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Linda At The Hilton

Another great wife turned slut story.


I was setting in the lobby of the HIlton with a couple of friends Freddy and Vito that flew down with me to see the game between the Mets and the Braves. We had been drinking beer ever since we arrived at about 6 am and all three of us had a good buzz going. Ther had been a few women walk through, but nothing that interested us much until this very shapely brunette came in around 11:00 am and asked if we were there with the travel agency. "Yeah Baby, we're booking trips now to room 2010" said Vito as he looked her up and down. Then Freddy add, "We are also offering a special today, Three for the price of one." She just stared him straight in the eyes and asked, "Can you back up all that talk?" All the time I was checking her out. She was about 5'5" tall, with long dark hair, a pretty face, big boobs, and what has to be one of the nicest butts I've ever seen. All three of us just looked at each other an began smiling, then she broke in, "Well, are you guys going to put up or shut up?"

"Hey let's get it on." I said as I put my arm around her waist and we headed for the elevator. As the doors closed on the elevator, whe said, "Ok guys, I'm Linda, I'm married, and I don't have all day, so lets get it on because I'm also extremely horny." As Linda spoke I moved around behind her and began humping on her ass as she reached over and rubbed Freddy's already hard dick throught his tight jeans. "Oh, that's nice one," she said. Then she reached with her left hand and did the same to Vito, "WOW, this may be more like Three and a half for the price of one," Linda said as she continued to massage him through his pants. My hands move up to her nice, large tits and pulled her bra up over them, letting them swing free, just as the bell rang and the door slid open. By now I had a full, throbbing hard-on, as we made our way down the hall to our room.

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As soon as we went inside our room, Freddy turned and raised Linda's blouse up and said, "UMMMMMMMM" as he sucked her big nipple into his lips. Then he looked up at her and said, "God, I love big tities." Then he moved to her other boob and sucked it even longer making the same long drown-out sounds, "U MMMMMM." Then Vito locked in on her other tit as I unzipped her black slacks and lowered them to her ankles. Dropping to my knees to help Linda step out of her slacks, I got a the best view of her pretty ass and already moist cunt as she raised her legs one at a time. Then I parted her asscheeks ran my tongue from the small of her back all tje way dwon her crack to the sweet drops of her cunt juice that moistened her love tunnel. "UMMM, that's some good tasting pussy you have there Linda." I said, just as I heard the sound of a celphone ring. "Quiet for a minute guys," She said as she answered her phone. I took this opprotunity to taste her sweet ass again, while Vito and Freddy continued sucking her big tits. "Hello," She said. "Sure, I'm meeting my boy friend here, what do you think?" Linda laughed, then said goodbye to her husband.

I looked at Vito as he stood up, man he had a huge dick, must have been at least ten inches long and Linda had her hand wrapped around it sa soon as it was in reach. Now she dropped to her knees and held it in front of her face as she inspected the drops of precum as they emerged from the end of its big head, Then she took the end of her tongue and licked the sticky goo, pulling her face back, leaving a long string of it betweeen her tongue and the head of his cock. "You guys like that?" she asked. "That's pretty kool Honey, but lets try this." I said as I helped her to the bed. I then had Vito hold one ankle while Freddy held the other. Now I had a perfect view of Linda's juicy cunt, spred wide and shining with slick, hot, juice. I leaned down and sstarted at her asshole, licking all the way up to her already swollen clit. Linda just moaned as I took my fingers and spread her cuntlips wide to get a mouth full of her hot, swollen clit. "OH MY GOD, eat that pussy, OOOOHHHHH YEAH," She moaned, the suddenly her moans were muffled as Freddy stuck his hard dick into her open mouth. I looked up and now Linda had a cock in her mouth, her hands betweeen his legs pulling his hips to her, and her other hand stroking Vitos big dick, while he roughly pulled and pinched on Linda's big tits, leaving red marks all over them. Now my cock was throbbing so hard it felt like it would burst, so I stood up and leaned my body over the bed and positioned my cock right at the edge of LInda's pretty set of cunt lips and felt the heat from it as my cockhead slightly parted them. Vito took one hand and reached down to massage her clit as I sand all nine inches of my swollen tool into her cunt with very fulfilling slushy sound. I tell you watching this woman suck cock while Vito pulled and pinched her pretty tits, combined with the warmth of her her hot, slopy cunt around my cock was more than I could bear and within seconds I was grunting and slamming away into Linda with all I had, unloading a huge load of hot, cum from my throbbing cock, while she continued to pump her hips up and down like a rabbit. She pulled Freddy's cock from her mouth and gaxed at him asking, "Will you pleeeas e stick your dick in my pussy?" Freddy was more than happy to take his turn at sloppy seconds and that's exactly what he got. Cum continued to ooze from her cunt as he stuffed his cock into Linda, causing even more to run out and drip down her asscheeks to the bedspread.

