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This story wasn't planned it just happen and everything is true. Three of my co-workers and myself were invited over to Jim new guy's house for pizza and some cards last friday. Jim is trying real hard to fit in with us but it's not happening to well. He is a nice guy, maybe too nice at times and seems as though he's never been one of the guys. He doesn't get half the jokes we tell and he turns all red when we rag on each other especially when we talk about the wives. When I say to Bill " last week was my turn to fuck your wife" Jim just doesn't get the humor in it. Anyway four of us decided what the fuck lets go over drink a little with this new guy and see what he's really like away from work.

We got to his house around 6pm , we all went in John's truck. John is the quietest of all of us and I guess is friendlier with Jim then any of us. He had been over Jim's house before. The other Smuck besides John and Bill who went is Fred who is my best friend from childhood. We walked into Jim's house and the first thing I noticed was how clean the place was. Nothing was out of place. Then I remembered that he said something about never having any kids. We're all in our late 30's so I guess he was never going to have any. When we'd been there about 10 mins and he was showing us around his wife came home from work. Ann was what you would call Mousy. She wasn't ugly, a little plump but all our wifes had a middle age spread about them. I quickly noticed that her and Jim weren't all that affectionate either " no kiss hello honey or anything". Jim told her we were probably just going to get some Pizzas and drink some beer and stuff. Ann said there was a twelve pack in the fridge, I looked over at Fred rolled my eyes as if to say this is going to be a short night. Fred and I can put away alot of beer. I saw Ann had a bag of grocery's and when Jim didn't move I helped her out. The guys started setting up , I told Ann in the kitchen I'll grab everyones beer while I was out there. When I bent down at the Fridge I looked back and could swear she was checkin out my Ass. I'm in pretty good shape So I wasn't too surprised except she didn't seem the type to fool around on the hubby.

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I went back in to living room with the beers and Jim said he had some whisky in a closet. They had ordered the pizza and we settle down for some drinkin and some card playing. Jim was pretty quick on the shots , I'm a beer man myself and with only 12 beers I figured I'd savor mine. Jim kept barking out orders to Ann to bring this or bring that to us. She finally sat down behind and to the side of her husband who was opposite me. I had a clear view of her and she did of me. It seemed like everytime I looked her way our eyes met and she smiled. I decided to see what was up So I said I'm going for another beer. Jim said Ann will get you one. I said "shit It's her time off too and I'm a big enough man to get my own". As I was heading to the kithchen I heard her yell "Let me show you where they are there hidden in the back of the fridge". As I opened the fridge she knelt so she was Eye level with my growing cock. I decided while she was down there I would ajust it some. She looked at my bulge then up at my eyes then down at my bulge again and back to my eyes with a wide smile. I held her hand and pulled her up hard so we were face to face. We almost kissed but she pulled away. I told her she was very pretty. She Blushed gave me my beer and headed out the door. I followed and we were sitting the same place across from each other. I figured I have some fun so I started rubbing my hand over my bulge knowing only she could see, sure enough her eyes followed and stayed glued to my cock. I figured maybe Jimmy wasn't that good of a husband. About 15 mins later Ann left to go upstairs. I waited 10 minutes then announced I had to take a piss. Jim told me where to go and when I got upstairs I headed for the John & let out a stream , then came out of the bathroom. As I was exiting, so was Ann from the bedroom nearby. I stopped leaned against the wall and motioned her to be quiet and come towards me as I stroked my Cock through my pants. She came up close and I kissed her. I guided her hand to my Cock which she squezed then let she let out a moan like she might come. She broke away as my hand felt her tits and said she couldn't with Jim in the house. I was kinda pissed and she said perhaps I could call her. I said it was tonight or never! She said "Please I haven't been touched in a year". I said again " well tonights the night". She went to her room and I went downstairs.

I decided then it was time see how hungry Ann was. I told John he should take Bill to the liquor store to get more beer and whisky . I wanted John gone also because I figured I couldn't trust him around Jim. As soon as they pulled out I grabbed Fred and Bill and told them all what happened betwwen Ann and Me. I said " this lady is HORNY and she practically begged me to fuck her". I called up to Ann saying Jim was gone. She came down the steps and I was the only one in the living room, Bill and Fred were in the Kitchen. She came over kissed me and stroked my cock and said " Hurry lets go upstairs" I said "NO!" I said I couldn't Fuck in a someone elses bed. I pulled her to me and stuck my tongue down her throat and my hand up her skirt. She opened her legs wide and wasn't wearing any panties. She was SOAKED , Three fingers slipped right in. By this time Fred and Bill were back in the room but she had yet to notice . Bill pulled a curtain back a little so he could see the driveway and Fred came up real close to watch. When I told Ann to get out my Cock she then notice the others. At first she protested but I said " LOOK baby they heard and saw what you did already if you don't let them stay they may tell your Husband". She almost left then unbuckled my belt. As she fished out my cock the last word she said before swallowing it were 'ONLY YOU Bob!"

I fucked her face hard and dumped a huge load by this time Fred was lapping at her Cunt. When she went to protest I told her "if she ever wanted more Of my hard Cock she'd shut the Fuck up" She pulled up her skirt higher to give Fred better access Bill was quickly by her side with his Cock out at Face level. I pushed her head forward til she sucked in his Cock. Fred stopped eating her then told bill to lay on the floor So she could get on her get on her hands and knees to blow him. When she did Fred slipped his cock in from behind. I started to get hard again quickly which is something considering the beer and my age. Bill dumped a load in about 5 mins then quickly zippered up and went back to looking out the window. Fred quickly pulled out and said he wanted to feed her another LOAD. I got behind her and fucked her hard with my 8 inches. Fred grunted and came on her face. I pulled her hair and fucked her as hard as I could. She started yelling like crazy "I'm cummming I'm cumming fuck me like a whore!" I came hard just as Bill yelled they're back. Ann ran upstairs Fred and Bill sat at the table and I ran to the kitchen pulling up my pants the whole way. As they entered I saw john look around and sniff a little but he didn't say anything. I came back in and notice A huge wet spot on the rug where we just Fuck the shit out of Ann. I purposely spilled my beer there before Jim noticed it. Ann came down an hour later . Smiled at Fred , Bill and Me.. Kissed Jim goodnight and said " I'm exausted don't wake me when you get to bed".

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