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MY Wife The Coed

"by Joe the Cuckold"

My wife Cindy was a very naive conservative girl when we

first began dating. She saved herself for Mr. Right and

other than a couple of great blowjobs (her first) and

letting me "cop a feel" sometimes, she was still that naive

virgin when we married. She was 18 just out of high school

and I was 22 just out of college. We had a storybook

wedding, and our future looked very bright. We were very

much in love. It was like a Hollywood romance.

We have been together for nearly 15 years now. Much has

changed during that time. I still love Cindy very much.

She has bore me two beautiful children, a 12 year old son

and an 8 year old daughter. She always keeps the house

immaculate and is ready on a moments notice to pull together

a wonderful dinner or entertaining party for my business

associates. I know that much of my success in business has

been due to her support.

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So I was more than glad to honor her request to go back to school. She wanted to pursue a paralegal degree. And she needed to get out of the house. She told me that it was important that she regain something for herself, on her own. I agreed that she needed to do that. Our relationship had become somewhat lackluster as of late. I knew she was getting restless and bored. I couldn't imagine life at home everyday. I couldn't really blame her for wanting something new and exciting. I thought that college might be just the ticket. I had no idea where this would lead. I helped Cindy interview several applicants and we eventually hired a nanny to take care of the children while she attended class and studied and while I was at work or away on business. Cindy enrolled in a large university located in the city twelve miles from our home. She expressed excitement and anxiety on her first day of class. She was looking forward to the challenge and the change, but was worried how she would perform after being away from school for fifteen years. She also worried that her classmates would not except an old married woman. I encouraged her, reminding her that she had always been an excellent student and that while she might be 33 now, with her beautiful soft radiant skin, knockout figure (34b-25-36) and incredibly sexy legs, she would definitely be a favorite coed. She laughed when I told her that she might need to keep an eye on those horny college boys. The first few weeks seemed very normal. I remained very busy at work and tried to squeeze in time for the family when I could. The children adjusted well to Mrs. Perry. And Cindy was getting used to being a fulltime student and juggling responsibilities at home. She seemed genuinely interested in her courses and was regaining some of the happiness and enthusiasm that routine had no doubt drained from her life. This was a great comfort to me because I was entangled in some delicate business negotiations and found time with my wife was becoming less frequent. I should have seen the change coming, but I was just too busy I suppose. The new hairstyle and color, going from dirty to honey blonde. Getting rid of the glasses she had worn for years and getting contacts. A new wardrobe consisting of a number of short skirts, tight blouses, stockings, and pumps. This was not necessarily normal college coed wear, but more important it wasn't the normal jeans and sweatshirts that Cindy had worn at home for years and had suited her well during the first couple of months at college. Then there were the phone calls at all hours. She told me that several students looked to her for help because she was doing well. Made sense to me. She even spent time at the library after class with a student or two, helping them with course material. But I didn't notice the changes.Not at first. Then one night she came back very late. She and the girls had gone out for drinks and she was pretty wasted when she arrived home. She was giggling like a school girl. I thought that it was out of character for my wife, but laughed it off. She is a cute drunk. The nights away became more frequent. Eventually I met a couple of her friends. They were pretty although somewhat wild. I was surprised that Cindy had befriended them. My first real shock came one Saturday when I awoke for my routine early morning job. I had gone to bed long before Cindy arrived home the night before and as usual she had snuck in sometime during the night. She was still passed out in our bed as I pulled on my running shorts. I gazed at her gorgeous body, lying there twisted in the sheets. She had on her white gauze nighty. I could faintly smell stale cigarette smoke and beer, something that I had become accustomed to over the past few weeks. While she didn't smoke she had regularly come home smelling of smoke. As I turned to grab my shoes, something caught my eye. Twisted in the sheets, just where her legs met and the nearly sheer nighty