced the boy. She took the glass from his hand and set it down on the pool deck. She straightened back up and was eye level with his crotch. Luckily i had a kind of sideway view, but could not see the whole detail. So I quietly moved over so I had a good side shot. I was just in time to see Karen run the flat of her hand over his bulge.

"Have you had a woman before?" N...N...NO "MMMMM Good" Was my wife's answer.

She reached up and pulled the suit down over his bulging cock. Karen let out a loud gasp as his cock was bare before her. For a young kid, he was buily pretty good. He was every bit as big as me, only a little thinner in the shaft. I had a perfect view as my wife wrapped her hand around the shaft and slowly pumped it. A large drop of precum showed at the tip. It was the sexiest thing I ever saw, the drop sparkled in the sunlight, and I watched as Karen leaned forward and lick the drop off withher tongue. She didn't stop there, as the boy groaned out his pleasure she rook him into her mouth and began sucking him.

It was too much for me to stand, as i freed my own throbbing cock and slowly jerked it while i secretly watched my wife suck another cock. I was close to shooting my wad, when the boy announced that he was going to cum. I know what he was feeling, my wife is top notch when it came to cocksucking. As my wife was making mueling sounds around the hard shaft in her mouth, I knew from the sound that she was swallowing cum. The kid kept groaning and moaning as he emptied himself into my wife's mouth.

Karen finally backed off and just licked up and down his length and then took his balls into her mouth. She knew what she was doing, the young boy's cock never got soft! She had him lay on the chaise and then she straddled him. The back of the chaise was to me, so I quickly moved around to get a better look. My wife told the boy that they would have to hurry, before I came back from town. Then she lowered her cunt down and slid him all the way into her hot pussy.

The boy lasted long enough for Karen to have two orgasms before he shot his second load into my wife. With my still hard cock in my pants, I snuck back down to the car and drove up the drive, making sure I made a lot of noise getting out of the car. Jamey came running around the corner with his towel and cloths in his hands.

"I...Just came over to use the pool" He told me nervously. I watched as he got on his motorcycle and roared down the driveway. I walked around to the pool deck just in time to see Karen come out of the house in her robe.

"We forgot to call that kid, he came over to use the pool"

"Did you let him use it?"

"Yeah since he was already here, I went inside while he swam"

I smiled inwardly knowing she was lying. I told her now that he was gone, we may as well get naked and get some sun.

"I'm going to get a shower first Honey, I'll be right out"

I grabbed her arm and pulled her to me, and kissed her deeply. My cock immediately began to swell as my mind replayed what Karen had just done. She was naked under the robe and as i tried to slip a finger into her, she tried to twist away. She told me she wanted a shower first. But I persisted and got my finger into her. Her pussy walls were on fire and she was gooey as hell. I pulled my finger out and held it up, it had sperm all over it. Baby If i didn't know better i'd say you've got sperm up there.

"No No I don't Please let me take a shower."

I let her go and told her not to be afarid, and related to her how I had watched the whole scene. She didn't believe me until I recounted what she had done with the kid.

"And you're not mad?"

"Mad? Go look at the load i shot on the other side of the fence"

" You nasty bastard, watching your wife suck off and fuck another guy"

She came to me and we hugged and I laid her down on the chaise, unzipped and she immediately took me into her mouth and began sucking like a wild woman. Then I entered her slick cunt with sperm already in it. It was a fantastic feeling and i deposited my load in short order as Karen went off like wildfire and stayed breathless for what seemed like 5 minutes or so.

That night we fucked and sucked each other raw, as we replyed the days events. The kid? OH yeah, we replayed that scene at the pool three more times before our vacation was up. We decided against a threesome, in case the kid couldn't keep his mouth shut. So My fantasy of seeing Karen take on another cock was fulfilled. Now we are concentrating on fulfilling hers to take on two cocks at once.

I've decided that I would love to watch her with two guys instead of being one of them. She loves the idea and we are going for it pretty soon.

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