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A Co-Worker's Cock-Crazed Wife

Another great wife turned slut story.

By Terry Alexandre

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Anyone reading this has to admit that we all know of at least one friend whose wife happens to be some sort of flirt. Wether it be an occassional sexual remark, or something more extreme such as revealing outfits, alot of women just happen to enjoy the company of other men. I would like to share a few encounters I recently had with a co-worker's wife, and I would hope you will decide to share some of your stories with me. Though my experience may seem fortunate to most of you, I'm positive some of you have even better stories to tell !

It started when a co-worker of mine had a huge game room built over his 2 car garage last summer, and it seems that almost every weekend there's a swarm of guys heading over to Jim's place to take advantage of his welcome. He took out a large loan to get a pool table and an air hockey game put in, and to make everything complete Jim also placed a couple of large sofas against the far wall next to an enormous large screen tv. The place is defiantly a guy's hang-out paradise come true, and to tell you the truth no one ever thought about visiting Jim until he kept asking people to check out his new "party room".

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During the 5 years the guys and I at work have gotten to know him, Jim has always perceived to be the shy type. When word finally got around about his new game room, it wasn't a surprise how everyone wondered if this was a desperate attempt in Jim's part just to make friends at work. Not that he isn't liked, but people who often keep to themselves usually live sheltered lives. However my friends and I defiantly have to admit, if it wasn't for Jim building that room over his garage no one would have been able to meet the most incredible women I've ever met - his beautiful wife, Jenny.

I'll never forget the first time me and the guys went over there to watch a football game and shoot a little pool, knowing how "timid" Jim was we all expected the same from his wife; boy were we wrong! I remember sitting on the couch that day when I suddenly heard footsteps coming up the staircase, and when Jen came through that door with a gorgeous smile on her face I knew she was nothing like her husband. In fact, she surprisingly looked thrilled that a large gathering of men had come to visit, and I was shocked to say the least when I then watched her greet the boys while shamelessly pressing her body up against theirs.

I immediatly focused my attention towards Jim just to see how he would react to his wife's obvious flirting, and I couldn't help to chuckle under my breathe when I thought I noticied the angry look of Bill Cowher on his face! It was probably the first time in years Jen has gotten to meet anyone new, Jim tells us she's a housewife so I couldn't blame her for going a little overboard to see a fresh face - but obviously her husband didn't agree.

The next day at work, all that the guys could talk about was how fun it was to be in Jen's company. The funny thing is we paid more attention to her then we did with Jim, she played a few shots of pool with us and her fun-going attitude kept us laughing the entire time. Not only is her attitude perfect but she has an awesome body to die for as well; Jen is about 5'4" tall, around 130 lbs, shoulder length brunette hair and a very pretty face. But the best part about this lucky girl is the incredible size of her fucking tits, she must easily fit into a D-size cup and with that tight shirt she wore I couldn't help to keep my eyes off the damn things. I'm almost sure she caught me staring at them a couple of times, but with a beautiful chest that size I think Jen has gotten used to other men admiring them from time to time.

Though no one has ever admitted it, it's obvious the only reason we continue to take Jim up on his frequent invitations is because everyone wants to see Jenny. Everytime we go over I easily notice a look of discomfort on Jim's face when his wife seems to ignore him while "hovering" around the boys, so I always do my best to deter Jim's attention from it by frequently talking football. Christ, does Jenny love to flirt! Nothing unusual that the average flirtatous chick loves doing, but to hear her admit to her husband's co-workers how "overly obsessed" she is with oral sex is enough to make any straight guy's cock throb! She loves being a fucking cock-tease, and what she actually pulled off a few weeks ago has the guys at work still talking about it in unexplainable excitement.

It was the afternoon when the Buffalo Bills were matching up against the Tennessee Titans for a wild-card playoff game, and Jim had asked 4 of his co-workers over to watch it in the game room. We were all standing around with beers in our hands during halftime (talking about how Doug Flutie wasn't the starter) when suddenly the door creeked open. Out from behind the door Jen slowly walked in, and right away I remember the entire room literally fall quiet at what we could not fucking believe Jim's gorgeous wife was wearing in front of a room full of men.