barely covered, something looked different. I looked again, then moved to the side of the bed for a closer look. I couldn't quite make out what I was seeing but it looked like she might have an injury on her abdomen. I glanced up at her face. She was in a deep sleep and smiling. I moved my hand down to the nighty and carefully lifted it so I wouldn't wake her. My jaw hit the floor as I immediately noticed two very obvious things. My wife had completely shaved her pussy! Something that I had asked her to do several times but she had always refused to do. And there just inches above her mound was a colorful tattoo!!! The tattoo was an oriental dragon design and just below the dragon were the words "wild thing"! I couldnt believe it! What in the world was going on? What could she be thinking? It was then that I noticed her black miniskirt, red blouse and matching red pumps strewn near the bed. What was becoming of my virtuous little wife? My initial reaction was to shake her awake and ask what the hell she had done. I couldn't believe that she had a tattoo and that it was just inches above her pussy. Why had she done it? Where did she get it? How could she get a tattoo that close to her sex without the artist seeing her fully nude? My mind reeled with questions. But as I reached out to wake her, I decided to let her sleep it off. We could have a better, more productive discussion after she was fully conscious. I surveyed my wife's gorgeous body again, now scarred by a tattooist's pen. God, she did look sexy though, I had to admit. From the slight smile on her pretty face, I could tell that she must be dreaming. I wondered what she saw in her dreams these days. So much change in the past months. I pulled her nighty back down and tugged the sheet back up to cover her body. Then I retreated to the den so she could sleep...and dream. Finally she was up. I heard the shower running in the master bath. I waited patiently, running through possible speeches and my list of questions. How should I approach this? Should I lay down the law or be understanding? As I considered these things, she came down the stairs. She didn't bother stopping in the den as she passed by. Instead she went straight to the kitchen. I put away my briefcase and followed her. She was pouring coffee. 'Do you want a cup?', she said. No good morning, no how were the kids last night, no normal small talk. Very different again. 'Yes, I'll take a cup. How was your night?', I replied. 'It was alot of fun. Sheila took us to a new club. It was the deal.' God, she sounds like our son. 'Good babe. Kinda late night wasn't it?', I asked. 'Don't start with that! You are my husband, but you don't own me. I come and go as I please, understood?' I was shocked at the sharpness in her voice. 'I didn't say you couldn't Cindy. I was just concerned about you.' 'No need to be concerned. I am a big girl and can take care of myself.' Oh yeah, and what about that damn tattoo, I wanted to shout. I couldn't believe her attitude. I had decided to take the high road and be the understanding husband and she was tearing into me. I quickly grabbed my coffee cup and headed back to the den. There was no use talking to her in her state of mind. The discussion about the tattoo would have to wait. I pulled my briefcase back out and delved back into the current merger proposal. It seemed like only moments, but when I looked at my watch I realized it had been nearly three hours since our heated exchange. I decided to try to make peace. I would wait until I 'saw' her naked to mention the tattoo and ask my questions. When I didn't find her in the house I headed for the back yard. There I found Mrs. Perry and the children. 'Hi, where is Cindy?', I was confused. I didn't remember that we had asked Mrs. Perry to come today. 'Oh, she said she had to go the library for some studying for a major exam and would be gone until late this evening. She told me not to bother you, because you were working on important papers for the company. Is there something I can get you?' Mrs. Perry offered helpfully. 'No thanks", I shook my head. What the hell? She didn't say anything about a test or a day at the library. When her college career started, she was such an attentive wife and mother that I was in awe of her ability to juggle all of her commitments. Now she was disappearing on a regular basis. This has got to end - I thought! "I'm going to the office for awhile, Mrs. Perry." She said that she was planning to take the children to the park and would see me when I got home. But when I left the garage, I wasn't going to the office. I drove for the campus. I had to find her and make her understand that while I loved her and admired her for her hard work and success at school, and while I was happy that she was bonding with the younger generation, she needed to review her priorities. Again I practiced my approach, my speech, and her possible replies. I was resolved to stick to my guns this time. There was very