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Another great wife turned slut story.


I joined a local photographic club a few months ago, partly due to an interest in photography but also to do something and get out of the house for one evening a week. My wife, Eleanor, and I had got into a bit of a rut, coming home from work in the evening, dinner, then watching TV for a few hours before going off to bed.

The club consisted of about fifteen members of which approximately ten would turn up for each weekly meeting. Most of the time would be spent discussing photography but every two or three weeks we would get a model in and do some portraits and body poses. Unfortunately we were restricted to the same two models, neither of whom wanted to do glamour type shots and, being red blooded males, we were obviously disappointed by this.

Things changed however after one meeting when we all brought in work that we had produced over the last few weeks. I had taken some shots of Eleanor, not nude, but ones that showed glimpses of her breasts by having the top buttons of her blouse undone, and some others that showed her stocking tops. I thought I was pretty safe showing these photos as none of the group had met my wife and I'd checked with Eleanor before showing them to make sure she didn't mind.

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The photographs were a real hit with the other members at the meeting and they were very keen for me to ask Eleanor to come along and model for them. Several of them mentioned glamour shots. Knowing my wife, I told them that no way would she ever agree to that. So, Gavin, the club leader stressed to me that she wouldn't have to do glamour shots, just the same type of photos I had taken of her. I was quite proud that they thought my wife was so attractive and quite flattered by all the attention that the photos got. I promised them that I would ask Eleanor that evening if she was interested.

I was expecting Eleanor to say "no" when I asked her. I knew she was quite happy to model for me, I did in fact have a large number of photos of her taken over the last couple of years, many of which were a lot stronger than those that I had taken to the club meeting, but I didn't think she would be keen to pose in front of a room full of men, none of whom she knew.

She surprised me, however, by saying that she would think about it, and several times over the next couple of days she brought the subject up, asking me what the other men were like and what sort of photos they wanted to take. I was honest with her and told her that several of them had mentioned glamour shots, but that I had been firm with them that she would never agree to anything nude, and that they had agreed to those terms.

After discussing it several times, she finally said that she would like to do the modeling, so long as I was there too. I was pleased and quite excited too, the thought of Eleanor posing for my friends was something that I had been thinking about a lot over the last few days.

I phoned Gavin, the club organizer, and told him the good news. He told me to bring Eleanor along to the next meeting and that he would contact the other members and tell them that they had a new model for the next meeting. He expected a big turnout to see my wife pose for the cameras.

When I told Eleanor that she had been booked in for the following Wednesday she was really excited and began planning what she should wear. We decided on a short navy blue skirt and white top that could be unbuttoned as I had explained to her that the men would probably want her to show a bit of cleavage for some of the photos. I also said that they would also probably like to get a few shots of her long legs, so maybe she should wear garters and a pair of stockings and give them an occasional flash of stocking top, just to tease them.

On the Wednesday evening Eleanor began to get ready about an hour before we were due to leave. I was quite surprised at the care she was taking, I noticed that she was wearing her favorite bra and panties, white lace and very see through. Her blouse was also quite sheer and I could clearly see the outline of her dark nipples. She spent a long time with her hair and make up. She looked beautiful and I was very proud of her as we left to go to the meeting.

When we arrived I was amazed to see all fifteen of the club members already there. Gavin came over to us when we arrived and I introduced him to Eleanor, he then took her off to meet each of the other men in the room. Judging by the comments they made some of them obviously didn't realize that she was my wife.

Eleanor was eventually led over to the far end of the room where there were several props for the models, things like chairs, a small table etc, and the lighting for the shoot, which was on and giving out a lot of heat already. Gavin took Eleanoršs coat and there was a murmur of approval and a couple of whistles as they saw my wife standing in front of the lights with her short skirt and long legs. She was given a rather large glass of wine, probably to calm any nerves that she had, I thought, as Gavin ran through his ideas for the initial poses.

As the rest of us set up our equipment for the shoot, Gavin stood and chatted to Eleanor, obviously putting her at ease, and filling her wine glass, his arm draped over her shoulder.

When we were all ready, it was suggested that we do a few minutes of head and shoulders shots first, then move onto any poses that we wanted.

Eleanor stood in front of us and turned this way and that as we asked her to look in different directions for the cameras. We then did a few full length shots before getting her to sit on one of the chairs, a chair that belonged at a dining table and gave us great views of Eleanoršs long legs.

Several of the men kept asking her to cross her legs, then cross them the other way, making her short skirt ride further up her thighs. Eleanor did nothing to adjust the skirt and soon she was showing the dark band of her stocking tops.

The men seemed to appreciate this and the skirt rode slightly higher as she was asked to change her pose every few minutes. I think we all caught a glimpse of her white thighs above her stockings.

Gavin walked over to my wife and said that he would now like her to undo her blouse a bit, and, without waiting for her to say anything, undid the top three buttons. He pulled the blouse open at the collar and all the men were treated to a view of the tops of Eleanoršs breasts exposed almost down to her bra. Again they got her to move and twist around and we had many good opportunities to get shots of her breasts pushing at the white blouse and her stockings which were now completely on display.

A few minutes later she was told to kneel on the floor. She did this and was then instructed to lean forward and to put her elbows on the floor in front of her. When she did this I realized that every man was now taking photographs straight down my wifešs blouse, which was gaping open and doing nothing to hide her breasts which we could see barely encased in the white lace of her bra.

