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Gail's Husband Gets His Wish by Sybian

All rights reserved. No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic means, including photocopying, recording or by any information and retrieval system, without the written permission of the author.

I had met Gail the usual way. She had read one of my erotic tales in one of the newsgroups and had gathered up the courage to write me a letter of praise, telling me how much she wanted what I so expertly described. We exchanged e-mails for a couple of months and as trust grew between us, she slowly revealed the wanton lust for submission that existed inside this 45 year old mother, wife and highly educated woman. Soon we exchanged photos and she called mine "intimidating" while I called hers "captivating". Soon we were calling each other, at times she called me from her marital bed, just as soon as her husband left for work. It was during one of these sessions that I showed her that she was able to have multiple orgasms, one right after another, while she masturbated and I whispered darkly of the filthy things I would do to her when once given the chance.

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And then it happened. During one of these early morning sessions, while Gail was shoving her dildo in and out of her fuck-hole with one hand, her other hand busying itself with her swollen clit, the phone securely tucked in her shoulder, her back arched, her eyes closed..........her husband appeared at the doorway of their bedroom!

As it was explained to me by her later, he had come back to switch cars, as his usual "station" car was acting up. He demanded to know who was on the phone, and dear sweet Gail poured out the whole sordid thing to him....the e-mails, the photos, the phonesex, everything. But instead of getting angry as she expected, he became incredibly turned on by the whole affair. So much so, that he stayed home from work that day and they made love like they hadn't in nearly 17 years, Gail reported to me. In fact, he had her keep talking about me and the things we did and planned to do while they fucked. At one point he made her put my photo on their PC screen and he took her from behind while she stared at it, and the whole time he was yelling; "You want him to fuck you, don't you, you slut? Look at his cock. Look how big his cock is. Bigger than mine, huh, Gail? You want that cock, don't you Gail. You want him to fuck you don't you? You want that dick in your mouth, don't you, you whore!" And Gail had no choice but to respond in the positive, because she knew this was bringing her loving husband so much pleasure; "Yes, God, yes, I want him so badly. I want that cock in my cunt, in my mouth, Michael. Your whore slut wife wants to fuck that big cock. Look at him Michael. Look at those muscles, he's huge. Everything about him is big, so fuckin' big! He knows all my secrets, I've told him everything. He makes me call him Master. Did you know that? And I've promised to let him fuck my ass and I've never let you do that. Oh, Michael, keep fucking me. I'm imagining it's him. Don't stop. I'm imagining my Master fucking me, Michael. I'm close, don't stop, honey. Cum with me, that's it, cum inside your slut while she thinks about another man's cock, that's it Michael, Oh God, Oh, fuck......I'm....yes, yes, yes.......God I want him so........."

Over dinner that evening Michael revealed to Gail that watching her fuck another man was his deepest, darkest fantasy. He asked her to approach me about it, to see if I was willing. Soon I arranged to meet Michael alone for lunch in the city, just two typical business men, having a meal and talking about "business". I made Michael feel very much at ease as we talked about sports and what our jobs were like. I only broached the topic of Gail and his desires for her near the end of our hour together. I explained to him that his was a very typical fantasy of many men and that I had vast experience in that arena, helping couples achieve what up until then they had only talked about in bed. I assured him that I had no designs on his wife, that I was extraordinarily discrete, and that unless invited back, promised to disappear out of their lives after I had given them their dream. We shook hands and parted as friends.

Later in the week Michael called me at my desk and invited me to meet them at a hotel that Saturday evening near the suburban town where they lived. I agreed and told him that I would be e-mailing Gail special instructions and needed him to promise that once we entered the hotel room, I would be in charge and he would have to sit and watch, he wasn't allowed to join in. Michael asked me if he could bring his video camera and I agreed that he could.

