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Husband's Humiliation

Another great wife turned slut story.

By Cartman

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Illness had hit me hard, I hadn't been able to work for some three months now, my business and my bank balance were both suffering. The bills were mounting up and court dates seemed to pour through the letterbox every day. My wife, Lin, in between looking after me and the children worked part-time to try and make ends meet but her wages rarely did much more than put food on the table. One Thursday there was a knock at the door, Lin went to answered it and was followed into the sitting room by three men. My heart jumped into my mouth, it was Ray, a business associate of mine, a shady character with a matching reputation, flanked by two large evil looking men. Ray didn't look very happy, his friends looked even unhappier and if Ray and looked unhappy then rest assured someone very probably owed him money, and unfortunately in this instance it was me.

"Honey,", Lin started, "these men want to talk about some business, would you like me to make some tea?", but I didn't get chance to reply.

"Where's my money?", Ray demanded.

I nervously began to stutter and stumble my way through a sentence trying to explain how I had been ill, but I was nearly better now and that he would get his money back next month and I would.... Ray interrupted, repeating himself, "where's my money?", stabbing each word impatiently at me. Lin froze, I could see her looking for me to say something, her face full of panic.

"I haven't got it Ray", I said sheepishly, "give me one more month. Please."


He said OK. I breathed a sigh of relief. Phew, that was close.

"You've got one month. But for now I want some sort of interest payment". He turned to one of his men, "cut a finger off Bob".

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The man called Bob pulled a large serrated knife from the inside of his coat and started approaching me. My heart filled with terror and as I began pleading and begging Ray to stop, Bob neared.

Lin began screaming. "NO. STOP. I'll do anything for you to stop. Just STOP!!".

"Stop Bob, this sounds interesting", said Ray, "exactly what will you do little woman? What?"

"Stay out of this Lin", I shouted, but my outburst earned me nothing more than the knife being waved in my face. I decided it was probably better if I stayed quiet.

"Do you want to please me?", Ray asked. Lin said nothing, just ashamedly nodded. My stomach turned, from his first enquiry I could see where the questions were going to go, he was going to make my wife sexually satisfy him in one way or another, shape or form. The knife still pointing towards me I had no other option apart from to sit and watch this torment, hoping my suspicions were wrong.

"Would you let me kiss you?", again, no response from Lin just a nod.

"I can't hear you, yes or no?".

"Yes", came the reply.

"Stick my tongue in your mouth?"


"Feel your tits?"


"Stick my fingers in your pussy?"


"Let me lick your pussy?"

"Yes". Ray clearly was becoming exited, the tone of his voice more enthusiastic with each question. He looked at me and grinned smugly, relishing in my obvious discomfort.

"Will you suck my cock?"

"Yes", my wife answered.

"Swallow my cum?"


"Lick my arsehole?". Lin paused, shocked. "Lick my arsehole?", he said again. Lin was silent. "Or hubby loses a finger?"

"OK. YES", Lin spat.

Disgruntled by Lin's pause Ray taunted her with his next question. "Stick your tongue up my arsehole?"

Lin again paused at first, screwed her eyes shut and answered, "yes."

"Let me fuck you?"


"Let me fuck you up your arse?"


"Be my slut?"


"So, you will do anything then?"

"I said YES!!"

Ray paced up and down the room briefly, thinking. "OK, let's recap here", he said after a minute or so, "Instead of me cutting fingers off, you've offered yourself as an interest payment to me since your sad husband over here (Ray waved a hand over to where I was sitting) cannot pay me what he owes me. OK?", a agreeing nod from Lin followed his sentence. "I could pay a whore £50 to satisfy me, which is what you're offering me, but I think fingers are worth more than £50. Don't you? So, here's the deal. You will be my whore, starting as from now, to do what I please with until the account is settled. Agreed?"

I couldn't believe what he was proposing, one fuck, a blow job, whatever - that would have been bad enough, but every day until I had paid him off?....bastard. Lin nodded her head.

"OK, let's get started then. Strip."

The other thing I didn't expect was to have to suffer the humiliation of my wife being taken in front of me. Lin obeyed Ray, she removed her T-shirt, unhooked and took off her bra, unzipped and pulled down her jeans and slid the white panties she wore down her pale white legs and stepped out of them. She stood there naked, the three of us looking at her bare breasts, her round arse, her golden pubes.

Ray walked over to Lin. "And, this better be good or bye bye digits. Make sure you enjoy it, I like plenty of dirty talk. OK?"

He kissed her, gently at first, then deeply, his tongue moving in her mouth against the inside of her cheek. For the next five minutes we watched them French kiss as Ray explored her body, running his hands over arse, squeezing and caressing her tits, probing her warm cunt with his fingers.

"OK now get on the floor. I want to fuck you now", he said. He turned to me, "Hey buddy, I'm going to fuck your wife. I'm going to fuck your wife every day until you pay me. I'm going to fuck your wife and shoot my load in her, shoot my cum deep in her pussy, deep in her womb and you know what? I hope she gets pregnant. Your wife pregnant with my child because I fucked her and all because you didn't pay me."

Uncannily, his taunts couldn't have been more correct. Lin had come off the pill recently so I've had to wear condoms when we make love. Here was this man about to fuck her unprotected cunt. Becoming pregnant was a distinct possibility.

Lin got onto the carpet in the middle of the room as she was told, her knees bent and spread apart, exposing her sweet vagina lips that had been mine only these past nine years.

Ray unzipped his trousers and let them fall to the floor, he pulled his underpants to down to around his ankles, releasing the bulge in them which was his erect cock. He knelt down in between my wife's legs and unceremoniously shoved his member into Lin's awaiting pussy. Slowly he began pumping in and out of her.

"You like that don't you my dirty little slut?"

