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Linda Makes A Trip To Florida

Another great wife turned slut story.


"Two bags, is that it Mam?" asked the taxi driver with a strong Jamaican accent. "Yes, that's all." Linda replied as she got into the cab. The drive to the hotel was pleasant, and she enjoyed the conversation with the driver. he was in fact Jamaican, and since Linda had visited there a few months back she was very interested in his story of how he used to make a living there as a waiter at a hotel. Linda was a little tired from the early morning flight into Tampa, so as she checked into her hotel, the first thing she did was to lay down on the bed and drift off into dreamland. As she quickly fell to sleep, she began to dream about a video she'd seen about a girl who was gangbanged by 8 men, accept in the dream she was the girl. It was so real, as she could feel the different cocks slide into her one at a time and pump deep into her wet cunt as the other guys were sucking her nipples and stuffing dicks into her mouth.

She could feel the men as they pulled her panties off............."What? She thought, as she began to wake. I don't have any cloths on. Am I dreaming, or what?" she thought as her sleep was disturbed by the whispers of a man. Then she realized, "This isn't a dream anymore." She opened her eyes to see two strange men at the foot of the bed, and one of them was sniffing her panties. She started to scream out, then just before she did, she saw the gun tucked in the waist of one of the men's pants. Then she naturally thought of running, but as she tried to move she found that her wrists had been bound, and were tied somewhere below the matters. Then she glanced over as she heard the door shut, it was the taxi driver that had brought her from the airport, who was gently closing the door.

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"Hey Reggie, you did good this time. If she's as good as she looks, there's an extra twenty in it for you." Said the guys at the end of the bed with her panties still held up to his cheek. He was a big, muscular white guy, wearing tight biker shorts and a white tank top. He had blonde hair and looked to be about thirty years old, in any other situation, he would be very attractive if this were a different situation. The second guy, that head the gun, was a very light skinned black guy. He was also a very big guy, maybe about 6'4", and like the white man had a very athletic build. He leaned down and in a very calm, low voice said, "OK lady, if your cooperative, we'll stay a while and leave happy, who knows, you might even enjoy it, but if you get out of hand, I promise you want." Linda was pretty scared, by now and the horny feeling that she had earlier as she woke, was now over.

"I saw you when you got here Hun, and you look tasty in your blue dress, now lets see how you really taste. Linda looked down as the blonde man raised her dress, parted her thighs and knelt on the bed. She then felt his hot tongue, as it parted her still wet pussy lips and slid up along her clit. He stroked her clit over and over again with his tongue, as the black guy pulled the dress down below her breasts, ripping the zipper out in the back as he yanked it down. Then he pulled her blue bra up exposing Linda's big tits. The Jamaican quickly sucked her right nipple into his thick black lips, as the other black guy squeezed her left breast with one hand, taking his other hand and pinching and pulling her nipple till it was hard as a rock. Linda looked at the Jamaican as he sucked her tit with a smile, and just asked, "Why?" For a moment he stopped sucking and responded, "A Mon's gotta make a living Mam." Then he sucked on her tit again, making circles with his tongue around her nipple.

Then the white guy raised up from where he'd been eating Linda's cunt and said, "Who wants to taste this pussy?" The Jamaican raised up first and said, "Let me get it Mon." Linda looked to the side of the bed where the white guy stood, and she saw what had to be ten inches of thick cock bulging against his biker shorts. The black guy whe'd been sucking her tit, took her hand and guided it to his crouch, then he pulled the side of his shorts over to let Linda grip his semi hard cock. As she wrapped her white fingers around it Linda thought of how thick and heavy it was, it almost felt like a warm, soft polish sausage. She was beginning to warm up to the inevitable, and thought to herself. "If I'm going to get fucked, I might as well enjoy it, especially with the size of this cock." She turned her head to see his big black sausage, as she stroked her fingers up and down, causing his huge balls to jiggle with each stroke. The more she stroked, the harder it became. "Yeah, that's it baby, stroke that dick, make it hard honey." The guy said. Then she felt her head being pulled over and there, right at her lips, was a huge white cock, with a head on it that looked like the end of a baseball bat. She stuck out her tongue and lick the underside of it as he rested it on her mouth. Now Linda could tell her juices were really flowing as she felt the Jamaican's tongue is licking up and down from the edge of her asshole up to the top of her swollen clit, the big black cock in her left hand is growing harder and harder as it's throbbing in her fingers, and the taste of the strange, white man's cock as she parts her lips to take the head of it into her mouth. Linda looks up at the white man whose smiling, as he slides his hard cock into her mouth. then she almost chokes as she gets her tongue coated with thick precum as he begins to slowly pump it in and out of her mouth. She reaches up with right hand, but can't reach his balls from the way she is tied, so she grips his buttcheek and holds tight, feeling his strong muscles as he pumps.