That evening I wrote to Gail her instructions. Basically I wanted her dressed like the slut she yearned to be, but not so that anyone in the hotel lounge that evening would stare. I told her to wear a short black skirt, off-black thigh high stockings, a black satin corset laced tightly, a scooped neck red Danskin top, red patent leather 4 inch heels and a black velvet chocker around her throat. I also told her to "over do" her makeup, and to wear her long brown hair in loose curls.

We sat in the lounge that evening for over an hour and talked like the old friends we had certainly become. Michael was nervous and had three vodkas. Gail was incredibly aroused, my trained nose could smell her musk from across the table. I had my usual Pelligrino Spring water. And then we went to the room.

I put a chair in the corner for Michael, ordered him to strip, sit and be still. He took off his clothes and took out his video camera and I went about the business of taking his wife:

"Gail.. your ass... show me your ass", I commanded, my left hand cupping my shaved and heavy sac, my right hand stroking my cock to hardness. She stood and turned, juice once again pouring from her sex, excited that I found her so arousing. She slowly bent from the waist, her hands grabbing the front of her nylon sheathed thighs. "Like this, Master?", the little girl voice again, eager to please. "Yes, baby, that's it. God, what an amazing ass you have. Spread yourself for me Gail, so I can see where I am going to bury my cock." She reached around and opened herself to my gaze, the thought of my cock in her ass filling her with anticipation, the loss of the last bastion of her virginity drawing closer now. "Does this please you, Master?", eager now, wanting to see what it will feel like. "Much better........yes, that's it, give it up", as I worked a greasy finger into her tight asshole. "Bend over further, more, c'mon bitch, you know you want this", I ordered as she grabbed hold of the desk and pushed her ass out to meet my hand. I had a finger inside her forbidden place now and was working it in and out. "Relax, that's it, that's my girl", whispering now. "Gail needs a good ass fucking doesn't she?", I asked. "Doesn't she Michael? Doesn't your slut wife need a good ass fucking?", I sneered at the video boy in the chair in the corner. Her breathing came in gasps now as she felt my finger wriggle in her bowels; "Yes, Master, I've never had this and I've always wondered what it would..........." her words were choked off as my second finger now entered her puckered anus. "My baby's going to get her big ass fucked so good now",I hissed. "Are you getting all this on tape Michael? Your wife's Master is about to fuck her ass", I said. I placed my slimy cock alongside the two fingers which were only partially inside her rectum. Using them as a guide I slowly eased my shaft into her ass, slowly, very slowly. I looked down and watched as the ring of muscle at the opening relaxed, almost beckoning me inside. The big, bulbous head of my cockmeat slipped into the opning and disappeared. I removed my fingers now and spread her ass cheeks further. "That's it Gail, that's my baby. Let your Master inside. Good girl!" I slowly eased my greasy length into her until only my cum-laden sac was outside of her spread ass. I gripped her ass flesh tightly and grunted, enjoying the feeling of this special tightness, the thought of stealing the last vestige of this 45 year old married woman's virginity in front of her adoring hubby arousing passions in me that had long been dormant.

I gripped her waist and pulled her back into me, feeling the last of my cock disappear into her rectum. I paused, relishing the unbelievable tightness of her virgin hole. "Look at you Gail, you slut. Now you've gone and done it, allowing a man you hardly know to fuck your ass, what a whore you've become!", I teased her. Turning toward her husband who was now stroking his dick with one hand while holding the camera in the other I said; "You've got quite a whore here Mike. Tell you what. Because I'm a nice guy, I'm going to order this bitch of yours to let you ass fuck her one day, you'd like that, wouldn't you?" I was surprised at Michael's whispered reply; "Yes, Master".