I didn't want to take my eyes off of the cock-hardening view, but I knew that Jim's jaw must have fell to the floor. There was his wife standing there in front of all his co-workers; dressed in a thin, high-cut top (revealing her entire belly area), and even from way across the room I could not believe how obvious and fucking awesome it was to notice how Jen wasn't wearing a bra!! I felt my now hardened cock twitch as soon as I caught sight of huge fucking brown nipples making their presence known from behind the thin cotton material, and once I managed to pry my eyes off her lusciously plump breasts I quickly noticied the lining of thong panties under the pair of extremely tight jeans she had on. But there was no way in hell she didn't know how her big tits were literally on display right through that skimpy top, and just by the slutty look on her face at that moment it was only obvious how the girl was loving every single second of it.

It was cute to hear the two argue from behind the door after Jim walked over and literally "escorted" her outside. She said she only came up to tell him there was a phone call for him inside, and how the call made her forget to put another shirt on. "But Jesus Christ Jen, you just gave the guys plain sight of your tits!", we all heard Jim say, then sounding very upset we also heard him mention to Jen: "I can't believe you fucking did that!" It wasn't until a few seconds after we heard footsteps leading down the stairs did we hear the back door to the house shut. Everyone walked over to the window to watch as we then witnessed Jim run over to his car and without even saying a word he pulled out of the driveway and left. The guys and I kept asking each other what we thought was wrong, but our curiousity didn't last much longer once we noticied Jen walk out of the house and back our way with that same shirt still on! I knew then that something was bound to happen!

As I heard Jenny's footsteps become louder up the staircase as she approached the door, I felt my heart begin to pound with the devilish thought of sneaking another peak at her gorgeous dark nipples! It didn't surprise me to hear her actually giggle once she opened the door and caught sight of 4 men staring directly at her chest area, it was only obvious she wanted to be noticied and the guys and I didn't have any problems expressing her wishes. Apparantly Jim's younger brother got arrested from being involved in a street fight, he had asked Jen to tell us to stay put until he got back; but I had a strong suspicion he requested his wife to change her shirt first!

Without Jim there, Jen's attitude completely changed. She immediatly began to strut around the room like a little fucking whore, with her big tits swaying back and forth across her chest with every single step she took. The guys kept looking back at each other, and then back towards Jen. It was then I felt the room start to heat up, I could not believe I was actually watching someone's wife advertise her gorgeous chest for us like this! It was obvious she could care less about her husband, not that I'm complaining about what was going to eventually happen or anything; what I'm really saying is thank God for sluts like Jen!

One of the guys eventually approached Jen, taking the chance that she was willing to play a little, and once again I felt my cock twitch in my pants when Jen tilted her head to the side and allowed his tongue to slowly enter her mouth. A moment I'm sure Jenny has been waiting several months for, with her husband temporarily gone and his friends over for a visit she knew she had time to play. For several minutes they just kissed, I noticied my friend's hands start to reach for Jen's chest on several occassions but he always pulled back just inches away. Finally though, he managed to find the courage to latch onto the delicate material of her skimpy shirt and I remember literally standing out of my seat once I noticied Jen's huge tits come out from hiding. Allowing my buddy to pull her shirt off over her head, I began screaming uncontrollably at the cock-hardening bare-chested sight and the other guys soon began doing the same.

Even for their massive size, Jen's luscious tits point straight out only offering an obvious clue to her young age. I couldn't believe she then turned to look at each and every one of us, wanting to make sure we were all admiring the view! One of the other guys then came up from behind her and without hesitation grabbed Jen by the waist and pulled her against him. He reached up to cup her naked breasts in the palm of his hands and I watched as Jen closed her eyes only to tilt her head and began to kiss the man grasping her tits. Things led to another, and before long her jeans got pulled off leaving her standing there in just a pair of black thong panties. By now everyone was encircled around her gorgeous female body, wanting a turn to touch and grab at the beauties Jen is so lucky to have. None of the guys spoke to one another, only comments suggested towards Jen appreciating the fact she was allowing all this to happen. The sight of her cute little ass fully exposed with just a pair of thongs on drove me nuts, so I was the first to reach down and attempt to remove them when she quickly turned towards me and asked that I leave them on. "I have limits", she told me, "that part of me is a restricted area", she continued with a serious but friendly look on her face. That was fine, I was having the time of my life just doing what we were doing, but the best part was still to come.

