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Another great wife turned slut story.


It was Friday night again and My wife, Sherri, was getting ready to go out with her friends again. This has been going on for the last 3 months. Every time I ask her where she is going, she just tells me that she is going out with her friends to unwind. If I press the issue she gets upset and storms out without even giving me a second thought. So I have grown to accept her little excursions and don't make much of a fuss about it.

When she goes out she spends extra time getting herself ready. When she leaves she is always dressed to kill and she is showing off her body to the extreme. She always wears micro minis and silk blouses. It is obvious that she isn't wearing a bra because her nipples are plainly visible through the material.

I better describe my wife, Sherri, so you can get the full picture. She is 35 years old. She is a petite brunette. Only 4'11" tall and weighs just 95 pounds. She has dark brown hair that hangs to the middle of her back and brown eyes. She has a trim but curvaceous figure. Her tits are a C cup and on her tiny frame they look fabulous. They are full and soft and hang just enough to make them sway and bounce when she moves Her nipples are always hard and about the size of thimbles. They are dark brown in color and are plainly visible under almost anything she wears. She has a gorgeous heart shaped butt that she uses to her advantage to attract admiring stares for other men.

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Since all this has started, she has been working on her tan. And the effects are showing. She doesn't remove her tiny bikini during her tanning sessions. The white triangles on her tits and pussy only make her more sexy in my mind. The stark contrast really makes her tits seem larger. And with her dark nipples sitting on top of that creamy whiteness only serves to excite me more than ever.

On some evening when she is getting ready, she will let me watch. Other times she makes me wait in the living room. On the times she lets me watch, she also likes for me to lick her pussy as she is putting on her makeup. I have spent many evenings licking her and getting her nice and wet only to have her walk out the door with a smile on her face.

Of course I get to fuck her after she gets home. But only after I have licked her to orgasm. She makes me undress and lay on the bed as she undresses. I watch as her beautiful body comes into view. My cock is hard and ready. In fact it has been hard all night just waiting for her to get home. When she is undressed, she will climb on top of me and slide up until her pussy is right over my waiting mouth. Then she will lower herself within reach of my tongue and start grinding her wet pussy on my face. I noticed that on these nights when she goes out her pussy is wetter than normal. But I just attribute that to the fact that she is out enjoying herself with her friends. And don't think much more about it.

Last night when she was getting ready, I asked her again where she was going. She told me that if I really wanted to know, she would call me and tell me where to meet her. I was ecstatic. Finally I would be able to be included in her evenings. She said there was just one catch though. I asked her what it was.

"Stand up and lower your trousers."

I did as I was asked and she reached into her nightstand and produced something I had never seen before, It was a combination of steel rings and leather straps. She reach out and grabbed my cock and balls and before I knew what was happening she had placed this contraption on me. I didn't know it at the time but it is what is called a cock cage. My cock was fitted into the rings and the straps hold them in place. It is help on by a small padlock. When it was in place she said.

"That will keep you in line tonight."

"What do you mean?"

"Well that will keep you from getting an erection and I have the only key. So you better behave yourself tonight. If you don't it will be a long time before it comes off."

"I don't understand."

"You will soon enough. Remember you asked to come along. Also, I want you to take your boxers off and put these on."

I couldn't believe what she was handing to me. It was a pair of ladies panties. They were white silk and lace. They were bigger than she wears so I knew she had bought them especialy for me.

"Make sure you are wearing them when you come to meet me."

With that she left me standing there and walked out the door. I was left with my imagination about what was going to happen tonight. Why did she think she needed to control my manhood like this. I pulled the panties up and was surprised by the feeling as the swept up my legs. My cock tried to get hard, but the cage kept that from happening. In fact the more I thought about what was happening, the more painful it became. I pulled my pants back up and waited impatiently for her to call. My mind was working overtime. What was she up to? Finally at 9 pm the phone rang.

"Mike, are you ready to meet me?"


"Well, meet me at the Cottontail Club. And remember to behave yourself if you want that cock cage to come off tonight after we get home. Make sure you are there by 10."

There was a click and she was gone. I was left with my imagination. The Cottontail Club? That is a raunchy strip club. Why would she be there? Why does she want me to meet her there of all places? All these questions were running through my mind as I drove to the club. I parked the car and went inside. I had to pay a $5 cover charge to the big bouncer at the door.

I walked inside and took a table against the wall. I looked around and saw several woman in various forms of undress milling around. I saw a sexy brunette with big tits sitting on some guys lap. She had her top off and had his face between her tits. She was rocking back and forth, grinding her pussy against his crotch. I saw a redhead dancing beside a table with 5 guys sitting around it. She was naked and the guys were all having a ball trying to catch a quick feel. She didn't seem to have much of a problem when one of them did cop a quick feel. She just laughed and moved around to the next one. I saw a beautiful black woman with her top off approach me.

