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House Sitting Part 2

BY: Samantha © 1999

Waking up the next morning with the smell of sex in the air from the night before really turned me on. I couldn't wait to wake Gary up... I leaned over and gave his cock a big wet kiss... I could feel his cock respond to the kissing and light nibbling ... before I knew it he was at full mast.... Hard as a rock. So I took the head and slowly sucked it deep into my mouth mmmm the hardness feels so good running along my tongue...he wakes up and starts responding to the motions that I was laying on his swollen cock. I looked up at him with a big smile on my face and said, "I think you need to take me to breakfast... I need my energy, for later." He replied with a lusty look on his face "You just love to tease me don't you?" and of course my reply was, with a little wicked smile..."Isn't that what I do best!"

With that I jumped up and helped him up ... I had to keep in mind that if I was going anywhere I had to wear something he could see my tits in. So, I had to wear a see threw shirt... one of his favorite things to do is to show off my tits... he likes to see the reactions they get... sometimes we even get free meals... that depends on how much I am willing to show... And this weekend was one of those: Let it all hang out weekends... So, when we got to the café we spotted on the way to his friend's house. I didn't button the first three buttons on my shirt. I just let gape not only could you see threw it ... it was open for anybody to get a good look... I love the smile that it puts on Gary's face... I told him watch this honey.... Here comes the he approaches we could tell that he had only one thing on his tits... Looking straight at my chest he held out a menu for Gary and then he leans in to hand me mine. Looking right down the front of my shirt knowing he could see the edge of my big brown nipple... knowing that this was turning them both on ....really got me hot. I slipped my shoe off and lifted my leg up so I could rub Gary crouch with my foot... when my toes reached his crouch.... I sighed hmm seem someone here is excited... Gary just smile at me and the waiter. The waiter just stood there with a big grin on his face and asked did we want anything to drink... hmm I looked up at him still rubbing Gary's cock with my foot and said I would love a big hot cup of COCK, Oh! I mean COFFEE... we all laughed... "Sorry about that," I said... the waiter shot me a great big smile and said, "I would be glad to server up the HOT COCK uh, I mean coffee." I smile and said I bet you would... I want cream with that too, please.... Smiling back.

Gary and I sat there teasing each other until the food got there and then it went just a bit further than we had anticipated. The waiter came over and said that he was about to get off and wanted to know if we could give him a ride... We both looked at each other and smile and said at the same time "And just what kind of ride do you have in mind?" we laughed. The waiter turned to me and said "I will take any kind of ride you want to give me..." We told him we would think about it.

I thought to myself I am going to get my husband good on this one... he is always talking about waiting to see me give someone else head... I turned to Gary and said here is your chance.... You have always wanted to check something like this out...thinking all along that he would never in a million years go for this. Never... About that time the waiter came back to the table and Gary looked up and said sure we would be glad to give you a ride...I know the look on my face had to be a strange one... I could not believe that we where going to give this guy a ride anywhere... But this was Gary weekend and I just followed right along.... Not knowing exactly what Gary had in mind I was just following his lead ...on the way to the car I was wondering where we were all going to ride.. Since our car has only two seats. When we got to the car Gary said "Honey, you will have to ride in his lap." I looked at the waiter and smiled, looking down at his crouch and seeing a huge bulge...hum looks this could be a bumpy ride....

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He got in and asked if we lived around here and we told him no that we were staying at a friends house and it's got a pool. Gary asked him "Hey, would you like to come over and go for a swim?" I looked at him and just smiled... I didn't know what to think.... The waiter gladly excepted the invitation and off we went...

I didn't know what to expect from Gary now.... This was a first.... He had said that he wanted to see us with another guy, but I thought he was just fantasizing... well I guess he want to live this one out...Man, I hope I can handle this one....or should I say two ....hmmm sound good to me....

We got to the house and I went in and the guys went out back to the pool... I was in the back bathroom wondering what Gary and this guy where talking about. Thinking to myself," we don't even know this guys name." Then I wondered if Gary would give him something to swim in or if they would just be naked... I couldn't stand it any longer... I had to peek. So I went to the window and looked out. To my surprise he was sitting there in his briefs...I was glad to see that he still had some kind of clothing on. I remember what Gary said about being naked all weekend and wonder if he wanted me to start out naked with this guy or wear my swimsuit.... I decided to wear this white see threw wrap that he had bought me just for the pool... I wasn't sure how I was going to handle this situation but I wasn't going to back down now, Not me. I decided to continue to follow Gary's lead... I opened the door they both turned around, I came out, walked around so that they could get a good look at my tits swaying back and forth, hard nipples poking straight head.. I sat in the lounge chair and said, "I need a oil boy, any volunteers?" Gary just sat there and smiled, but he did make a move for the oil or me...I looked over and said "Did anyone hear me?" "I don't want to burn the brownies"

The waiter jumped up and said "I would be glad to be you oil boy!" I looked at Gary and wonder if this is something he had talked about while I was in the house. He just smiled back at me and nodded his head as to let me know it was OK... so I moved over so he could sit beside me on the chair. When he sat down next to me I could feel the excitement start to build. He took the oil and poured it the palm of his hand then rubbed his hands together with a big grin on his face. He started rubbing oil on my shoulders... this felt so good I leaned forward and drop my wrap....then I felt his warm soft hands move slowly down towards my breasts...mmm this so nice.... I looked at him and said "Now, be sure to get me covered all over, especially my nipples, I don't want them to burn." I turned and looked over at Gary. He was sitting there with his big hard cock in one hand rubbing it he was in a dream... that was the look on his face, dream like...There is no telling what he was thinking...I know what I was thinking....mmmm I would like to have that hard cock over here so I could lay a great big kiss on it......