When she sat back up, Gavin told her to undo a couple more buttons. This made her blouse open to just above her waist. After a few minutes another guy went forward to Eleanor and actually lifted the shirt apart so that we could all see her breasts. He also undid the last button and so her shirt now hung loose down by her sides.

It didn't take much from there for the men to get my wife to remove her shirt completely. She now knelt before us with just her bra covering her breasts and her little skirt seemingly bunched up around her waist. The men crouched in front of her with their cameras could probably see her panties too, her skirt was so high.

Eleanor was moved to the table and given another glass of wine, her third or forth, a lot more than she normally has. At first she sat on the edge of the table, then she was told to lean back. Her panties were now on view to everyone in the room as she stretched back over the table.

It was Gavin who moved forward again and said nothing to her but simply unclipped her bra. Eleanor actually helped him remove it and her breasts were now naked in front of us, the nipples sticking out hard and erect. The cameras started clicking again as all the men took photos of my half naked wife. They even got her to massage her own breasts and to pinch her nipples between her fingers and, at one stage, to lift each breast to her mouth in turn and suck her nipple.

I think that we all realized at this point that Eleanor would do anything that was suggested. I found the whole scene terribly exciting and my cock was hard inside my trousers as I watched these men manipulate my wife. Within five minutes of having her bra removed, Eleanor was told to take her skirt off. She stood up facing the cameras and slipped the skirt down her thighs and stepped out of it. Her small white lacy panties were pulled tight in between her pussy lips as she gyrated her hips in front of us. Gavin stepped forward again and told her that it was time for her panties to be removed. He knelt down in front of Eleanor and took hold of each side of the flimsy pants. I'm embarrassed to admit that I actually came in my shorts as I watched Gavin slide her panties down her legs. At this point I had to put my camera down and retreat to the toilets to clean up before the mess soaked through to my jeans.

I was gone about ten minutes and when I returned I was amazed to see that Eleanor was now naked except for her stockings and had been laid back over the table. Her legs were spread wide apart and all the men in the room were crowded around her. Several were busy snapping flash photos of this erotic scene, while others had their trousers down and were openly stroking themselves over my wife's body. Three were feeling her breasts, legs and pussy. As I watched, one man, I think it may have been Gavin, put his cock in her face and she hungrily pulled it into her mouth with loud sucking noises. Another guy was busy rubbing her clit, and it was probably this which brought her to a shuddering orgasm. As she came two of the men shot their load onto her, while others were still taking photos.

As I made my way over to Eleanor, Gavin and the others backed off slightly and I was able to take hold of her arm and sit her up. I didn't know quite what to do but felt I should get my wife out of there. As quickly as possible I gathered her clothes together and was going to get her dressed again when Gavin intervened. He said she needed to get cleaned up first before she got dressed. This was probably true as she had several loads of cum splattered over her stomach, tits, face and even in her hair. Gavin took her arm and walked a very unsteady Eleanor over to the ladies cloakroom, taking her clothes with him. I was left to gather up my camera and other equipment as he disappeared with my wife behind the closed door.

They were gone for over twenty minutes and I wondered what they could be doing. The other club members had all gone home by this time, most of them after thanking me for letting Eleanor model for them and saying that they hoped she'd do it again.

When Gavin and Eleanor reappeared she seemed to have sobered somewhat, although she was still very flushed. Gavin said that he would stay on and clear up and that I should take Eleanor home now and so, after saying goodnight, we made our way to the car.

When we got home we went straight to bed. I wanted to make love to Eleanor but she told me not to, that she was too tired. I really wanted to know what had happened when I had been out of the room and whether Gavin had done anything with her when he took her off to get dressed, but she refused to tell me which was very frustrating.

"Gavin suggested that we do another session next Wednesday," she commented.

"I'm going to be away that evening."

"I know, but I'd still like to do it. Do you mind?"

My mind was in turmoil now, I had a good suspicion that she had let at Gavin and probably at least one other of my friends from the club fuck her, but she wouldn't admit it, and she was going back again without me there next week. I had a good idea that things would carry on from where they had left off tonight and that Eleanor would be the center of what amounted to a gang bang. Most disturbing was the fact that she was aware of this and seemed quite happy with it. Also in my mind was the knowledge that I had found the whole thing really exciting and had cum in my pants watching my wife being stripped and fondled.

To this day Eleanor has never told me exactly what happened, she wouldn't tell me about her follow up session the next week either, though she did come home in a terrible state. Eleanor now models privately for Gavin and whoever he chooses to be present, I'm never invited and haven't seen any of her sessions since that first time.

I still go to the regular meetings and have been shown hundreds of photographs of Eleanor from her first shoot. I've also seen the occasional photo of my wife being passed around the club when they think I'm not looking so I guess there are a lot of stronger photos around too. I've heard that there are several videos of my wife being passed around, though I've never seen those, either.

It may sound strange but I'm happy with the way things have worked out. Our life is never dull now, I go to my meetings once a week and Eleanor is out at least once or twice a week with Gavin and his mates. Our sex life has improved enormously too. Eleanor seems to have developed an insatiable appetite for sex and is always very inventive, I find it difficult to keep up with her sometimes. I suspect that she is sleeping around with a lot of other men, but the benefits to me have been so great that I'm prepared to overlook her infidelities. Life has never been so good.

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