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Home Invasion


Marsha and I met during our first year of graduate school. We were both going for our Masterís degrees in statistics. While I grew up a city boy in Baltimore, I had always been the class nerd. I was somewhat sexually experienced, but honestly had never strayed into anything too exotic. During my college years I had been with 7 different women, and honestly felt both comfortable and adequate in that department.

Marsha had grown up in rural South Carolina. A strong Catholic background she had gone to private Catholic High School and College. While she had always been an all "A" student and ranked at the top of her class, Marsha was also a knock out in the looks department. She is 5í 5", about 110 pounds, extremely tight athletic body with 36"C breasts, long, straight, blond hair, and maybe her best feature, large sky blue eyes.

When I met Marsha, she had only had two short term lovers in her life. She had lost her virginity in her third year of college to a fellow student that she had been dating for almost 6 months. When that didnít work out, she had one other boyfriend, whom she had had sex with, but again it was very short lived.

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We met and it was magic for both of us. Common interests academically, similar future plans, we really hit it off. After only 5 dates we decided to "move-in" together at her small off campus apartment. We met each others families. (Although we never told hers that we lived together) It seemed like we were on our way to a happy life together.

In bed, Marsha was great. She never turned me down, and was willing to try new things to some extent. We would sometimes rent porno movies, and try the things we saw on film. Marsha would let me go down on her, but it always made her a little nervous. She would put my dick in her mouth, and give me a blow job, but only if I withdrew before coming. While we touched each others ass during sex, insertion was never an option. Sex always ended with lots of heavy breathing from Marsha, but I didnít learn until later that she really never had had an orgasm.

We became engaged that March, after only 4 months together. We planned an August Wedding in South Carolina, and thought we would have this perfect life together. It was not to be. In May, as the school year was winding down, we were in our small apartment one night, both working on our computers. Suddenly the door was kicked open, and we were looking into the eyes of four large black teenage boys. They were all about 15 or 16 years old, were dressed in jeans with "Tommy" shirts, and had elaborate corn row hair cuts.

I was grabbed right away, thrown to the floor and tied up. Duct tape was put over my mouth. Two of the guys held Marsha in kind of a hammer lock, with a large black hand held tightly over her mouth. The head guy, (no names were ever used) looked at me and said we are going to take all of your money, jewelry, and anything else we can sell. If

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youíre lucky, Iíll let you live, but donít give me any shit. With that, he kicked me hard in the ribs, and I almost blacked out from the pain.

Attention then went to Marsha. He told her that she was to show them everything of value in our apartment, and that if she tried to cover up anything she would feel pain like she had never felt before. While he was talking to her, the two guys holding her, had been rubbing their hands all over her body. One of the guys said that if nothing else, this white bitch was going to be a lot of fun to fuck.

The leader said, lets see what sheís got, strip her. Marshaís clothes were literally ripped from her body, and she was held before them totally naked. Hands were all over her. One guy stuck his big black fingers right up her pussy. He tits were squeezed hard and her nipples pulled away from her body. A guy behind her, pulled her head back, forced her mouth open and shoved in tongue deep into her.

While this was happening, I couldnít believe two things. First I could see that the guy fingering her was getting wet from her juices, and I was sitting on the floor with a raging hard on, as I watched the love of my life being manhandled by four black teenagers..

Almost nothing was said, they didnít give Marsha any orders, they just did what they wanted to do. She was laid on the floor, as the guys started to get undressed. The lead guy, who had been finger fucking her was already hard. His dick was way bigger than any I had seen before, about 9 inches long. He just forced it into her pussy and started humping. Meanwhile another guy also had his dick out, and while it was about as long as the first guy, it was really thick, I honestly didnít know one could get that size. Also he was uncircumcised, something I had never seen.

Anyway, this guy shoved his dick in Marshaís mouth and also started to pump. I could see that her beautiful blue eyes were wide open as she made these horrible gagging sounds. I watched as her throat grew with each thrust. It looked like a snake eating its prey. Before long, I could tell that both guys were cumming, and I could hear that Marsha was also cumming. As they pulled out, and I watched cum oozing out of her pussy and mouth, I realized that this was probable the first time anyone had ever fucked her without a rubber. I knew it was the first time she had ever swallowed cum. I also realized from the sounds that this was a true orgasm.

The third guy, without so much as a word, rolled her over, used the moisture from her dripping pussy to finger her ass, started to push his dick right up her ass hole. He was not as large as the other two guys, but still larger than any dick I had seen before. With in seconds, he was up to his full length in her ass, and was pumping like a piston. Marsha, whimpered, cried, but did not scream out, in about 10 minutes, this guy started to cum. He suddenly pulled out, turned her over, and put his squirting dick in her mouth.