little traffic and so I arrived at the library quickly. It seemed that most of the students were at a basketball game and so there were few dedicated students using the library on Saturday afternoon. I really couldn't blame them. I had a flashback to my college days - wild, irresponsible days, spent doing many things, but not much library time. I passed by several very serious looking students in the carrels. These were not partiers. I doubted that I would find any fraternity brothers here. I made three exhaustive searches through the library on my own, but couldn't find her. I hadn't seen her car in the lot, but knew that she usually parked nearer to the sports complexes and walked to the library. There was just too much traffic to find her car. I asked the librarian if she could help me. She was able to access her library account and told me that she hadn't checked out any books today. In fact she hasn't checked out anything in nine weeks. Strange, I thought. I looked another 45 minutes and then decided that I had wasted enough time. It was obvious that she didn't go to the library. Where the hell was she? Probably pissed and burning up the damn credit card, I imagined. I just hope she isn't out with those troublemakers again. As I was exiting the library I passed a girl from our town. I didn't know her well but thought that maybe she could help. 'Hi. It's Dawn isn't it?' 'Oh hi!, she smiled. 'Have you seen my wife, Cindy?',then added, 'Do you know her?' 'No sorry I haven't seen her today. And yes, of course, EVERYBODY knows Cindy. Maybe she's with the pack again.' Still processing her reply about EVERYBODY knowing my wife, I held my tongue and instead asked about the 'pack'. 'The pack is an exclusive group here. They are sort of mysterious. They are like a fraternity or sorority but they are coed. You can't join the pack, only be invited into the fold, so I'm told. I don't really know many facts but think that they are pretty wild. I'm not sure that Cindy is a member of the pack, but she hangs out with them alot.' Surely not, I thought. I mean she's changed some, but that just isn't her scene. 'Where does this pack get together, Dawn?' She paused for a minute, then said, 'I'm not really sure, but I think they are rumored to have converted an old warehouse just outside of the city as their club.' - - Could this be the club Cindy had mentioned before? As I began to ask Dawn for more details about the pack and their club, a guy walked up and kissed her. 'Oh my date is here. Gotta run, good seein' ya.' I stood there more puzzled than ever. I walked away from the library with more questions, but few answers. As usual I went to bed alone that night. Cindy had not come home nor had she bothered to call. I wanted to stay up and confront her but was so tired that I finally retreated to the bedroom at midnight. I didn't wake up when she slipped into bed this time. She had arrived home sometime after midnight and before 3:30 AM, which was when I woke up. There she lay next to me, passed out again. I immediately smelled smoke in her hair, some unmistakenly marijuana smoke which I could identify easily from my college days. She had the a sleep shirt on so I couldn't see the tattoo tonight. Was it all a dream? I carefully raised the shirt. No, not a dream. Her pussy was still shaven and the tattoo was clearly evident below her belly. As I began to pull the shirt back down, a glint of light shown from her pale mound. I couldn't make out the source of the glint. I looked closer but the angle of light from the nightlight in the bathroom was not strong enough to determine what it was. I remembered the emergency flash light in my bedside table. I grabbed it and making sure not to shine it at Cindy's face, flipped it on. I pointed the light to her pussy and there I saw it for the first time. A shiny golden ring pierced my wife's clit! I was suddenly dizzy and sick! I stared at the ring for a moment, then had to look away. No matter. It was engraved in my memory. The shaven mound, the dragon tattoo, the gold ring they were vividly present. I could not shake them. I wanted to desperately. And yet I didn't! What could be wrong with me? What could be wrong with Cindy? Why would she submit to having her body defiled in such a way? Where would it end? What was wrong with me? While I was visibly shaken and upset, I was terribly aroused as well. I kept seeing her sex, so changed. No longer my innocent little wife. My cock was engorged with blood. I couldn't believe it! My wife was becoming a stranger to me, scarring and marking her body, and I was getting a hard on??? I couldn't help myself though. It was then that I decided I had to find out what was going on. I considered my options and quickly decided that I would initiate sex. I would stumble across the tattoo and ring and demand an explanation. She would cry and confess that in a drunken stupor she had let those young girlfriends of hers talk her into these things. I would lecture her about how she needed to be an example to her children and then forgive her. At least that was the plan. I stroked my cock and it was soon very hard. I lifted my body over her sleepless form and began letting the head rub against her slit. Immediately I felt the ring and got even more turned on. Yes, it would be easy to forgive her. I had to admit to a certain evil delight in the changes. But it was time for confession. 