"Hi, want some fun?" she asked.

I was tempted. She was gorgeous. Her coffee colored skin looked so soft and inviting. Her tits were full and swayed with her every movement. Her lips were painted a shiny red color and her eyes were the kind you could just fall in to. I was tempted, but I had to decline.

"No thank you, I'm supposed to meet someone here."

"Well if you change your mind, my name is Coco. I'd love to dance for you." She leaned down and gave me a quick kiss and turned and left.

There was a small blonde on stage just finishing her set. She was completely nude and was laying back with her legs completely spread. The guys sitting around the stage had their faces just a few feet from her glistening pussy. When the song came to an end, she walked off the stage and started working the crowd.

The emcee picked up the mike and announced. "Our next dancer is a small bundle of energy. Put don't let her small size fool you. She is quite a sexy lady as I'm sure you will see. Let's hear it for Sherri."

I couldn't believe my eyes, there was my wife, on stage dressed in a transparent baby doll. She might as well of been naked for all it covered. I started to get up and go stop her when her eyes met mine. She looked me straight in the eye and mouthed the word 'behave'. Then she started dancing. She strutted her stuff and I watched as she took her top off and showed off her marvelous tits. I don't think I have ever seen her nipples harder. When she slid her panties off, I was shocked to see that she had shaved her pussy completely bare. As the DJ was changing sons, Sherri motioned for Coco to come over to her. She leaned down and whispered something to her and then pointed in my direction.

Coco walked back over to me and told me that my wife wanted me to sit up at the stage. I looked up at Sherri again and saw her pointing to a chair. I dutifully got up and walked to that chair and sat down. Now my wife was dancing right before my eyes. There were other men sitting at the stage and I could hear there lewd comments. Sitting there watching my wife dance for these men, hearing the comments, caused my cock to start to swell. Of course that only caused pain since I was still wearing that damn cock cage.

As her last song was playing, Sherri laid down on the stage and and spread her legs for the others. I could see her pussy was glistening wet. She was almost ignoring me and that just added to my frustration. What she did next, I still can't believe. She scooted up to the edge of the stage and had her legs spread wide. She reached down and started playing with her pussy. While looking right into the eyes of the man sitting right in front of her, she pushed her finger deep in her pussy. When she pulled it out, I could see that it was shiny from her juices. She then leaned forward and offered her finger to the man to lick clean. After he did, she just moved on to the next man. She repeated this procedure until she was right in front of me. I watched as her finger disappeared up her pussy. She pulled it out and offered it to me as she had done the others. While she was leaning forward she asked if I was enjoying the show. She didn't wait for an answer. She shoved her juice coated finger into my mouth. Then she told me to go back to my seat and wait for her to make her rounds.

I watched as she makes her rounds through the audience. There were several men who groped her when she leaned down to talk to them. Finally one nodded his head yes and she sat down beside him. Here was my wife, naked, sitting with a stranger and I was expected to watch. When the next song started she stood in front of him and started dancing. I watched as she quickly sat on his lap. He asked her a question. I later found out that he asked her what her limits were. She replied that it was for him to find out. Hearing this, his hands were everywhere, playing with her butt, her tits, pulling on her nipples. She reached down between. I couldn't see what's going on but I had a good idea. I'm pretty sure she is playing with his cock.

She lifted up a little and then sat back down. A little higher on his lap this time. When she sat back down, the man just rolled his head back and closes his eyes in enjoyment. My wife started grinding her pussy into his lap. It looks like she is fucking him right there. But surely not in the club. I watch as her grinding becomes more frantic. She is really getting into it when the song ends. She leans down and gives the man a kiss. A sexy kiss that lasts longer than I think it out to. I can tell that her tongue is working in his mouth. Here is my wife, naked sitting on a strangers lap french kissing him. I don't know how much more I can take.

Sherri leaves this man and goes to a second. She repeats the process with him. After her songs with him she goes to a third guy, sits on his lap and does the same sexy dance with him. Finally after the third, she walks over to me. I can see that her thighs are shiny with her excitement. She straddles my lap as she sits down.

Wrapping her arms around my neck, she whispers sexily, "Well Mike how are you enjoying yourself now? I bet you wish I would take that cock cage off of you don't you? Is your poor little cock trying to get hard?"

Without waiting for an answer, she takes my hand and guides it to her pussy. I can't believe how wet and lose it is. She sees the surprise on my face and laughs.

"Have you ever touched my pussy when it was like this before? Probably not, because you have never touched it right after I have had three hard cock inside of me?"

I can't believe what I have just heard. My wife has just told me that three strangers have just fucked her in public.

"And you know what else, they're not through yet. I am going to go into a private booth with each of them and let them fuck me and shoot their creamy cum deep in my pussy. Bye for now."

I watch as she gets up, walks back to the first guy and they disappear through a door. I am left with my thoughts and a damn cock cage that I can't take off. My only hope is that Sherri will unlock me when we get home so I can fuck her also.