"Yes", Lin groaned. I know that he threatened her that it better be good, I thought to myself, but was it really necessary for her to have to pretend to enjoy being fucked by this creep as well? Then a thought hit deep inside me, leaving me feeling sick to my stomach - perhaps she was really enjoying being fucked like a whore. No, surely not, she must playing along because she was frightened of him. Mustn't she?

"Come on, slut, act dirty. You like me fucking you don't you?"

"Oooh, yeah, fuck me hard, don't stop, come on, fuck me."

"That's better. Am I better than your husband?"

"Oh god yes! Your cock is sooo big and hard, bigger than his, thicker than his. You fuck me like only a real man can", she gushed.

Embarrassed and humiliated, not only was my wife now temporarily owned and being fucked in front of me by this slimeball, but he was making he tell him he was better than me. Things got worse.

"You like real men?"

"I like real men with big cocks."

"I bet you fuck plenty of big cocks don't you? I bet you're a horny little bitch when you're away from your precious hubby. When you're pretending to be out with the girls, or pretending to be at work and hubby's ill at home with the kids, you're spreading your legs for some guy you picked up in the back of his car with your skirt around your waist, your knickers around your ankles letting him pump his cock into you, letting him grope your arse and feel your tits and letting him fill your cunt full of semen. Don't you?"

Lin said nothing. She didn't go along with game. Surely there couldn't be any truth in what he was saying. Lin was faithful to me. Wasn't she?

Ray was obviously thinking along the same lines as he pounded her warm wet pussy. He smiled like he'd just struck gold.

"Don't you", he continued, "you cheat on your husband. You fuck around like a cheap slut."

"No". A half hearted reply. "Just fuck me hard, oooh, cum inside me", she groaned trying to stop him persuing the questioning.

"Don't you?", he rammed his cock against her mound forcefully, daring her to confess to her infidelity.

"Don't you? DON'T YOU?"

"YES", she cried.

"Who do you fuck?"

"Someone at work, Jason"

"Why do you fuck him?"

"I don't know."

"Is it because your husband's a no-hoper who's not man enough to satisfy your needs"


Ray felt her pussy contract around his stiff cock as her own admission of guilt brought her to orgasm. Dumbfounded, speechless, I sat and watched in shock as Lin gasped and groaned in ecstasy, almost oblivious to my presence.

Ray turned to me like the cat that's got the cream, "looks like you haven't been paying your wife enough attention and someone else has". A smirk crept across his face as he continued his relentless pounding of his cock in my wife's pussy.

"Oooh I'm going to cum. Going to cum in my slut's pussy, are you ready for my cum?"

"Mmmm, fill me with your seed, pump your semen deep inside me."

Ray clenched his buttocks and grunted as he came in my wife, her legs waving in the air.

When he finished he turned to the two gorillas, "what d'you reckon it's going to be, a boy or a girl?"

Laughter. The gorillas, Ray and Lin - LIN WAS LAUGHING WITH THEM!!!

Ray got up, his cock still half erect and wet from semen and Lin's pussy. "Spread your legs wide out honey so your husband can see your messy little pussy". Lin smiled and opened her legs wide, cum visible in her cunt and on her pussy lips, the thick white semen sticking to her golden pubes, dripping down in between the crack of her arse, onto the blue carpet. "Remember you'll still do anything?", Ray asked lin.

"Yeah", she replied.

"Well my friends over here look a bit frustrated. I want to you to let them fuck you."

"Of course", Lin agreed, like she was completely in his control.

"OK boys", said Ray, "she's all yours, have a go of her each."

Both the men fucked my wife in turn, squelching their cocks in her wet cunt, her legs wrapped round them, her hands joined around the back of their necks, they deposited their sperm in her pussy along with Rays, and who knows, Jasonís?

When they had finished he made Lin spread her legs again so we could see her now red pussy filled with sperm.

Ray looked over at me, "hey buddy, you're missing out on the fun. I think you should join in. Come and lie on the floor". Reluctantly, with the knife still pointed at me I took my place on the carpet. "Ok", said Ray, "I have a problem. I want to fuck your wife again, but she's a bit wet for my liking. So, I like you to lick her out and clean her up for me. OK slut, sit on his face". Lin knelt over me with each leg either side of my head. As she did so, big drops of sperm dripped from her cunt and landed and splashed on my face. She lowered her pussy down over my mouth, the cum on her pubic hair and thighs smearing over my cheeks and chin.

"OK loverboy start eating the cum out of her pussy, I want none left, or bye bye fingers". I began slurping the salty fluid from her drenched pussy, my tongue darting up her sticky canal.

As I looked up Lin was playing with her tits and groaning. Ray stood in front of her and offered his cock to her mouth. She started sucking and licking his cock, slurping noisily on his tool taking it deep down her throat. He pulled his cock from her mouth, turned round and bent over. "Ok slut, lick my arsehole". Hesitantly she lapped away in-between his buttocks which seemed to send him wild, pushing his arse in her face even more.

"Ooooh yeah, now stick your tongue up my arsehole, oooh yeah, that's it, further, yes, yes, wiggle it about, mmmmm, don't stop bitch, I'm going to cum again". He spun around and stuck his cock in her face, rubbing it until he exploded over Lin's mouth and chin. Blobs of sperm dripped on to her tits and on my hair, the man seemed to cum a pint of the stuff. "Lick me clean whore", he demanded. My wife complied, licking and swallowing his cum as I carried on licking the cocktail of cum from her pussy. Again, the other two men took it in turn to have their cocks serviced by my wife, but each choosing to cum in her mouth and have her swallow it all.

"OK", said Ray, "time to go boys. Remember slut, I'll be back tomorrow with some business clients. Dress sexy, suspender belts, stockings that sort of stuff. Later...."

The men got dressed and left.

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