Gail's only response was a low groan, like an animal. I tightened my grip on her waist and slowly eased my length out of her ass. "You're loving this, aren't you, bitch? You've needed an ass fucking for so long, isn't that right, Gail?" When my shaft almost emerged from her body I eased it back in causing her to gasp. "That's it baby, that's a good slut. Take the nice cock into your ass, that's a good girl", I whispered, her tightness forcing spasms of pleasure through my body. I slowly eased the entire length back into her bowels, pausing again when I was fully buried. "That's it baby. If I didn't know better I would think you've been fucked in the ass by lots of cocks, you're so good at this". She moaned again, low, gutteral. I slowly withdrew again, then sheathed myself in her anus quickly again. I continued these slow, long strokes for many minutes. When Gail started to move her hips to meet my thrusts I said; "Take your left hand off the desk and reach underneath yourself and start to rub your clit". She did as she was told because she knew that her Master always knew what was best for her.

"Master, Fuck my ass... please more, Master more, more, yes, yes, fuck your whore's ass, please, please........." her words arousing me to new passions as I gripped the flesh of her behind and spread her wide. Looking down I was able to watch my cock slide in and out of her puckered hole. I continued the long, slow strokes, savoring the virgin tightness, a vice gripping my cockmeat. "That's it, Gail, play with your clit. Keep rubbing while I fuck your ass, that's it darling, that's a good girl, keep rubbing", I ordered, the sound of the desk banging against the wall as I sodomized this married woman in front of her husband filling the room. "See, I told you you'd love it, didn't I? Master knows what's good for his slave and only wants the best for her, isn't that right Gail?", I questioned. "Yes, yes, please.......Oh,oh......God, I........Yes, thank you Master, thank you for......Oh my God.......for this new pleasure......fuck, oh God......fuck.......yes, thank you!" She was in a sexual frenzy now, her hand rubbing her sex furiously now, searching out an orgasm as she felt me penetrate her very being, plowing the depths of her soul. "That's a good girl Gail, make yourself cum for me. Tell your Master when and I'll cum too, we can cum together", as I felt the jism boiling in my cock, all my willpower now holding me off, waiting for her, wanting to give her the ultimate expression of loving, two cumming together. "Gail, tell your husband of your pleasure, he'd love to hear it from you, he'd love to get it on tape", I gasped, trying to hold back. She turned her head to where her husband was furiously beating his meat and looking at us through the viewfinder. "Oh God, Michael. This is incredible. Look how he's fucking my ass, darling. This is what you wanted right, hon. Oh God, oh God, I'm so fuckin' close.......look Michael he's fucking your slut wife. I'm doing this for you honey, oh fuck......shit......fuck......I'm going to........Michael I can't.....oh fuck me, Steven, fuck my ass........yes, yes..............oooohhhhhhh!"

"Cum for me Steven........", those words were like a match to a fuse, igniting me now. I drove into her ass, long hard strokes, fucking this virgin married housewife. "I'm cumming baby, God, you're so tight!", I shouted. Her hand rubbed her sex furiously now as I felt her spasm, her head now laying sideways on the hotel room's desk, her eyes closed, her mouth opened, moaning......"God, oh my God, Steven, I'm.......Christ, Steven.......I'm going to.......shit, fuck.........God, fuck me.......Oh, Oh......fuck.......I'm cumming......I'm cumming......Steven, I........" I felt my hot load boil up from my heavy sac and race up my shaft. My fingers dug into her meaty ass and pulled her close to me. I exploded with incredible intensity, shooting my hot cream deep within her bowels. Gail shook with her climax, screaming words that had been kept hidden in her psyche all these years; "Yes, yes........cum for me, Master, fill your bitch whore with cum.........fuck me, fuck my big ass.......God, fuck me Steven, fill me up........don't stop, baby, I need this........oh, God, I need this so.......that's it lover, fill your whore with your cum.......oh,God......oh, oh,........fuck me, fuck me........more, more........"

In case you're wondering dear reader, yes, I allowed Michael to eat my cum from his wife's ass. It made him very happy. And it made her very clean.

1998 by All rights reserved. No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic means, including photocopying, recording or by any information and retrieval system, without the written permission of the author.

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