I sit and wait. My imagination running wild. I can just picture my pretty wife sucking on his cock. Then laying back with her legs spread to accept his hard cock. I can picture her wrapping her legs around his back to help get his cock deeper. I can almost hear her cries of pleasure when he pounds his hard cock into her waiting pussy. Pictures in my mind is all I have. HE has my wife and there is nothing I can do about it. Finally after about 30 minutes I see the man leave.

Shortly after Coco comes walking back over to my table. She is smiling at me. She leans down and tells me. "Your wife is waiting for you in room 3. She said for you to hurry" I can't believe that Sherri told her that I was her husband. Now she knows that I am being cuckold. I was so humiliated but strangely excited

Jumping from my chair, I rush past Coco and head for the door. I am stopped by the bouncer and he asks me where I'm going. I tell him that there is a dancer waiting for me in Room 3. He gets on the phone, nods, and says I can go back. I start to walk past him when he stops me again. "That will be $20 to cover the cost of the room." I start to protest, but realize it wouldn't so any good, so I pay the money and go to Room 3.

I pause at the door for a few moments. Not sure if I will be able to handle what I will see when I open it. Finally I open it and see Sherri laying on a small bed. She has a sheet covering her body. After closing the door, I walk over to the bed. She tells me to remove the sheet. I grab the sheet and start pulling it down, uncovering her body. After exposing her completely, Sherri slowly spreads her legs. My eyes are drawn to her pussy like magnets. I see the signs that lets me know that she has just been fucked. Her lips are swollen and covered with their combined juice. When her legs are spread wide, I can see his cum oozing for her pussy.

"Sherri, why are you doing this to me?"

"Why, because I want to. And you have a choice to make. You can accept me the way I am. Or you can leave. But understand one thing, if you walk out of that door now, you have just walked out of my life. If you can't accept that I want to fuck other men, then that's too bad. Because I won't stop. Now make your choice."

I stand glued to the spot. My mind is numbed by her words. Part of me wants to leave, but the other part is turned on by her behaviour. With out even realizing it, I sink to my knees beside the bed. I lean over and tentatively star to lick her pussy. Sherri let out a chuckle and puts one leg on my shoulder. I can see right up her stretched out pussy. I can see another man's cum in my wife's pussy. Snaking my tongue into your pussy, I taste his cum for the first time.

Sherri lets out a gasp when my tongue touches your pussy and clit. "Oh Mike, I just knew you would accept this. Here why don't you lay down and let me sit on your face so you can get all of his gooie cum."

We switch positions and she straddles my head with her legs. I can see his cum starting to drip from her pussy, in fact one drop hits my cheek. She lowers her pussy to my waiting mouth and starts grinding it against my face. I open my mouth and stick out my tongue to lap up their combined love juices.

"Oh Mike, you should of been here to watch, I started off by sucking his cock. You know how good I am at sucking cock don't you? Well I sucked him until he was about to cum then I got on my hands and knees and let him fuck me doggie style. His cock was so big and hard, it split my pussy wide open and stretched me more than I have ever been stretched before. I have never felt sooooo full. But then you can probably tell that his cock was big. Is my pussy all stretched out by his big cock?"

I could only nod yes because my mouth was covered by my wife's cum drenched pussy. I can't believe that I am enjoying this so much. My wife is forcing me to clean her pussy after another man just fucked her and I'm trying to get a hardon. Of course that is impossible.

My tongue is starting to get to her, Sherri is starting to grind her pussy on my face. Using my nose to caress her clit.

"Mike do you like knowing that your wife is out showing her body to other men and then letting them fuck me?

I can only moan as her words cut into me. I don't understand it, but here I am, licking my wife's pussy clean and paying for the privilege of doing it. And I am more turned on than I have ever been in my life.

She is getting more and more excited by the minute. Her body is starting to let off those tell tell signs that she is getting close to having an orgasm. I continue licking and sucking on her pussy. She goes over the top and cries out in ecstasy. Moving her hips, grinding her clit into my nose. Finally she climbs off of me and I'm able to breath again.

"Gawd, Mike that was fantastic. I came almost as hard with you as I did with him. This is going to be fun. I can have all the lovers I want and my little cum eating hubby will be waiting for me to get home so he can lick my freshly fucked pussy. Now why don't you leave and I'll bring the next stud in to service me."

I tell her that I want to stay and watch, but she just smiles. "Not this time Honey, maybe next time. Now I want you to go home and wait for me. I have some more work to do before I get home. I want you to think about your sexy wife laying here with strange cocks buried deep in my pussy. I want you to think about all the creamy cum you will be cleaning out of my pussy when I get home. Now leave."

I leave the room and walk to the car, I have no choice but to obey her wishes. After all she now controls my cock. If I ever want to get out of that cock cage, I have to obey.

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