I was brought back to reality when I felt the Oil Boy, kissing on my shoulder and then my neck. I took my sunglasses off and looked at him and said, "I don't even know your name." He, said, just call me "Oil Boy" I looked back at Gary and laughed, he started laughing too, then the waiter said "what's so funny" I smiled and said, " that is what I call Gary... Oil Boy!" "But, since your are my Oil Boy today, that is what I will call you. "

Putting my sunglasses back on, I leaned back and smiled. The minute my head hit the towel I had been laying on the Oil Boy started his exploration of my body. His journey began at my neck and worked his way down to my breasts... I just laid there with my eyes closed, taking in all the feelings. It was so strange, all the different sensations. The difference in the way his touch felt to me. I could feel my pussy starting to pulsating as his hands gliding down my body. Working the oil in as he went... rubbing lightly around my nipples making them so erect that I arched my back and moan slightly...I could fell my juice start to flow, mmmm that felt nice I groaned. He continued downward, pouring oil out onto my belly making a small pool at my belly button. Then pushing it out with his thumb and spreading it down and to the side as to avoid going straight to my own wetness. He went down passed my womanhood and rubbed the insides of my thighs. I was so into what was happening to me, that my legs fall open to the slight pressure of his hands. This was going to drive me wild, but I control myself and looked over at Gary, he was now setting on the edge of his seat, his rock hard cock in his hand and was stroking it at a nice even pace. I said, "That looks good enough to eat." "Bring it on over here so I can have a taste." He stood up and walked over to my chair. I looked up licking my lips to make them nice and moist. He leaned forward teasing me with just the tip slapping it against my lips. I reached up and took hold of his shaft and rubbed the head all over my wet lips then sucked him deep into my mouth. Then I felt a warm breath on my pussy and the stiffness of a tongue rubbing my harden clit this made me quiver and shiver all over my body.

The Oil Boy was kneeling down between my legs running his tongue up and down the length of my soaking wet pussy. All the while, I was working on Gary cock. He pulled back and reached out for my hand. I looked at him, took his hand and he help me up, so I would be on the edge of the chair. Wow! I now had two cocks starring me in the face...This had to be one of the most energizing feelings, I have never had two at the same time to work on before. I wondered if they would taste the same... I couldn't wait any longer. I reached up and took one in each hand. Stroking one and then the other. Gary was just a little bigger and thicker than he was; I leaned forward and pulled them both together. Head to head mmmm running my tongue across one then the other mmm this is great... I thought to myself that they both tasted different but good... they both reached down and started playing with my tits. Rubbing and gently pulling at my erect nipples, I slowly sucked one cock then the other looking up at them both changing back and forth.... I could tell that they both wanted me to work my magic on their hot rods.. I sucked both of their cocks, as far into my mouth as they both would go... I thought that they would both go off for sure, but they both held back. Then Gary pulled back and moved me around so he could get behind me... not missing a single stroke on the oil boys cock I wiggled around so, Gary could get to my sizzling hot pussy. He moved his hips closer and his cock buried deeper inside me.... I groaned loudly working hard on the cock in my mouth, I could feel the excitement building. All of us were moaning and groaning loudly... I could tell we where all about to explode. First, was the oil boy, he shot a load so big that I couldn't hold it all and it was running out of the sides of my mouth and down my chin... Oh, oh yea, I turned to Gary and smiled and said don't' stop babe... mmmm faster, faster....oh yes your going to make me cum... And then I went into an orgasm frizzy.... Oh yea babe, give me your hot cum.. Gary gasped loudly and slammed his cock deep inside me grabbing my ass pulling me hard against his body he shot the first part of his cum in my wet pussy then he pulled out and shot the next spurt on my face and then one on my tits. I fell back on the chair reaching up with both hands I slowly rubbed it all over my chest they both started licking on my tits... Then Gary reached up, pulled me to him and gave me a deep and lingering kiss.... Man what a team...

I was laying there with cum glisten tits and Gary turned to the Oil Boy, and said, "where did you need a ride to?" "It is getting late and we have to get ready for a big evening out on the town" We all got our cloths on and said our good-byes, and Gary took him home.

I went in and took a long hot bath. Laying there going over the events of the afternoon. I got so horny again; I had to masturbate... I had my eyes closed and was really into myself, so I didn't notice when Gary got back, he slipped in and sat down and watch me bring myself off... I opened my eyes and there he was sporting a great big hard on. He smiled and said, "That was great!" Where are we going tonight and what are you going to wear?

I still don't know his name...But often think of that weekend....


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