Suddenly the white guy, grabbed her ankle as the Jamaican left her cunt and grabbed the other. The black guy pulled his big cock away Linda's hand and moved around the bed, "Did you get her nice and wet for me Reggie?" he asked as he positioned himself between Linda's legs. With her mouth full of cock and both legs held high in the air, Linda felt the head of the guys big black cock as it parted her wet, cuntlips and slowly made it's way down her vagina, pushing hard against the bottom of her cunt, as he slowly pushed and pushed, till he'd buried ten inches of hard, black, cock deep into her cunt. "Wow, now that's what I like about white girls" The black guys said, "They can really stretch with a big dick like mine." Then he slowly pulled it back out and this time drove it in hard and deep, making a loud gushing sound as it bottomed put again inside her cunt. "HAWWW !!!" came from Linda's stuffed mouth as she was stuffed again with the big black pole. "OH, I guess you like my my black dick in your white cunt, don't you Baby?" Then he began slamming it in and out and in and out, pounding her juicy cunt as hard as he could for about two minutes, then he moaned, "Gawwwwwwwd Yesssss, Yesssssss" as he slammed into her and squirted and squirted, hot cum deep inside Linda's cunt. "Ok Bob, your turn." The black guys said to the white guy as they switched places and the white guy stood back admiring what he saw, "God Damn T.J., you must have been saving up, she's over flowed. Untie her and turn her over, I want to make her bark, when I do her." They quickly untied Linda's hands, and turned her over on her knees. With her elbows supporting her on the matters, and her ass sticking up in the air, she looked and felt like a good fucking. The Jamaican pulled her blue dress up over her butt, and the white guys rubbed his fingers in the mixture of pussy juice and cum, before sliding a finger into her asshole. Then he mounted her from the rear, Linda could feel hot cum running down the inside of her thighs as his big cock squeezed it out when he entered her. "Damn baby, you got one fine looking ass there, do you like me touching it. Linda's face buried in the matters, all she could say was "Uh Huhh." The guy started slowly, but within minutes, was pounding her hard, with his hands gripping her thighs for leverage, he would pull Linda's rear into him with every thrust and it felt so good to her that she began to try to thrust back at him all she could. The harder and faster he pumped her cunt, the deeper and faster he also pumped his finger in her asshole, giving her an uncontrollable urge to have something more than a finger in her ass. Her wishes were soon to be realized, as the white guy removed his cock from her cunt and slowly started to work it into her tight little brown hole. "Yeah Baby, your going to get assfucked." The Jamaican said.

Linda looked over and for the first time she saw the Jamaican's cock, it must have been 14 inches long, as he slowly stroked it, looking at her and smiling. She'd never seen a cock that looked like that, not even in the movies. He got on his knees beside Linda's head and rubbed the dripping cockhead on her lips, then suddenly she was stunned, as her ass was forcefull stuffed with the other guys big dick. She'd had anal sex before, but never that deep, it felt as if that big cock were stuffed trough her ass into her womb, as it just stopped, and she felt it throbbing inside her. Then he slowly began pumping it in and out of her hole, which had been stretched to the limit and could feel every blood vessel as it went in and out. "Come on Mon, lets turn her over and do a double." The Jamaican asked. "You got it Man."

"Bring the bitch over here." The white guy said as he moved to the chair in the corner of the room and had a seat. The other two guide Linda over and positioned her asshole back on his cock, then she was all too eager to set right down on it, taking his big cock right back up her ass, as deep as it would go. Then she brought her knees up, resting her heals on the edge of the seat, exposing her cum-dripping cunt to the Jamaican. Linda had never felt so much cock, as she did when the Jamaican began stuffing her cunt with his 14 inches of hard, thick, jet-black dick. "OOOOOOOWWWWWW, YYYYYEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS." Linda moaned as she was filled with cock in both holes, and quickly being fucked by two huge cocks at once. The room was filled with heavy panting, and the gushing sounds of a juicy cunt being fucked hard and steady. The two together must have pounded her juicy holes for at least fifteen minutes before they erupted, with loud moans and loads and loads of hot, thick, cum, Leaving Linda almost unconscious and dripping cum from her ass and cunt, the moved her back to the bed, but the hot scene must have got the black guy going again, cause as she laid there, spent and almost out of it. He mounted her again, taking only a few seconds to unload another load of hot cum inside her dripping cunt. Linda then drifted off to sleep, and when she woke up, she thought it must have been dream. Then she made her way to the bathroom to shower, and as she looked into the mirror, she realized it wasn't as she saw three Polaroid pictures taped to the mirror, each was a picture of one of her abductors with the head of his cock stuck in her mouth while she slept.

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sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.

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sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.