'What the hell is this?' I barked loudly. Cindy stirred and finally regained some form of consciousness. I repeated myself, 'What have you done to your body Cindy? What in the hell could you have been thinking?'. It didn't take long for Cindy to reply. 'Who do you think you are? This is not your body. It's none of your damn business what I do with my body. My pussy belongs to me and me alone! You have no right to control it and I don't remember asking for your opinion. Furthermore, I don't think I gave you permission to fuck it, touch it, or even look at it! As I said it is my pussy and I will decide who can do those things to it, not you!' (Those last words, chilled me to the bone. What could she mean, she would decide WHO?..) 'From now on, keep your fucking opinions to yourself. If you have a problem with my pussy, maybe you should just stay away from it! In fact that's a great idea! No more for you until I decide different - if I decide different!' She punctuated those last words and stared at me, waiting for my reply. Finally, I attempted, 'But...'. Cindy quickly interjected, 'The conversation has ended and if you ever want to get close to my pussy again, you drop it now. Got it?!' My mind was reeling. 'I won't repeat myself again! Got it?'. 'Yes', I nodded, defeated. The tables turn quickly sometimes. Instead of finding myself with a heartbroken sobbing wife begging for forgiveness, I found myself begging so I could see her body again...someday. Smooth! Probably just the booze talking, I assumed. It was hard to get back to sleep that night. I kept playing the events over and over. Where had I failed? What could have gone wrong? Where was this heading? For that matter, where had it already gone? I needed to know more. I needed to learn about the pack. They seemed to be the key to my wife's change. Tomorrow I follow her! I rose early as usual and ran. Good therapy I hoped, but I couldn't stop thinking about my wife's sexy body and her callous attitude towards me. I returned home, showered, dressed, and left for work. A few blocks from the house, I used the cell phone and told my secretary I was ill and would not be at work.' Then I waited for her car to leave for the campus. Eventually she drove past and I followed at a distance. She went to the campus and for the next three hours I followed her to two classes. Again I doubted my gut feelings. Maybe this is just a drunk and stupid thing. As she left her second class, I was thankful that I had brought a snack because it was lunchtime. Cindy headed for the car. No doubt she'll be headed for a fast food restaurant. I followed at a distance again. She drove away from the campus and we passed several fast food places. Where is she going? Just outside the city limits and in the industrial section, she pulled over and stopped. She walked away from the car and to an old factory warehouse. 'The pack', I immediately realized. I got out of my car too and when she had entered, I quietly jogged to the window at the far side of the building. I was out of sight and could clearly see into the window. Inside I saw a large number of goodlooking well built young men. I recognized several as being athletes from the university. Many had a brand on their biceps. I had seen them before. But now I realized that the brand matched the symbol on the sign on the wall inside the warehouse. It looked like a 'P' - perhaps for 'the pack'? But it also looked much like a phallus. Many of the people were nude. The men were all huge and the women were gorgeous! I noticed quickly too that the girls all had shaved and tattooed pussies with a gold ring in the clit. Now it made sense! I didn't like it but at least I had an explanation now. Just then I noticed a girl near the window with her back to me. Her body was lean and beautiful. I admired the tautness of her tanned skin and gazed at it. I was then that I noticed her brands. The girl had brands on each cheek of her ass. Actually it was like the brands were interconnected. On her left cheek was the same symbol that the guys had on their biceps. On her right cheek was the word 'slut'. It looked like the girls ass was saying she was a slut for the pack. Seconds later, I saw Cindy climb onto a makeshift stage and begin to strip to catcalls and blaring music. I was fuming again and started to storm inside. But then I remembered our conversation last night and reluctantly stayed in place. Two girls took her hands and led her to the center of the stage and turned her around. I had a perfect view of her naked round ass. So did everyone else! She was draped over what looked like saw horses and her wrists were tied anchored to the floor in front of her. Her ankles were tied to the legs of the saw horse. I got a huge pit in my throat as I saw the hooded man approach Cindy with two burning branding irons! I started to bolt inside and stop this madness, but as I ran through the door it was too late! She was screaming in obvious pain as the symbol and word were forever seared into her ass. 