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Gangbang Confession

Another great wife turned slut story.

By Alleycat

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I have been maried to my beautiful, darkhaired wife for two years and thought I knew everything there was to know about her. Last night as we lay in bed sharing in a bit of pillow talk, she made a confession that shocked me to the bone. It happened three days before our wedding, and this is what she told me:

"You're probably going to hate me, but I need to tell you something," she whispered.

My wife sally immediately had my attention, so I sat up in the bed and faced her in the dim light. "What?" I asked.

"I don't know how to tell you."

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"Just tell me," I begged, being careful not to pressure her.

"When I was going to night school there was a guy named Rick that sat next to me in calss. He was always asking me to go out with him, but I refused. finally, on the last night of class, just before our wedding, I agreed to go with him to celebrate passing the class. We went to a small pub on 5th Street."

"5th Street? that's the seediest part of town," I nearly shouted.

"It wasn't my choice," Sally continued. "Anyway, I had a drink with him and we talked a bit. I never intended to let anything happen, but I followed him in my car to his apartment. We had another drink and talked, then I decided to head home. At the door Rick wrapped his arm around me and quickly locked his lips over mine. I pulled back, reminding him that I was to be married shortly, and had no interest in him."

"Did you like having him kiss you?" I asked.

"No. I just wanted to leave. But he held me and rubbed his free hand over my breasts. I bropke away from him and stepped back, noticing that he had unzipped his fly, revealing a rock hard cock with this deep purple throbbing head. I'm afraid I stared at it a moment too long, which Rick took as interest."

"Was it? I asked. "You could have probably walked out the door."

"He was unrelenting. He approached me with his thick thing swaying back and forth and I just stood there mesmerized. I pushed against him and shouted no over and over and he forced his hand into my pants and fingered my pussy. It was all too much, you have to believe me, I was in a trance or something. The next thing I knew I was in his bedroom and Rick was pulling off my shoes, then I felt my pants slide down my hips and off my ankles."

"My God, Sally," I raged. "You just lay there and let him fuck you? You said you were a virgin when we married."

"I knew you would be mad," Sally pouted. "But I have to tell you this. RIck climbed on top of my chest and rubbed his cock head across my lips. I held my lips closed tight, but he kept persisting. I asked him if I sucked it would he leave me alone and not rape me. He said yes, so I slowly opened my mouth. I had never had a man like that and didn't know what to do, so Rick coached me. Telling me to lick the shaft and suck the tip. He was so thick I could barely get his cock past my teeth, my mouth was stretched wide. Then he thrust his hips forward and gagged me as the head rammed into my throat. It was like a nightmare as he pushed himself in and out of my throat, moaning and saying "oh yes, babe, you are a slut." I felt like a slut, and hated myself for giving in and longed for it to be over. "I'm going to cum," he said, and slid his cock out of my tortured throat. "Keep your mouth open, bitch, and don't spill a drop,or I'll rape you anyway," he shouted as he stroked his cock in front of my.

"Did you swallow his cum?" I asked, blown away. Sally had never swallowed for me.

"I didn't have a choice," Sally continued. "He was on top of me. I didn't want him to rape me. So I tried to make him happy. He held my head upwith one hand and pumped his cock with the other. I stared in shock as the purple head swelled, then spurted huge clumps of cream into my mouth. Rick shouted "swallow, bitch, keep swallowing, " as I gagged on the thick cream that filled my mouth. I think I cried a bit at this point. I was ashamed and angry. But Rick wasn't finished. As I had sucked Rick's cock he had methodically been massaging my cunt and ass. Exhausted and choling on his thick wad I lay on the bed a limp rag as he hiked my knees over his shoulders."

"what are you doing?" I asked stupidly as he rubbed the still hard bat-sized cockhead against my cuntlips. "Please don't, I'm a virgin. Rick laughed and shoved the tip into my vagina, stretching me open. I screamed as he plunged into me with one thrust. After several minutes of constant pumping I caught myself lifting my hips to meet his thrusts. My body had betrayed me, and I lost myself in lust and longing for his meat. I'm afraid I came, begging for more. But Rick had had his fill of me and told me to get dressed.

"Is that everything?" I asked. "You sucked his cock and then let him fuck you?"

"Yes, I'm sorry," Sally said. As I was leaving his apartment he said: "Now you're ready to get married. Some day you'll tell your husband about this night. If he likes it, look me up, we'll do it again."

I lay on the bed next to my beautiful young wife and explored my feelings. I resented being cheated out of my wife's virginity, only days before our wedding, and I was a bit jealous that Rick's cock was bigger than mine. But overall I was surprised by my lack of anger. I was turned on by the idea of watching my wife fuck another man. Now if I had the courage to admit my true feelings...

sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.

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