"God, that's some hot pussy." he said as he began a long steady rhythm of fucking her. Soon LInda was pulling on Vito's waist, trying to swallow his entire ten inches of cock. Then she pushed him back for a second, saying "Fuck my mouth Big Boy, show me what you've got." Soon Vito was on all fours, with his cock stuffed in Linda's mouth, pumping up and down just as hard and fast as Freddy was in her cunt. As I took a rest, I sat and watched my two best buds pound away on this pretty married woman, who just couldn't get enough. "Y ou want what?" I heard Vito ask. Then suddenly all the hot sweaty fucking and sucking came to a stop. Freddy got off Linda's cunt and walked over ot the recliner where he sat down with the biggest smile on his face, followed by Linda, who bent down, licked the excess juices from his cock, then stood up turning away from him.

He steadied her hips as she he positiond his dick right on the edge of her brown asshole, then Linda slowly begin to lower herself down, letting Freddy's hard cock spread her tight asshole as it made its way deep inside Linda. She didn't move for a couple of second, just sat there panting with deep, hard, breathes. "OHH God, OHHH God, I love it in my ass !!!!? Linda panted as she began to work her beautiful butt up and down the length of Freddy's cock. Vito bent over and lick the top of her clit a little, then he stood up and held his big, thick, rock hard, ten inch cock in front of Linda, teasing her. "You want some of this, baby." "Oh YES,YES, YES, GIVE give it to me baby, I want to fill that monstor cock inside me now." She reached out and and held it in her hand as she continued to assfuck Freddy, her fingers just barely fitting around that big cock. Then she stopped moving and as if she was in a trance, she slowly guided Vito's dick down to her dripping cunt. I had to see this, so I move closer to get a good look of that huge dick spreading her cunt wide, as he slid it completely inside Linda. "OH man, said Freddy, that's the tightest ass-hole I've ever felt." And it was easy to see why, with him deep inside her butt, and Vito's huge cock filling her cunt at the same time. Soon they were pumping away and Linda was moaning louder and louder, to the point that I was afraid we would draw too much attention, so I stood up and grabbed her face, turning her mouth toward me, and stuffing it full of my cock. Within seconds my cock was hard again and we were all three pumping Linda's hot, juicy holes with hard cocks. Her tits, covered with pinch and bite marks were swinging and bouncing with the rhythm as we fucked this woman as hard as we could. Man I love the way this woman sucks cock, especially the way her tongue would dart out and lick my balls each time my cock went down her throat. Vito looked at me and began grinning, I looked down at Freddy and he too was grinning, the we bagan to high-five each other as we kept fucking Linda. "Man this is great." said Vito. "Yeah, we've gotta come down here for ballgames more often."

Linda began to really pump back at them as she sucked harder and harder on my dick, then she pulled my cock from her mouth and as she continued stroking it up and down she started cumming. "OH, OH,OH,,,,,,,,,,FFFFFFUCK MMMMMEE, OH,OH,OH FFFUCK MMMMMMEEE, YEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHHHH, FFFUCK." then just as she was loosing control Vito's eyes rolled back and and he reached down grabbing those big tites tightly and squeezing them as he jerked and pumped into Linda. Freddy too was now about to unload, as he told Vito, "Fuck her cunt Vito, do her man, do her harder, now man, I feel you fucking her insides, WWWoWWW!!" Oh my god, she was so hot, and all the slurping and splashing noises from Linda's wet hole filled the air as I held the back of her head tightly and began unloading again, this time deep down her throat. "Yeah baby, swallow that cum," I looked over at Vito as he pulled his big long cock from her cunt, and it was soaked with milky white cream. He pulled Linda's head from my cock saying, "Here baby, suck all that cum off my cock, yeah, (as she took it in) suck it clean honey." Freddy seamed to have died and gone to heave, he was just laid back with her still on top, with his eyes closed and smiling from ear to ear.

Linda got up, looking at her watch and rushed over to get her clothes back on. "Well guys it was fun, but I gotta run." She said as she pulled her blouse down over her tits. "Gotta pick up the kids and then meet my husband." she said. "Well I hope he's not horney tonight" Vito said, "That is unless he likes sloppy fourth's." Well with that Linda left the hotel room and we bagan getting ready for the game.

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sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.