We were acting like animals, the 4 of us pressing our crotches up against her body while poking at her tits put a lustful look on her face I'll never forget. It was then she fell to her knees, and with her tiny hands she began to feel our obvious bulges right in front of her face as if she was doing so to help her decide who to suck off first. When I finally heard a silent moan come from under her breath I knew she made her decision as she reached over to one of my buddies and proceeded to pull his cock out of his pants. This was the first time I ever found myself doing anything like this, and to see Jen lean forward and take one of her husband's friend's cock into her mouth was an incredible moment. She was obviously telling the truth in the past when she mentioned how she was "overly obsessed" with oral sex, and watching her reach over to each one of us only to pull all our cocks out justified her point.

Ken was the first to cum, once he twitched I then watched Jen devour his cock one last time before she pulled back and allowed him to pump his load all over her face and chest. The sight of her tiny hand wrapped around Ken's cock and slowly stroking it while he continued to cum all over her was driving me nuts. She never broke eye contact with him, and once Ken was done Jen immediatly began to rub it all over her tits and belly.

Bob was next, Jen seemed to put more effort into her 2nd cum job and I wondered if his bigger size had something to do with it. She never takes eye contact away from the guy she's sucking, and I especially love it when she winks at you while she's doing it. Bob plastered her face and neck with a massive load, it was obvious he didn't cum for a while and Jen was fortunate enough to be at the receiving end of it. I watched as Bob's cum began to trickle down her cleavage and eventually down to her belly area. Jen was fucking hot by now, and when she reached for my cock for the last time before I erupted I had the pleasure to watch her masturbate as well.

I was doing my best not to cum too early, Jen is the most talented cock-sucker a guy can dream for and I wanted it to last. The guys could plainly her moist love nest in full view whenever she reached into her panties to play with herself, and just the fact knowing she wouldn't let us fuck it was driving me even more that much out of control. Her black pubic hairs were glazed with her love juices, if girls thought with what was between their legs like guys do then the 4 of us would've easily fucked her by now.

I wanted to watch my load splash on her face but I couldn't keep my eyes open. When I looked down after I was through, Jen had her head down looking at herself and I think she was admiring her cum-soaked body. At that point 3 of us had given her our "treat" and I was lost for words when she suddenly leaned back and began to rub our loads all over herself. I watched with admiration when she never though twice about playing in cum, only to slide her cum-covered hands down her body and around her slit not realizing what she was doing. More than once she had a thick goo of cum between her fingers as we watched her lift her panties, exposing her gorgeous box, and then reaching down to masturbate leaving traces of cum bewteen her legs.

Seeing what was in front of him, Kevin tried kneeling before Jen and attempted to see if she was ready to be fucked. It looked very promising at first, Jen was squirming like a slut in heat when she felt the tip of Kevin's cock press against the entrance to her married muff, God I was hoping we could all finally have turns fucking the sweet liitle thing! I watched as Kevin slid Jenny's panties to the side and was easily able to slide his entire shaft deep into her gaping wet hole, but after working his erect tool in and out of her just a few times she screamed for him to stop. All I know is I'm glad it wasn't me, if I had my cock fully inside a horny bitch like that there would be no way a simple "stop" would make me pull out. But anyways, Kevin obeyed but it seemed a few thrusts inside her hole was all he needed as he began jerking off over her already "messy" body until he too added to Jen's on-going collection. God what a cock-wrenching site Jen was before us, even her panties were drenched from 4 loads of semen.

Only a half hour later did Jim arrive back, Jen had plenty of time to get dressed and head back into the house to get cleaned up. During this half hour time span all Kevin could talk about was how wide open her cunt felt and was literally begging for a cock to fill it, but Jen was to head strong to allow another man besides her husband to have easy access. We still visit Jim and Jen from time to time, she always smiles when she sees us but I think she's been too afraid to fool around again like that one special day. I pray for patience in that maybe someday I'll be as lucky as Kevin to get my free sample.

sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.

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sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.