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The following is a true story of some of the adventures my wife and I have shared. Her name is Hilda, she is from Mexico, about 5'4" tall, 118-122lbs, and legs just made to wrap around a man and squeeze his back until it breaks.

When I met Hilda she was a virgin, of all things, and until we moved to Alabama in 1995, we had only had sex together. This all changed oone spring when we began discussing a more open lifestyle, and I shared my fantasy of seeing her with another man. As luck would have it, we desperately needed money after an illness I contracted, and was out of work for a few months. The local strip joint called Fantasia was auditioning dancers for the dayshift. I thought about it and I decided to buy Hilda a couple of lingerie outfits. She was skeptical at first, but decided to go allong. I had talked to the manager over the phone and she had agreed to let me watch her dance as long as I didn't interfere.

With Hilda's dancing. I quickly agreed and anxiously waited for the day she started. The following Monday, I drove her to the club. She was so nervous I thought she'd puke in the car. She had a fairly short red skirt, stockings w/garters, and heels that complimented perfectly her great legs and ass. Her size 34 tits looked so damn sexy in the push-up bra/teddy combination. I went in first and sat in a good spot while she waited a couple of minutes. The place was a real redneck joint ok, and the clientele was a little on the shady side. I wondered if Hilda could handle herself in a place like this. She came in and sat down after she spoke with the bartender/manager named Melba. Melba was a rough looking woman, but very fair and protective. She told Hilda if she wanted the job she could have it and she would train her, on how to dance real sexy, and turn on the customers. Hilda doesn't need help in that area, however, as almost immediately, a rather drunk patron stagered over to the table where Hilda was watching the other girl dance and sat down, snuggling up real close. She was startled at first, but she smiled at him as she answered his questions. Yes, she was new, and yes she would take off her clothes later, and she would do a table dance later on, and his company was appreciated. Watching the girl named Melissa dance, I also kept an eye on Hilda as the man slowly slid his huge hand to her right thigh and squeezed. She smiled at him nervously as he began stroking her thigh from her knee back to mid thigh, squeezing her thigh in appreciation. My cock began to strain mightily against my jeans as I watched my fantasy being fulfilled. She was doing great! Then he slowly forced his hand higher, trying to open her legs more. She squeezed her thighs closed, trying not to let him gain access to her twat, but he reached under the table, lifted her leg onto his leg, and ran his hand to her crotch. Her pussy was clearly visible now as I watched him finger her snatch through her panties. Her skirt was almost to hip level by this time as the man pulled her panties to one side and forced two fingers in. He leaned over to her face, which had a very shocked expression, and kissed her on the lips, his tongue searching deep in her mouth. To my surprise she responded and kissed him back. His hand worked her clit furiously under the table until it was time for her number. She got up on stage, and despite the nervousness, did very well. The other customers in the club, all crowded around as she danced, holding out their tips, rubbing her thighs, grabbing a quick feel as she danced close to them. '

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When her set was over Melba called her over to the bar and took her to the back room. Luckily enough, I was playing pool and could see everything. Melba was showing her the rooms for the infamous couch dances. She told Hilda she could refuse if she was nervous, but she would be required to do couch dances whenever a customer paid for one, and whether white or black. I could tell she was nervous, but nodded her head in agreement. She looked at me with a pleading look, and I decided to pay for the dance myself when the man from the table, all 6'5", 280lbs of tough Union City redneck grabbed her hand and led her into the room. I heard him tell her to not be nervous, just relax. The music started, and I noticed through a small crack by the wall on the other side of the small couch dancing room you could see everything! One other guy there motioned me over to take a peek, and when I did I saw My sexy wife straddling the man's lap, his hands freeing his cock from his overalls. She leaned her head back and closed her eyes as her kissed her neck and nibbled her earlobes. Then he moved her higher up on his lap until her snatch was touching his cock. He skillfully manuvered her legs until he was able to insert his huge dick into her snatch. She gasped as he slammed his meat home, her eyes glazing over, as he began fucking her; she was impaled on his shaft like a shish kabob…moving up and down in time with his movements. His hands held her tightly as she moaned to him.."fuck me baby, oh please..fuck me good baby.." I couldn't believe it!! My wife begged another man to fuck her! At that point I almost came in my pants..I ran to the bathroom and exploded in climax very quickly. When I returned, the other guy was still watching, fondling himself as Hilda came twice as the giant fucked her. When she dismounted, I finally saw his cock….14" long, at least 2 1/2 " thick. She quickly gobbled his cock up and he began exploding in her mouth. Melba came over to check on Hilda about that time and the guy Gary and myself, acted as though we were talking and laughing about a good story. Melba checked our beers, brought fresh ones, and winked at me…she knew I was Hilda's husband…!!

When the man came out, Gary quickly rushed in to take his place. She began to dance when Gary turned her around and slammed her to the couch, his cock springing free from his pants..he slid it in and Hilda wrapped her legs around Gary and he rode her like a mad bull, Hilda giving as good as she got. When he was ready to cum, she opened her mouth and caught it all, swallowing it all, every drop, then licked his dick clean and lathered it with her tongue. Gary sat down exhausted, and Hilda replaced her panties and walked to the bar, where the man was waiting. Her slid his meaty paw up under her camisole she now wore, having left her skirt in the back room. She told Melba she would take the job, because the benefits were to good to pass up.

Since then, we have searched for various partners and adventures for Hilda, even making a porno movie starring Hilda would be great!!! If anyone cums to Alabama, email me… wife's snatch is always waiting for a good hard cock, and she LOVES to swallow!!!!


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