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"Daddy's Little Slut"

      by John David Palmer

      (slut wife cuckold 9M~F)

This happened years gone by. My wife and I read some of these wild stories about wives sucking and fucking other guys. Their husbands cleaning up all the cum out of their cunts. We couldn't figure how they could do that.

All this reading must have burned deep in my wifes mind. One weekend we were having a birthday party for my wife, she went to the store and when she came back she saw a line of guys in the hallway to the bathroom. She walked to the bathroom and saw a girl giving everybody blowjobs. She told us to get this slut out of our house now.

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As the evening wore on the guys wanted to watch some porno movies. By the way, my wife was the only girl here. As the evening went on she kept checking in on us. There was one scene where the girl was taking on everybody at a party. She said any decent girl wouldn't do that. She must have started to get a buzz on because she kept coming back. Then I made a mistake (or was it?) and said you couldn't handle all of us (there were nine in all). So she said sit back and watch.

First she slowly lifted her shirt off, and all the guys just looked, stunned of course. She said come on fellows get undressed before I change my mind. Then she slowly undid her bra and let it fall to the floor, by now the guys didn't need any more hints. Then she slid her pants off and finally her underwear. She was a little hesitant at first, but when she grabbed her first cock there was no stopping her.

All the guys started to gather around and she took turns sucking their cocks. After this went on for awhile she set on the reclining chair so she could suck and fuck at the same time. I was getting so horny watching her, but she said you get yours later. Finally guys started cuming in my wife's mouth, shooting on her face and breasts, and shooting how many loads in her cunt. I just couldn't believe this was happening. Finally after the last guy was finishing up, everyone got dressed and left.

I told my wife to go get cleaned up so we can have sex. But she told me if I want it come over and kiss me. I was so horny, I hesitated at first but I went to her. She started smearing cum on me. Then she made me lick it off her nipples and tits. Then she pushed my head between her legs to devour all the cum in her cunt. By this time as soon as I slid in I exploded. It was a wild and wonderful experience that just happened that once. I wish I could find a girl out there that would do this all the time.

--- end ---


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