'No!!!!', I screamed in horror. The irons were removed and I saw the burned scarred flesh just as two men grabbed me and started beating me. I never knew how long I had been unconscious when I began to wake up. I immediately realized that I was nude and bound to a chair. I tried hard to focus and eventually became aware that several people were looking at me. Cindy stepped out of the crowd and stared at me silently. Still groggy I began to speak, to ask if she was okay, but I could not utter a sound. It was then that I discovered that I was gagged. 'I warned you not to interfere, didn't I? WELL DIDN'T I?', obviously recovered from her pain. 'So you just have to know so damn much about me, huh? Well this should speak volumes!' She turned and bent over. Her ass was, bright red, and pink were prevalent. But I could still clearly make out the pattern. 'That's right my husband! I am a pack slut now! And I love it dear. I am learning so many things at college. In fact it is time you see for yourself what I have learned. Could someone help me show my pathetic husband what I have learned?' Two black football players immediately put their arms around my wife. One said, 'Yeah slut, we'll show him.... I nodded my head emphatically. I couldn't believe she was saying these things to me. Just how far would she go with this pack slut thing? Iwas about to find out... The two large men took my wife by the hand and led her to a bed at one side of the warehouse. Other men lifted me in my bound position in the chair and carried it next to the bed. I was warned that if I attempted to look away I would be severely beaten and my dear Cindy would never return home. The men laid Cindy on her back in the bed and while one began licking her nipples the other started licking her pussy. I watched intently but with a lump in my throat as his tongue circled the golden ring in my wifes clit. I watched her hand go to his head and pull him tight against her pussy. For the first time, I noticed her wedding rings glistening on her hand against the blackness of his head. I felt utterly lost and ashamed to see her spreading her legs so willingly for this strangers tongue. She quickly began to moan and then wiggle her hips against his face as she obviously fell into the throes of an orgasm, something she rarely reached with me anymore. Meanwhile, the male who had been licking her breasts had stripped completely and held a large cock (probably 9 or 10 inches and very thick) in his hand. It was chocolate brown and already dripping precum as he pumped it to make it very erect. He placed it against Cindys lips and told her to eat it. She willingly, almost hungrily, opened her mouth wide and after running her tongue around it she swallowed the huge cock. I watched both humilated and amazed as the giant chocolate stick sunk between her lips and deep into her throat. Her head bobbed on it and she obviously enjoyed sucking this young mans cock. I wanted to turn away, but stopped short, remembering the threats and truthfully unable to stop looking despite my anger and pain. Cindy really was a slut now! After she came down from her orgasm, the stud who had been eating her, removed his face from her cunt. Her juices were literally dripping from his face. He stripped and his cock was even larger than his friends. He must have been over 12 inches long and thicker than a baseball bat! He started taking Cindys juices in his hand and rubbing it over his cockhead. His cock was very dark, nearly solid black and the thick veins protuded from it as it hardened at the sight of my wifes oral submission to his friend. Once he had coated the head, he moved between Cindy's thighs and put his cock against her cunt lips. I waited for her fucking... But he stopped and moved away. I sighed, relieved that I wouldn't be forced to watch, while Cindy began to beg for his cock. My heart was pounding strongly. He turned to me, laughed and pointed to my cock. Look Cindy, he is as hard as me, although much smaller. She laughed and so did many in the room who were also watching. I wanted to hide but couldnt in my present state. It was true, my cock had swollen and was dripping precum. In spite of my anger and humiliation, my cock was hard and I was turned on, watching my wife give herself freely to these black men. I couldn't help myself. The man came to me and told me he wanted my help. He told me that my wife was begging for his cock and as a good husband it was my responsibility to see that her needs were met. He told me that he was going to