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When he got up, Marsha was on the floor, with cum dripping from her ass and pussy. There was also a big wad of cum on her chin slowing running down toward her neck. The guys were whooping it up, making all sorts of comments about her, and hitting each other on the arms as they laughed. The fourth and last guy, now dressed only in dingy boxer shorts said to Marsha, "Now you been fucked good, this time you gonna do me." You are gonna lick my asshole, my balls, my dick, til Iím as hard as a man can get. Then you gonna beg me to fuck you like you ainít never been fucked."

Marsha, just starred at him wide eyed, and swallowed hard. She moaned a little, and in this husky voice that I had never heard before, she said Iíll do that". I could not believe it as Marsha got on all fours, and crawled in front of this guy, and started to lick his balls. She pivoted underneath him, (He was sitting at the edge of a chair) and put her little pink tongue right up his asshole. It was amazing my sweet little Marsha looked like a wanton whore as she licked this guys ass and balls. Meanwhile his dick was starting to harden and grow. It looked unreal as it was at least 11 or 12 inches long, and as thick around as Marshaís forearm.

She started to lick this massive black dick up and down like it was an ice cream cone. Marsha was moaning and making deep animal sounds like I had never heard. Then I heard this little voice say, "fuck me". The guy said, I donít hear you,. What? She said, Fuck Me, fill me up with your dick". Again he said, "What, donít just tell me what you want, beg me you fucking white slut." Marshaís voice was unrecognizable to me, as she pleaded, " Please fuck me with your gorgeous black cock, fill me up, do me, please fuck me, I need you, I love you."

It didnít seem real. I could hear the other three guys laughing and saying something about how Rock had turned another white bitch around. Someone said, "looks like we got ourselves another white bitch slave:" Marsha was now flat on her back on the floor with her legs spread sticking straight up in the air, as Rock just pounded her. Marsha was screaming, "Iím cumming, Iím cumming please never stop." He must of fucked her for 30 minutes without stopping. When Rock finally pulled out, without a word, Marsha was on her knees and sucking his cock clean like she worshipped it.

During the next few hours, these "kids" ransacked our place. They packed up everything of value. Marsha followed around, and helped like she was like she was part of the gang. Every once in a while one of the guys would stop and fuck her, or have her suck him off. She was like a pet dog. Also Marsha never made eye contact with me. When they were getting ready to leave, Marsha started to get dressed like she was going with them. One guy told her, that they were done with her. You just be a good bitch, and maybe weíll see you again sometime.

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The teenagers left, and Marsha sat on the floor like a ball and cried her eyes out. She never even noticed me. After about a hour of crying, Marsha came over and untied me. I went to put my arms around her, and she pulled back violently and said to never touch her again. I said, "what, what did I do, how can I help you, let me take you to the health center."

Marsha turned to me, and simply said, "you bastard, all this time, I thought you knew about sex, Iíve never felt this good before, you will never touch me again with that little excuse for a cock you have, fuck you, and get out of my life."

And that was it, Marsha and I went our separate ways, and did not see each other again for 6 years. The next time I saw her was by chance. I now worked for the State Government and was asked to head up a project doing a statistical study of the value of the Tax dollars being spent on inner city sports clubs.

When I got to this one Center, in one of the worst parts of the city, I could not believe it when I found out Marsha was the Club Director. We went to her office for coffee, and she told me her story. After the "home invasion" she questioned everything about her life. She dropped out of Graduate School, and went on to get an advanced degree in Social Services. She told me that she had decided to dedicate her life to helping "Ghetto Boys". I asked exactly what does that mean, and she said, I fuck, I suck, I do whatever I can to make these guys feel better about themselves.

As we talked, I discovered that Marsha had created this world for herself. To the outside she was a brilliant, dedicated administrator that ran one of the most successful Teenage Sports Clubs in the city. But to the "boys" that went there she nothing more the "cum slut whore" that would do anything they wanted. She maintained and apartment near the center, where guys were free to come and go as they wished. She spent most nights being gang fucked. She said she knew that she bad given blow jobs to over 1000 black teenagers in the last 3 years alone, and that she was extremely happy with her life.

As we sat in her office, sipping coffee, this mean looking guy walked right in without knocking. He paused when he saw me, but Marsha said, "Its Ok John, this is an old friend, you can talk in front of him." John turned away from me, looked at Marsha, and spoke," You are staying here tonight, some of the guys need your place for a private meeting, you unlock the doors and be ready for me about 9 tonight." She just said, OK John, whatever you want, Iíll have the mats on the floor and be ready for anything you want." "What I want is for you to suck my cock." Marsha just smiled and said Iíll do anything you want, you know that, but you seem tense so let me give you a quickie now." With that, she was on her knees sucking this kidís cock in her office in front of me. He came fast (5 minutes) put his dick back in his pants, and left.

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Marsha looked at me, wiped some residue cum from her lips, and said, "This is the life, I was born to lead. No one is happier than me." I left the Center, and never looked back. I truly expect to read about Marsha in the newspaper some day

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