release me from my bonds on three conditions: I was to also beg him to fuck Cindy, I was to put his cock in her pussy and then I was to jerk off and eat my cum! I shook my head wildly! No Way, I was screaming, though with the gag I couldnt be heard. He laughed again and reminded me of the warning to kick my ass and keep my wife. I still shook my head, until he told me that he had photos of the days events, including Cindys branding, her blowjob and my hardened cock while watching. He promised that all the right people would have copies tomorrow unless I cooperated. He glared and said One last chance... Relunctantly I slowly nodded my head, yes. Two more burly men released me from my bonds and I took the gag out, gasping for air. There was no use covering my cock. I didnt have clothes nearby and it was pointless at this time since everyone had seen me. Beg, he said. I mumbled quietly, "Fuck her." I immediately learned that he wouldnt accept anything short of all out begging as he doubled me over with a sharp blow to the stomach. After catching my breath, he motioned for me to speak. "Please fuck Cindy. Please put your big black cock into her cunt. Make her a slut for your cock. Please, do it now!" I looked at him as if to say, "better?" He pointed to me and to his cock. I slowly walked to him as he squatted between Cindy's wet thighs. Do it! he demanded. I took his fat cock into my hand and felt its rigidness. It was even bigger when I handled it! My god I thought, how can Cindy even fit this into her slit? I rubbed the head against her slit and as she tried to raise her hips to accept him, I gave a push and his head entered her. She moaned almost screamed as it penetrated her. Slowly I began to remove my hand and watch the huge black monster sink into her once wifely cunt. Now jack off and eat it, you fuckin wimp, he said. He began banging Cindy hard and the last of his huge cock disappeared into the deep recesses of her pussy. I could only imagine how full she must have felt. He fucked her hard and sweat dripped from his chest onto hers. She was moaning loudly as he fucked her. The other man again pushed his cock into her mouth and told her to shut up and suck him. She ate him greedily while writhing under her fuckers body. As instructed I began jacking off. As hard as I tried to fight the feeling, I was very turned on to watch my wife turn into such a cock hungry slut. We all seemed to reach orgasm at about the same time. Cindy screamed into the fat cock in her mouth as she reached orgasm. The man in her mouth began releasing hot jets of cum into her mouth then pulled out and coated her face, rubbing the fat black tool around her cheeks and lips. I sprayed cum all over my left hand and as reminded, lifted the hand to my mouth, tasting my cum for the first time. I felt totally humiliated as many stopped watching the show for a minute to glare smuggly at me as I swallowed my own cum. Then finally the man in her pussy grunted and his body spasmed as he shot a huge load of his seed into my wifes cunt. I could see his white frothy cum dripping from her distended hole as he exited her. "More please?" she begged and time and time again that day I watched her fuck the men in the warehouse. I lost count after 17. At the end of the day, she lay exhausted coated with cum, unable to move, her pussy coated with her juices and their cum. I prayed to God she was on birth control! Her face and chest were covered with the stuff and her hair was matted in places where they had shot off into it. She looked like hell, but was smiling contently. The men gave me my clothes and told me to dress quickly and leave. They would bring Cindy home after she had recovery time. I hesitated but a further threat of violence caused me to leave quickly. I replayed the events I had witnessed over and over as I awaited her return. Finally at 3:00 AM she was helped into the house by the first of her many lovers for the day. They helped me put her to bed. She was passed out.... The following morning I didn't bring up the events of the day before. I was still reeling and frankly didn't know what to say. She broke the ice quickly by telling me she was withdrawing from school as she had found a profession. What the hell?, I replied. "Why a pack slut, my dear! I can make a fortune." Then she showed me $5000 in cash and told me that was a retainer that the boys had paid her for agreeing to whore for them. I will be whoring for the pack now and start this afternoon! Isn't it wonderful? She looked into my eyes, smiled and after pinching myself to be sure it wasn't some kind of nightmarish dream, I began to shout at her. She smiled again and showed me a picture of a crowd gathered around me as I ate my cum. What were you saying?, she asked. "Wonderful dear...have fun," I meekly replied. I was totally defeated and realized my wife was forever gone and that I would always be her humiliated husband. The End!
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